A'ndi, D'ex | Taliveth, Zynth


Takes place shortly after Attempt to Reclaim a Shirt

As promised, D'ex gets an uninterrupted hour to do his work. And then A'ndi bothers him.
Zynth's subtle, patient plotting and Taliveth's wishing and hoping and not-so-subtle nudging finally yields results. For better or worse?

profanity, kissy and touchy stuff, implied sex (aka Vani's shipping dreams come true), talking about sex, creeper dragons, feline voyeurism, brief descriptions of past violence including blood/broken bones, jerks being way cuter than they have any business being


It is before dawn of the first day of the tenth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Taliveth's Weyr

OOC Date 30 Dec 2017 08:00


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« … Are we supposed to give them privacy for this? OR CAN WE WATCH? »

« I like to watch. »

Taliveth's Weyr

A decent sized weyr, or maybe it's the sparse furnishings that make it seem so roomy. Towards the back is a curtained off alcove that acts as a bedroom, and another alcove houses a nice little kitchenette and some shelving for ingredients, pots and pans and utensils. There's a small desk pushed up against the left wall with a little stool to sit upon, and on the opposite side of the room is a small, round, beat-up looking table and a basic wooden chair (there used to be a second one, but D'ex threw it off the ledge and into the river). A large tan pelt of some animal lies on the floor beneath the table in some attempt at decorating maybe? Standing out from everything else is a well-made, stylish, white-cushioned couch that adds a much-needed dash of cheeriness (and seating) to the space. Taliveth's sandy bed isn't far from the desk, and on the wall above the brown's sleeping space is a pretty acceptable charcoal rendition of Vulheimurath's face, framed and hung up (IT'S NOT CREEPY, DON'T YOU JUDGE HIM-). Straps, riding gear and supplies have a storage area near the weyr entrance. It's overall pretty basic and boring at the moment. There are two modes of cleanliness for this space: regular tidy-but-lived-in clean, and inhumanly-spotless-and-impeccably-organized D'ex Was Here clean.

D’ex’s maps lay in neat piles over A’ndi’s table, a steadily growing pile of complete, perfectly square mapes growing as a pile of scrap leather grows. D’ex’s movements are fast and sure, barely needing to think or study each map as he squares it out, then dusts it off, and adds it to the complete pile. He has nearly hit his 1-hour of no-bothering mark, and he is nearly done. The new scraps are swept into a palm and added to it’s pile. At the weyr entrance, a sleek, blue, and slightly wet hide slips in from the ledge, Zynth’s wings are held slightly open to let the membrane of his sails to dry, « Greetings Brother, forgive my tardiness, I had to pick up Lady. » And indeed, the little green lizard is zipping around Zynth’s head, humming to herself before breaking away from the dragon to zip around the weyr in hopes of finding Snowdrop.

Snowdrop is curled up with little harvest-gold Aster, though she’s not quite so little anymore. The two chirp in pleasant greeting to the other green, beckoning her to come join them upon the couch cushion they’ve commandeered. They’ve been quiet. In fact, everyone has been quiet and generally unbothersome, as promised. A’ndi has kept himself busy; the laundry has been prepared, separated into baskets by type and color, Fish’s sand-pan has been scooped and the cat’s meal of rabbit liver lightly warmed and cut just so (which has helped keep him occupied instead of getting fur alllllll over those maps), tea was steeped and a cup deposited silently at the table with D’ex. Now the brownrider is busy assisting Taliveth in getting ready for his BIG SHOW. A silvery women’s powder compact is in hand, the powder being applied with a fluffy white puff to the hulking dragon’s cheeks and the tops of his head knobs. All the while A’ndi somehow manages to keep a totally straight face. At Zynth’s arrival, Tali enthusiastically swivels his head around to face his brother, asking with a shimmering galactic burst of glee, « How do I look?!?!?!?! »

« Powdered. » Zynth’s reply is instant, a hint of amusement in his tone. D’ex might be impressed that this whole weyr has managed to actually leave him alone, but he is really trying to finish in his time limit. A mental greeting to his dragon is all, and the red-head is back at it. Lady will settle down with the pair, pleased at the nice place and happy to be sociable. Nocturnal and an only-firelizard girl means that Lady doesn’t get to get out and see other lizards often. « Your friends are likely starting to come in with the tide, so perhaps not get wet or the water might steal your powder. » His mind expands, starting to encompass A’ndi with the cold as well, gentle in wrapping around the rider, « Perhaps a bit on his nose? Bring out the spikes some. » Just don’t sneeze, kay? Or breath for a moment.

A’ndi cocks his head to the side, considering. He doesn’t seem bothered at all by Zynth’s chill— in fact, it’s always been pleasantly reminiscent of his old home. “Yeah, I think you’re right. Tali, c’mere.” When the brown’s big face presents itself again, A’ndi daintily poofs some powder upon the smushy nose. « I’m gonna stay on the beach to perform! And they’ll sit in the sea, and you sit with them, okay? And then we can fish during intermission! » Taliveth turns to the slim blue again to explain with beeping satellites, « If my powder is gone after intermission, that’s okay. That’s the big battle part of the story so I don’t need to look pretty! It’s all going to be so DRAMATIC! » He can’t help it, and ends that thought with a supernova of orange and pink light. A’ndi sets the powder aside with the various other odds and ends he’s collected that make Taliveth happy; some dried flowers (these are in fact the ones that came with the gift of citrus), lots of rocks and seashells, a few sticks, a carving of a cat, face paints, a small squeaky rubber wherry, and so on. He leaves the dragons to it, moving now to come stand behind the very busy D’ex. A hand rests on the bluerider’s shoulder. “Three minutes.”

« Wonderful. Wonderful. I will sit with them. I’m sure that the end will be the best. It ouht to be. Big Beganing, Big End. Middle not so important. » The frozen mindscape takes the blasts of color in stride, the snow momentarily splashed with the nova’s reflection and dance up the mountains to throw snow back at the burst. “Two left. Almost there.” Okay, one and a half left. D’ex pivots the map he is one, a few cuts and it’s one left. “Am I required to attend the ‘show’? Or can I start on laundry.” The man’s tone is mild, implying he doesn’t actually care either way. Mind is still on fixing these maps and . .. there. Done. The last map is added to it’s pile, straightened, and a top-leather along with a few strings to tie the whole stack up in a nice tidy package. There. Just need to deliver it before drills tomorrow and no one will miss them. D’ex takes a sip of the now-chilled tea and glances back at A’ndi, “Done. Thanks.” Only now will eyes shift to the dragons in thier chatter, then around the weyr. Though A’ndi’s efforts are noted, it’s still not quite up to par in D’ex’s book of clean, but it will do for now. “Also, I think I owe you dinner sometime.”

« The middle explains the history of the dolphins! It’s the educational part! » Except he’s probably going to make it all up on the fly sooooo. Taliveth’s powdery nose nudges against Zynth gently, rumbling pleasantly. « Are you ready to go? I don’t want to keep them waiting too long! I know they have really important fish stuff to do. » A’ndi’s other hand settles upon D’ex’s other shoulder while those last few minutes come to an end, head tilted slightly as he observes the other man’s work. “No, I already told him we’d be staying home. He knows I don’t really like musical theatre, anyway.” Or music. Or theatre. Just in general. ANYTHING FUN. “But you don’t have to do the laundry yet, either. You remember the deal, right?” He’ll remind D’ex anyway! “One hour undisturbed, and then I’m bothering you.” His grip on the bluerider’s shoulders tightens slightly. Bothering! The comment about dinner gets a light shrug in response. “Do you owe me dinner? I wouldn’t mind, though. But if you mean going out there-“ in the world in public around people oh no “-to have dinner, we should make sure to be… discreet. People are already talking enough.”

