Diem, H'rik


H'rik finds Diem in the Bazaar, and they make arrangements for a visit to Southern.


It is mid morning of the fourth day of the eighth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Small Courtyard, Igen Weyr

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If anyone hears high pitched screeching and a sonic boom from the inner caverns later today… it means the conversation was a success.


Small Courtyard

Secluded and quiet, this hidden spot of solitude is build at the juncture of three richer residential back doors. Short stairways to said residences are gated and bolted with thick locks that seldom see opening, and any who venture here never find themselves scolded for lingering. The health of the squat date palm surrounded by a sandstone planter in the center of the space attests to care coming from someone, however, as does the carefully swept state of the cream and blue tilework covering the ground. Stone benches alternate with small planters of desert succulents at the edges of the courtyard, interrupted only by a break in the stuccoed wall to mark the way out.

The day is young and Rukbat isn't scorching the Weyr with blazing heat just yet. Therefore, it's a good time of day to be out and about running errands, shopping in the Bazaar… or sitting in a small, secluded courtyard nestled somewhere within the residential areas of Igen's main vein of commerce. Diem is currently seated on a bench reading a book and is dressed in typical native garb to help her blend with the local crowds. A ruby colored veil drapes over her dark hair and no one would know who she is without her knot — but, leave it to Zsaviranth to tell Wendryth where her rider is attempting to hide.

The bazaar was once H'rik's home - not that long ago really, when he thinks about it. The side streets and isolated areas are still etched into his memory, and with the information Wendryth has gleaned from Zsaviranth, and a bit of searching through some similar-looking courtyards, it's only a matter of time before H'rik comes upon the one where a figure sits. H'rik isn't in disguise, and Diem's throws him off for a moment, what with her being veiled and sans knot. He steps cautiously into the courtyard, squinting at the book reader from a distance as he tries to figure out if this is Diem, or if he's about to make an idiot of himself in a case of mistaken identity.

Prior to becoming Senior of Igen, Diem often disappeared knotless into the Bazaar whenever she could. Or whenever she wanted to add a few more grey hairs to G'tan's head~ That familiar feeling of someone staring at her from a distance causes her to lift tawny eyes over the edge of the book and nonchalantly peer toward H'rik — yeah, there really isn't any use in trying to 'hide' anymore. The goldrider quietly clears her throat and pulls back the ruby veil to reveal her face so he can, indeed, confirm her identity. "I was just enjoying the weather before it gets to hot." is the quick explanation. "And the quiet." More the latter, really.

At that distance, the eyes alone are a clue, but not enough solid evidence for H'rik to be sure. Then Diem pulls the veil away and his suspicions are confirmed. "Yeah," he says as he ambles closer, trying to stay casual, glancing around at the buildings that surround the square. "It's nice here. Away from the hustle and bustle." He shoves his hands in the pockets of his trousers as he nears her, then has to immediately take them out again to sit down. Good attempt at casual, but it's not quite there. There's a pause as he doesn't look at Diem, trying to think what to say. "Uh. So must be a relief to be off the sands?"

There's an uneasy feeling Diem used to get whenever F'in would catch her unchaperoned in the Bazaar, and it's something that tingles the back of her neck when H'rik sits down next to her. Half expecting him to reinstate guardsmen to follow her around she's pleasantly surprised when he makes small talk instead. "Yeah, it feels good not to have hundreds of eyes watching from the galleries. Makes me appreciate privacy every time I'm released from sands duty." She straightens a bit and closes the book after slipping something inside to mark her place. Fingertips trace along the title etched into the cover as her eyes lower to the task. "Just out for a stroll?"

H'rik leans forward to rest his elbows on his legs, fingers interlacing before him. "Heh. Yeah. I guess it never gets any easier, being up in front of everyone like that." He's only done it twice thus far, but somehow he can't help but feel the weirdness of it all is going to take a long time to go away - if it ever does. He's still not looking at Diem, perhaps trying not to make this awkward by staring at her or something. Her question doesn't exactly surprise him, and he rather sounds like he had an answer ready for it. "Sort of…I…wanted to check you were alright. Seems like I haven't seen you a lot since the hatching. Wanted to make sure stuff was alright."

Diem sets the book onto her lap and looks across the courtyard at a few avians preening their feathers near some desert flora, considering. "I'm fine." is the easy answer to make. She wavers a bit and also keeps her eyes away from H'rik for the time being after he expresses his concern for her well being. "Sometimes I just want to be alone. You know, to read a book in the sunshine without someone needing something from me." She hadn't intended for her explanation to make things awkward between them and she's quick clarify. "You're aware that Cremla is expecting, yes?" News of the Headwoman's delicate condition has made its way out of the council chamber (and infirmary) by now. "Her duties are now shared with Nasrin, who had to get herself an assistant to manage her work load." The Senior falls quiet again for a moment. "Finding time for myself these days is increasingly difficult. You'd think I'd be used to it by now, right?" Her cheekbones tinge slightly red afterward now that she's spilled some of what's been keeping her mind busy as of late. "Oh, I wanted to ask you something else now that you're here."

"And here I come disturbing your peace," H'rik jokes gently, with a small smile to show he's only trying to make things not weird. The topic change to Cremla takes him by surprise, but he nods - he's well aware of the Headwoman's unusual situation. "No, it all makes sense," he says. "Sometimes I think I should get another Weyrsecond, try and share my workload some more. Not that it's quite the same, but…." He trails off, but Diem is askign him something, and now H'rik finally looks at her again, turning his head a little. "Oh?" He seems faintly baffled as to what that might be.

