Linden, Linny, D'ren


It's bedtime!

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The Playboy Mansion

Not particularly one of the more ostentatious weyrs, though certainly of a larger size than most, this weyr immediately comes off as quaint and cozy with a distinctively Istan feel in the middle of High Reaches. Upon the floors are plush rugs, all the same creamy color, and every single piece of furniture found within the weyr is built out of a lighter wood, which borders on a creamy color, though it could be considered more off-white or pale yellowish. Tucked in corners and random spaces throughout the weyr are touches of green, various plants and flowers, all native to Ista, which add a definite pop of color to the decor. Found hung on the walls are pictures that vary from sketches of an assortment of Istan beaches to maps outlining the island.

The weyr is broken up into two distinct areas. Upon entering, to the left is an office area, which consists of two large desks that face the interior of the weyr, a large bookshelf set slightly behind them against the wall, which is packed full of books on any number of topics. Upon the shelves, in front of the books are a few jars of black sand set here and there, along with some seashells sprinkled all over the place, varying in size, shape, and color. To the right is a main sitting area, packed full of large and plush couches, chairs and footrests, all different and unique in their shades of cream, white, off-white, and tan. Two bookshelves are found there also, matching the other one as far as design and decoration.

The second area of the weyr, in addition to being the most important, is the bedroom, set apart by a breezy, white linen curtain. The bed is, obviously, the most dominant piece of furniture within the room, dressed in white sheets and pillowcases with a light blue comforter on top, placed in almost the direct center of the room, nightstands set on either side. Directly across from the bed on the far right wall is a miniature hearth, certainly still large enough to heat the weyr even if its size is unimpressive. In front of the hearth is an overlong and deep couch, unquestionably big enough for two people to lie together without feeling squished. Back behind the bed on the left wall is a recessed alcove, where dressers and chests are placed, a designated dressing area.

Freshly returning back to their weyr after Linny treated her son to a dinner in Ista, just the two of them, she drops his hand so that she can start removing all of her winter garb, looking down at him as she buttons her jacket. "Can you take your stuff off for me, buddy?" she questions him, ready to assist him if he needs the help. But until she hears from him, Linny continues to taking off her jacket, pulling off her gloves and shoving them into her pockets before she shrugs it off, hanging it neatly up.

Linden assumes 'the position', arms held straight out at his sides as he waits for his mother to disrobe him. Just like a little prince! But then she wants him to do it, and he frowns for a moment. He's loved having his mother's attention all to himself. But, at the same time, he's an independent sort and so he sets to removing his clothes with gusto. If she doesn't stop him, he'll be naked in a few moments. And probably running around giggling.

Once Linny's gotten her jacket, gloves, scarf, and boots off, she turns her full attention on Linden with one of those adoring maternal smiles, watching him do his best. "Do you want to take a bath tonight, sweetheart? We can wait until morning if you want," she comments, standing there with hands on her hips, ready to jump in if he needs her.

Linden has inherited his father's love of the water - at least for now - and he beams at his mother. "Bath!" he announces, turning and toddling as fast as his chubby legs can carry him towards the bathing chamber. But he knows the rule, "Need adult!" he cries as he gets closer to the water.

"You better wait for me, young man," Linny calls out, even after his own cry of needing her, but with her short legs, she simply cannot move as fast as he can running. There's a yearning sort of look when she eyes the warm water, wishing she could hop in with her son, but since that would be weird, she simply pulls over her long-sleeved tunic to leave her in a tank top. "/Slowly/ and carefully, Linden." The goldrider watches him with a close eye, even as she comments, "After your bath, want to have story time in front of the hearth?"

Linden nods his head eagerly as he looks up at his mother, pulling off the rest of his clothes. He steps very slowly and carefully down the first step into the water, and then the second one. He sits, and the water gets up to his little chest. Splashing happily, he knows he can't go any deeper or else he'll be in over his head. "Story time!" he says gleefully, clapping his hands and beaming.

It's nearly impossible for Linny to not smile back at her son when he's happy, but now, there's always a sad sort of undertone in her gaze, for as much as she tries to hide it from him. She rolls up her pants so that she can dangle her feet in the warm water, sighing gratefully as it removes the chill of winter /and/ between from her. "What story do you want to hear tonight, my love?"

