D'ex, Talya


Burning the midnight oil low with some late night chores, Talya takes a break with D'ex. A conversation is sort-of had, with a few threats thrown into the mix.



It is evening of the twenty-fifth day of the third month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.



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A comfortable nook, this natural extension of the living room is cozily attired with overstuffed chairs and a couple of well-worn loveseats. All have been covered in various shades of green, giving the very incongruous appeal of a miniature forest hidden away inside… a grove of man-made proportion. Fish stews and spicy white-wherry chili are often kept hot on the minor hearths east and west of the main, for those whose hours defy when meals are kept. Ornate, the largest hearth towers high, rich with carving and utilitarian in fashion: it holds court by providing the weyr with rich klah, the air thick with the scent of cinnamon wafting.

It is late for a working night. It is late, but the Nighthearth is often home to a few owls on nights like this. With the steady rain and the heat abated, a few corners of the place are filled. One of these corners is home to a redhead with a stack of cards. D'ex's table is cleared, his eyes unfocused with the air of one chatting with thier dragon. The cards are shuffled via muscle-memory, no effort in it, just the automatic movement. Side, side, bridge, tap, cut, side, side. Again and again. Finally D'ex flips the top card from the deck and looks at it. Again, eyes unfocus and he smirks to himself. The red head shakes his head and starts again, shuffling the deck and zoning out, the cup of klah by him and the basket of bread is cold with the inattention, but the rider doesn't seem to be moving anytime soon.

Talya has had some trouble sleeping prior to candidacy, but with the white knot now adorning her shoulder she is having more than trouble… especially since she no longer was able to share a warm bed to help her rest. So she's doing some late night candidate chores that involved cleaning, though right now she seems to be winding down and coming to the nighthearth to take a fresh mug of klah. She walks right by the bluerider at first, but it is not until she has said warm klah and looks for a comfortable seat that she spots him. And freezes. There's a moment that panic flicks across her face before she realizes it's just the rider (not his other half, since he couldn't fit into the caverns) and she slowly approaches. She stands there, watching this game of him intently, like a weirdo. Just waiting to see how long it takes until she is spotted, sipping her klah.

It will be a few good minutes before she is noticed, and when she is, D'ex only blinks at her for a moment. He's never been great at multitasking and trying to switch from mind to world will take some reajusting. D'ex picks up his cold klah and takes a sip. He makes a face and puts the klah down in disgust. "Evening. Where you just going to stand there?" It is not exactly an invitation via his tone, but A chair will be pushed out with a foot toward her. The shuffling of cards is stopped and put aside in favor on one of the slices of bread. This will be waved toawrd Talya's knot, "Congrats. Standing again."

It's okay, Talya has plenty of nice warm klah to drink and she is mesmerized by the shuffling of cards. There are definitely dark bags under her eyes, noticeable even on her dark skin and the low light of fire and glows. "There's fresh klah that was put up not to bit ago and the coals were stoked," is her way of greeting. She takes a sip of her own for emphasis. "You were very much unaware of your surroundings for a good bit of time there, D'ex. Anyone could have snuck up behind you and strangled you… or something." Her eyes dart to the chair that is pushed out, but it is not until he waves to her knot that she slumps down into it with a sigh. "Don't congratulate me, I ain't sure if this is a good thing this time. It was your dragon that makes me think I don't have what it takes to be a rider."

"Hmmmm." Eyes skid over her, then to the coals where the fresh klah was. "Mhmmm." He shrugs and points at the ceiling where his two firelizards are perched, "I like to think my little guards are bright enough to know when I was being strangled or something, besides, it's not bright to strangle people with mental connections to giant reptiles." He shrugs and takes another bite of his bread, raising an eyebrow at her last words, "Oh ya? You realize that his little stunt is not normal and we've been taken off Thread for it. My wingleader is taking his behavior very seriously, and if you are going to join the nah-sayers saying something is wrong with Zynth, then I will have to ask you to leave, but at any rate, we are on a sort of probation." The words are flat, matter of fact and D'ex leans back in his chair, "Take the congrats. It's not for you to say what it takes, the hatchlings will know if you have it or not."

