Linny, R'xim


R'xim apologizes to Linny for this bad behavior and good advice is given to him.


It is mid-morning of the eleventh day of the third month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Council Chamber, Igen Weyr

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Council Chamber

However disheveled the corridor outside might lie, THIS room - the sole dominion of the Weyr's upper elite - is always sparkling, ever swept, ever dusted, its walls scrubbed free of the grime of ages. A certain spartan grandeur fills the Council Chamber, with its foreboding stonework and heavy wooden door. A round table fills the bulk of the space, an ancient creation of fire-hardened wood, carved with the three dune'd symbol of Igen Weyr. Chairs surround: hard-backed things (with thin cushions) for the most part, but two grandiose chairs, on opposite sides of the table, that seat Weyrwoman and Weyrleader. The walls are lined with elegant old tapestries, depicting scenes of ancient Igen glories.

R’xim strides down the long hallway with determination to get this last bit of penance over with. It’s been two sevendays since the fight at the cantina and his punishment will be over once he gets this out of the way. An apology to the junior weyrwoman is long overdue. He’s cleaned up and dressed appropriately for the occasion: wearing his best set of riding leathers, shined boots, ‘polished’ knot, fresh shaved, and wet hair slicked back and styled. The final touch is just a hint of Tillek cologne his mother told him to wear at Gathers and handfastings, so he’s taking this matter very seriously. Approaching the grand door to the council chamber, Rix stands in front of it for a moment to collect his thoughts and to pull himself together. Eyes close briefly and he knocks on the door to announce his arrival.

Just as is her usual ritual, Linny is lingering in the council chamber post-meeting, if only because it provides her a quiet work space. While she continues to write on a hide, her left hand forms a fist and releases over and over again, her expression seeming pained as she does so. The healing skin has considerably loosened so that she’s able to use her hand almost the same way she could pre-Threadscore, but one of the unfortunate side effects has been nerve damage, which causes random, severe shooting pain to run through her hand: what she’s experiencing right now. But the knock on the door draws her attention away from that, brows furrowing. Had anyone known she was still in there? “Come in,” she calls, a little wary, keeping eyes pinned upon the door.

Once given permission, R'xim opens the door and steps into the council chamber. A quick glance around the room is all he can spare before he shuts the large door behind him. Linny is now his main focus as he steps toward the round table and a salute is offered in proper greeting, "Weyrwoman." Standing tall and in typical militaristic fashion, he doesn't make eye contact with her as he continues to speak, "I want to extend my deepest apology for my inexcusable behavior at the cantina. If there is anything I can do to remedy the situation, please let me know." Must be that strict lecture W'rin gave him was enough to set him straight because his High Reaches training is shining through. Here stands a very no-nonsense R'xim.

“Relax, bronzerider,” is the first order of business, told to him through a big smile before Linny gestures to a seat next to her. “Sit.” A mug of klah is poured for him, whether he wants one or not: perhaps it’s just being in the council chamber that makes Linny more like a proper weyrwoman. “Now,” she begins, turning her chair towards him, assuming he sits in the seat like she asked, “First of all, your apology is accepted. But what happened?” It’s a question that she’s asked herself time and time again since it happened, running through her mind the sequence of events but unable to find that one thing that set it all off.

The 'at ease' command gives R'xim the ability to relax a little, but he's far from aloof. When Linny gestures to a seat, he follows her suggestion and sits down. It takes everything he has to not drum his fingertips on the table as she pours a mug of klah. "Thank you." Nervous? Not so much. He's just itching to get out of the conversation they're about to have. The beverage is eyed before he looks over at the goldrider — on the outside he is calm and collected but on the inside he is dreading his explanation. It's a story he's had to repeat to multiple superiors over the past few sevendays. A breath is drawn before he speaks, "I showed up late to sweeps one morning and B'rell had to cover my absence. He didn't appreciate pulling a double and decided to tell the right people about what happened. I got confronted and was told I needed to pull double duty for two sevendays as a reminder to show up on time." A hand reaches over to collect the mug and slide it closer. "I didn't get done sweeps until after dark, the whole time I just stewed over B'rell and his mouth."

Brows lift as the story goes on, Linny leaning back into her chair as she pulls her klah mug with her, settling in. It's obvious, then, that she was a mother considering the long look she gives R'xim before it shifts into something more amused. Finally, "So, you were mad at him, because you overslept?" That's really all Linny is hearing from his story, not to mention, "And you thought that getting into a fight with him would solve the problem?" But she stops with the judgment, nudging his leg with one of her own as she gives him a big smile. "W'rin's pretty strict on riders when it comes to bad behavior and poor judgement. Guess I should've warned you." Even if it's almost a right of passage: getting called in to see W'rin. "But did you learn your lesson? Or are you more determined than ever to teach B'rell a lesson?"

R'xim shakes his head at Linny's questions. "No, it's not like that. I guess you'd have to be around him longer than a few candlemarks to know that he's dirty." Pausing to control the tone of his voice, Rix maintains composure by taking a sip of klah. "B'rell won't stop running his mouth when he power trips. I'm not the only one who notices it, ask anyone in Whirlwind." Recollecting drills with B'rell is enough to raise his blood pressure, but what is especially infuriating is the man's disrespect. "I get into trouble like this every once in a while, probably because I'm a glutton for punishment." Or just stubborn as hell. "Stress builds up and it has no where to go. All it takes is for someone like him to stir the pot and I lose it." The mug is set back down on the table and he shrugs. "I don't like him, he doesn't like me. That's never going to change."