Linden thinks as he splashes, looking up at his mother. He frowns at the sadness she tries to hide from him, and reaches out to put his little hand against her ankle. "Happ' stowy," he requests. "Gud fow Mama."

Defeated, knowing that Linden sees right through her, Linny gives up the act of trying to pretend to be happy, allowing more of a sad look to come onto her face, even as she continues to grin at him. "Momma /is/ happy. I just…miss Daddy. I miss us having bath time /together/," she explains to her nod, making sure to at least keep her voice encouraging.

Linden pats his mother's foot, swishing water against her ankle and watching the waves. The little boy looks more thoughtful than sad, gears turning in his brain as he tries to find the words he wants. "/We/ hav baf time," he says, patting her foot again. "Togever. Daddy stiw Daddy."

"Yes," Linny quickly agrees, bending down to kiss the top of her son's head. "I'm glad I get you all to myself now," she murmurs in his hair, giving him another kiss before sitting up straight and smiling down at him. "Do you and Daddy have a good time when you see him?" Since she's very curious to see how the bronzerider is spending his time with their child.

Linden giggles, lifting his hand to touch his mother's cheek, guiding her face so he can kiss her cheek. Then he grins, splashing. "Yes!" he says happily. "We pway an' tawk an' dwaw an' fwy an' stuff! I wike wen Wos dewe too," he says, giving his mother a little look. "We hav fun!"

"Good! I'm happy to hear that you have a good time with Daddy," Linny says as she pushes herself to stand up, getting a washcloth all lathered up with soapsand for him while also keeping a close eye on him. "Here, baby. Wash up." There's a pause, as she gives him a knowing look. "Or do you want Mommy to do it for you?" Oh yeah, she's totally over-indulgent with him.

Linden reaches out eagerly for the rag. "I do mysef'!" he cries, thwarting his mother's attempts to spoil him. "I show!" he says, scrubbing industriously at his little arms and legs, and over his face in a messy, missing-some-spots sort of way with his eyes shut tight.

"Be careful," Linny warns him, as she usually does when he takes it upon himself to wash up. "Don't get any in your eyes." And then she reseats herself down near him, ready to jump in whenever he does need her. (And don't think that the goldrider's womb isn't yearning for another child right now— her baby doesn't need her anymore!) "Make sure you wash your feet. I don't want any stinky feet in my bed with me tonight."

Linden giggles, but when he does it he gets soapsand into his mouth. Sticking his tongue out, his face twists into a 'yuck!' expression, and he flails helplessly, not sure what he can do about it. He's been so well trained to not move off that step that he just flails, little hands waving in the air.

Linny laughs lightly as she quickly pushes herself up once more, rushing over to grab a fresh washcloth and wetting it before she squats down in order to get the offending soap off of his tongue. "I /told/ you to be careful." Bath time is serious business! "Did I get all of it?" she asks after taking quite a few swipes around his mouth.

Linden squints his eyes open a little bit and continues to make the yuck, face, tongue working. "Juice?" he asks brightly, ready to turn this to his advantage. He loves his juice.

"After your bath," Linny reassures him. Sure, she shouldn't be giving him any close to bed time, but what the hell. He's her baby, and anything he wants, he'll probably get. "You still need to wash your hair," she reminds him.

Linden pouts, but sets to scrubbing his dark hair with industrious little fingers. Though it's more of a wipe than a scrub. Quick pass! Done!

Now comes Linny's job of carefully rinsing it out, being extra careful now not to get any soapy water on his face, but being a mother of two children, she's a pro at this now. "All right, my little man, stand up. Careful." It's the theme of the night, apparently. And in the mean time, Linny goes over to get him a fresh towel, getting down on her knees as she opens it up for him to run in to.

Linden stands up and steps out of the bath, pouting at the towel. "No tow'l," he argues, holding out both of his hands, palms facing outwards.

"Linden." It's stated in that tone that alludes to the fact that there will be no discussion on this particular issue. Linny remains where she is, towel wide open for him, and her kind look has turned into a slightly sterner look now.

Linden pouts, but he does submit, fairly falling into the towel with a limp /flop/. He'll be limp and unhelpful as he waits for her to dry him off. Dead weight, that's what he is.