Zynth is a great appreciator of the arts. He likes performances of almost all kinds, though Taliveth may not be a musical genius, he is happy to watch and take notes. The blue stands and shakes himself slightly, though his hide is starting to dry, it looks to be in vain, « I am ready when you are ready, Brother. » Though Zynth rarely takes into account other people/dragons/shipfish’s schedules, he’s not about to argue with Taliveth. “I can’t say I’m a fan of musical theater myself. Though I think my definition of ‘music’ might differ from Tali’s.” He will move away from or make an effort to even acknowledge the brownrider’s touch, rather he shrugs, “I do. Sometime though. Not necessarily now. People talk. It’s what they do.” He had forgotten the deal, but one hour of peace in trade for whatever bothering A’ndi wanted was a good deal. “Does people talking bother you? I mean you are right, your turn to do the bothering, but really, is what people think a big deal?” His head cocks back to look at A’ndi, a mild curiosity and amusement painted on his face.

« OKAY BYE A’NDI I LOVE YOU I’LL SEE YA LATER! » This first to Taliveth’s rider, who glances back over his shoulder to acknowledge his dragon with a small smile. He may not be into the activity himself, but A’ndi does at least support Taliveth in his many imaginative endeavors. « Bye D’ex, I love you, I’ll make sure there’s toast in the morning! » And a much quieter farewell for their guest before Taliveth turns and goes galumphing out to his ledge. « I’M GONNA EXPRESS MYSELF! » Likely much to the dismay of all those trying to sleep right now. With a powerful launch, the warship brown is airborne, slowing his pace only to wait for his dear brother. Now A’ndi will answer the question, peering downwards , hair slipping down to fall into his face. “It is and it isn’t. Normally I could care less, but this… it doesn’t need to get around. It’s none of anybody’s business.”

« Don’t throw anything out of the weyr, bonded mine. Have fun. » And Zynth is slipping out after the brown. Far less dramatic and far more quiet, Zynth is out again, « Come now, mustn’t keep your fans waiting. » D’ex waves a hand toward the departing dragons, but makes no comment other than, “Break a leg.” Or you know, don’t. But that’s a theater-y term, right? D’ex’s attention returns to A’ndi as the blue vanishes into the night, “Well, the best way to keep one’s business one’s own, I’d suggest inventing some fake business to spread about and get people talking about that.” Still, D’ex smiles, he’s joking, but only partially. Though he doesn’t stand, one hand reaches up brushing the hair back out of A’ndi’s face, “But if it bothers you, then discrete it is. A few more public-reprimanding and I’m sure whispers will be quieted.” Not that D’ex has done much in need of reprimanding lately, but you know, good behavior only lasts so long.

“Sometimes I think the reprimanding makes it worse,” A’ndi replies with a sort of exasperated half-smile. “Because why should I give a shit at all about whether you’re behaving yourself or not? We’re not weyrlings together anymore. We’re not in the same wing. But now if I stop doing it, people will notice that, too. I guess.” He reaches, tentatively at first, for the hand doing the hair brushing. Then a bit more decisive in really grabbing hold of it. He doesn’t necessarily know what to do with it, but he’s got it! “We’ll just have to come up with something really ridiculous. Anyway-“ Blue eyes glance nervously aside, and there’s a sudden awkwardness to his demeanor. “… I’m supposed to stop being a little bitch and tell you myself that I meant it when I said I missed your stupid face when we weren’t talking. And I missed you tonight, so I decided to do something about it instead of sitting on my ass. Taliveth shouldn’t have to tell you these things.” But Tali can help A’ndi gather up the nerve to do it himself.

Tanned fingers lace with A’ndi’s as he gets the hand, a half smile flickering on D’ex’s lips, “Our dragons hang out, people know that, I’m sure they know we’re neighbors, but really, I think that you think people care about what other people do. In general, they don’t.” And the sort that do are the sort D’ex generally doesn’t like. Guards. Knots. People like that. D’ex’s smile grows as A’ndi speaks, he may not fully understand how Taliveth and A’ndi work, but it would seem that the points that A’ndi needs help in, Taliveth can give him in ways that Zynth could never give D’ex. It works. It’s impressive. “You are impressily sober for words like that.” He pulls A’ndi’s hand down and presses his lips to the back, smile still broad, “I’m pleased to be missed, and yeah, I miss you too sometimes, though usually that’s when I invite myself over.” Because that works right? Invite self over? Comeneer for an evening? Close enough. “However, I am happy to be bothered by the likes of you most all the time.”

“It depends. I mean, if Francis knew, she’d say I’ve lost my damn mind. Though I guess that’s entirely possible, considering who I Impressed to.” But that last part is said with a note of fondness in his voice, because I mean it’s Taliveth. An emotional dragon who pokes and prods at the emotions of a stereotypical ‘I don’t do feelings’ loner until there’s nothing he can do but end up in situations like this. At that kiss, a blush colors A’ndi’s cheeks; he’s never had his hand kissed before, and the words being said are certainly making their contribution. The brownrider can’t even muster up a proper look of grumpily pouty denial to try to cover it up. “Well. I wanted to be sober. Stuff like this, you need to have a clear head to say it and have it taken seriously. I didn’t want to just vomit it all out and say stupid shit like some sloppy, back-alley drunkard making alcoholic confessions.” It eventually occurs to A’ndi that it would be easier to have this conversation when they’re a bit more face to face, rather than sort of upside-down and backwards. He steps away momentarily to grab the other chair, drags it over (totally going to scratch the floor along the way), and then flops himself down into it to face D’ex, reaching to reclaim that hand. “So… you’re really not just fuckin’ around with me, right? Because if you are, I know where you live and I will kidney-shank you.” He’s prooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobably joking… ? … ???? !?!?!?!?!

“Sunshine, we’ve had that part of this conversation before. You are terrifying to me, I think you are one of the last people on the planet I’d fuck with. It’s not worth my time and effort and would not, in any way, be of any use.” Still, D’ex’s smile grows and he shrugs yet again, “But, I mean, do you see how easily it is to get you flustered? If I didn’t push that every now and then, what’s the point. I think you are a virgin half the time. Look at you, turning cherry already.” Given the last stab to the gut had nearly killed him, D’ex doesn’t like the sound of shanking, but hey, he would deserve it, “Besides, you know Tali and Zynth would be upset if something violent happened here, right? Zynth likes you and hasn’t collected you. Only person I know who he is fond of and hasn’t claimed. It’s weird, really, but hey, I’m not about to argue with him on the subject.” As his fingers again lace with A’ndi’s he taps A’ndi’s hand lightly, “Though, as I recall, Miss Francis is not a fan of me anyway and you, yourself, were voting to have me removed from A’hali’s house long before I’d been removed, so we shouldn’t judge D’ex-Distenters too harshly.” Because it’s most of the people who know him. The smile drops into a smirk as D’ex’s other hand comes up to fold around A’ndi’s, “But I gotta ask, What is it you think this is?”

