Linden, Linny, D'ren


Linden starts to crawl!

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Inner Caverns

Ancient caverns unfold in an endless maze of tunnels and stairs, the Weyr's cavities a labyrinth to the uninitiated. Here, trimmed by the last of the stone cutters, arched walls and vaulted ceilings retain the soapy smoothness of well-worn stone, as do the endless tunnel floors kept clear and tidy. Shadows creep and flicker across these glowlit mountain walls, creatures of non-light wending their way east to the main caverns and bowl, or branching out in a web of caves to the Weyr's living spaces.

Linny's certainly having one of those days, and not ever one to be able to disguise her feelings well, it shows so early on her face. In one arm she carries a sleeping Roslin, her curly head of hair laying so blissfully and adorably on her mother's shoulder, mouth open in a soft 'o' shape. Linden's got an 'o' face, too, but his is of the screaming variety, which makes it truly a wonder that Roslin's still passed out. Linden wiggles and squirms in Linny's arms, wanting to be down on the ground where he can /roam/, not held captive like he is now. Meanwhile, the goldrider is debating whether or not just to take both kids back to the brat caves and let the nannies deal with them for the rest of the day. Or maybe the rest of their lives.

D'ren steps out of the baths, clothes sticking to him in his customary fashion. He does have a towel slung around his shoulders; he just hasn't used it. "I thought I heard the dulcet tones of my son," he tells Linny with a sympathetic smile as he approaches, hands out to offer to lift the little boy. "He's in one of /those/ moods, huh?"

The relief that washes over Linny's face at the sight of her weyrmate is almost comical, immediately shoving (well, /almost/ shoving) Linden at him. "Here. /You/ see if you can calm him down. He was such a sweetheart when I walked in to get him from the nannies, and as soon as I picked him up, well…." A hand gestures at his red and still screaming face. Linny shifts Roslin so that she can hold her with both arms, since the little girl is getting rather heavy to carry now, placing a few soft kisses in her hair.

D'ren holds his squirming and wriggling and screaming son in his arms, bouncing the boy gently. "Hey, now, what's wrong?" he murmurs to him, walking over to sit in a chair and balance the boy on his knees. Linden continues to scream. "Is he hungry, maybe?" D'ren asks as he pulls out the back of Linden's pants and diaper to take a little sniff.

"He shouldn't be," Linny replies, trying to keep her voice down around her sleeping daughter but having to speak over her son, who sounds like someone's torturing the poor guy. "And he should be clean. Does he have a fever?" she asks, since she shouldn't exactly put her hand to his forehead with Roslin in her arms, too.

D'ren kisses Linden's forehead and shakes his head, "Nope," he says, sliding off the chair to sit on the floor, his legs outstretched. "Maybe he's tired," he suggests with a shrug for his weyrmate, laying Linden down between his legs on the boy's stomach. A posture which usually gets him to relax.

"I don't know /what/ his deal is, but…it's horrible to say, but I just don't think I have the patience for him today," Linny replies, the guilt so obvious on her face as she says those awful words about her son. "He's just so damn moody sometimes." But that gets the goldrider to smirk, trying to cover it up by putting her lips once more into Roslin's hair and giving her some little kisses as her amused eyes are on her weyrmate.

D'ren shakes his head, "That's not horrible to say," he assures her, watching Linden struggle to get up onto his hands and knees, his crying diminished as he tries out this New Thing. "I can take him tonight if you want," he offers. "Since I had the night off last night." Then he grins, looking knowingly up at his moody weyrmate.

"You always make me feel guilty when you offer that. Like I need a night off from the kids. And not only the kids, you too. You know I don't like spending the night away from you," Linny murmurs, giving him those big brown doe eyes. That look definitely looks when Roslin uses it, but is it as effective when Linny wears it? Who knows.

D'ren glances up at her in surprise. "Guilty? I don't intend to. I'm just offering. You can say no," he says, smiling lightly. "And sometimes you /do/ need a night off from the kids."

