R'zel, Alyna, Katryana


Catching up in the Living Caverns over a missed meal, Alyna and R'zel discuss possible time off with Katryana joining in on the conversation.


It is afternoon of the twenty-fifth day of the second month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Living Caverns, Southern Weyr

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Living Cavern

Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophoba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

Mid-afternoon sees the living cavern between meals, but that's no reason not to gather, drink klah, or even eat, and there's a fair bit of activity here. R'zel's been at the Nighthearth, where the stew supply is constant, come fog, Fall or fire - or even 108 degrees of heat outside. Today's is a fishy, rather soup-like variety, to which R'zel is particularly partial, but he draws the line at balancing the bowl on his knee, so he's eschewing the Nighthearth's comfy chairs for the tables of the living cavern. He carries the slightly over-full bowl carefully to one of these, and sets it down, followed by a spoon that he's brought with him, and a small roll of hide. He sits down and starts to eat.

"No, no, no," each repetition of the word is a little bit louder as Alyna pinches the bridge of her nose and tries to breath deeply. She's talking to a very young headwoman's assistant, it's clear the conversation has been going for awhile because the youth is desperately looking around for a more senior member of staff to save her from the wrath of the petite greenrider. "I don't need help moving the stuff to my new weyr, I've already moved everything I'm keeping," she relays as she scrubs at her face in frustration before dropping into a tone like one would use with a toddler, "I just want to know, who do I talk to about donating the shit I'm not taking to Stores? I got almost all of what's there from Igen's stores originally, so I know it's possible." Finally a reprieve, the young assistant spies one of her superiors, and after asking Alyna to please wait, she darts off like a flash. With a soft snort and a roll of her eyes, the greenrider sighs heavily and turns to scan the Living Caverns idly while she waits for her return. Seeing R'zel, the greenrider saunters over to where he's settled and smiles down at him, "Afternoon sir," and despite her irritation she ticks off a casual salute for her Wingleader.

R'zel has noticed the little exchange. When Alyna greets him, he raises a hand to return her salute. "Afternoon, Alyna." He nods towards the departing assistant. "Having trouble on the housekeeping front?" He gestures, open-palmed towards an empty chair. "Have a seat, if you like. I'm not sure what happened to lunchtime, but you're welcome to join me."

Alyna will gladly take a seat, flopping into the chair with an exasperated sigh, "This weyrmating business is almost more of a hassle than it's worth," she answers sarcastically, although the bright smile on her lips clearly shows that she doesn't mean it. "I just need to know who to give my old furniture to. D'har has so much nicer stuff than me so it just makes sense." When he gets to his last she groans, "And I completely forgot to work in lunch today. Great." Propping her chin up in her upturned hand that is braced on the table, she looks at the bronzerider with a sigh, "So anything new with you?"

"Worth it, though. And congratulations, by the way." R'zel sounds genuine in his pleasure about that. "What are you trying to get rid of? If it's furniture, there's a good chance that whoever's next in your old weyr will be a weyrling, so you may as well just leave it there." He takes a sip of the stock from his stew. "Nothing new, unless you count learning some new music. If you missed lunch, why not grab some food now? The stew's decent today. We can't have starved Ocelots."

"Aye, it is worth it. And thanks," Alyna says, dipping her head a mite bashfully before getting back to her stuff, "All my furniture basically, several dressers, my bed, a loveseat and a couple of chairs. None of it matches, but it's well-built and still solid. Yeah, you're right. That would probably be easiest. I remember having nothing when I graduated weyrlinghood." Leaning forward to get a good look at the fish stew, Alyna shrugs slightly, "I might in a bit, but then supper's in a few candlemarks too." When he speaks of music, she tilts her head to one side, "New music for what?" she asks curiously.

"Oh, I'm doing a set at the Treble Clef in a few days' time. I wanted something new for it." R'zel's tone is casual, almost dismissive, as if this isn't an unusual event for him. He ponders something for a few moments. "If you're getting rid of anything that would be good for storing clothes, I might be able to take it off your hands. I've got a chest, but it's not the most convenient thing. Something with shelves or drawers would be better."