Diem draws in a breath and exhales quietly to help center her thoughts, and when she has H'rik's attention, she pivots toward him. "I'd like to visit Mayte and Amani at Southern soon, and I'd like to take Nasrin with me. I've been meaning to make the trip for months but I've been waiting until things settle down here to make fitting it into our schedules easier." Dark colored brows furrow ever slightly at the thought and she quickly gazes down at her book to mask her expression before returning her focus to the Weyrleader. "It doesn't seem like we're going to have a lull in work anytime soon. So, I thought I'd let you know that Nasrin and I will be away from Igen." For how long exactly, she doesn't really say.

This doesn't surprise H'rik too much, since they'd talked about it before. He nods as Diem explains, then considers his own thoughts. There's a thought tickling at the back of his mind that he's trying to grab hold of to work out why this seems to be difficult for Diem to say. "Okay." Pause. He stays in his hunched position, chin coming to rest on his joined hands as he thinks. "So…Cremla will be in charge of the lower caverns during that time?" he's always sort of kept himself out of that particular bit of Weyrlife - Faranth knows he has enough of his own stuff to do - but it seems relevant to ask right now.

"Well, there's the issue. Onari will be here to handle anything that crops up for me, and now Xanthee will be expected to take note of any issues for Nasrin." Ah, the joys of having assistants! And speaking of… "I'd like to fill a few more Assistant Headwoman positions to help Cremla during these next few months. Having a few more bodies around the inner caverns to help maintain order amongst weyrstaff will help tremendously. Magdaline can't do everything herself, you know?" Diem looks thoughtful for a moment and then looks at H'rik. "What this would mean for you is having a few new faces inside the council chamber in my and Nasrin's stead. We shouldn't be gone for more than a day." A beat, "And you are welcome to make the trip to Southern with us if you'd like…" That just means he'll have to organize his own schedule to accommodate duties for S'tol. No biggie, right?

H'rik looks glad that Diem has some plans for Igen's lower caverns not to be left solely in the hands of a gravid, delicate Headwoman. certainly, his thinking expression relaxes. "That does make sense." The mention of Xanthee as Nasrin's assistant does get a blink, but there's no surprise from him, and he says nothing of it. Other things to arrange! "I don't mind new faces, but, if you could give me a heads up about who to expect, I can at least make sure I have drinks ready for them." He'll offer a smile, trying to ease any concerns that Diem might be trying to get across to him about this whole thing. "Ah - I'll have a chat with S'tol, see what he thinks." And Wendryth too, probably! "A day." He ponders that, looking away from Diem again. "Would be nice to visit again, see how things are going for them." And if it's only a day, that's not too long, right??

Diem can sense that H'rik is wavering a bit on the idea of visiting Southern, so she just might try to tip the scale a little. "You can meet with Va'os while Nasrin and I meet with Mayte and Amani." A grin finally curves her mouth at the thought of the three of them venturing out of Igen together. "It's rare that we're all away at once. And since Zsaviranth and Rajakhelath are not going to glow anytime soon, it's a perfect opportunity." The ruby cloth of her veil is then swept from her cheek so she can better side-eye the Weyrleader to read his expression. Even though it's considered 'winter' on the southern continent right now they all can find ways to amuse themselves, right? "It's sort of a… half business, half pleasure visit."

Why've you gotta bring up Va'os, man? H'rik would love to visit the Southern Weyrleader. The man looks pained, in that way one can when they're torn between choices. "Yeah. That does sound good." And maybe a group trip would be nice for the Weyrleadership? His eyes go sidelong first, then he realises Diem is also side-eyeing and turns his head to grin at her. "Oh? You knew Mayte from when she was at Igen, I assume?" He's met the goldrider himself, though she was no longer associated with Igen at that point.

Okay, so Diem and H'rik have been working together long enough to know that side-eyeing each other is positive form of communication. She returns the grin and is quite pleased with herself at having brought up certain points to help sway the bronzerider's decision to go. "Good! Then I shall make the arrangements." Sorry that means you're committed now, H'rik. A nod follows her victory and Diem considers Southern's current Senior. "Yes, Mayte made my transfer from Fort to Igen official three Turns ago." Has it been that long? Whew. "She is a dear friend of mine. I've only met Amani once but she seems like a strong woman with Igen roots." There's a glint in tawny eyes as pride for the desert Weyr flickers in her gaze. "Did you know her when she lived here?"

That seems settled then! H'rik will make a mental note to go chat to S'tol. At least he trusts the Weyrsecond with Whirlwind and other Weyrleader-type duties in his absence. Hopefully nothing goes horribly wrong while they're all away, anyway. He listens as Diem talks about Mayte and their links, as well as Amani and her connection to Igen. "Mayte? No. I did meet her, but that was after she'd transferred to Benden." He pauses, then adds: "it'd be nice to see her again. I liked her." There comes that smile again as he recalls his meeting with Mayte, way back when the Weyrleader knot was still new on his shoulder. "Sounds like Igen and Southern have quite a strong connection."

"Which is why this visit couldn't be at a better time." Diem collects her book and stands up from her seat upon the bench. Her veil is adjusted and the front of her sari is smoothed with her free hand when she casts her gaze toward H'rik. "I'll send a letter to Mayte right now and I'll let Nasrin know so she can start making preparations." The Senior bounces a little bit on sandaled tip toes in what could be considered excitement — she's finally ready to get the ball rolling! "And… I'll handle Cremla." Who is no doubt a hormonal wreck right now. If anyone hears high pitched screeching and a sonic boom from the inner caverns later today… it means the conversation was a success.

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