Talya glances up to the firelizards as well, at the mention of them, and her brows raise up in surprise. "I thought you didn't like them?" And there are /two/ now, somehow multiplied or borrowing from someone else. Her eyes drop back down to the bluerider, those brows follow suit and drop low over her eyes as she frowns deepl at him. "It's not normal?" One hand gets freed from the mug and she rubs at her face before looking back to him. "For all I know that was Zynth's way of having fun." The young woman hunches in on herself at the memory, dragging a short leg up to curl her freed arm around it tightly. "I think I got plenty of say in it too, since I could have refused the knot completely, especially after… that. I had even made full Guard, runner and all, nice and grounded." She stares down at the mug in her hand. "But I didn't, decided to give it another go. Even if all I can think about is falling from the skies now." She smirks wryly at him. "Sorry to hear /you/ are grounded." Maybe she doesn't sound too sorry about it, still angry at that stunt.

"I don't." And the firelizards will be waved at dismissivly, He takes another bite of the bread and shakes his head again, "Nope, not normal. Not fun, it was pretty serious for him, and he is pretty pleased with you now." He stands, finally going to get a new cup of klah, and plopping down again, "Oh? Well, if you don't impress, you can go back to that. The position will be waiting for you. I don't know that Zynth meant to terrify you, I don't know exactly what he meant to do, but they don't think like people, so you can't expect them to. And I'm not grounded. I'm off Thread. I'm doing Sweeps. So many sweeps." He sighs and cuts the cards again, "But Zynth thinks things between you two are fine. I think most dragons assume humans have as short memories as they do, but who knows."

"At least one of us is pleased," Talya mutters, drowning down more of her klah. She's definitely going to be staying up quite a bit longer at this rate. She sets the mug down at the table and brings her body back to a seated position, this time leaning over to get a better look at the bluerider. "I don't want to die, D'ex." Says the candidate in line for a career with the shortest life expectancy. "I get he's happy and all that, doesn't mean I am going to be going anywhere near him any time soon. He can be happy and fine over off on his own and you can tell him that, but I ain't about to say /I/ am fine. I remember the details very well, most nights too." Something that he said finally catches up to her, and that frown turns into more of a scowl. "How is keeping a rider off of fighting Thread any good for the Weyr, anyway? And sweeps all the time sound mentally exhausting."

D'ex is completely unfazed, "Looky girly, when I had accepted my candancy, I had a dragon crush a boat I was one and nearly drown me while his rider watched. Before that, I had watched dragons burn the sails of ships with men on board. You are not the only one who nearly didn't accept Canadacy. You are not the only one with nightmares. But you know what else? I have seen herdbeast throw men around like ragdolls and crush them. I have seen Runners drop and roll on thier riders. I have seen men gut other men without blinking, tie weights to thier feet and watch them sink. Everything is dangerous. Everything wants to kill you." He leans forward, eyes narrowing, "So I don't really care what you feel toward Zynth. But you upset him again, and he will not be the one push you off of a cliff. He knows better now. But I'm far more practiced in actually oliminating people." This was a lie. D'ex had vowed years ago that he was done with that, his sword would never be used, and only once had he slipped up from this vow. Still, He will hold Talya's gaze as he speaks, tone softer and colder than before. Apparently bonding exersizes had been working.

Talya actually rolls her eyes to D'ex's recounting of his own past lives and deeds. A nice big obvious eye roll, yes. "So a lot of that is why you're so fucked up then? But good for you, on having a nice filling life. If you think that was supposed to scare me into not having my own issues then you're wrong." She snorts at him regarding his own dragon. She'd roll her eyes again if they still weren't hurting from that first one. Instead, she crosses her arms on the table and lays her head into her arms, all nonchalant about being threatened by D'ex. Perhaps the insomnia doesn't help. "I never did anything to upset him in the first place. But I'm not going to play pretend that everything is fine. So I'd like to see you try that. Eliminating and not having others find out are two whole different things, cause I bet there'd be several people concerned about my disappearance."

"Fullfilling? Sure." He snorts and finishes off his slice of bread, "I'm saying you shouldn't feel sorry for yourself and whatever veiw got you that everything is on your side is childish." He pulls a strip of leather from his pocket and starts to tie up his cards, Relaxing again, "I don't much care for that sort of thing. And I guess I'm not being clear enough: I don't care what you feel about him. I care about his feelings and he's not very good at feelings. He's damn aweful with them, and so if you think you could violate his little cold heart, then don't talk to him, avoid him, whatever. Clearly you did upset him. Few creatures act without a reason. You are missing the part where he is my only consern in all of this."