“I am not a virgin,” A’ndi huffs. “This is just… it’s different. It’s different and weird, okay? It’s not the same thing as bringing a girl home, fooling around, and then you never see her again.” It’s hand kissing. That’s on a whole other level, apparently. But his grumping is exchanged for a look of curiosity at his uncollected status. “Huh. Well, I like Zynth too. I like that he makes Taliveth happy. And I know he tries hard to keep you out of too much trouble.” A mutual mission. “Maybe I’ll ask him about it sometime. Find out why I’m… uncollectible, I guess.” A’ndi’s just going to totally look away awkwardly at that whole ‘hey remember when you hated me?’ part. Because he absolutely remembers and that’s part of why this whole situation is so strange. He’s able to collect himself just enough to manage a pissy expression for D’ex’s question. “How should I know?! You think any of this makes any sense to me whatsoever?” A’ndi turns away again, his free hand running back through his hair in frustration. “Fuck it… look, I don’t just tolerate you, all right? I like having you around. I want you to hang around.” That blue-eyed glare is turned back on the ex-pirate full-force suddenly, that hand reaching for D’ex’s face. “But I just want to fucking punch you in your stupid fucking face-“ Except his body apparently hasn’t gotten the memo, because that is the exact opposite of what is actually happening. The hand comes to rest against a freckled cheek even as A’ndi is moving forward from his chair, aiming to press a kiss to the blue rider’s lips. It’s better than a fist, right?

Far, far better than a punch. D’ex tips his head into A’ndi’s touch, smirk returned and unmoving through the speech. He didn't know why Zynth hadn't collected the brownrider, goodness knows the blue disregarded if A’hali and Th’res had bonds. Sure, the red head had some ideas, but nothing concert. However, the kiss is returned. Chaste, gentle, and careful not to push back too hard and scare the ‘punch’ away. D'ex’s hands tighten around the one he has captured, leaning forward slightly. D'ex doesn't rush the kiss, nor try to push it too far, but when it ends, the red head pulls away with a smile. “I know you are not a virgin. You are far too good at this. However, the idea that you've never been smitten with someone before is hilarious.” D'ex s smile grows, bright and warm, “Jeez Sunshine, is this really so bad if you walk in knowing what you are getting? Because if not, I'll let you in on a secret since my Dragon is so much better at keeping them than yours.” D'ex s smile remains, but his voice drops to a near conspiratorial level, almost teasing, “But I like being around. I want to hang around. And I more than enjoy your company, Mister Ferdinand.” Because Zynth would never tell A’ndi that and it might mean less if he did.

The gentleness is unexpected, leaving A’ndi blinking in surprise as he pulls back when it ends. His own hand unconsciously tightened in response to D’ex, and the grip remains secure. “Well.. I…” It takes a few sort of confused, awkward moments for A’ndi to regain the ability of coherent speech. “I mean. There was someone once. But I fucked that up by not saying anything when I should have. I’m not doing that again.” There’s a note of determination that grows in his voice, even as the brownrider goes all melty at the warmth in the redhead’s smile. He’s never seen D’ex smile quite like that, and it’s new and fascinating and sends all sorts of butterflies all aflutter. ‘Smitten’ is definitely a good word for it. Hearing his old name draws an actual laugh out of A’ndi and he replies, “Haven’t heard that in awhile. You know, way back-“ in the dawn of time when Taliveth was just a small round ball of pudge “-Tali told me he only picked ‘A’ndi’ because it was the cutest-sounding option.” And then without any particular announcement or explanation beyond a slight biting at his lip, A’ndi moves quickly from his chair to settle himself upon D’ex’s lap. oh hi hello there, new seating arrangement.

D’ex’s arms wrap around A’ndi, releasing his hand to fold his own hands in A’ndi’s lap. Seating arrangement will not be questioned. “My name is too short to have many options when Zynth showed up. I think it works though.” Short name became shorter. “Though, I think Tali got your’s right. ‘A’ndi’ is a very cute-sounding word that relates to a very cute-looking guy.” Because might as well mention that blue-eyes and brown hair go very nicely together. “Though, I think that Tali knew that already as well.” D’ex’s grin slips back into his usual smirk. A’ndi on his lap is a nice place for A’ndis to be. D’ex leans forward slightly, lips brushing on A’ndi’s neck before pulling back again, barely more than a tease, “Thank you for telling me. I can’t imagine Taliveth would be too great at lying, but one does wonder sometimes if he says things that are true or things he wishes were true. Saying something certainly does help things.”

A’ndi peers down curiously at the folded hands in his lap. With a sort of experimental tentativeness, his own hands come to lay over D’ex’s, and the brownrider shifts a bit, getting comfy, leaning back against the other rider. That little tease to his neck sends a rather obvious shiver right through him, leaving him once more blinking in some bewilderment. Apparently the various sensations of touch feel somehow quite different when you have an actual emotional investment. It’s a new discovery! “Taliveth usually believes whatever he’s saying is true. True to him, anyway. He makes stuff up sometimes, but I don’t think it’s ever really lying, if that makes sense. His heart is always in the right place.” A’ndi’s fingers tap lightly against D’ex’s hands while he tries to work on whatever he’s trying to say next. Each part of this conversation, both spoken and physical, seems to be taking an unusual amount of effort for him. Feelings are hard. :( “So, uh… I’ve been with a few guys before, and it’s always been like…” insert thoughtful ‘how do I put this’ pause “… you know. Minimal talk, bend over a table and get shit done. I guess, it’s just, you’re a lot more-“ Once again his hands come to lay over D’ex’s, giving them a deliberate patpat. “-gentle? Soft? Than I was expecting?” It’s not said with a judgmental tone (FOR ONCE IN HIS LIFE), or disappointment. Just on observation.

New discovery? Yes. And will be answered with another slight kiss. Is it fair to call this a kiss? Just a touch. A tap. Barely. This is hardly a kiss, but if it is going to get reactions like that? Of course A’ndi is getting another. “Good to know. If we are talking about dragon honesty, Zynth is not.” And that is the easiest way to put it. Prince of lies? Yes. He is at least a far better at it than D’ex, at any rate. The smirk has returned as A’ndi speaks, not bothering to interrupt that thought process until it is all out. “Oh really? Would you prefer I not be? I certainly don’t have to be gentle or soft. However it was suggested to me, I should be in this case.” By that blue dragon who lies and is currently taking tabs on both D’ex and Taliveth’s show. “I would hazard I’ve been with more men and women than you’ve ever admired, so lets just say I can be whatever you’d like.” After all, over half of his family was in the art of pleasing. Perhaps D’ex has picked up a few things? Or perhaps in order to maintain anyone willing to sleep with him he’s tried to get good? Or perhaps he’s just being nice? Or lying? Or A’ndi is easy when that emotional investment is on D’ex’s side. Whatever the reason, one hand shifts to again wrap around A’ndi’s. Lips again brushing A’ndi’s neck in that not-quite-a-kiss. “Do you have … .preferences?”

