Va'os, D'wane


Va'os and D'wane continue discussions of Southern's latest prickliest problem.

Slightly belated log posting, sorry y'all.


It is sunset of the twenty-eighth day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Leadership Courtyard

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Leadership Courtyard

Nigh palatial, this gorgeous sweep of cultivated bowl: a courtyard proper, a fountain bubbles in the middle of a grove of orange-trees, next to a stone bench that has weathered many a turn. Rare metal stands out at the sweep of steps upwards to the landings of queens'-weyrs and other administrative personnel; handrails to prevent… mishaps, and sparse doors of spiraled cast-iron to lock out any vagrants.

Another pleasant bright and sunny spring day is fading towards sunset, but who says those last few hours of daylight need to be wasted? It might be the first time, all day too, that Va'os could actually get to relax and enjoy it! He might've planned to wander down towards the boardwalk or even the beach, but after exiting the council room… he never made it past the courtyard. That bench, by the orange-trees, was too strong a temptation and once the Weyrleader sat down, well! He never moved. Va'os isn't asleep either, but he's completely zoned out in his own world. No wonder, either. After his somewhat public yelling match with Mayte, the fallout of that, then their follow up conversation has worn him out. Va'os has been in a mood for days over this whole Laeiva business; even now, when there's an end in sight with a decision being reached, he doesn't look to be celebrating.

D'wane comes bolting out of the door to the council room like his pants might be on fire. It's not an actual emergency, although he should know by now to not move like there is an emergency or people start to worry, but that wasn't important to the Weyrsecond at the moment. What was important was getting out of that room now that the 'official' meeting was done before he got cornered by Weyrherder Orasien goes into way to detailed a tirade on the perils of lambing season. Once into the courtyard, he will skid to a stop and send a brief glance over his shoulder. No pursuers visible so he continues walking at a much more leisurely pace. It's not hard to spot Va'os from a distance and so that's the direction he heads. Once close enough, the greeting is simple enough, just a grunt of "Hey." And a head nod.

Zoned out or not, that exit of D'wane's from the council room is enough to snap Va'os out of his spell. It's also a knee-jerk reaction because he's kind of developed one thanks to all the "events" Southern attracts! By the time the Weyrsecond approaches and he's figured out that there is no danger (or irate Weyrwomen), he'll resettle with a mildly disgruntled grunt of his own. "Hey." Same nod of his head. Is it bro code? Leaning back on the bench, he'll cast a look over D'wane's should (or side, really) before peering up at him again. "Do I want to know?" What chased him out here, though he can probably take a very good guess!

No irate weyrwomen (although that is a common enough occurrence), just a very confused crafter when he turns around from pouring two drinks to find the man who was there, is not there. D'wane doesn't quite plop down on the bench because turns have taught him that's not any way to treat furniture you don't want to break. He'll just sink down onto it though. Bro code indeed as he responds to the question with just a shrug. "Orasien." And a bit of a grimace should say it all. He gives a second glance at Va'os and raises an eyebrow. "And you?"

"Okay, I don't blame you for bailing on that." Va'os probably shares similar limits when dealing with the poor Weyrherder. He grimaces half in sympathy for D'wane having to put up with the man, even if briefly. Should they both be counting their luck that Orasien doesn't seem clever enough to check out the door in the council room? They'll have to book it to a new 'hiding' spot! Va'os weyr is close by and it's not like the Weyrsecond hasn't dragged him there (drunk) before. His shoulders shrug and it's by some miracle that he doesn't just grunt in reply. Instead he sighs and slouches further in his seat, while glancing upwards to some of the overhanging branches. "I've had worse days. Probably going to have some rough ones coming up." Threadfall not included! He tilts his head, just enough to glance sidelong to the other bronzerider.

D'wane would be completely content just to sit on the bench in comfortable silence, but… that can only happen for so long before someone is going to break the silence. Any surprise that it's Va'os who speaks first? It's a grim nod that D'wane gives after the other bronzer finishes talking. "Yeah… there'd been a bit of rumor about that. You and Mayte finally stopped butting heads for a minute?" And decide about all the very serious business that's much easier just to ask about personal relationships. And forget that the whole being on the lamb from any lamb related conversations.

If Va'os is going to mention lamb, it's only how delicious it is when prepared right! This time, he does grunt in response to D'wane and from the way his brows furrow and his jaw sets that's likely a clear… maybe? "For now. Wouldn't say we're exactly best buds again." Not that they ever were but at least they got along. Now it's just bordering on awkward and tense. Which makes it likely awkward and tense for everyone else! "She said I was right." He STILL wants to gloat on that SO BAD but refrains even now; it's merely tossed out there as a starter before he's moving on. "And we agreed that Laeiva will be removed from Southern and put in the care of those who can handle her… illness. Locked away somewhere, far far from here. Problem is," He mutters. "Is getting her there."