"Are you really?" Alyna leans towards her Wingleader with a sparkle of mischief in her eye, "I might have to come check it out. I like that place. Would love it if they actually served booze, but it's still a fun place to go." When he describes what he's looking for, she ponders for a moment, "Well I have this wardrobe that is shelves up top with a set of drawers down bottom, so you could have both. It's a monster to move though," she will warn him in the sake of full-disclosure.

"That sounds perfect, actually. Might I drop in and have a look at it?" Is R'zel's weyr finally going to get more than the minimum survivable amount of furniture? Wonders will never cease! "I'm sure we can move it. Moving awkward things from awkward places is kind of an Ocelot skill, after all. We'll rig a sling, or something, and Vero can fly it up to my ledge. We might need another pair of hands to get it landed safely, though."

"Sure," Alyna says with a bright smile and a shrug of her shoulders, "And that might be a fun exercise for us," she agrees. There's something to be said for keeping one's Wingleader happy, especially when she brings up her next. "So I was wondering.." she begins, drawing out her words as she tries to casually segue into a change of subjects, "Can I get some time off coming up? Maybe a seven or so. D'har's planning a honeymoon for us of sorts so I'm not sure exactly when or where, but I figured I should bring it up with you first." Her pale blue eyes are as wide and round as a canine pup as she looks up at him through blond lashes. She'll even tack on a soft, "Please?" at the very end, stopping short of batting her eyelashes.

What's a hungry, crowd-avoidant apprentice to do but beat the dinner rush? Homework polished off and out for the day, Katryana's come to acquire some dinner, tome in hand. Quick steps carry her over to where the drudges are setting up for the meal, dancing around people attempting to do their job to load a plate with some sort of chilled tuber salad, raw veggies, and sliced meats drizzled with a thick, fruit-based sauce that's a particular hit among the younger population of the Weyr. Her feet stutter a bit before she heads towards R'zel and Alyna's table with a grin in place. "'Ho, Wingleader, greenrider. Is this seat open?" she greets, canting her head to indicate the bench. Seeing Alyna's expression, the teen wiggles back a step, worrying the back of her calf with a bare foot, "Sorry, uhm, I didn't mean to be interruptin' anything."

R'zel frowns for a moment, but then he's interrupted by Katryana. He gives her a nod. "Help yourself. There's plenty of room, Apprentice." With a grin, he tells Alyna, "Katryana helped with our first aid boxes." Then he's back to the greenrider's request. "When would you be wanting it? If I remember the Fall schedule, we haven't got a long break between Falls for about a month, but then there's ten or eleven days, surprises permitting. Which they probably won't, of course," he adds dryly. "That might be a good time, from the wing's perspective."

"Hey Katryana," Alyna says with a grin in the Healer apprentice's direction before registering R'zel's next, "Oh yeah? Thanks for that! They needed replenishing badly." When it looks like the bronzerider is amenable to giving her the time off she really has to resist jumping out of her seat and hugging the man. "I'll mention it to D'har, but I suspect that could work. I can't wait to see where he's taking me. If I would have know the man was such a romantic, I may have weyrmated him a lot sooner," she jests before she turns back to the teen with another one of her bright grins, "You're not interupting anything at all." Eyeing the girl's plate, "Hmmmm…what is that sauce?" she asks curiously.

Katryana curtsies as neatly as she can one handed at the thanks with a lopsided smile, "Just doin' my job, ma'am." In short order, both girl and plate are settled into place, and a piece of sauce-smothered wherry is already her mouth before Alyna's question even parses. "Ahhf, thiff?" Nose wrinkles and she chews rapidly, choking the food down and turning pink. Clearing her throat, "Dunno entirely. It's got berries, and is cold, but isn't as sweet as you'd expect it. Pretty tart, actually." She wipes her fork on the napkin next to her and scrapes some of the mulberry-hued sauce off a piece of meat and offers the utensil to Alyna. Her eyes go deer-wide at the expected Threadfall schedule and she groans, "That bad, huh? Do we know how heavily yet?" It's relevant to her; she's gotta help patch people up, afterall.