Whatever he likes. Preferences. A’ndi contemplates this in silence, aside from a slight, sharp intake of breath at those not-quite-kisses. Those little hints and teases made mostly from the electric spark that exists in that slight space between lips-barely-meeting-skin. “… I like you. So just be you. That’s my preference.” There’s careful shifting and readjustment, the brownrider turning himself around to straddle D’ex’s lap. It’s not quite a glare that he’s fixed on the other man this time, but it’s definitely an intense stare. “Do what you want to do. I need to know what I’m getting into, don’t I?” A hand is suddenly tangling into red hair. “Convince me that this is the best worst decision I’ve ever made.” Then blue eyes snap shut and A’ndi closes the distance to press a heated kiss to the blue rider’s mouth, and it is anything but chaste. Meanwhile, back in dragonheadspace, Zynth isn’t the only one keeping tabs. Taliveth has reached his show’s intermission and now his mind reaches for his brother’s, manifesting this time as some intensely orange alien sun breaking over the horizon, just barely, just a bent sliver of intense light like an upside-down cheshire cat grin. There is a distinct feeling of smug satisfaction. « eeeheeeheee… Zyyyyynnnnth. Hey Zynth. Heeeeey. Guess what? »

« I don’t guess. » The frozen mindscape is lit by that sun, white reflecting back a mellowed gold, fridged air still as the blue splits his attention between brother and bond. « Tell me Taliveth, what should I guess? » D’ex is surprised by the passion behind this kiss. This is a kiss. The ex-pirate returns it, matching A’ndi, and almost taking this as permission that A’ndi is not going to back off. Hands come up and stroke down A’ndi’s sides, settling at his hips as the man himself looks up. “Convince you? A’ndi, I like to think of myself and a relatively honest person. This is a bad idea. You know what I am. You know what I’ve done. What I sometimes still want to do. My bond is barely better, just better at being discrete, and between the two of us, I think I’ve been getting better. I really do.” He leans forward slightly, voice almost becoming professional, or overly polite, “But I’m never going to be the sort that you should bring home to Mum and Dad. You could. But it doesn’t mean you should.” One hand comes up, fingers lightly caressing A’ndi’s face, “I have never done a serious relationship, A’ndi. I’ve never done anything that one would call ‘steady’, and I’ve never done anything where attachment would be an issue.” He kisses A’ndi again, “But it is an issue here.”

“If I bring you home to meet my mother, you’ll just be a friend from work.” Which is technically true~! “My father is six feet under dirt and snow, so his opinion doesn’t really factor into this.” A’ndi lifts a hand to trace fingers lightly over the hand upon his face. “Like I said before, this isn’t anyone’s business. Not my family’s or your family’s. Not our friends-“ who already have it figured out anyway “-or our bosses or co-workers. Just you and me and our dragons.” And Fish and the firelizards who all get a front row seat to this show. “Look… I do know what you are, and I don’t have any illusions of throwing a leash on you and making you become an upstanding citizen. My only concern is that you don’t end up back in the brig or dead in a ditch somewhere.” A’ndi will take advantage of this closeness to run fingers through D’ex’s hair again, letting it turn into almost a sort of petting. who’s a good pirate~? “I know you’re going to keep drinking and gambling and getting into shit. I’m still going to fuckin’ nag at you about it, but I know it’s going to happen anyway. And I figure you’ll still want to run off to Ista to buy some fun, or go visit your ‘friends.’ Just make sure you’re cleaned up and back home at a reasonable hour.” Taliveth’s sunrise ripples with his giggling until the whole thing bursts into a new formation for his thoughts; fiery, burning butterflies. He unleashes them over Zynth’s snow and trees as he explains. « eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee » okay he’ll explain in a minute « This has been my plan ALL ALONG! » The giggling grows gradually into full-blown laughter. « It was I who told A’ndi to stop moping around and go find your D’ex! And it was I who told him to release the soft, gooey contents of his heart! But I knew you and I needed to be gone or he’d be too embarrassed because he’s weird like that! » Now we’re getting some outright MANIACAL CACKLING. « ‘But the show!’ you ask?! ALL A CLEVER RUSE! THEY NEVER SUSPECTED! » Slowly, his brightness begins to dim, and he asks earnestly, « Are you proud of me? »

« I am so proud of you. » Zynth is never going to say what his plan was. What his goal, or what strings or thoughts he pushes at D’ex and Tali. Zynth would never say, but they are there. Somewhere. Under the surface where all Zynth’s mischief lies. « You have done wonderfully, Taliveth. I couldn’t be more proud if I tried, brother. » D’ex has been doing a lovely job of listening all day, right? Listening and keeping quiet. Waiting til A’ndi is done before interrupting, but this can only last so long. “Good, I don’t want you to meet my family.” Like seriously. No. And Vani warned against meeting his… .or was that A’hali’s fam he didn’t want to meet? D’ex didn’t know, and now was not the time to care. “I’m not ever going back to a brig, A’ndi. I think I made that very clear. I am not going to be locked up again. And I have a rather large reptile who will not be letting me die in a ditch.” And that still un-used sword that A’hali had gifted him. That would help too. If needed. Perhaps. His head tips slightly into the pet, thumb stroking A’ndi’s cheek as he speaks, “However, please know, Zynth and I are… .are working on it. We have been. I’m not going to die in a ditch.” He was never going to be an angel. He agreed with that. And… .A’ndi wasn’t going to tie him to a stake to ensure it. But he and Zynth … .they were working on it. Zynth’s first words had promised so much. ‘Alot to work on together.’ And they had. D’ex kisses A’ndi lightly again, “But that someone worries about it. Someone who is not in my head. That means alot.”

Taliveth’s aurora shimmers and glows, and his fiery space-butterflies dance amidst the icey pines. « I’m so glad! I did a GOOD JOB! This is going to be so good for all of us! I don’t foresee any future problems at all! » As far as Tali’s concerned, this is a done deal, this is a signed and certified Happily Ever After. A’ndi may not be so convinced yet— he certainly looks skeptical at D’ex’s insistence that no arrests or ditch-death are going to happen. Because I mean come on. It’s D’ex. “I’m glad you appreciate my concern. Because I’m pretty sure I’m getting ulcers because of you.” The red hair, it shall be ruffled. “So…” Now his hands begin to wander, ultimately finding their way to D’ex’s shirt and occupying themselves with its removal. “We’ve established that we like each other and can accept that we are generally shitty people. Right? So we’re prepared to be attached to another person, all the bullshit baggage included, and make this an official thing?” A ‘thing,’ still not giving it an actual name. “And, I don’t know, if we start finding ourselves plotting each other’s murder in the night, we call it quits?”

“As long as we are agreeing to admit that murder-plotting is happening, then yes.” Because, that’s got to happen before actual murder makes it quits regardless, right? D’ex’s head cocks, he’s starting to suspect A’ndi might like his hair. His own hands run down A’ndi’s hips to his belt. Might as well skip shirts, it’s not like they actually get in the way, right? Though if A’ndi wanted to take that off himself, D’ex is happy to worry the belt looser. “Yes, I think this can certainly be an official ‘thing’. You’ll have to forgive my learning curve on things, but of the two of us, I think that you are the one with the experience in the thing-department.” D’ex’s smirk has returned. Why ever A’ndi hasn’t given this a name is amusing, and though the cold tap in the back of his mind is saying not to question it, he really has been behaving all evening. « You did. You did. Perhaps future problems will come, but this is a worry for future-us, and present-us should enjoy this while it lasts. » Because Zynth has no delusions about who he’s bonded to.

