Linden, Linny

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The Playboy Mansion

Not particularly one of the more ostentatious weyrs, though certainly of a larger size than most, this weyr immediately comes off as quaint and cozy with a distinctively Istan feel in the middle of High Reaches. Upon the floors are plush rugs, all the same creamy color, and every single piece of furniture found within the weyr is built out of a lighter wood, which borders on a creamy color, though it could be considered more off-white or pale yellowish. Tucked in corners and random spaces throughout the weyr are touches of green, various plants and flowers, all native to Ista, which add a definite pop of color to the decor. Found hung on the walls are pictures that vary from sketches of an assortment of Istan beaches to maps outlining the island.

The weyr is broken up into two distinct areas. Upon entering, to the left is an office area, which consists of two large desks that face the interior of the weyr, a large bookshelf set slightly behind them against the wall, which is packed full of books on any number of topics. Upon the shelves, in front of the books are a few jars of black sand set here and there, along with some seashells sprinkled all over the place, varying in size, shape, and color. To the right is a main sitting area, packed full of large and plush couches, chairs and footrests, all different and unique in their shades of cream, white, off-white, and tan. Two bookshelves are found there also, matching the other one as far as design and decoration.

The second area of the weyr, in addition to being the most important, is the bedroom, set apart by a breezy, white linen curtain. The bed is, obviously, the most dominant piece of furniture within the room, dressed in white sheets and pillowcases with a light blue comforter on top, placed in almost the direct center of the room, nightstands set on either side. Directly across from the bed on the far right wall is a miniature hearth, certainly still large enough to heat the weyr even if its size is unimpressive. In front of the hearth is an overlong and deep couch, unquestionably big enough for two people to lie together without feeling squished. Back behind the bed on the left wall is a recessed alcove, where dressers and chests are placed, a designated dressing area.

With Roslin spending the night with Xilaros, it /should/ be easier for Linny to only have to deal with Linden tonight, but the opposite seems to be true. Numbly, she's gone through the motions of getting her son ready for bed, bathing him, and now that she's finished up getting his pajamas on him, she reaches for a comb to start combing his damp hair. "Do you want to sleep in bed with Mommy tonight?"

Linden wrinkles his nose and squirms at the hair combing. "I jus' sleep!" he protests, waving a little hand at his hair. "No neat haiur!" It's just going to get messed up anyway. He tries the same logic to get out of making his bed. Then he turns to blink emerald eyes at his mother, brow furrowing with tiny wrinkles. "Wewe Daddy? Daddy sweep wif Mommy."

"Honey, c'mon now. We need to comb your hair or else it'll be a mess in the morning," Linny replies, the tiredness obvious in her tone as with her free hand, she gently pushes his hand back down. When the second question comes, her already tired expression turns all the more exhausted and worn, shaking her head sadly at her son. "Honey, Daddy's not going to be sleeping here with us anymore. Let's…come and sleep in bed with Mommy, and we'll talk, okay? Just you and me tonight."

Linden looks confused, but he stops protesting the combing of his hair. "I saw bug!" he then exclaims, little hand now waving in his excitement. "I squish it. Go ewwww!" He giggles, peals of laughter echoing in the cavern. "Big bug! Go bye-bye!"

Linny, with a sigh, abandons her hair-combing-quest and lets the little boy go. "Stay close, okay, love? Mommy's gotta put her pajamas on." And so she slips into her own little dressing area to throw on some pajamas, not worrying any more about looking sexy or even if her top matches her bottom. It simply doesn't matter anymore. "Okay, Li-Li. Bed time. Go get a friend to bring to bed." 'Friend' as in a stuffed animal toy, whichever one that Linden wants to sleep with tonight.

Linden toddles excitedly out to his crib, reaching through the slats to tug his stuffed canine with him. "I get Wex!" he yells to his mother, running back to her and waving the black stuffed animal. "Big bed big bed big bed!" he chants happily. Darting into the bedroom with little legs pumping, he tries to climb up onto the high bed and fails. "Eh! Eh eh eh!" he says, making little noises as he tries to get up. "I need hewp," he finally admits, turning to look imploringly at his mother. /She/ can make it all better.

After he runs into her bedroom, which brings a soft grin to Linny's face, she closes the curtains, though she makes sure that Kaelidyth is completely blocking the entrance to her weyr. Even with a big gold dragon sitting out on her ledge, without a man around, /her/ man, to protect her and her family, she feels a little anxious and apprehensive. The covers are tossed back before hands slide down to his waist and, with a little grunt, she picks him up and places him on the bed. "Okay, get comfy, sweetheart." Linny makes sure that Linden gets settled before she crawls into bed, tucking in the covers around them as she wraps her arms around her son for some snuggling.