Slowly, so as to not wake up Roslin, Linny lowers herself into a sitting position on the ground, both for her own comfort and for her daughter's, both dark haired girls letting their short little legs stretch out. "As much as I appreciate the offer, he's my son, too, and just because he's in a bad mood doesn't mean I can just ship him off to spend the night with you. I need to learn patience with him and /have/ patience with him. I do think Roslin being such a good baby spoiled me, though, as a mother. I figured all of my kids would be as easy as she was."

D'ren watches Linden hold himself up on all fours with a growing smile, glancing over at Linny. "So I should refuse to give you some time off?" he asks, his voice a little teasing. "No one's perfect all the time, Lin. Everyone has their breaking points." Case in point - his stepping down from Wingleader. "But I'll bring him to your weyr tonight if you'd like. Whatever works for you," he assures her, smiling. "I'd like to take him for the afternoon, though."

"Take him for the afternoon," Linny replies with a nod of her head, a hand absently stroking Roslin's hair as she does so. "And if his mood improves, both of you come home tonight. /But/." And that's a big but. "If he stays cranky, then, if you wouldn't mind keeping him for the night, I'd really appreciate it." Her eyes flick over to Linden, a little grin on her face. "He seems better now, at least."

D'ren shakes his head, smiling. "It's not a problem," he assures her. Looking back at Linden, he watches the boy lift one of his arms and wave it, body wobbling before he smacks it down onto the rug. His other arm follows, and so does his leg until three limbs have moved but the remaining leg remains back behind him in a little stretch. D'ren instantly beams and whispers, "Lin, look."

"I see him," she murmurs, her eyes glued on their son in this moment, a proud grin on her face. "Look at our big boy go." Now, it's time to share the pride with her weyrmate, and it's impossible for her to /not/ go all mushy inside when seeing how happy D'ren is right now. Much like Roslin's head on her shoulder, Lin leans her head against his shoulder, still watching Linden, both because this is a special moment and in fear that he will and could hurt himself.

D'ren loops his arm around Linny's waist as Linden takes that final movement to have crawled his first 'step'. His first crawl? Then the little boy is off, butt wiggling back and forth as he gets used to this new freedom. D'ren moves away from Linny and crawls after their son, making sure his path doesn't take his noggin into anything hard or sharp or dangerous. "He's crawling!" he tells Linny, glancing back once with a face-splitting beam.

"He is indeed. Hope your weyr is properly baby proofed now, my love. I hear boys are a lot rougher than girls are, so…now that he's moving, our lives officially become a living nightmare." But, it's all said with a big smile on her face, eyes looking back and forth between Linden and D'ren, still constantly worrying that her son is going to get hurt. Faranth us all the day he gets his first big boo-boo. Linny might cry harder than he will. "Look at you; such the proud father." Really, to Lin, that's the best part of this moment. Sure, Linden crawling is monumental, but for her, it's been watching /D'ren's/ reaction to parenthood that's truly been the joy for her.

D'ren follows their son around, gently nudging him to one side when he nears the end of the rug. Wanting to keep him on the soft rug surface instead of the rough stone. "I guess we'll find out," D'ren says with a chuckle. He grins, "I am, and I'll freely admit it. I love being a father." Linden, despite not wanting to stop, has to start to slow down when his limbs get worn out from this first forray.

"He's growing up. Our son. My little baby." Linny juts out her bottom lip in a dramatic pout, but suddenly, her attention is on Roslin, who mumbles something softly in her sleep, shifting position in her mother's arms before she settles back into her afternoon nap. Then, Linny's focus is back on her boys crawling around on the rug. "Next, he'll be /talking/, honey. Talking and walking and then he's going to be coming home late after partying too hard with his friends."

D'ren laughs, scooping up Linden into his arms when the boy flops onto his belly with a frustrated noise. Cradling the infant, D'ren gently tickles his belly to keep him smiling. "Yup," he says, grinning at Linny. "I'm so excited." He doesn't seem at all concerned or sad at Linden's milesone.

Making sure to not get in the way of D'ren's tickling, Linny sneaks in a motherly kiss to Linden's nose, whispering something in his ear that's meant for only /him/ to hear. Even if he can't understand it. "I kind of don't want you guys to be away tonight, now. We should celebrate. And not like Marlon's smile party or whatever the fuck that was, but just us. Get some dinner, spend all night playing with the kids until bedtime, and then all pass out in bed together. Or, you and I can snuggle in bed /alone/." Oh, the options.