“What? No. I’ve never been in a real thing before-“ He cuts off for a moment because shirts get in A’ndi’s way. He is determined to divest D’ex of his, and by the end of finally yanking the damn thing off, there is a snarl of frustration and he moves to fling the shirt to the floor. But he stops, catching himself, rather begrudgingly folds it neatly (probably not as neat as D’ex would like it, but still), and then sets it down gently on the floor like a civilized human being. Instead of like, you know, the rabid badger that he is deep down. “-I don’t like people, remember? I mainly fucked around with traders that would come and go. Didn’t have time for anything else.” He leans back a little, for ease of belt removal. “But I guess I’ll make time for you. For some inexplicable, illogical reason.” A’ndi has an easier time getting his own shirt off, especially since he doesn’t particularly care about its condition. It gets tossed aside for Fish to pounce on and roll around with. His eyes sweep over D’ex, face to torso and back up again, brows furrowed in thought. “… Yeah, I think Taliveth’s been right all along. It’s the freckles that did it.” Said brown has noticed the ex-pirates good behavior and even comments to Zynth, « D’ex has been such a good boy! I’ll make sure A’ndi gives him extra toast tomorrow! » Toast is the ultimate reward. « … Are we supposed to give them privacy for this? OR CAN WE WATCH? »

« I like to watch. » Because a dragon who doesn’t chase often doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in sex. Just has very high standards. « I have D’ex on a rather tight leash at the moment. He better behave. » Zynth is not letting him screw this one up. The crumpled shirt and folding will be watched. Very. Carefully. And a sigh when A’ndi tosses his own shirt, but no verbal complaint. D’ex would get A’ndi trained someday. And someday this weyr will be clean. “I thought you and Francis girl? No? Okay. Then it will be a learning curve for the both of us.” D’ex doesn’t mind that, he can be a quick study, “Communication is apparently key in things like this. Talking. Making eye contact. Perhaps some-Huh?” D’ex looks down at himself. Years at sea does a fabulous job of damaging skin, and freckles, he has plenty. “Sort of annoying little spots. I’m not sure the appeal.” He looks up again and smiles, “But if we are talking looks, your eyes win, my man.” The chair will be abandoned and his own belt pulled out, “Tell me, how do you like this done. Communication is important, and if you insist that tables are what does it for you, I will be sure to serialize it afterwards.”

« this is so excitiiiiiing » Taliveth gushes in an excited whisper, pushing inky strands of that infinite darkness of space through into Zynth’s world. Sharing feelings with his rider, the rusty brown can’t help but bleed through and mingle with that snowy landscape. « Should I relay it to the dolphins? Do you think they’d like it too? » A nice bedtime story? Meanwhile, A’ndi flinches at the mention of Francis as his possible ‘thing.’ “Ah, no, we didn’t… that-“ Was the one he fucked up. “I don’t know. It doesn’t matter. Neither of us know what we’re doing, and we can leave it at that.” And focus more on those freckles. D’ex may not get it, but A’ndi is all about them. He rests a finger upon the bluerider’s chest and plays some connect-the-dots. There’s a light flush at the compliment, but right now there are some logistics to work out. “My table wouldn’t survive it. The bed is functional but uncomfortable to actually fucking sleep on. Couch, maybe?” The couch covered in poor innocent firelizards. The couch that Hal built. The couch that Hal and Vani probably fooled around on before giving it to A’ndi.

“Couch. Very fitting.” After all, D’ex lived on the couch when first meeting A’ndi, and if Hal and Vani have already christened it, then all the less work for them. And besides, A’ndi is right. That table is not making it. “Oh, and by the way, is your’s as adamant on watching?” D’ex taps his head, meaning the dragons, “I know some folks have polite bonds with some sense of privacy, but mine is not. Thought I might give you a heads up if you happen to have a polite one.” The snow and wind will twist below the ink of the sky, flakes dancing up some, then chasing away from the iced, unchanging world that Zynth has. It shifts, stretching away from the mountains and trees to a featureless snowscape, all wind and cold and mind-numbing nothingness, « Just relax Taliveth. Play closer to your’s and relax. Enjoy it. No need to push things. »

Very fitting indeed! It’s all come full circle, from the first meeting at a couch to this meeting at a couch. A hand reaches for D’ex’s again, lacing fingers once more. “If Taliveth can find an opportunity to invade personal space in any way, he will.” Meaning yes, his dragon is all over this. The brownrider shrugs helplessly with an apologetic half-smile while tugging D’ex towards the couch. Which, according to the desc, supposedly ‘sleeps one’ but that’s going to be seriously tested. Aster and Snowdrop scatter, squawking for Lady to follow, while Fish sets himself up on a shelf to be a creepy little voyeur. While licking his feet. At least the dragons have that whole ‘mind/soul bond’ excuse. A shove into cushions followed by a fervent kiss starts things off, while Taliveth takes his brother’s advice. In his own way, at least. The brown grows silent and focuses on his bond, letting himself flow with the feelings. But being Taliveth, he has to project and bleed out. This time it’s not his usual explosions— it’s the giddy dizziness of orbiting junk giving in to an irresistible gravitational pull and spinning like a carousel, the long-dead relic ships suddenly revving back to life with flashing lights, and everything scrapped and rusted and discarded somehow becoming something warm and needed and special in such a dark and cold place. There is a signature supernova towards the end, intensely bright but silent, lighting up Taliveth’s universe corner to dark corner with a gust of the airless wind of space before dimming, leaving behind a slowly fading imprint of its energy as it dissipates.

There is no protest from D’ex, but there is from Lady. She chirps and vacates the area as quickly as she can. D’ex doesn’t mind the company, more his own focus is on returning the attention. And at first, the frozen nothing is unchanging, Zynth’s touch on his rider strong, laced through D’ex’s mind like a brading, or the patterned frost on windows, barely a milimeter thick, but successful in fogging and feeling. This is a win, in Zynth’s mind. And the frozen world will shift, to sections he rarely touches, rarely uses, but tucked far away in the silent forests, a forever-frozen rose garden. Each bloom perfect, half open, a splash of color in his generally monotone mind, but frozen and captured like a picture, barely real, but now, a fresh layer of snow coating the blooms. Frozen, sharp thrones now sparkle with that thin layer of frost, snow twirling and dancing just as figures never could, with an alien grace and with peak and end, Zynth’s gentle flow will again settle. The frozen garden in the recesses of his mind will be retreated from. A single rose is fully open, the petals still stopped in their moment of beauty. Now a memory, to be kept here and perhaps cherished. It joins the few other times when the impracticality of such actions are overlooked by the blue, and he lets himself come here, to capture moments he needs, until later. The world is again the nothing, the flat, frozen blank, the frost in a window retreating at the light and warmth of sun.

« … That was FUN! » Taliveth announces to Zynth as his galaxy begins to settle. As much as it ever settles, anyway. Even as the quiet of space descends, it’s never truly quiet; eerie planet song, stones tumbling through space to knock together and roll away again, even the sound of the slow and all-consuming oxidization of all the scrap metal floating around. But it somehow comes together into a sort of white noise. A comforting sound for his rider while he catches his breath. The couch apparently can work with two people, if those people are willing to be close. A’ndi, normally very much a ‘okay thanks have a nice day bye’ sort of person once the deed is done, doesn’t seem particularly interested in going anywhere at the moment. One might say he’s even being downright snuggly. Cozy and sleepy, the brownrider mumbles something soft and unintelligible against D’ex’s neck, but a moment later he meets eyes with Fish up on the shelf. The cat has thoroughly licked all of his toes and has placed his full focus on the pair upon the couch. Feeling suddenly awkward, because cats will do that to you, A’ndi paws for a throw blanket draped over the back of the couch. It’s some homey, cuddly knitted thing in dark green, likely picked up on one of his ‘lets make your weyr look less like a cave’ excursions with Vani, that has lain untouched since the last time it was crisply folded and expertly draped by D’ex. A’ndi’s just kind of making a mess with it… his tucking-in skills are lacking.