Linden crawls excitedly all over the bed, bouncing and reveling in the /space/ before he climbs up to his father's spot and plops his dark haired head onto the pillow. Wiggling closer to his mother, he puts his little hand against her collarbone, gently grasping the fabric of her top into his little fist. Wex is tucked under his other arm, between them. Then, just as they're getting comfortable, he says, "Potty."

"Linden. I /asked/ you if you had to go before I put your pajamas on. Come on." Linny scoops her up in his arms, carrying her little man out towards the ledge, asking Kaelidyth to move just enough to allow them to pass though. She puts Linden down, and then…she looks helpless. "Do you remember how…how Daddy showed you to…" She trails off, making the motion of holding "her penis" in her hand to him. Peeing off of a ledge is always something fun for men to do, and sometimes, it's necessary. "Show Mommy how you go potty like a big boy."

Linden looks up at his mother and then beams. Pulling down his PJ pants he does it just like Daddy showed him to. Though with a bit more fanfare and waving things about. Then he leeeeeans over the ledge to try and watch. "Wheeeeee!"

As much as Linny wants to laugh at him and his antics, she also feels it necessary to be the stern one right now. "Linden. No—don't do that. Just…go potty. If you get any pee-pee on you, we have to take a bath /alllll/ over again." Even if the little boy might like that. "And be /careful/." The ledge gives Linny much anxiety when it comes to the kids.

Linden very dramatically does 'the shake' and then pulls up his pants, beaming at his mother and lifting his hands. "Up!" he declares happily. "Bath!" Don't give him any ideas, or he might pee on himself on purpose. But then he's distracted by a biiiig yawn, blinking sleepy eyes.

"Let's just…we'll wash your hands, but then we're going to bed." Linny bends over to scoop him up, unable to resist placing a kiss on his cheek as she carries him back inside the weyr, making sure Kaelidyth moves back into place before they head towards the bathing area. She puts him down and gets out some soapsand, putting it in his hands. She even puts some in her hands, bending down to wet her hands before she starts rubbing them together. "We'll wash our hands /together/. Let's get them good and clean, okay?"

Linden giggles happily as he scrubs his hands. "Bubbles!" he exclaims, showing his hands to his mother and looking wide-eyed with awe. Just like he does every time he makes bubbles. He blows ever so gently on them, watching in fascination as they move around his hand and catch the light. He squeals suddenly. "Wainbow!" he exclaims. "Wainbow, Mommy, wook!"

"I know, baby!" For as much as she wants to wallow in her own sorrow right now, it's impossible not to try and enjoy every single moment that she has with Linden. Even as there's a bittersweet realization that she's the one getting to have these moments with him, and not D'ren. Linny finishes up washing her hands, dipping her hands down into the water and rinsing them off. "Your turn, baby. Let's rinse off and get to bed. Mommy needs a snuggle buddy tonight. You get to be my big boy now."

Linden frowns, not wanting to wash his rainbows down the drain. But he does, sticking his hands and sloshing it about to make splashes. Rainbows are forgotten - splashes are way better! He considers the towel for a moment and then just shakes them.

"You're so like your father," Linny murmurs as she goes over to get a towel to dry her own hands, and then she lifts up Linden's hands to dry them herself. "Okay, back to bed. I'll help you up again." After tossing the towel into the dirty pile, Linny follows after her son into the bedroom, closing the curtains once more, and helping him up into bed before she crawls in.

Linden climbs back into his spot and snuggles down, scooting closer to his mother and curling his fist into her shirt once more.

Linny wraps her arms around her son to hold him close to her, kissing him on his head before she rests her head against his: an act that she always enjoyed D'ren doing to her. "Honey, can we have a talk about Daddy?"

Linden blinks open his eyes and looks up at his mother, forehead wrinkled. "Wewe Daddy?" he asks, perking up and looking towards the door. "Hewe? Aik?" he hollers in his piping voice. Instead, Dolph glides into the room and perches on the bed beside the little boy. Very gently, Linden pats the bronze, who croons happily.

Linny emits a sigh and jumps into the conversation with both feet, already holding back tears. "Daddy is with his Mommy and Daddy right now. Your Gran and Pop. Aik is with them, too. Honey, Gran is sick right now, and so Daddy went so that he can Pop can take care of her." Lin picks up her head to look down at Linden, to see how he handles that information before she continues.

Linden turns to look away from Dolph, and the firelizard curls up beside the boy with muzzle tucked under tail. "Gwan sick?" he asks worriedly. "Medcine?" He makes a nasty face, since medicine is terrible tasting.

"Well, sort of. They are moving Gran from Ista and taking her somewhere where she can get better. That's Daddy's mommy and he loves her just as much as you love me. If I was sick, you'd help me to get better, right?" He's hugged closer to her body, and Linny dips her head to kiss his hair, still damp, again.