Linny wraps the towel around him, but there will be no indulging him in his. "Linden," is stated louder, firmer, as she shifts Linden to stand him back up on his feet. "Listen to me. It's /cold/ outside. If you don't get dried off, you'll catch a cold, and you could get /very/ sick. You don't want that, do you?" And all the while she's mentally cursing D'ren for his dislike of towels and for the fact that Linden seems to have either inherited it or been taught it.

Linden pouts, looking up at her. "Da' dun' get sick," the boy protests, frowning at his mother. "I be wike Da'!"

"Daddy doesn't want to love Mommy anymore. Do you want to be like Daddy now?" Linny retorts in a harsh tone, and a little too quickly, and immediately after the words are out of her mouth, she's wincing, closing her eyes as her body slumps. "I'm sorry, baby. I didn't mean to yell at you."

Linden's eyes widen in surprise at her words, blinking as his little mind tries to work out that statement. Struggling with it, tears come to his eyes and then he throws his arms around his mother's neck, hugging her tight. "I wuv you," he says firmly. "I wuv Da' too." That won't ever change, as the little boy is already beginning to develop his rather strong views about his family.

Linny clings to her son, wet or not, holding him as close to her as possible. "I love you too, honey. Mommy is…having a hard time right now." But now wanting to delve into her screwed up matters of the heart, she smartly transitions it. "Which is why I don't want you getting sick. I don't know what I, or Daddy, would do without you, so we want you to be healthy, okay? Let's dry you off, get you some juice, and we'll have story time together." The goldrider pauses, running a hand through his hair to comb it, but also because it's the only way now that she has to 'touch' D'ren. "Do you think we should invite Daddy to come over for story time?"

Linden holds his mother tightly, kissing her cheek. "I sowwy," he whispers, his deep green eyes knowing as he leans back and looks at his mother's face. He might not be able to explain it, but he knows something has changed in his mother. He gently pats her cheek. "It's otay." Then he brightens at her suggestion. "Rewwy? Yes!" He looks around for Dolph, the bronze firelizard sometimes showing up around this time. But the flit isn't here tonight, and Linden pouts. "Kae teww Aik?"

"Kae will tell Aik, but honey, if Daddy /can't/ come, you can't be disappointed, okay? Daddy is busy sometimes, but that doesn't mean that he loves you any less." With that stated, Linny bobs her head as she relays the message to Kaelidyth, and then she's all business when it comes to Linden. "Okay, go pick out what pajamas you want to wear tonight, and Mommy will go change into hers."

Linden nods his head seriously, "I know," he says. With a happy grin, the little boy toddles off to pick out his favorite pjs. Blue, with little brown canines stitched onto it with brown felt.

Aikuonath senses Kaelidyth flashes the vision of Linny and Linden fresh from the baths, both parting ways for their pajamas before it disappears to be taken over by her usual floral landscape, blooming a few more flowers just for the bronze. « They would like to extend an invitation for D'ren to join them in story time, if he's free! »

Linny puts on a pair of warm pajamas herself, red pants and a matching button up top, running her fingers through her hair to comb her curls as she heads in the direction of the bar. "I'll get your juice, baby. Grab a blanket and a friend, and come over to the couch." The couch in the bedroom, in front of the hearth. "Then Mommy will put your pajamas on. Unless you want to be a big boy and do it yourself?"

Linden calls from the bedroom, "I do 'self!" proudly, the independent spirit that he is. He gets on his PJs and grabs his stuffed canine, climbing up onto the couch to wait, feet swinging.

D'ren and Aikuonath arrive not long after Kaelidyth's invitation, the bronzerider pulling off his fedora as he steps inside, dressed in his leather jacket and a simple tunic, black pants and his boots. "Linny? Linden?" he calls, looking around the weyr hesitantly, but with a smile on his lips. To say he was surprised by the invitation is an understatement, but he's here promptly.

"Your juice, sir." Linny even gives him a teasing little bow as she hands it over to him, a beaming smile on her face as she crawls up onto the couch next to him and immediately snuggling up next to him. A blanket over the back of the couch is pulled down to wrap around them, making sure they get cozy for story time. And it's around that time that D'ren walks in, and the goldrider takes a deep breath in and out to steady herself before calling out "In here!"

Linden giggles, taking his juice and scooting over to snuggle with his mother. Then he hears his father's voice and his little one echoes, "In hewe!" He doesn't leave his mother, though, somehow sensing it'd hurt her if he ran to his father. He sips his juice carefully, beaming at the doorway until his father arrives. D'ren smiles, setting his hat down on a table. "Hi there, son. Linny," he says with a warm smile for each of them. "Thank you for inviting me." That's mostly for Linny, though he also grins at Linden after he says it.