"Heavier than the last few sevens, I expect. They can't tell us very much about the conditions in advance, unfortunately," R'zel tells Katryana. "More's the pity! Though the weather starcrafters are starting to have some good ideas about how Fall's affected by different weather conditions." He's not actually committing himself quite yet regarding Alyna's leave, and turns back to the greenrider. "Let's look at the schedule together, and we can work out when you can best fit it in, then. I might want a Search and Rescue exercise in the first couple of days of that gap, and I want you back for at least one drill before Fall's due, to get back in the swing of things, but you can have the time between." Regretfully, he adds, "If it weren't for all the surprise Falls, the whole Wing could get some downtime in a gap like that." He eyes the girl's food. "Oh, is that fruity stuff?" Apparently he's tried it. "That's not bad." But he prefers his fish stew, and tucks into that now.

Looking a little subdued, Alyna nods her head in understanding, "No problem Sir. That sounds reasonable. Hopefully Va'os will be able to give D'har the same time off, cause it won't be quite as fun to go on one's honeymoon alone," she says with mild sarcasm as she turns back to Kat and her offered utensil. Taking it with a thanks, she samples the sauce off the fork with a considered hum of pleasure. "Ohhh, yeah, that's good! I can see what you saying about it not being too sweet. I might have to go and get some of that for myself here soon," she adds as she eyes the Healer's plate hungrily, her missed lunch making itself felt rather sharply. It only takes a soft grumble of her stomach for the greenrider to make up her mind and excuse herself to go and grab some food.

"Oof, juf grwet," is Kat's reply to R'zel through a bite of tuber salad acquired with her fingers. Her own missed lunch has definitely caught up with her, almost too preoccupied with inhaling her food to hold conversation. The teen wisely keeps her pert nose outta scheduling business (activate the Somebody Else's Problem Field), taking the opportunity to shove in a few more bites. "All the wings need downtime," she concludes with all her 16-Turn-old wisdom, adding wryly, "but a Pass just isn't the time to get it, huh?" To Alyna: "See? Told you it's good." She leans to watch Alyna scurry away to get some of her with a sigh, poking at wherry with her newly reclaimed fork. "It must be hard. To have your entire schedule dictated by Thread. I mean, all of ours are, to an extent, but…" Fork is used to draw spirals in sauce before glancing up at R'zel.

R'zel grins at Katryana's observation on downtime. "Only another thirty-six turns, and we can all have a holiday, you reckon? It's a long time to wait for a honeymoon, though - I think Alyna might take exception to that. And you do get used to working round the schedule. Though it must have been easier for the Oldtime dragonriders. They didn't get all the surprise Falls back then."

Returning with a plate piled with some cold meat slices amply drizzled with the tart berry sauce as swell as a generous helping of green salad. She just catches R'zel's words on her return and grins broadly, "I may get a little testy, but my duty to the Weyr will always come first. We'd just have to find something a little closer to home maybe," she offers with a shrug, because indeed the greenrider isn't looking to letting this new arrangement of hers make her any less of a threadfighter. Picking up her utensils, she begins digging into her own plate of food.

"At least you've got dragons, so it isn't like you're going to get stuck in the middle of nowhere and not be able to just between yourself back here in a jiffy," Kat offers, "though I suppose that doesn't exactly lend itself to a nice, relaxing escape." She mimes a little dragon fluttering away from the table and winking out between, declaring, "When duty calls!" The teen nods approvingly at Alyna's selections, clearing her throat before broaching, "So, uh, honeymoon, huh?" DON'T GO BREAKIN' MY HEEEEEEEART

R'zel grins back at Alyna. "Oh, you'll be able to get your sevenday in. And Katryana's right: it's not as if distance makes much difference, when you've got dragons." A thoughtful expression comes over his face. "Actually, maybe I'll do that exercise earlier. The whole wing would benefit from a good rest period - this heat's taking it out of people." He polishes off the rest of his stew rather rapidly.