Now, Linny’s expression switches from something close to amused to one that’s a little more serious. “Have you talked to W’rin about this?” Because it sounds as if it’s an issue that needs to be addressed, and it’s certainly out of her realm of duties to handle. “Because other than taking it up with him, you either need to transfer wings or just learn to deal with him.” The goldrider leans forward to press her hand against R’xim’s cheek, giving it a little affectionate rub. “Don’t let him get to you so much.” As if it’s just that easy. With a final swipe of her thumb, Linny goes back to her reclined position, sipping at her klah once more. “Or next time we’re out and he’s there, just let me know. I hate to pull rank, but if he’s a real asshole, it might not be so bad. Just don’t make me pull rank on you.” Eyes narrow in on him a little more, there, since she was close to having to do so in the Cantina.

"Trust me, W'rin knows." There's a snort of annoyed laughter before R'xim takes another sip of klah. Linny's touch to his face is appreciated even though he still has some what of a poker face on. This meeting is business related and as much as he'd love to cross that line, it just isn't possible. A quick glance to what the goldrider is wearing caters to those wandering thoughts before his shoulders shrug. "The best he can do is separate us, I'm part of early morning PT now and B'rell is late afternoon. We are not to communicate outside of drills." Lifting a hand up to scratch the side of his chin, eye contact is made once again and a hint of regret lingers on his expression. "I didn't help our reputation much." Referring to F'dan. "People around here already look at us like we're scum because we're from High Reaches." Pausing after that last statement, a small half grin is shown. "You won't have to pull rank at the Cantina. I haven't been back since it happened and I'm not going to lose my temper any time soon." He can't afford to.

“I’m from High Reaches, and people think a lot worse of me than just scum,” Linny replies, and although that statement is completely true, and should upset her, she seems rather amused by telling him so, shrugging an easy shoulder. “That’s the thing about a reputation. It’s not always true, and it can be changed. You know better now, and so you can do better. That’s what you should take away from all of this.” Again, the goldrider sits up to put her klah mug down on the table, reaching both hands over to rest on his leg. “Work hard. Keep your chin up and your temper down. Find better ways to relieve stress. Start drinking in your weyr more or stop by Rosie’s more often,” is added with a little smirk, since she’s heard about how much the two bronzeriders stop by that particular spot.

"Who said I go to Rosie's? I don't know what you're talking about." The mug of klah is snagged once again and R'xim conceals a smirk behind it. That poker face he was sporting is now gone and he takes a swig to stifle any laughter that threatens to make known. "I'm not going to be that guy who drinks alone in his weyr." Although F'dan would probably join him. "And trust me, I plan on hanging out in a new bar now that I have enough time to scout for one." His hiatus from the Cantina will continue for a while, at least until the fight isn't such a hot topic for gossip. "But, thanks for the advice. You're pretty good at this diplomacy stuff." A tease lingers on that last comment and he's relieved that their conversation took a better route than he originally anticipated.

"Who would've guessed?" Linny muses in a low, amused tone. "It's only my job." So one would hope that she's good at it. Some days are better than others, obviously. "Well, let me know when you decide on a bar. If I'm still invited to tag along, of course," gets added with a roll of her eyes and a little shake of her head before looking to R'xim once more. "F'dan's a proper ass." As if the bronzerider really needed to be told that, considering how long they've known one another. "Have you spoken to him since the Cantina?" Since last she knew, R'xim was avoiding everyone and F'dan was pissed at him.

"Yeah, we're making plans to go out for my turnday." Which was earlier in the month, but since R'xim was on probation it wasn't celebrated. "Once we figure out where we're going, Shalnth will let Kaelidyth know. Make sure you have the next day off." Because if she's like the boys, she'll need to recover and nurse an epic hangover. The amount of alcohol they consume on such occasions is probably considered dangerous in most parts of Pern. His gaze falls on her once again, "I figured you wouldn't want to be seen in public with me again." The last bit of klah is swigged and the empty mug is set back down on the table before he pushes back in the chair. "I'll behave myself this time. Promise."

“R’xim.” This time when Linny leans forward, her hand goes to rest on his arm in a comforting manner as her face falls into a gentle expression only for him. “I don’t judge people off of one bad day in the Cantina. Well, if you had been yelling at me, it would be different.” Just ask K’vvan. Because the goldrider screams back. It’s ugly. “Really, in my eyes, you have no reason to be apologizing to me. Now F’dan, he’s another story entirely.” But since this isn’t about that particular bronzerider, Linny doesn’t elaborate, brushing that thought aside with a little shake of her head. “I’ll make sure W’rin knows you properly apologized.” Since there’s no doubt in her mind that the Weyrleader is behind the apology, what with the manner it was given in.

"Thank you." And he means it. For the gentle conversation, the advice and genuine concern, R'xim feels like he owes Linny a debt of gratitude. Their eyes lock for what seems like a long moment and when her touch retracts from his arm, he stands up. With a nod, both hands pull downward on his jacket to smooth out wrinkles before a salute is presented to the goldrider. And as he strides toward the doorway, he turns to walk backward while addressing her one last time, "Don't be so hard on F'dan." A wink is then given and Rix turns around to open the door, only to exit with an overwhelming sense of relief.

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