A small vignette. M'noq, K'vvan, and the kids at home.


It is night of the sixteenth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Ship with a View, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 23 Jan 2018 06:00



Ship with a View

Sliding metal doors open onto a large area, curved like an upside-down ship. The lowest area is largest and has a stone floor, spacious enough for two dragons to sleep. Stairs lead upward to the living area, hooks for flying gear and storage for boots and other things right at the first landing. The furniture is simple and masculine, wood and brass trim matching the rest of the ship. Round portholes open onto the fields, letting in fresh air and light, with secure covers and locks for threadfall. A main living area with an impressive hearth and comfortable couch (with knitting basket tucked in beside) has wide doorways that lead into other rooms, including a map room with a large captain's table, a master suite with its quilted fourposter bed and antique furniture, and a small galley with a stove and running water from a nearby spring.

Southern's summer heat breaks briefly with the line of a violent storm. The wind spits rain and thunder crashes over the shipweyrs' meadow.

The dragons sleep in the lowest chamber, sheltering one another, underwing. Above, their riders curl towards each other like mirror images, only their fingertips touching. The heat is too much for more.

In the topmost loft, cool air from the storm is funneled in from open porthole windows. The wind drafts a light mist of rain across two smaller beds. Then thunder cracks overhead as lightning strikes a tree quite close on a nearby hill.

The following percussion wave rattles the shipweyr's metal sheath, and in case that wasn't enough to wake all the weyr's occupants, it is followed by the thin wail of a child crying.

K'vvan beats M'noq to the loft ladder only by virtue of being that much closer to their small sleeping chamber's door. By then, both children are muzzily crying, disoriented in the dark.

"Hey, it's alright."

"It's just thunder. Everything's fine."

The adults sit on the floor to give cuddles for a few minutes, until the two children can be coaxed back into bed. Rini still sniffles against K'vvan's shirt, but the storm seems to be lessening. After covering Jenin, M'noq crouches to look out one of the small portholes. Light shines from atop the next hill over: the lightning-struck tree is burning, rain dampening its fire.

"Cool," the boy says, spotting it.

"Can we go out and look?" the girl says, peering out the window too.

"Fuck no." "Absolutely not." The adults are emphatic.

"How about tomorrow?"

"Maybe," with a glare. "But no one's going near any tree that's about to fall down."

"I'm sure it would be safe. What are the odds that something like that would happen again?"

Another glare, and the children are struck silent with uncertainty.

Then M'noq laughs. It is a fearless laugh that makes his side hurt, but he doesn't care. Then the children start giggling, until they laugh too. Even K'vvan cracks a smile. Worry fades, and the windows in the shipweyr catch a pleasant cross-breeze, cooling the air.

"Sleep now. Tomorrow, we'll see."

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