"Linden and I just thought you might like to join us in story time," Linny comments, forcing herself to keep her tone polite, as much as seeing her former weyrmate makes her want to burst out into tears while punching his face in. She holds tight to Linden, a constant reminder of why she needs to stay calm. "Come and sit down. Can I get you something to drink?" Since now he's a guest in her weyr, no longer a resident.

D'ren shakes his head as he sits, reaching over to ruffle Linden's hair fondly. "I'm fine, thanks," he says with a little smile for his ex. Linden wiggles in his mother's tight embrace, patting his father's knee. "Stowy time!" he announces, and then looks up at his mother. "Hap'y stowy," he reminds her, waiting expectantly.

Linny heaves a little sigh as she contemplates a happy story, unable to stop from flicking her eyes over to D'ren for a moment. But then their son gets her focus, snuggling him in closer to her. "Once upon a time there was a little boy named Linden. He was a great little boy, and he had lots of people who loved him, /especially/ his mother, father, and sister. One day, the Weyr was in trouble! No one knew what to do, but /Linden/ knew exactly what to do. He rode in on his…" Linny never knows what's in season, as far as what he likes, so she picks what she thinks his current interest is, "runner, and saved everyone!"

D'ren smiles a little bit back at Linny, his expression reserved but putting on a happy face for Linden's sake, even though he knows they're both hurting. He listens to the story, smiling and running his hand over the boy's head. Linden beams, and then giggles. "How?" he asks, pressing for details. So D'ren glances at Linny and picks up the story. "There was no food in the weyr! But Linden knew a /secret/ hiding place with lots of food, and he brought the food to everyone." Linden sips his juice and eyes his father, frowning a little bit. "Wewe Jacob?"

"Jacob was…kidnapped! By these /evil/ men who wanted to hurt him. So after Linden found the food for everyone to eat, he traveled /all/ over Pern in order to find Jacob. He fought off the bad guys and saved him!" Linny finishes the story with a big smile and raised eyebrows, hoping that this story will suffice enough to make Linden happy. There's a look sent to D'ren, one that hopes that he will be able to help her out if her story falters again. He always was the better story teller between the two of them.

Linden looks between his parents and grins, nodding. This story is Linden Approved! He finishes his juice and leans forward to put the cup down, and then snuggles between his parents, one of his little hands curling into each one of theirs. "Wuv my fam'wy," he says. D'ren smiles, squeezing his son's hand and looking over at Linny briefly, before he answers the boy. "And your family loves you too."

Linny squeezes her son's hand, but pointedly avoids looking over at D'ren, if only because of the emotional significance of it all. "We love you, honey," she simply response in a small voice. "How about we let Daddy put you to bed tonight? Would you like that?" she asks, raking her fingers through his hair again as she peers down at him.

Linden looks up at his mother, his dark green eyes searching hers as he tries to figure out if this would make his mother Happy or Not Happy. Not Happy things must be avoided. But since she suggested it, he grins and nods. "Yes!" he says eagerly, getting to his knees and kissing her cheek. "I wuv you," he whispers to his mother, before he crawls into his father's lap. D'ren winces when a wayward knee strikes a sensitive spot, ooofing softly as he lifts the boy and stands. "Alright, son, let's get you to bed," he says, tucking Linden against his hip as he expertly scoops up the stuffed canine as well, walking out to the boy's crib.

"I love you, too," she whispers back in a highly emotional tone, eyes closed as she savors the moment before she sends Linden off with D'ren. While he's off putting their son to bed, Linny sets to cleaning up the weyr— putting Linden's former juice glass over by the bar before she gathers up the used towel and washcloths from the bath, putting them in their respective dirty pile. And when she's done with that, she heads over in the direction of his crib, smiling down at him after he's tucked in. "Sweet dreams, Linden."

D'ren puts Linden to sleep, tucking him in and smiling down at the boy. "Night, son," he says, glancing over at Linny. Linden smiles up at his parents and then closes his eyes, wiggling down beneath the covers and pretending to be asleep. D'ren grins, touching the boy's nose. "Sleep for real." Linden giggles and rolls over, pulling his stuffed canine with him.

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