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A brief chat in the archives~


It is the fourth day of the fourth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Archives, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 18 Jun 2018 04:00


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"Every time, I get told to take a vacation. Every time, I don't."



A remarkable legacy for those with the eyes to appreciate it, Igen's Archives are modest, in proportion to the weyr's similarly modest status; but though they be small, the room itself is mighty, with grandiose portent to the high, vaulted arches. These walls hold many treasures past their prime, from instruments to examples of older flying gear and agenothree tanks. The meticulous task of re-scribing old records is continually ongoing, with faded and disued hides replaced on a daily basis. The chairs and off-kilter tables seem to be heritage of a time long past, not in line with the rest of the vision of this room; but in all weyrs are budgets, and perhaps you've found one of Igen's budget cuts.

It's probably weird to be eating thin baked tubers without a drink, but that is what Vosji is doing; she wasn't about to bring a glass of anything into the archives. Unfortunately other than that one nod to proper care and comportment, she's being much more of a typical military personality: that is to say, she has her feet up on a table and is leaning backward in a chair supported by only two of its four legs. She's definitely reading something, though, and either doodling on it — it's a copy, Harpers — or making actual improvements. (To a copy.) "No," she says to thin air, gesticulating with one of the tubers, "I'm not going to fall, I never fall, you can stop telling me to put the chair down or I'm going to fall …"

Enter Diem with a glass of water in hand and a finger to her lips to shush any bawking apprentices. Hey, if the archivist isn't around to see that she brought a drink in from the outside, then she's going to keep on walking. Then, of course, the Weyrlingmaster is spotted with her own snacks and the goldrider doesn't feel so shady. "Hey." she greets while approaching the table. "You've better balance than me, so, yeah, you're not going to fall." A sip of water is taken and she glances down at whatever Vosji is doodling. "May I join you?"

It's before Vosji even looks up that she asks, "Did you try not to fall and fail, doing something similar?" Nobody in there is likely to scold the Weyrwoman, because the archivists aren't paying attention. And even they technically have to listen to her. The doodles are largely improvements on weyrling Thread formations, though there's some outright doodling of flowers and gear-cogs happening as well. "Of course, pull up a seat, don't fall out of it."

Diem smirks and pulls out a chair to take a seat for a bit. "Hanging out here until my next meeting starts. And I can fall up stairs sometimes, which I heard takes talent." Not that she wants to brag about how klutzy she can be. Another sip of water is taken before the cup is set down upon the table top without something underneath it — somewhere an archivist just died a little. "So, how're things with you? Zsaviranth says she's going to find Iskanzivoth today, I assume to catch up." Now that the blue isn't so focused and busy!

"He'll love the company — he's been shadowing Ivaenth because he thought she might rise, but she didn't, so I'm sure now he's more available," There's teasing in Vosji's voice but it is entirely focused on a certain blue who usually doesn't chase but has a few greens that are worth more than usual time and effort. "Wasn't there a goldrider who was an expert in walking in heels? I think that was Ione, who didn't need them — surprised she didn't give lessons, though. I try to avoid wearing heels." Ion was one of the only women Vosji could actually look in the eye without neck strain. "I'm — well enough, if a little bored-adrift without a class. Every time, I get told to take a vacation. Every time, I don't."

Leaning back in the chair, Diem glances up at the archive's ceiling for a moment when the thought of sitting in the council chamber for the rest of the day bubbles to the surface of her mind. Random thoughts, she has 'em. No, she doesn't exactly wince when she looks down at her cup of water either. "It's not me and I can safely say it's not Nasrin." she says with a laugh. "I can walk in heels. It's just… when I get distracted while in a hurry. Then terrible things happen." Like falling up stairs. There's a nod for Vosji and her down time. "Enjoy it while it lasts, I think Rajakhelath is approaching her time again." Which means more eggs and weyrlings on the horizon! "Are you going to visit High Reaches, though? The northern weather would be a nice change."

"Hopefully by herself," Vosji says as regards Rajakhelath: she was telling Miel the other day that it seems like the younger queen tends to rise alongside others, and, well. "Iskzanzivoth likes icy places and sliding around on snow, so I suspect he's going to make me, but I did used to be okay at ice skating." Yes, the Istan who eventually moved to Igen ice skates. It's a novelty. "I don't know much of anyone out there anymore, but it can't hurt to go and literally chill for a bit. I hope you're not feeling too overworked, ma'am."

Diem considers Zsaviranth's cycle and then Rajakhelath's more recent flight when Vosji makes that observation about the junior queen. "You know, that's a good point. I haven't sensed any change with Zsaviranth. In fact, it was she who had mentioned something about leaving Igen within the next month or so." Her shoulders lift into a shrug. "I just hope they're staggered a bit if that's the case." Now she's a bit suspicious of her lifemate and will no doubt be having a conversation with the gold later on. "Right? I could, too! But that's just not going to happen for me anytime soon, so you better go and enjoy the northern climate for the both of us." Is she nudging Vosji toward vacation? Perhaps.

Everyone is, and yet Vosji does suck at it, doesn't she. Her most successful vacations were the ones where people physically dragged her — perhaps Zsaviranth can convince Iskanzivoth to trick her. "It's too bad I can't bring you back a snowball. I think I tried that once as a child and it went poorly. And I hope I haven't given her any ideas," please, Zsaviranth, it's cool, you can wait on the rising. "I don't actually like having simultaneous classes. One after the other, but the overlap — "

"The overlap is horrrrible." Diem does sympathize with the weyrling staff whenever that happens. "And sharing the sands with two grouchy golds feels just as bad." Zsaviranth being ornery about hogging the space and all. The rest of her water is swigged and the Weyrwoman rises from her seat with a bit of a stretch. "Speaking of grouchy, I've got a meeting to get to. I'd bail but I don't want to leave H'rik with all of the hidework this time…" Because apparently she's ghosted the poor Weyrleader before! Zsaviranth will no doubt spend the rest of the afternoon with Iskanzivoth somewhere in the bowl or even lakeside if the blue doesn't mind the company. Meanwhile, Diem will be stuck indoors. "It was good seeing you, Vosji. We should meet up again soon."

At no point will Iskanzivoth mind either company or staying by the water all day; if he can'ttalk Vosji into having fun, he'll just have his own. With whatever other nicer dragon chooses to join him, and of course he'll never turn away a gold. (Unless she's mean.) "Good luck," says Vosji, salutng pro forma even if they're not in the same chain of command and since she isn't standing up, she's doing it wrong. "I'm easy to find. Maybe we'll go somewhere for … a few hours." A real luxury vacation! But for now, Vosji will be right there, improving her formations. And doodling the occasional vine.

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