D'wane will forever have a small fear of bookshelves deep down in his heart. He can feel the pain, Va'os. Feel the pain. But he does at least let out a bit of a sigh of relief when those 'rumors' are indeed confirmed. No worries that Weyrleadership might slaughter each other over dinner or something. Its Southern so you can never rule it out. As for the remaining Laevia question, he just scratches a bit at his stubble. "She going North or down to Barrier?"

Va'os won't ever tell a soul about D'wane's fear of bookshelves (if he ever finds out)! There will be no slaughtering of Weyrleadership! Only the threat of future outbursts, if both he and Mayte decide to dig in stubbornly and refuse to budge. Maybe it'll be for the next meeting! Yelling ALL around and enough for everyone! "North. Figured it'd be… an insult over an insult to keep her at Barrier. Further she's from here, the better. Won't be surprised if they'll want her closer to Healer Hall." He grimaces, glancing upwards again. "Mayte's figuring out most of the logistics. Mentioned possibly having riders somewhere… a different sort of watchrider." Why does this sound ominous? "Which is where you come in." Uh oh! "Any names off the top of your head?" Oh. "Riders we can trust to be level headed in this and y'know… not go for the chance of revenge or blood debt. Ones we can spare." Since thanks to that very woman, their numbers are a bit fewer.

It's a really real fear! D'wane has to overcome it every day since he probably sees more of the War Room than his own weyr these days. But stiff upper lip and all that jazz. There's a brief huh of agreement at the decision to send her North and then crosses his arms as he ponders the question. "Folks from another Weyr might have cooler heads about it, but asking feels like airing out dirty laundry. If either of us try and do it ourselves, we'd have a whole 'nother blow with Mayte and Amani about them not being allowed on it as well." Seeing as Laevia was their headwoman, Va'os has heard that song before and everyone else probably heard it too. "Honestly, it's hard to think of some I'd be 100% certain of in this situation… M'noq maybe? It wouldn't be his first time dealing with people he'd have a reason to have a grudge against." Yes, D'wane's read up some on the pirate-saga at least as far as it concerns his current wingleaders. "And we know he can be discreet."

Oh shit. "Didn't even think what another Weyr would think of it." Va'os grumbles and already looks to be resigning to that headache if Laeiva is to be sent somewhere where that Leadership takes exception to it. It'll just be his luck too that it won't be Fort and it'll be High Reaches! In which case… D'wane wouldn't mind a brief trip 'home', right? Even mentioning of having another round with Mayte or Amani (or both, Faranth save them ALL) has Va'os swearing under his breath and sitting up to lean forwards, arms crossed overtop his legs. "We can't be leaving Southern to babysit a mentally unstable prisoner. Weyr morale still isn't where it should be so…" Weyrleadership is stuck here! At least in HIS opinion. D'wane's suggestion is met with a slow nod as he mulls it over. "M'noq would be top, I think, in the lists. He's got enough Turns under his belt too. I'd prefer if we have someone else to partner with him, just in case. He's a Wingleader, so there's a matter of making sure Lynx can do without him for however long it takes." Details. So many nitty gritty details! It's enough to give a man a headache… and Va'os is gaining one. Scrubbing at his face, he mutters. "I could go for a drink. You want a drink?"

A brilliant (or alright, halfway decent plan that doesn't end up with anyone else dying or any major diplomatic snafus) doesn't come together all at once! From the rubbing at D'wane's temples, he's getting a headache of his own. "We should probably see if he'd be willing before get too far in the planning. But yeah… a drink sounds necessary." Or several. Maybe with enough, they'll work up the courage to invite the weyrwomen in on whatever planning session develops. "Your weyr? Not really talk for the Kitten…"

Shh. Don't jinx them! Maybe the plan will WORK for once without the snafus! Va'os smirks, "My weyr. It's literally…" He points. "Right there." MINIMAL EFFORT! Rising from the bench, he'll pause to stretch out his back and then gesture with a tilt of his head to D'wane. "Come on. I've got some of the good stuff H'rik gifted me left. Think the occasion calls for dipping into it…" In other words, who needs the Kitten to get drunk? Va'os is set! Maybe they will (drunkenly) summon the Weyrwomen. Maybe the Wingleaders will be drawn into that too. Or… more likely the two of them are just going to drink and talk (and talk) and likely pass out well into the wee hours of the morning.

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