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Noon day napping leads to funny memories..


It is afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the second month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Boardwalk, Southern Weyr

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Ancient-cut stone stretches broad, smoothed by the wind and the weather and the rain to create a boisterous center of commerce. Wood overlays stone in places, patterned and pretty, to attract the eye of those traversing the strip to particular vendors. Though not the size of the tremendous markets of the North, the boardwalk's offerings show the knowledge of ageless crafters: Smith contraptions, Herder-certified animals, Starcraft maps and Weaver textiles are only some of the things that may be purchased, among the spicy scents of beach food and the contrast of bright shells and dark stones from the shoreline.

Another hot day but that is not uncommon. Syrianna is out on the boardwalk to look at various things along it. She is wearing a light blue two piece bikini, though she has a gauzy wrap on as well. Sandals are on her feet and a hat on her head. Her skin looks like it has tanned a little bit, not burning but she is still pale.

It is a hot one, and while normally the large blue Jedameth would be swimming or playing with someone he is just curled up under a tree wings spread out allowing maximum sun absorption in his plastic-like blue coloring. The only real thing out of place is the very large wide brimed hat that is atop the dragons head. Well it is more like a thick piece of leather with holes for his head knots cut out but he calls it a hat anyway. No real sign of the rider just yet, but that doesn't stop the blue dragon from crooning happily at Syrianna.

Syrianna turns at the sound and smiles, giving a bit of a wave to the blue dragon. She was a bit distracted by one of the vendors or maybe it is the blue distracting her from everything else. She giggles just a bit.

Jedameth doesn't move much but, then he really doesn't have to when your his size. He lowers his head to try to get a little closer to see what she is shopping for, that large 'hat' casting shade over the stall and the people near it.

Syrianna just seems to be browsing really, And as the dragon comes close like that she giggles again and moves away from the stall and more towards the dragon, "Hello there." she says and then shakes her head, "Just comparing hats?" she asks and then giggles just a bit.

Jedameth croons happily at the hearder girl, lowering his head to look at her hat as well. He gives a soft whaff of warm dragon breath of approval before he lowers his head to the ground so she can admire his. His wings flutter a bit making an almost click-clack sound as he watches the young lady.

Syrianna smiles and nods her head, "Yes, its a very nice hat." she says and shakes her head a bit, not really going to comment on the strangeness of a dragon in a hat. She does glance around and then back to the dragon.

Jedameth watches her and lifts his tail tips, pointing towards one of his out stretched wings that he lifts lightly enough to see the red headed rider sleeping in the heat. He croons happily nosing at her hand for shameless eye ridge scratches.

Syrianna giggles and shakes her head, "I should be napping too." she mutters softly and then does flush just a bit at the nosing at her hand. She does move to scratch the eye ridges and shakes her head a bit, "This was your goal the whole time wasn't it?" she asks as she does continue the scritches.

Jedameth can't say, but it is clear that the blue is happy as he rumbles softly deep in his chest. Th'res seems to be sleeping like a rock, but considering he is just in his swim shorts that even in this heat are still damp from eithe swimming or running. The blue half closes his eye happily before he lifts his wing a little higher inviting the younglady to rest beneath his shade if she wises.

Syrianna thinks about it for a moment and then decides best not to turn down a gift from a dragon so she scritches a little more, "Thank you." she says and then moves to settle under the wing.

Jedameth moves his head closer because scritches are the best! Th'res stirs in his sleep sighing happily, as the young lady joins under the dragon shade, "No Jed, I don't know why she is out here.." He isn't fully awake at all so really has no idea what he is saying.

Syrianna giggles a bit, "I was browsing the boardwalk." she says and then looks at the dragon and as the head comes close returns to scritching.. She tries a few places as she learns where i t seems to be liked the best.

Th'res still sleepy says "Why a little to the left Jed?" he moves his hand inthe air as if to scratch the dragons head. Good thing he is no where near grabbing Syrianna or that would be a very awkward show that is for sure. "Yes shopping is fun bud, no I didn't buy anything.."

Syrianna giggles, she just can't help it as she listens to Th'res mumble. She does move her scritching a little to the left, but is still obviously amused.

Jedameth croons happily as she gets that one spot, to bad for Th'res who is so linked with his dragon in this half awake dream state he makes the 'ohh ahh's' nosies as if he was the one receiving the good scratching.

Syrianna breaks out laughing, she just can't help it. She is giving Jedameth, head scratches while sheltering under the blue's wing, and a half awake Th'res, or is that still half asleep, making noises as if he was getting the scritches. She is in a blue bikini and top. She just shakes her head and is laughing pretty good.

Jedameth is happily getting the best scratches while Th'res is a little more than a glorified speaker in his sleepy state. He is currently making the ohh and ahhs as Jed is getting the good scratch, he is so submersed into the dragon he is even currently shaking a leg happily like a canine would. Good thing none of his friends are here to see this..