Zynth’s mind returns to its usual snow-scape, though far less active than usual. There is no wind, but a quiet stillness and the fresh smell of pine. Wings tuck in tightly as his every green world settles to a bright, fresh snowfall without it’s usual sharp chill. « Yes. That wasn’t bad. » However, they are still out here, dolphins gone, show over, « Time to return, brother? » The blue’s wings loosen again around his frame, preparing to climb the air to the ledge far above. D’ex is usually the one leaving in these sorts of things. After all, if Zynth had to promise not to bring random people home, D’ex did too. Like seriously, it’s only fair. However, now there is no attempt to untangle himself, rather, the cuddling, snuggling, whatever, will be encouraged, hands running through the muss of A’ndi’s hair, as if it could convince some level of behaving. No such luck, but worth a try. The cat is not noticed, nor would it’s gaze have much effect on the man if it was. Instead, D’ex will shift as the blanket is made a mess of. Wait until A’ndi seems done messing with it, and D’ex will fix it. There is an art to tucking-in. “So.” There is no follow up to this opening for a moment, Zynth’s jumping in and weighing D’ex’s words before they leave his mouth. When finally appropriate words are found, D’ex tries again, “So. Any complaints? Comments? Or… .other?” D’ex didn’t expect critisisim, but you know, had to ask.

« Let’s go but real quiet-like! » So as not to disturb the moment. The problem is that Taliveth is pretty much physically incapable of quiet. The splash of his ascent, the flapping of his illogically small dark wings, and finally his thudding, scraping landing upon the ledge all announce him. But there he hunkers down, peering cautiously within. « eeeeeee… » He’s trying so, so hard to keep the jubilant noise of his happiness from bubbling up too loudly. But A’ndi is too distracted by that blanket, and ultimately will give the thing up to D’ex to fix. He’ll watch the bluerider set things right, silent, but his eyes set in a sleepy, starry-eyed gaze, apparently having given in at the moment to his current status of Thoroughly Smitten. A brow arches ever so slightly at the first ’So,’ but after the questions that follow… the brownrider blinks, and then breaks into laughter. A warm, affectionate laughter reserved for very few in this world. “What, should I build a comment box and we can put in notes? Or do you just want to make a survey for me to fill out?”

« Of course. Quiet. Hush. » Zynth is silence. Zynth is night, perhaps just the illusion of a dragon slipping in like water, claws barely scratching against the ledge, and though his extreme coloring makes him a loud visisual, he glides into the weyr with little more sound than breath. « Sleep, Taliveth? » Or not, but you know, gotta pretend to sleep. Wink, wink. D’ex has the blanket settled, and as the dragons reappear, he will pause, half glancing toward the pair, only for it to register that they are sneaking. Right. Okay. D’ex can ignore them. D’ex is surprised at the laugh, but a smile tugs at him. That laugh is too perfect, too infectious to be taken offensively. It is a laugh he wouldn’t mind hearing more often. “Comment box sounds like a good idea, however I don’t trust you to know how to make slips of hide that match, so perhaps a verbal survey will have to do? The idea of trying to come up with a fair grading rubric in my free time is unappealing.” D’ex smiles, kisses A’ndi on the cheek lightly, tone growing in that teasing tone, “Nah, nah, just wondering what you’d like for future of this. I get the feeling you haven’t had many men.” Not that D’ex minds, but he is a blue rider for a reason. Women are only so exciting and do when the mood strikes, but D’ex really couldn’t say he prefered them. This is so much more fun.

Reluctantly (but only because he wants to sit there and STARE at the riders), Taliveth shimmies closer to his brother, settling down on his side to expose all that soft underbelly for snuggling. A yawn escapes his great rusty maw, sleepiness descending faster than expected. Trying to be clever and a good performer is a lot for one Tali to handle. « So another big weyr opened up… » Because SOMEONE DIED but you know, that’s Pern for ya. « And the kitchen is SO much larger, and there’s a beautiful view, and the sun hits the ledge just perfect for laying around… » His dream is perhaps still a ways off, but his feet flex as he can almost feel it within the grasp of his claws. Soon, sooooooon. A’ndi glances over long enough to register that the boys are back, which gives him a moment to stall before answering. “Yeah, it was… not as easy to get away with back home.” By the look on his face, there might be more to that story, but he’s not giving it up at the moment. There’s other things to talk about. “Anyway. I guess you could be rougher, if you want to. You’re not going to scare me away. There’s been plenty of other shit that should have-“ the Boathouse Incident, anyone? “-and yet, inexplicably, here I am. Here we are.” A hand gives a tired flap at their current state of snuggliness. “I, uh… I appreciate you, you know, checking in, I guess? Nobody’s ever done that before.” Blue eyes look upon the redhead as if really seeing him for the first time. Or in a new light, perhaps. A light that shines on more pleasant aspects of the bluerider while keeping other things to shadows. That stuff can be dealt with later, lalalala~

Though sleep will not come yet for the blue, he does cuddle closer to the larger dragon. « And another one might open yet. Give it time, brother mine. Give it time. » curling into himself Wings will fold and tuck out of the way as Zynth leans his weight into Taliveth, « Good Night Brother. » Though Zynth will not sleep for hours yet, he can focus on the riders if Taliveth does drift off. D’ex nods slightly, rougher. Added to his mental list for Next Time, as surely there will be a Next Time. “I can do rougher, but critic on my end would have to be noise. If you are accustomed to sneaking about for this sort of thing, I suppose I can’t hold it against you. Still. You make some lovely noises. I’d appreciate it if you would make them louder. These are stone walls and no one to hear them but you and I, and I like the sound.” That teasing smile has remained, but at the thanks, D’ex only chuckles, “Listen, A’ndi, I realize that you and I are from different worlds, but I really am starting to think that you are deprived. If you can’t manage a talk about an evening with someone you plan on seeing again, then something is wrong. What’s the point if you get the same thing twice? Mediocre is not what I go for, but perfect takes time to find.” He kisses A’ndi’s other cheek, shifting slightly under the blanket, “If this is not enjoyable, then there is no point.”

A’ndi huffs a little, though in his current state it comes out as more of a childish pouting than any true anger. “I am managing just fine, thank you.” To prove it, and to continue along the course of ‘not being a little bitch,’ A’ndi just barrels onwards with the conversation in a rather business-like tone, “You have a valid point, so. I won’t hold back next time.” His hand is less business-like, coming to rest on D’ex’s back before running fingertips softly downwards along the bluerider’s spine. “I’m also not adverse to the use of restraints, if you’re at all into that sort of thing. I tried it once and it was definitely… interesting.” Now the fingers trail their way back up with gentle little scritches. “I’d like more room to work with next time. My bed is serviceable, but it could be better. So what about yours? Or is that off limits? Since we’ll undoubtedly ruin whatever nice set up you have.” Taliveth isn’t quite asleep yet, but less vocal. His universe drifts placidly over Zynth’s snowscape, sharing bits and pieces of things he gathers from his sleepy observations; in particular, a growing feeling in his rider, as though all those tummy-butterflies have migrated into A’ndi’s chest and now they can’t get out, creating a dull aching that neither rider nor dragon quite understand or know what to do with.

