Doji, I'dre


Doji is trying to prepare for an important event. I'dre is looking for something and… never ends up finding it. He might have found something else, though!


It is sunset of the first day of the eighth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Archives, Igen Weyr

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A remarkable legacy for those with the eyes to appreciate it, Igen's Archives are modest, in proportion to the weyr's similarly modest status; but though they be small, the room itself is mighty, with grandiose portent to the high, vaulted arches. These walls hold many treasures past their prime, from instruments to examples of older flying gear and agenothree tanks. The meticulous task of re-scribing old records is continually ongoing, with faded and disued hides replaced on a daily basis. The chairs and off-kilter tables seem to be heritage of a time long past, not in line with the rest of the vision of this room; but in all weyrs are budgets, and perhaps you've found one of Igen's budget cuts.

One of the advantages of basically living in caves means there's at least a little bit of insulation from the scorching summer heat down in the interior of the Weyr. The Archives might be a little more crowded than usual today, like with that group of young teens that seem much more interested in chatting about whatever it is kids these days are interested in that anything literary. Doji meanwhile is doing her best to ignore the chaos. She's curled up in the good, non-wobbly chair and has a stack of probably very boring and very academic tomes in front of her, although that pencil does keep tap-tap-tapping on the table and she winces occasionally when one of the girls gives a shrill laugh only to be shushed by a couple of her friends and some glares from the archivists.

Those teens aren’t just gaining some glares from the archivists. There’s one visitor, so seldom seen here, that is giving a few daggered looks himself. I’dre can still count (to a degree) the amount of times he’s willingly come here and from the grim look set on his features, he’s not entirely thrilled. At least there is the respite from summer’s heat! Except that those teenagers keep distracting him and he loses his place yet again in his search of… whatever it is he’s looking for. With a long suffering groan, he scrubs at his face in frustration and turns to step further down the aisle and past Doji’s comfortable looking spot. Maybe if he just stands there and looms, while glowering, those kids will get the point?

Will those kids ever get the point? Eventually when they finally grow out of teenage-dom. But maybe I'dre's glowering was effective, or the fact that there was an archivist heading right their way, but whatever reason, those kids all suddenly decide to skedaddle and while their laughter can still be heard down the hallway at least it's out there and going in the opposite direction. Doji gives a sigh of relief and then blinks as she spots the weyrling next to the newly vacated table. "I'd be careful sitting there if I were you. I think one of them may have left their gum on the seat…" Those heathens! but at least it wasn't in a book.

Eew. No, they’re lucky none were foolish enough to ruin a book but the look on the Archivists face is enough! Even the seat is blasphemy to tarnish and they look fit to chase those teenagers down. Maybe they do, given the way they storm off, muttering (quietly!) to themselves. I’dre’s helpful gesture ends with helping evict those kids and he doesn’t move to clear the gum away. Instead, he turns to face Doji as she warns him off. “Wasn’t planning on sitting,” he remarks in a tone that is barely more that grunted. In the next breath, however, he’s nodding respectfully and even giving a little salute before muttering in a less noncommittal way. “They were making it hard to concentrate. As I’m sure you were feeling the same?” There’s a stiff nod to the pile of books Doji has.

Doji simply shrugs off the distraction the kids may have been even as she returns the weyrling's salute. "It certainly wasn't ideal conditions, but focus is a wonderful thing." A thing the brownrider seems to have a surplus of usually. "So if you weren't here for sit, what did bring you here? The Weyrlingmaster assign you a special project?" She really does sound genuinely interested. She loved all those special projects! And the Archivists? They will have there revenge! Maybe not today, but nobody is quite as good at recording keeping as they are. An archivist never forgets.

Really, those kids should know better! Even as a weyrbrat himself, I’dre knew there were certain members of a Weyr’s staff (aside from riders) that you just don’t mess with. Archivists are one of those on the list! I’dre hesitates a moment before lifting his shoulders in his own shrug, “Something like that?” he remarks evasively and not to be impolite. He just isn’t the kind of person to air his personal laundry on a complete stranger. “What about you? That doesn’t look anything like ‘casual reading’…” Is he trying to joke? It sounds like it. Anything to veer the topic away from him for now.

Those kids should totally have been paying more attention in their harpers lessons (or any lessons). It's a fact. As for Doji's reading material, she's more than happy to seize upon that topic change. There's even a smile on her face now, despite the fact that one of those books seems to be turned opened to a very detailed anatomical drawing of a dragon's hind-leg. There are layers and layers of detail on there. "Not exactly casual… more work related." But also her hobby since Doji still hasn't really figured out the whole actual hobby thing. "Dragonhealing. I'm supposed to have a meeting with the Lead dragonhealer in a few days, but he didn't really say what the meeting was about…" And so she's studying EVERYTHING.

“Uh huh.” I’dre almost sounds like he’s going to move right into a ‘that’s nice’ sort of answer and then book it (ha ha) out of there before he can be questioned again on his reason for being there. Instead, he happens to glimpse that drawing and, rather than looking shocked or appalled, tilts his head a bit to view it at a more correct angle. “Should’ve guessed,” he jokes lightly, fingers flicking dismissively to the book in question. “You think it’s a test of some sort? Is that what Dragonhealers do? Or is it like the Crafts?” As stand-offish as he can be, sometimes he has a more curious side. Lucky for Doji, he’s in a curious mood and she may just get away with talking ALL she wants about her studies!