Syrianna giggles still, the laughing settling a bit. Well one of his friends is here, but still… She continues with the scritches and just shakes her head a bit.

Too late: he's been spotted! There's an Ibrahim, wandering along the beach and enjoying an off day to do with what he will. So he'll approach the little trio over there with a mild grin. "Th'res… that's just undignified." His wave takes in the melted puddle of dragon and evrything.

Th'res hasn't woken yet mostly because Jed is having to much fun right now. Although the blue dragon does lift his tail in what could be classified as a mock salute, or he is just wiggling the ends around because he is still a dragon and who knows what is going on in that mind.

Syrianna giggles and looks up at the voice, "Um, don't think he is actually awake." shes ays and shakes her head just a bit. She doesn't stop her scritches though, it isn't everyday that she gets to be this close to a dragon.

"So he isn't." Ibrahim will agree on further inspection ofhis friend's sleeping face. He'll crouch down to watch Syrianna scratching Jedamaeth — and the blue making th most of getting all the attention he could possibly want. "You'll be at this forever, you know." He grins to the young woman.

Jedameth would agree if he could speak, sadly the closest thing we can get to now is Th'res stretching like a feline now trying to curl back up against the dragon sleepily saying "No staying here all day does sound like a good idea Jed…" No he isn't dignified or even to be taken seriously as the redheaded man will probably start sucking his thumb in a minute…to bad there is no way to take a quick picture..

Syrianna smiles a little and then nods, "Oh I know, but I have really nothing pressing to be doing at the moment, and I like dragons." she says and then shakes her head as she keeps it up for a moment and then looks at the other guy, "I am Syrianna." she says. Up close its obvious that her skin is quite pale, just showing the first signs of maybe getting a tan.

Ibrahim could certainly sketch such a thng quickly — how convenient, those drafting lessons he got in his brief Turn as a seacrafter apprentice! — in order to tease the man about later. From his rucksack, he withdraws a small pad and a pencil, and begins to sketch. Here's to hoping Th'res does start sucking his thumb! That will only make this entire circumstance even funnier. Meanwhile, he'll look over at Syrianna, and nod a greeting. "Ibrahim, infirmary assistant."

Jedameth opens his eye a little and croons happily at Ibrahim, prompting Th'res to say "YEs, Ibrahim is good at drawing, I am sure he would draw you a picture buddy." He curls more against the dragon and yes, he does put his thumb to his lips nibbling only sucking on the tip currently. Jedameth croons again and nuzzles Syrianna clearly enjoying the attention she is giving the blue.

Syrianna nods, "A pleasure to meet you, I am a Herder Sr. Apprentice." she offers and then giggles at Th'res's words and shakes her head a bit, "Been here for a bit, but came up from Southern Barrier Hold." she says and then just giggles more.

Ibrahim busily sketches on, sparing a playful wink for the blue. "And hello to you, too, Jedamaeth." Once he's got all the details down, he'll set about making the whole secne more true to life: the shadows and the angles and the colors — and even Th'res sucking the tip of his thumb. "A pleasure to meet you, Syrianna. "How are you finding the Weyr, as opposed to the Barrier?"

Hope your fast Ibrahim, because Jed and his hat are getting warm and he might have to go for a swim. Yes it is a hat, just because it looks like a leather circle with holes cut into it to hook around his head knobs but hey it works! Th'res is very much going to wake up with a weird headspace later.

Syrianna nods her head, "Hot, and I keep getting burnt, but its okay, I will adjust, and there is a lot more to do here than play in the snow."

Syrianna nods her head, "Hot, and I keep getting burnt, but its okay, I will adjust, and there is a lot more to do here than play in the snow."
You paged Ibrahim with: Th'res pages, "did you see mine?"
Ibrahim humms softly. "You putting on the sunscreen, yes?" He asks, making certain he's got Jedamaeth's hat into the sketch. It's really too adorable to pass up.

Th'res stirs now, sitting up in that more awake then sleepy state batting lightly at the dragons wing. "Move bud, I got to gooo.." And with that he is off and down aways behind the dragon to well answer the call of nature. It will won't be long till he returns and blinks seeing people sitting around where he was sleeping "UH… Hi there, how long have you folks been here?"

Syrianna smiles and nods, "Yes, I am, it washes off in the water though, so have to be really careful after getting wet, but doing okay, my skin is just really fair, so it still burns a little." she grins and then giggles. As Th'res stumbles off that way, she makes sure to be looking opposite the way he walked off. At his question, she turns back, "Oh, a few turns." she says and then giggles just a bit.