“Can't say I'm adverse to restraints, can't say I liked them used on me in surplus. Likeing the idea on you, some could be fun.” the hand is felt, and D’ex leans back into the touch. His smile only falters as his own weyr comes into question, “Not off limits, per say, but I'd need to set up. A heads up. And some time to prevent damage.” Or at least, permanent damage that he would need to mourn or freak out over later. It would ruin the mood and likely have the bluerider making his weyr off limits for such activities. “However, I will demand that if restraints are a thIng that you want to try, we have to do it right and make the appropriate straps. I'm not disassembling riding straps and belts are made for holding pants up, not down.” His own hand will encircle A’ndi s lifting it slowly up before pinning it to the couch armrest above his head. “Rope starts to wear untidily and hurts after a bit.” Dex smiles, as if unaware he has an Andi wrist, and shrugs, “Whatever you want, I'm up for.” If by his rules, at any rate. The Dragon will remain wide awake, curled up and letting mind shift and cool with the night. The snow reflecting back Taliveths colors, the snowfall soft and quiet.

That faltering flicker in D’ex’s expression does not go unnoticed. “All right, we’ll give it a try. But if it stresses you out too much, let me know.” What used to be seen as a major annoyance, and then as a silly and pointless quirk, has gradually come to be accepted as a real and serious part of D’ex’s life, a ‘condition’ of sorts that causes distress, and as of late A’ndi has been making attempts to be more accommodating despite not quite understanding. “I was going to start checking storage anyway soon, see if anyone’s dumped a decent mattress. That might solve the problem.” The bluerider’s plans for proper restraints is apparently very amusing somehow to A’ndi, who buries his face against the freckled chest, snickering. “I’ll leave that project up to you. Make ‘em and carve our initials into them like a fucking tree.” But the laughter subsides as his wrist is pinned. He twists it a little, pushes against D’ex’s grip a bit— not to actually get away, but just testing. Half-lidded eyes meet the other rider’s. “I want everything you have to give, D’ex. I want to know everything you can do.” His mouth tugs into a half-smile smirk. “Don’t disappoint me. I hate that.” But despite the smirking and teasing threat on the surface, on the inside those butterflies in the chest are fluttering like mad, pushing to get out, soon to break through ribs and rip all-too-delicate human flesh asunder. This earns a giggle from Taliveth, echoing through the darkness of space, who projects happily and quite graphically to his brother. However, Taliveth’s idea of a torn open human chest looks an awful lot like a collection of broken breadsticks instead of bones, and an overabundance of strawberry jam. Anyway, whether this is all real or a trick or a lie or a strategy with ulterior motives, D’ex has apparently nabbed himself a brownrider hook, line and sinker.

D’ex has not noticed any shift or accommodations toward his quirks, however it is likely his bond has. For now, the red head nods, “I can work something out. Leatherwork isn't hard, though initials would be bothersome. I mean clearly, I am a ‘D’ but are you an ‘F’ or an ‘A’?” or wait, was that a joke? D’ex pauses and glances at A’ndi, smirk returning. Though D’ex s grip on A’ndi s wrist does not tighten at the test, it does not loosen either. “Everything? Is that a challenge?” D’ex grins, leaning closer as his voice drops, “Challenge Accepted. As deprived as you have been. I have not, and practice means one only gets better, right?” D’ex inches closer, lips a ghosts breath above the brownrider, voice barely audible. “If you want it. You at a have it.” And D’ex pulls away without closing the little gap, without giving that hinted kiss, and without releasing that one hand he has. Where is that other one anyway? Zynth will take Taliveths image and sharpen it. Shifting the visual to something far more accurate. Human ribcage splintered to smithers, blood pooling, and yet the whole[ar] thing a clean feel. This might be an image from memory, and with, some of the emotion attached might have come along. Zynth thinks butterflies are silly to want to be in human bodies and right to try and escape.

It was a joke, but still, “Taliveth would be sad if it wasn’t an A. Hardly anyone calls me Ferdinand anymore, anyway.” A long ago name for a long ago self. A self who would have gladly drop-kicked Drex right out the shipweyr door. HOW FAR WE’VE COME~ So very, very far to where now we have an A’ndi waiting in anticipation, feeling those little sparks in that closeness, eyes drifting shut— and then DENIED. Blue eyes snap open with a feral kitty glare. “Asshole.” But this can be rectified, right?! A’ndi’s currently free hand reaches for D’ex’s face, and he tries to pull himself up closer, but it’s considerably more difficult with one hand pinned. “C’mon.“ Meanwhile Taliveth, with his attention span equivalent to a stick of half-melted butter, leaves the riders and their smexy shenanigans to more fully explore this image. Memory? Emotions? Satellites beep curiously, poking and prodding.

D’ex laughs, but now that the other hand has appeared and seems to be trying to occupy itself with things D’ex would rather keep, he catches a hold of it and pushes it up to it's brother. Now with both wrists acquired and pinned, D’ex grins, holding wrists together firmly, but not so tight that they could not escape. After all, it’s not like D’ex and A’ndi are too different in size, just that at the moment, D’ex does have the upper hand. Or Hands. “Please don’t tell me you are just noticing this now?” Still, he does now swoop down to give that kiss, no ceremony, but it will be there, passionate, rough, and significantly more forceful than before. The ribs of the mangled corpse stick up, as if ripped out, or the inner sections crushed in. Crushed in with a very large thing. Perhaps a board? Or something heavier to get this splintered mess? Could a person survive that? No. Where they dead before their chest was crushed so effectively? No. But still, the over-lying feel of this is satisfaction. Clean. Simple. And Effective. Perhaps some creativity points in here? This is most certainly a memory. Did Taliveth go though his memories? Zynth did. All the time. He’d been through more than D’ex knew he had. And this was one that Zynth has perhaps visited more than once.

A’ndi’s wrists do strain against the hold, but only just enough to feel resistance, rather than pushing through it to free himself. He’s been pinned plenty of times before, in far more unfriendly ways, and gotten himself out with a mix of stubbornness, annoyance, and cornered-kitty violence. Such is the way of life when one is ‘born on the wrong side of the tracks,’ so to speak. Which D’ex probably knows all about, considering that Black Rock in its entirety exists on the wrong side of the tracks of all of Pern. Sorry, D’ex. In this situation, there’s an odd mix of the feelings of safe and not safe at the same time. Teetering just on the edge of dangerous, but they won’t fall. Not yet, anyway. A’ndi presses up against the other rider, straining his arms, and adding a sharp lip-nip to the end of that kiss. But his expression afterwards is all starry-eyes, breathless and speechless and an odd contrast to just moments before. Speaking of odd contrasts, you could probably say that of the crushed corpse being examined in dragon mindspace. While Taliveth has his problems with personal space, he so far only pokes around in what is offered, finally asking of his brother, « Was this a bad person? Were they- » Shuffling around through junk, searching… « -a waste of Pern’s oxygen and other vital resources? » Searching for A’ndi-quotes.