Doji knows that look of curiosity, she knows it all too well! While the brownrider would probably flat out ask to look at the book, she'll just angle it so it's a little bit more convenient for I'dre to view without even having to ask or crane his neck awkwardly. As for the purpose of the meeting, she shrugs and also runs a finger up to rub at her knot. "I don't know. He's a very busy man and I'm just a trainee so either a test or a lesson of some sorts is the logical conclusion. And it never hurts to be prepared, right? And it's only sorta like the crafts. Apprentices have all the time in the world to devote to their lessons and craft, outside of some chores hear and there. Dragonhealers are still first and foremost dragonriders, and you've seen how much work goes into that on a daily basis over the past few months. Most dragonhealers, and all trainees, still ride with normal wings and just help out a few shifts here and their scheduled 'Falls. It's a lot less structured and more hands on than Healer training ever was." Yes, she's babbling. At least she's pausing to take a breath now.

I’dre doesn’t seem to mind the babbling! Sure, he’s found a surface in which he can lean against in a casual manner, while his arms fold across his chest. He’s listening too, brows furrowed in thought as Doji gives him a rundown on how Dragonhealing is structured — or lack thereof. “Sounds rather intensive,” he remarks after a moment, his gaze flicking to her and then back to all those books. She won’t mind if he just leans in there and borrows one, right? Because he’s definitely going to try to snatch something. Hopefully it wasn’t important! “To do all of this and still fight Thread. You don’t seem bothered by this stuff, either?” He’s probably meaning the topic and graphic details and images. He studies her for a moment, before smirking. “Healer before?” Call it a hunch! Why? “I had a glimpse of Dragonhealing as a Candidate,” he remarks with a scoff. “Didn’t go over so well.” For him, anyways!

"It can be," Doji will admit, although she still seems perky enough about this. Smiling despite those graphic pages. "But it's also the type of thing where you go at your own pace for the picking up shifts during training. More shifts you work, the quicker you'll learn. But not everyone can blaze right on through it. Each rider is different." Yes, she might be on the blazing path, but she also basically lived in the archives even when she wasn't training. "Someone has to do it. Regular healers will help out if needed, but when you have an injured dragon, it really helps to have a lifemate that can help calm him down. Or at least pass on instructions, especially if that dragon's rider is injured as well." The smile has vanished now that they move on to more serious topics. "And I was a healer apprentice before I Impressed. I learned to have a pretty strong stomach." Code for she saw some truly horrific stuff, but there is a small smirk for the mention of draonhealing not going over well. "Was it thicktail?" There were weyrlings around then and with weyrlings, half the time it's thicktail.

“Yeah, guess you’re right there. Someone’s got to do it and I’m sure… there’s quite a few who’re more thank thankful.” I’dre hesitates just for a half second, as his mind flits to an uncomfortable memory and thought but he’s quick to shut it down and bury it. He does that a lot with any sort of ‘troubling’ issues regarding his past or personal life! That’s what got him into the trouble he’s in but… that’s best left for his mind healing sessions to unravel that terrible puzzle. “Ah-ha… strong stomach.” he scoffs, only to exhale heavily. Yup. “Learned that one too and no, it wasn’t thicktail. It was scoring on the tail. We’d been asked to help hold the dragon steady. I coped fine with the sight and smell… it was when I accidentally touched the flesh…” Wounded flesh and the texture — just the memory has I’dre shivering and looking slightly paled. “Let’s just say it wasn’t my most dignified moment.” Code for: I lost the contents of my stomach over it. Smirking, he’ll return the book he temporarily pilfered from Doji and give her a shallow nod. “Anyways. Thanks for entertaining me on some of the inner mysteries of Dragonhealing structure…” He doesn’t mean it entirely sarcastically, either! Some of that information? He’s tucking it away. “I’m I’dre, by the way. Mhiruth’s rider.” Weyrling, technically but he’s ALMOST there!

Doji smiles again at that. "Usually. More thankful once they get out of our care than when they're in it." Oh the perils of medical fields. Nobody ever wants to see you except for the folks that you really don't want to see. She winces at the mention of scoring on the tail. "Seen a fair share of those as well. While they're usually not dangerous… they are sharding uncomfortable as you can imagine. But I've seen worse. If you have any more questions about dragonhealing or its structure, I'm more than happy to talk about it." Dragonhealing and structure are two of her favorite things after all! And her smile turns into a grin at the last. "I know. I'm Doji, brown Raktraeth's rider." And of course, Raktraeth made her keep tabs on all his little trees offspring, whenever he remembers he had offspring.

Maybe it was I’dre’s blunder for not remembering Doji? But he can be forgiven, if he hadn’t actually seen her before and even if so, it was for brief moments. Throw in weyrlinghood training and all the stress with it and his memory is probably just a blur of months right now! “Ah, right. Well met, Doji.” Mhiruth might just reach out with a glimpse of a mirrored blue sky and white clouds to Raktraeth in a passing ‘hello’ and acknowledgement of the brown. He’s not much for words, but he probably picked up on I’dre’s rapid-fire thoughts and decided that both Raktraeth and his rider are worthy to be ‘tagged’. He’ll be observing! … when he remembers to. “And maybe I will.” Take her up on more not-so idle chit chat on Dragonhealing. Seeds have been planted but knowing I’dre, it’ll take awhile for anything meaningful to take root. “Good luck with your studies! Clear skies.” And he’s gone, not one to linger and apparently not following through on the task that brought him here. Maybe he’ll try after hours? Or just deal with some disappointed folk later when his “task” is half completed.

Evergreen reaches out to mingle with the mirror sky, but Raktraeth is also a dragon of few words today and the summer sun is just so warm that he's more than half asleep as he does so. Doji's occupied reach out to make a note of something or other, so the response to his farewell is mostly an automatic "Clear skies from her as well." Seeing as how she has mountains of reading in front of her and be oblivious to the mystery of the quickly disappearing weyrling for the moment.

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