Ibrahim is all innocence in the face of Th'res' startlement. "Oh, long enough." The quick sketch is mostly done now, bar an adjustment here and there; adjustments he makes swiftly. There's a sympathetic smile for Syrianna for the easy scalding of her skin — it's not a thing he suffers from, being a native of this land, with the kind of brown skin that merely darkens with time in the sun, and no ill effect from being out in the sun all day.

Oh look Th'res is demonstrating what happens when you get out in the sun to long. His ears and cheeks turning red with a blush, really he is almost twenty-two turns old and still gets embarrassed. Sitting back down under the blue canopy from the dragon he says "Well sorry if I was snoring, been working out a lot lately since I missed a day of work.. How are you Syrianna?" because he knows Ibrahim is less likly to talk about his own day.

Syrianna grins a little and nods to Ibrahim and then looks back to Th'res, "Oh I am doing good, had just been looking through the vendors when I was abducted by a dragon wanting to show off his hat, and then wanted scritches." she giggles and then says sort of offhandedly, "Did you know you make cute noises when sleeping and Jedamaeth is getting scritches?" She wants to see how red she can get him to blush.

Right on time, Ibrahim chimes in: "And you suck your thumb?" He'll show Th'res the sketch for proof, even! His grin is wide and amused at the chance to gently rib the bluerider. Making folks blush is his favorite hobby, and all.

Th'res is now a shade that would make the red star have to change its name, as the blush creeps down his neck. "I do NOT." Because people would of told him if he did.. you know Special people who sleep around him.. Jedameth is so not getting involved and croons happily at the lovely attention form the pretty girl in the blue.

Syrianna blushes a bit herself and focuses on the dragon for a moment, and whistles a bit. She then just giggles, "I will have to watch you sleep more to confirm, but ya did this time." she the flushes as what she said hits her brain.

Ibrahim snickers. "You did indeed. And it was adorable." Ibrahim, the Helpful Wildling. Too bad Th'res can't throttle him; people would wonder what happened to that one dude with the hair. Ibrahim will sparkle t Th'res, batting his lashes in a creditable imitation of a young girl.

Who says Th'res can't throttle him? Or at least have their dragon use a certain tent in the jungle as a midden anyway! Th'res takes a moment to gather what is going on here, but before he can question the wildling Syrianna is asking about watching him sleep. Jedameth is not being helpful "No Jed she doesn't mean sleep over.." Because there are levels of awkward here and Th'res is climbing them all!

Syrianna blinks and is blushing even redder. Maybe she can pass it off as a sunburn, yeah that's it right? She is also at a loss for words at the moment, not wanting to swallow her foot more than she already has.

And soon, he shall reach HARD MODE: the level where Ibrahim asks him, "Can I sleep over sometime, then? For research purposes, of course." So, so innocent is Ibrahim; why would Th'res suggest Jed trash his tent — Ibrahim who is the Bringer of Redfin for that lovey blue?

Th'res rolls his eyes at Ibrahim "sure, you know what fine, you and Syrianna and Talya we can all have one big sleep over. I will get sleeping bags, and you all can play with the feline." Because the fact Jedameth is actually egging him on about it isn't helping his blushing mood right now..

Syrianna cocks her head to the side for a moment and her blush hasn't faded, "um…um…probnably not for me, maybe if I was a journeyman…" she might just be using that as an excuse as the girl is suddenly very shy.

Ibrahim snorts his amusement at the pair of them, thrilled ot have gotten so many blushes out of the pair. "Well, I'm off — got another stint in the Infirmary to get done." Up he goes, rolling up his sketch to protect it against the elements. "I might take you up on that — just to be sure you and that girl of yours are on the up and up."

Th'res folds his arms over his chest and says "She will know, if she decides to stay over that is. Besides what is the worse she would do to you?" It being Talya alot but the bluerider is regaining his calm and smiles at Syrianna "Really it is ok if you don't want to, NO matter how much someone wants you too.." He is glaring at the blue dragon who is pretending he is sleeping at the moment.

Syrianna looks at the dragon and nods her head at Th'res, "Its okay, think its more that probably not a good idea." she says, she has calmed a little and does wave to Ibrahim.

Th'res shrugs and rubs the back of his neck "I don't know, I mean with the group of us what could really happen?"

Syrianna grins a little, "Well I hear rumors…" she teases a bit, "Of things that happen when groups get together." she giggles and then shakes her ehad.

Th'res goes wide eyed for a moment when HE realizes what he said. Seems a good day for eating your feet! Before he can start the lengthily apologizing process he is saved as Jedameth opens his eyes and stretches his wings. Turning to Syrianna he says "And duty calls it seems, ever since M'noq won I have nothing but extra work.." He gets up and bows to the young woman saying "I hope to see you around again.." Jedameth gives her a gentle dragon cheek kiss and then they pair are off to work.

Syrianna smiles and watches the pair go, her eyes lingering on the dragon longer probably than she should. She does get up, probably time for her to be heading back to work too.

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