D’ex’s smile is back, he doesn’t move yet, but kisses A’ndi again, far lighter, on the very tip of the man’s nose. ‘Born on the wrong side’ was perhaps too kind a saying for D’ex’s early life. Perhaps ‘Never Had a Chance’ was more accurate. Or simply a world looking at a place and quietly looking away in hopes that no one will notice what a mess-up the place was. Black Rock was without means of much of anything beyond what it currently was, and probably always was. What ever other red-heads out there that had shared a home with D’ex once, were likely still where he’d left them, and likely this red head was the only one who’d made more of themself than gallows-fodder. That was clearly not of his own device though. He’d have likely run back to the place had a particular egg never hatched. Instead, now D’ex is here, teetering where he often was, but enjoying this far more. “Asshole, I believe you said? Like to follow that up with anything?” Zynth is such a tease, keeping back many of the more complex thoughts of the memory, his chill infecting it, though it does appear to be dark. « Probably not. However, I do not know. I did not meet this person, but they were probably not all that. They were merely a person who wished to end mine and failed. Mine ended this person, though this person was likely not so bad at all. » Good Quote. Zynth can pull out a D’ex-Quote for the occasion. « I believe it can be summed up best as: ‘I Won.’ »

We all owe a lot to Zynth, including the image of D’ex kissing someone on the nose. That’s pretty fantastic. A’ndi observes it, crosseyed. “The fuck…” Blinking, then he laughs softly. This is probably more laughing than he’s done in most of his life. “Did you just kiss my nose? What is happening? What are we becoming?” He’s joking again, and fixes an amused half-smile up at D’ex. “Asshole. Bastard. Dumbfuck. Pile of wherry shit. Garbage fire. Cockwaffle and cuntbiscuit always went over pretty well back in the day.” The brownrider shifts a little under the blanket, and an attempt is made to strategically utilize his leg to pull D’ex closer. “C’mon. Before my arms go numb. Don’t waste the moment.” If a mind could lick, then that is what Taliveth’s is doing. Licking this memory. Memories, they has a flavor! « HMMMMMM well I guess it’s good that he won, or else he wouldn’t have met A’hali, and then he wouldn’t have met A’ndi, and he wouldn’t have met YOU, and then we wouldn’t be a happy fambly right now! » The squishy brown still insists on that odd mispronunciation of ‘family.’ « Anywaaaaaaaaaaaay NONE OF THIS MATTERS ANYMORE! » There is a sudden rain of junk; scrap metal and ship parts and rusted whosits and whatsits and is that a toaster? See, darkness can be buried and forgotten~! « D’ex is with you and you’re both with US now! We can keep him out of trouble! We can win for him! » A switch flips somewhere, a dial turns, tuning into a new station. Tali’s voice goes low and hard and metallic, robotic, full of static like talking over an intercom. « ALL ENEMIES WILL BE ELIMINATED. » They may not have the cunning and cleverness of the bluerider pair, but they’ve got brute strength and anger, which can go a long way. Just point them in the right direction, Zynth!

All the pointing. Next time they decide to burn down a building or remove a few ears, Zynth will let them know and point. No worries. D’ex can surely get his issues dealt with by watching, right? Or, you know, not. For all the nice gay guys around this weyr, you’d think that A’ndi could have found himself a nicer one, right? “What? Would you rather I kiss you somewhere else? Zynth suggested Taliveth would like it, and that I should try with you.” Because clearly he should be taking advice from the dragon that has had sex the grand total of three times. Clearly. Still, D’ex will not waste the moment. He is most certainly closer, one hand still holding A’ndi’s arms up, and one attending to other, lower things. Zynth will tuck the licked memory away, « Thank you Taliveth. I will be sure to remember that next time I need to. And Don’t Forget Fish. Fish is part of the ‘us’ too. And perhaps Lady and Snowdrop, and that new one. » What was the new firelizard’s name again? Blue memory is still blue memory, for all the cleverness that Zynth is, he does need a few repeating of specific information for the reptilian brain to calculate it into things and plans and all of the other scheming that he does in his spare time.

Yes, Tali and A’ndi will swoop in to save the day! They’ll scare away D’ex’s enemies and drag the bluerider home to give him another ‘murder = getting in trouble!’ lecture, and Zynth can just kick back and enjoy a nice frappuccino or something. As for A’ndi finding a nice guy, he would have been hard-pressed to do so, considering what a prickly little porcupine he is. It took finding someone even more unpleasant than himself. Serendipity perhaps? Or, as Taliveth might say, DOOM? But at least for now it’s an enjoyable moment, though A’ndi arches a brow at D’ex. “Zynth? How does he even know about-“ Wait. “You know what, never mind. I don’t even want to know.” His concern over the slim blue’s knowledge of human intimacy is interrupted with a gasp and an arching of his body beneath the blanket towards those particular ministrations. “A-anyway, I’m not going to say no, so…” Permission granted. Taliveth’s mindspace retreats back to comfortably floating over snow and pines, now that dark memories have been appropriately buried, licked, and put away. « Aster! She’s a real good girl! » Bulky, rusted hide smuuuushes up against that brightest, bluest of blues, while a forked tongue slips out to lick at Zynth’s slender nose. Or more specifically, his nostrils. shlurp. « I love you Zynth~! This is the best slumber party ever! Even without face paints and shadow puppets! »

« Aster. Aster. Right. They are part of this too. My Lady, Mss Snowdrop, and Miss Aster. » Zynth’s nose scrunches up at this. Just slightly. Then wiggles a little bit to prevent a sneeze. « Thank you, Brother. I am very fond of you as well. This is a good slumber party. We should have another sometime. Perhaps at my place? I could show you the neat gift Jedameth’s gave me. It is very attractive and makes light. » And probably has a name that has slipped Zynth’s mind. Or Zynth’s writer’s mind. But it’s a cool thing. D’ex certainly has a few enemies, luckily the nice blue knot he now has does a fine job of scaring them away. Or maybe the nice blue dragon. But a nice brown pair would definitely do the trick as well. A’ndi clearly wasn’t looking hard enough. Prickly yes, but still a nice ray of Sunshine underneath, but maybe that is just Taliveth rubbing off. Though A’ndi has been the Mother for quite a while now. “He’s just like that.” And that’s all that D’ex is going to say on the topic of his blue’s head, or knowledge, or anything really. But with permission granted, D’ex will gleefully get to work, after all, this is so much more fun with A’ndi’s A’ndi-ness. Besides, as patient as D’ex can be for a game of cards, this is not really gambling, but no less enjoyable. Different set of hormones perhaps?

“Oh, by the way, can you bring the klah pot-“ Notice that it is now ‘the klah pot’ and not ‘my klah pot’ anymore. “-over in the morning? I figure we can make breakfast, and Taliveth keeps saying something about toastSHIT whoa okay-“ Things are happening so breakfast planning will have to wait. Probably for awhile. A long while. There are things to explore and limits to test, and whatever isn’t gotten to tonight goes onto the Next Time List. The rest of the ‘fambly’ doesn’t necessarily have the same energy; the firelizards conk out, Fish wanders off into some fold in time and space that he won’t come out of until his food bowl gets refilled, and even Taliveth eventually has to call it quits for reals this time. « Yes, I’d like to see this thing! We’ll make light, and we can use that to make shadow puppets, and then we’ll dance and dance… » The great brown head finally settles down upon the ledge, making his neck into a pillow for whenever Zynth is ready to officially get some shut eye, rather than just pretend. « … bring over Fish… he’ll make… a croquembouche… » And so Tali’s universe settles into quiet once more, perhaps dreaming his own little happy family dreams somewhere in the center of his swirling space junkyard.

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