D'wane, Va'os


Just how much damage can one do to one office? Ask D'wane and Va'os…


It is early dawn of the thirteenth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Weyrwoman's Office, Southern Weyr

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Weyrwoman's Office

Understated elegance has come to play here: a large desk dwarfs the occupant usually found sitting behind it, the deep grain of the wood a cherry-mahogany reminiscent of the heavy furniture that fills the Weyrwoman's weyr. Stacks of hides fill the surface to create a space of ordered disorder. Arranged around the desk are large chairs with thick cushions of deep jewel tones: sapphire, emerald, ruby. They are large enough to fit the tallest, brawniest of riders and weyrfolk. Bookshelves line the walls, filled with a variety of ledgers and other official-looking documents. To note, a shelf or two artfully hidden behind the bulk of the desk holds well-beloved spines of volumes that hold content of a more personal nature. Frivolous reading. A plant brings forest-hued cheer into the otherwise dark and heavy room, as does the sideboard where a variety of finger-treats are set out, offered to those who have business here. Undoubtedly, Hannah's presence can be felt in this room, though little in the way of personal knick-knacks are found.

Red flags should probably be raised given the fact that it's way too early to expect one of Southern's Weyrwomen to be up and about in their office, as dutiful as they are. Rukbat isn't even going to be thinking about rising for another hour or two. And yet, the door to this particular office is cracked open and a tell-tail glow light falls out into the hallway. Some rather large shadows are being cast and there's a particularly deep mutters coming and loud crash, followed by an ever louder "SHARD IT ALL, PEEBLE!" From D'wane as the bronze firelizard goes zipping out. Nothing to see here. It wasn't him. YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING!

Who else is up at this Faranth-forsaken hour? The Weyrleader is! Va’os’ sleeping habits have been unpredictable at best for the last few weeks — oh who are we kidding? It’s been a gradually worsening problem but at least he slept most of the night this time. So what to do but to walk it off, nose in a book? He’d totally jacked ‘The Call of her Wildling’ earlier, despite the spree of missing things; he figured no one would mind it missing. As Peeble goes “innocently” zipping by, that of course draws Va’os into the office. “D’wane…?” Called out reluctantly. Does he want to know? Or does he have time to NOPE on out of this mess?

D'wane doesn't want to know either, but unfortunately, here he is. In the middle of an office that definitely isn't his, trying to hold up a bookshelf that's in danger of completely collapsing at any moment and a couple of already broken trinkets and a few books already dumped around him. It's a very perilous predicament the Weyrsecond finds himself in and he's still cursing as he's weighing the options. None of them seem that good until suddenly a familiar voice is heard. "Help!" D'wane is not too proud a man to beg, Va'os.

Well, D’wane’s just gonna have to hold on a few more seconds (or keep begging) because Va’os is just going to stare at him in open disbelief. Then comes the laughter and the book he’d “borrowed” promptly set aside. “Shit what did you DO?” he exclaims, only to halt as something goes ominously crunch under foot. Uh… oops? He’ll deal with that later! First, to make sure his Weyrsecond doesn’t become squished! You give the orders D’wane~

"I didn't-" D'wane cuts that off with a clench of his teeth as Va'os further breaks one of those knick-knacks. Probably not enough glue in Southern to do it any good now. "You broke some of this too!" At least now he has and so the weyrleader can't abandon him, right? RIGHT? "Hold that." Since both of his hands are occupied with holdinf the portion of the shelf he already is holding, he jerks his head to the opposite side that's wobbling back and forth.

“That was NOT my fault!” Va’os is instantly going to defend himself! “Didn’t see it there and there’s kind of stuff everywhere thanks to… THIS!” He’ll wave a hand in a sharp, wide gesture towards the fallen bookcase and D’wane trying in vain to stop the damage. TOO LATE, man! Moving to where he’s told to go, Va’os reaches to stabilize the opposite side. Should luck be on their side now… he won’t jinx this whole mess further!

Look, nobody else saw what actually happened, so D'wane's free to go ahead with his claim of, "I found it like this. And tried to save the shelf before it fell completely." And maybe caused more damage in the process, but whose counting? Aside from Rhiscorath once Mayte is made aware of the damages. Also, never mind it was probably Peeble trying to steal something shiny that was the root cause of this problem in the first place. "We can commission better shelves." After they extract themselves from the mess of this current one.

Va’os just levels D’wane with a ‘uh huh sure it was’ look of not-quite believing him. That’s an excuse HE’D use! Muttering a curse, he’ll give a good shove to the shelf which results in a rather BAD sounding **cracking* noise. “Fuck… who in Faranth’s name built this?” Maybe that’s his way of agreeing with the Weyrsecond that, yes, there needs to be some new STURDY shelving built here. “So,” he mutters. “You wanna just go with the ‘it was like this’ route or we gonna try to actually FIX it before they wake up?”