Linden nods his head. "I wud," he says, snuggling closer. "Cuz I wuv you."

"I know, baby. And I love you, too." Which is another excuse for more kisses, if only because it gives her some time to think about how to word the next information Linny has for him. "But, Linden, the thing is—-after Gran is better and Daddy comes home, Daddy's not going to live here anymore. He has his own weyr that he'll be sleeping at, and you and Roslin will sleep there sometimes while Mommy sleeps here. Okay?"

Linden sits up and frowns, looking at his mother. He looks around the weyr, a puzzled expression on his face. "But…" he says, clearly processing this information. "His cwows hewe!" he says, pointing to D'ren's closet. Then the little boy giggles. "Daddy /nakud/!"

"Daddy is going to come back and get his clothes. He…he won't have anything here when he comes back. It will all be in /his/ weyr. So, this will be Mommy's weyr and then Daddy will have his own weyr. You'll get to spend time with /just/ him from now on, and then you'll have some time with just Mommy, too. Like, you know how Roslin gets to spend time with her other Daddy? You'll get to do that with your Daddy. Isn't that special?" Even as she tries to spin this as a positive, it's hard for Linny to put any excitement in her voice.

Linden looks at his mother, confused by the contradiction in her words and her voice. So rather than try and figure out what she just said, he reacts to the emotion in her voice. Reaching out, he gently puts his little hand on her cheek. He struggles for something to say, and then just defaults to what usually makes her smile. "I wuv you, Mommy." Then he looks hopeful. Mommy happy now?

It makes her happy, but tears immediately spring to Linny's eyes, as much as she tries to choke them back, not wanting to confuse Linden even more. "And I love you too, baby. So much. You're my special man now. Mommy's big boy." Suddenly, she hugs him closer to her body, kissing his hair repeatedly, leaving her lips there to rest so that she can hide her overwhelming emotion from him. "I love you more than I can ever tell you, Linden. You and Roslin are the best things that ever happened to me."

Linden is confused, but he hugs his mother back with his little arms tight around her neck. "I wuv you," he repeats. He thinks a moment, and then adds, "Is okay. I big boy. I hewp." What she needs, he doesn't know, but he'll do whatever it is.

Another kiss to his head and a few not-so-secretive swipes of her fingertips under her eyes to remove tears, and then Linny's pulling back to smile at her son. "Good, because I'll definitely need your help. Mommy will be taking care of you by herself now, so I need you to be a good boy. Make your bed, clean up your toys." And since it needs to addressed— "And you know what? Sometimes you'll see Mommy cry, but that's okay. Mommy's just a little sad because she misses Daddy a lot. But I love you, and you make me happy. So whenever you see me cry, just tell me that you love me, and you'll make it all better. Okay?"

Linden tilts his head and lifts his fingers to gently wipe her cheeks, mimicking her gesture. Then he nods. "Okay," he agrees quietly. "Daddy wuv you, too," he says with a firm little expression on his little face. "We all wuv you."

Linny would love to make a comment about how Daddy doesn't love her any more, but she's not about to cut down D'ren in front of their son. "Thank you, baby. That means…that means so much to me." A kiss now to his forehead as she tucks the blankets in around them. "Tell you what. From now on, when Roslin is off with her Daddy, you and I will always do something together, okay? Take a trip or do something special. And you can sleep in my bed with me on those nights, and if you're ever scared, you can come and sleep with me, okay?"

Linden snuggles comfortably under the covers, turning to give Dolph a little pat. "Nigh', Daddy," he tells the firelizard. Dolph chirps softly and, no doubt, D'ren just got the message because a moment later the bronze nuzzles the boy with a soft croon. Linden nods sleepily to his mother. "Otay," he whispers. "I not scawed." He just has to point that out.

Linny's eyes turns sad as she looks at Dolph and the nuzzling that happens afterwards. A few blinks, and making sure that she hides her devastated expression from Linden, murmurs, "Yes. Good night, Daddy." A kiss to Linden's head and then she's shifting him into a more comfortable sleeping position for the boy, her hand smoothing his hair back in a soothing and comforting way. "It's okay to feel scared sometimes. Mommy's scared. But we have each other, and that's what matters. We're a family. Forever." Even as the word gets caught in her throat.

Linden looks up at his mother, missing the significance of that word. Dolph, however, croons softly at the goldrider, his eyes spinning slowly. With a long sigh the bronze curls up once more and drifts off to sleep, and Linden isn't far behind.

Unfortunately, Linny is far behind, giving Linden a final kiss goodnight, allowing her eyes to roam over his face time and time again. Looking at her son, /their/ son, and now that he's asleep, and Dolph is asleep, the goldrider allows some silent tears to roll down her face as she thinks about her precious, shattered family, and her once more broken heart.

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