D'ren chuckles, shaking his head. "Poor Marlon. I hardly see him anymore these days." He smiles, "If you're up for it, I'll bring him back later this evening and we can do just that. You get to pick the food, and I'll make sure he shows up happy."

"Deal." Linny's got the easy job. D'ren's the one who has got his work cut out for him, in her mind. "So what are you going to do with him this afternoon?" Since he seemed like maybe he had something in mind when he asked to take Linden for the afternoon.

D'ren shakes his head, "Not a clue," he answers with a smile. He's /spontanious/. "Maybe go to the greenhouses, or play in the weyr. He's almost figured out that puzzle with the colored blocks. Might work on that. Or read to him."

"Such a good daddy," Linny comments, beaming up at him. And it's not said in any sort of a teasing voice; she's been one hundred percent genuine. Suddenly, something occurs to her, and her expression shifts, slightly more serious but also with an undeniably happy undertone. "Do you know what I just realized?"

D'ren shifts Linden in his arms as the tuckered out little boy starts to drop off to sleep, his eyelids doing that sinking clos-WIDE OPEN-sinking closed thing. "What's that?"

"Not to curse it or anything, but…we've been together for almost two Turns now. Straight. With no break ups." Linny's eyebrows pull together as she looks at him, pensive. Not so much worried about his reaction, but worried that saying it out loud will cause them to spontaneously combust. Even if a portion of the two Turns was their commitment without commitment relationship.

D'ren grins, "Have we now? Is it a record? I can't remember how long we were together the first time."

"I think it might be a record. I honestly don't know if we lasted more than a Turn at a time, at most. As weird as it sounds, it's hard to remember," Linny replies, a soft grin given to him. "And now look at us. Kids asleep in our arms. We've had a relationship for over two Turns. D'ren, I hate to say it, but I think we are officially grown up."

D'ren laughs, smiling at her and leaning over their children to seek a kiss. "We had a lot of other stuff going on," he reminds, as reason for not remembering. "We're never grown up. There's always growing to do," he says with a loving smile.

As if Linny is going to deny him a kiss in a moment like this. Of /course/ she gives him a kiss, her tongue trying to make it a deeper, more passionate kiss, not exactly appropriate for public, but…it happens. "As long as we're growing together," she whispers against his lips, not so willing to break up their moment just yet.

D'ren deepens the kiss for a moment, but then it's back to being simple and sweet. "Yes," he assures her, drawing back and smiling. "So what are we having for dinner?" He's a man - such a subject switch is easy for him.

Linny emits a sigh as she gives him a droll and slightly unamused look. He broke the kiss to talk about /food/. How rude. "I don't know. I guess whatever the kitchens cooks tonight? Probably a salad, meat of some kind, vegetables. The usual. Maybe treat the kids to some cookies or a pie for dessert." Lin /wants/ to make a comment about treating D'ren to some different kind of dessert after that, but she refrains. The smirk on her face speaks for itself.

D'ren grins back at her and nods. "Sounds delicious," he murmurs. "We should probably go put these kids down for their naps," he says, reluctantly getting to his feet and cradling Linden against his damp chest.

And so Linny carefully and slowly gets to her feet so that Roslin's not too jostled in the process, but she does need to be adjusted in the goldrider's arms to make carrying the little girl easier on them both. "All right, my love. My love/s/. I'll see you both later." Linden gets another kiss, this one on his forehead, and then she's tilting her face up for D'ren to give her a kiss. Times like these that the height difference between them really sucks.

D'ren bends down to give her the kiss she silently requests, smiling. "We'll see you both later too," he promises, pulling the towel from around his neck to wrap around Linden, to keep the boy warm as they head off to whatever it is they're going to do.

And Linny and Roslin head off as well, but the mother-daughter duo head up to the goldrider's weyr so that the little one can finish her nap and so her mother can finish her hidework. Or maybe she'll take a nap, too. Decisions, decisions.

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