D'wane winces at the cracking sound and since his end is now at the same height as Va'os's end… and the middle is higher than both of them, he's just going to look at the other bronzerider, back to the shelf, back to Va'os with one of those eyebrows arched as high as probably humanly possible. "I think fixing is out of the realm of possiblity." Neither of them are woodsmiths. "Why don't we just set it down…" He's going to take what's now his half since the shelf is broken nearly in two and try to set it down while losing a minimum of the stuff that was still on it. "How early do you think the smiths get up?"

Sorry, what was that? Set it down? Va’os had already begun to shrug when D’wane arches a brow like that and calls it as a lost cause. FINE by him! Which is why the piece he holds is just roughly nudged (read: nearly tossed) aside… and the resounding clatter has him wincing. It’s too early for this, okay? “I already want a drink,” he sighs mournfully, while giving the other bronzerider a mock glare. “And they say I’m trouble!” He’s laying it ALL on someone else’s head this time! “Probably same time as Mayte and Amani. Unless we go kick down some doors too, while we’re at it?”

D'wane is much more careful with setting down his own piece of what was once a shelf. No clattering over here, although he does wince as Va'os tosses his down. "You could mix some of that sparkling wine with citrus juice… make a what is it called? A mumosi? Mimahse? Momoso?" He shrugs. "That breakfast drink. The orange boozy one." That's the important bit. He'll give up on the right name as he goes to try and at least straighten out all those fallen books into a neatish pile or two on the side table. "I mean… if we can get a smith in here before they see it… maybe they'll get distracted by the new stuff that's coming?" One can always hope for a distraction even though D'wane doesn't sound totally convinced that it will work. "And don't think you have a monopoly on trouble… remember B'ly?"

“Mimosa?” Va’os is skeptical on his try at the name and grins, “I never pay attention to the names. And shouldn’t you be discouraging me?” Tsk, tsk, Weyrsecond! Stepping back and careful not to crush the already pulverized item under foot again, he’ll stoop to investigate THAt damage. “… you think this was important?” he mutters. They just don’t have shelves to worry about here! “Right, right!” Pause, as he twirls the broken shard idly a moment. “… could always blame it on him?” Terrible idea but the grin gives him away. It’s a joke! A JOKE! … maybe.

"That's the one!" D'wane will nod his agreement, although he might also have agreed if Va'os decided to declare the drink muumuus. He's got more important things to worry about than drinking at the moment as he's trying to sort through that rubble for savageable things. "And maybe… although I haven't always been one to do what I should." Or else he probably wouldn't be in this very situation at this very moment. "Nah. You don't want the smiths and the weyrwomen upset at you. Between the two, they got all the flamethrowers!"

Va’os sighs again and tosses that ruined piece of whatever-it-was back into the pile. “Way to remind me that I can literally get myself roasted alive… or never to piss off Smiths AND Weyrwomen on the same day!” Or this is why he picked D’wane? Regardless, they’ve got a problem here, even if it’s a “minor” one (or major, depending). “Well, guess we’ve no choice but to either fix what we can or destroy the evidence.” Because an entire missing shelving unit won’t be unnoticed. Duh! “Your call, D’wane.” Read: your problem. He’s just the unlucky sidekick this time!

D'wane snorts a bit at the whole roasted alive bit. It's not really a laughing morning, but it's kind of funny none-the-less. He'll straighten up from his mission of sorting through. Most of the identifiable pieces have been sorted (mainly cause there weren't a lot of them). "Destroying all evidence seems like it'd be bad… Amani and Mayte would definitely notice if we burned down there office and then we'd be back in danger of flamethrowers again." Plus, there's probably a flame thrower or two tucked somewhere in here anyway. "We can get someone to fix it." And that's why Va'os might have hired him. Delegating abilities! "To the smiths?"

Trust Va’os to find something to laugh about in this scenario and most scenarios! There’s only been a rare few that even he won’t crack something intentionally. He grumbles, “Fine, we’ll nix the ‘destroy evidence’ plan!” It wasn’t well thought out at all! “It’s not like I suggested we do it with fire!” His plan would’ve been complex and yet oh-so simple and… maybe only 11% really thought out. How he has managed to lead Southern so far and NOT get everyone killed? A miracle. “To the Smiths!” he agrees, straightening from his crouch and dusting off his hands. “And if we don’t get this sorted by the time Amani and Mayte wake up? How about we just, y’know… find a reason to be far, far away from here on some uh…” He snaps his fingers. “Diplomatic reason?”

D'wane believes Southern Barrier is really nice this time of turn but first, to the Smiths!

Who cares where, so long as it isn't Southern if things go, uh… south! And off they go, to hopefully not make a mess of a mess (of a mess?)!

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