"Pretty sure you were the one that made it about yourself instead with your life story there," Talya points out with a glare. "And you can't force people to suddenly feel what you want the to feel. If I could stop having all these thoughts I'd be more than happy to shut them off, but we can't all get our way." She sits up again so that she can grab at her mug of klah and finish the rest of it off, cool enough to chug it all the way, likely wishing it was an alcoholic beverage. "If he decides to approach me, there's nothing stopping him from realizing what I truly feel about his little stunt and behavior. After all, he is all /pleased/ with me, as you say, and I can't stop a massive dragon from being near me. But you don't have to worry your little head off, it ain't like I'll be visiting the river cliffs any time soon." One of the many frustrations she's unused to and that makes her scowl darkly as she reminds herself. Bottled teenage hormones certainly had bad timing with being stuck in candidacy.

"What can I say? I'm an unapoligetic, self-absorbed ass. And I have found, in my long fullfilled life, that hard liquor is great for turning off unwanted thoughts. What a shame that's not an option right now." He smirks at the klah-chugging, and will finish off his own in a similar fasion, "He does have a life, and we are kinda swamped right now, so while him tracking you down is unlikely, that doesn't mean you have to be an ass to him about your unhappiness with him. He's not so petty as to take offense from your being pissed, if you are pissed reasonably." Though, 'pissed reasonably' is likely something that cannot be defined well for all paries involved and D'ex offers no example, "Enjoy Canidcay while you have it, If you Impress, you Impress, if not, then you get to go back to your station as a guard. No big deal."

Talya gives a good sharp nod at the description that D'ex gives himself, even getting a smirk out of her instead of a glare. "Yeah, that sounds about right. I learn that trick as well about hard liquor." The smirk does disappear now as she looks down at her empty mug sadly. If only. "I was never an /ass/ to Zynth. I /liked/ Zynth. But yes, I'm pissed, and I will still be pissed." Probably for a good long while. "So I'll just make sure not to run into him and hopefully the both of you are kept so busy that we don't run into each other. It all works out." She spreads her empty hand out in a gesture that likely signifies that the topic is settled. "And I've learned my lesson not to call on him for help to fly up to a rider's ledge should I find myself stuck on the ground." Lesson learned and never to be repeated again.

These last words will bring a laugh, "Oh really? And how about letting him steal you to other weyrs? Done with that too? I really don't know how he got you to agree to that one in the first place." D'ex shakes his head and stands up, pocketing the cards, "Busy, busy, busy, stupid scessions, lots of sweeps to make up for no Thread-flight, all the check-ins with M'noq, we are very busy. And perhaps yes, in genearl you should find another dragon to put faith into, Zynth is the best dragon there is, but he is … unique in more ways than one."

"That was back when I trusted him," Talya notes regarding that old trip. "I figured I was bored, a trip was offered… and I took the chance. Though still had no idea what I was getting myself into." Which seems to be a common theme. Hop up on a dragon back and then get deposited in a strange new place or the last place she wanted to be at that time. She doesn't seem at all remorseful about all the busy work that D'ex has to go through, though there is a bit of a sad sigh at the memory of Zynth, "He is one of a kind. But perhaps that's why I decided to accept this stupid thing again." She makes a jab to the white knot on her shoulder. Perhaps she'd rather start relying on a lifemate of her own, if there was one out there for her this time since the dragons think she has what it takes.

D'ex snorts again. Zynth was reliabily untrustworthy. But, whatever. "He's a good dragon, just have to take most of his words and actions with a grain of salt. And if you don't impress, it's fine. Being a guard for a weyr means a few oppertunities to get searched again. I know the Holds complain about too many weyr-bred being Searched, but I think it's mostly that Weyr-Bred are around dragons, thus more likely to be noticed and Searched." He shakes his head and pulls a few marks out of his pocket, "Have a good night Talya. I'm not surprised you where Searched again." He drops the coin and whistles to his two lizards. They drop down to him as he starts toward the door

Talya just nods slowly at the bluerider's words about sticking to the Guards. "I don't consider myself Weyr-bred," she remarks with a smirk. "But let them complain. Not sure how others do it standing all the time, but I'm okay once in a while to break up the monotony." She had just become a full fledged Guard too, and already bored of it! The girl leans back in her seat as D'ex gets up to leave, giving him a half-hearted wave and good night. She'll eventually move to pick up discarded plates and mugs to take to the kitchens to be cleaned, some odd chore before being dragged off to the barracks at last, but sleep is not going to claim her as fast with thoughts fresh in her head.

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