Chewing on a few hearty bits, Alyna nods a little bit in Kat's direction and raises her left hand with its dark skybroom and paua shell band in full display while she manages to swallow the rest of her mouthful. Once clear she pipes up with, "Yeah, I figured if I was going to be spending most nights at his weyr we should go ahead and make it official," she adds breezily as if it is no big deal guys, but she just can't keep the goofy smile from her lips. At R'zel's assurance that she'll be able to get her time off, she grins broadly, "That is a fantastic idea Sir. I really think the wing would benefit. As for the heat," the greenrider sighs, "Autumn's just around the corner isn't it? That should take care of that problem." There's a mild pout on the greenrider's face, sun-worshiper that she is.

R'zel sets his spoon down in his empty bowl. "Catch me later and we'll look at that schedule, Alyna. But I'd better get moving now - Verokanth needs to hunt today, and he's anxious to be off." He gets to his feet, picks up his crockery to return for washing, wishes the two women, "Clear skies," and heads out, winding his way between the tables.

Katryana does the proper thing and titters like a hen over the ring, making grabby hands. "Lemme see, lemme see! Ah, the shell inlay is gorgeous, those blues and greens," she breathes enviously, flashing the woman a smile. "Have a good evening, Wingleader. Clear skies!" Fingers are wiggled bye in his direction, but she doesn't look up from the ring. There's a pang there, but she gets over it quickly, enough to enthuse, "Congratulations are in order then, I assume. Are you going to do a ceremony and all that jazz, or just skip straight to the honeymoon?" A knowing wink is thrown in before she blushes bright, dissolving into giggles. "I'm excited for Autumn, at least. Have to seen me? My skin's got two settings: pale as 'Reachean winter and Rukbat scorched!"

The girl's excitement over the rings is contagious, because Alyna's own smile spreads wider as she dips her head a little bashfully, "Thanks, he picked them out. I thought the shell was a beautiful touch since he rides blue and me green." Looking up to give a casual two fingers to the temple salute when her Wingleader leaves, "Clear skies and happy hunting to Verokanth," she calls after him. As to Katryana's last, she shrugs, "Well we did kind of a private thing one night when we exchanged the rings as well a vows of a sort," she offers, "It was beautiful, he had set up a bonfire in the cove just after sunset. It was like we were the only two people in the world," she adds wisfully before shaking herself out of this totally uncharacteristic mushiness. "It was unconventional, but then so are we," she caps off before she looks at the girl with sympathy, "Yeah, I get that, I just…." she trails off to grab a drink from the glass of juice she totally brought back with her when she got the food.

Tha-thump, tha-thump goes Katryana's heart at the recounting of storybook romance. "Sounds like he really likes you. I mean, obviously, but you know what I mean. That he cares a lot. Thoughtful. Makes you happy." The corners of her lips quirk up in a small smile. "That's nice. I'm happy for you, Alyna." Even if it dashes all her hopes for a terrible romance, the girl has the grace to make a to-do out of the news, drowning whatever else she may be thinking in a sip of her own juice. "I don't there's much time to be anything but unconventional, personally. To each their own, but as long as everyone is glad about how things turned out, that's what manners." Decisive nod as she stabs a piece of wherry and uses it to mop up what's remaining on her plate. "It's not like Southern really gets too cold. Plenty of sun and swimming to be had for a while yet!"

Oh how oblivious Alyna is that she is dashing the poor girl's hopes. The greenrider nods a little bit at the girl's assertion, "I think that's true, and riders have always done their own thing anyway. And yeah, we're happy," she under-sells just a little bit, but there's that goofy smile lurking at the corners of her lips before she clears her throat to regain her composure. Hopefully the giddy teenager stage won't linger too much longer for the greenrider, she's just not used to being this damn simpering. Scoffing at the talk of not getting cold, "Yeah, but once the rain starts…" she trails off with a shudder, "After a turn here, it almost makes me miss Igen's dryness." But only almost, Alyna has come to feel more at home in a turn here than a decade at Igen. Finishing off her plate, she sees that assistant headwoman she was talking to earlier looking for her again. With a muttered, "Finally," under her breath, the greenrider smiles and collects her dishes before standing, "I gotta get going, still dealing with my stuff in my old weyr," she says with a roll of her eyes to show this weyrmating business isn't all fun and games. "Have a good one," she calls over her shoulder before dumping the dishes in the wash basin and wandering in the assistant headwoman's direction, waving to get her attention.

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