Linden, Roslin, Linny, D'ren


Linden's first steps.

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Island Getaway

The inner weyr is small compared to the massive cave outside. Glows set into alcoves along the wall can be uncovered to provide enough light to read and sketch without strain, or covered to drop the room into near total darkness. The room is taken up mostly with a large wooden bed with a new rush-filled mattress. It is covered in warm blankets, with more blankets tucked neatly away in to a clothes press at the foot of the bed. A desk is against the opposite wall, spread with hides. Wooden book shelves have been built, and are draped with cloth leaves depicting the current season. A table with two chairs, a dresser, and a small brazier complete the furniture of the room.

As the afternoon wears on and begins to drift towards evening, D'ren and Aikuonath's weyr is a busy place. With the bronze strategically placed to block all exits to the dangerous ledge, the kids and D'ren are corralled inside the warmest part of the weyr. After an art project (which left paint splatters all over the floor, the kids, their clothes, and D'ren - at least it's water soluble) the paintings are left to dry on the table. Sitting on the floor, D'ren plays with blocks with Linden tucked between his legs and Roslin across from him. "What are we going to build?"

"A dwagin!" Roslin announces, clapping her hands eagerly, reaching out afterwards to push the blocks towards D'ren. "Build, Poppa, build!" She's just going to watch him as he works, and probably tell him what he's doing wrong as he's doing it. Typical woman-in-training. Typical Linny-spawn. Linden, meanwhile, is starting to grow a little restless just sitting in between his father's legs, whining slightly as he looks around to the places that he wants to /see/. Under the table looks fun. Over by Roslin's toys looks rather exciting. So many places to /see/ and yet his father is making him /sit/, thus making him very unhappy.

D'ren laughs. "A dragon out of square blocks? I can try, I guess." Pern needs Legos (tm). He starts arranging the blocks as best he can, looking down at Linden. "Want to crawl, son?" he asks with a fond smile. "Go on, just be careful." He gives the little boy a gentle nudge, encouraging him onward and keeping watch to make sure he doesn't eagerly crawl into anything. All the sharp corners have at least been rounded off or covered with towels. Still, it's Pern, not Fisher Price Land.

Roslin, of course, isn't at all concerned where her little brother is going. Instead, her focus is on D'ren and his building skills, and so she sits, completely and totally enraptured by the whole process. Of course, in her little mind, she can /totally/ pretend that it's a real dragon. Her dragon. Hey, Momma and Poppa both have dragons; she should too! Linden has decided that under the table is old news, and Roslin's toy chest is where the fun is at. With eager little grunting noises, the little boy hurriedly crawls over there, and as soon as he's there, he pulls himself up to stand with the help of chest itself, getting his balance before diving in, pulling out stuffies and tossing them on the ground carelessly.

D'ren divides his attention between the dragon for Roslin, and keeping an eye on Linden's exploration. "Hey, you'll have to put those back," he says to the baby, smiling. He knows he doesn't understand, but D'ren still likes Linden to hear his voice as often as he can. "Linden, what did you find?" he asks. "What stuffy is that?" Hopefully not one of Roslin's favorites tossed carelessly on the floor.

Roslin /wasn't/ paying attention to her brother…until her /toys/ are brought into the equation. "Poppaaaaa!" she whines, pointing a finger at those poor stuffies on the ground. After being yelled at time and time again by Linny, as well as likely Xilaros and D'ren too, Ros knows better than to throw a temper tantrum, even if she desperately wants to. Linden, however, was on a mission. Out of the toy chest comes Polly, Roslin's /favorite/ stuffie by far, the runner given to her by her Auntie Rhaeyn. With a big accomplished smile on his face, Linden turns around with Polly stretched out in front of him. "Pa!" he shrieks, taking one shaky step, then another before standing steady on both feet, not using anything to balance with.

D'ren looks over at Linden when the boy calls for him, already beaming to hear himself be called 'Pa'. Melts his heart every time. Then again, so does Roslin's whining 'Poppa'. Emerald eyes widen as he watches Linden take his first step, gasping softly. "Linden," he whispers, "you're walking, son! Look, Roslin, your brother's walking! Take Polly to Roslin, son. Go give Roslin her toy," he encourages, beaming.

Roslin could care less about Linden walking; all she cares about is her beloved Polly in her little brother's possession. He could slobber all over her! Now that he has his father's full attention, Linden is smiling even bigger, a nice piece of drool coming out of the corner of his mouth. He wavers slightly in his stance, but soon, he takes three rapid steps in a row before he falls backwards onto his bottom. Back on the ground, he quickly switches into a crawl, pulling Polly with him, making a beeline towards Roslin. He has her toy to give her, after all.

D'ren, and he'll never admit it, gets a little teary eyed. "Good boy, Linden," he praises softly, voice oddly thick. "Take Polly to Roslin. Look, Petal, he's bringing you your favorite toy. He knows it's your favorite." Ramble, ramble, ramble. "You're growing up, son," D'ren says, waiting for Linden to come over to them.

It doesn't take long for Linden to get over to Roslin, propping himself up on one hand in order to extend the hand with Polly in it to his big sister. Like the little brat that she is, though she's a cute brat, Roslin yanks Polly out of Linden's hand, hugging the runner close to her body. "Mine!" she declares, but Linden is unbothered by her reaction, still wearing a smile as he now goes back over to D'ren on all fours. His mission was accomplished. Roslin asked for a dragon from D'ren, but Linden gave her a runner.

D'ren frowns sharply at Roslin. "Roslin," he says firmly. "You do not talk to your brother that way. Now go put Polly - and your other toys - away and we're not playing again until you apologize to Linden for being rude." Even if Linden didn't notice. D'ren lifts his son into his arms, not letting Roslin's rudeness ruin this moment for him. "You walked, Linden!" he says, lifting the boy up high and grinning up at him. "You walked and you were so /nice/ to your sister!"

Roslin knows an unfair situation when she's in one. "/Li/ did!" she declares, pointing a finger to the pile of stuffies on the ground. Feeling as if she has a right to be upset, and perhaps knowing tears always work with the men in her life (being D'ren and Xilaros), Roslin bursts into big, sad tears, her face crumbling. Especially since he's paying so much attention to Linden and not to her. The little boy squeals as he's lifted up by his father, giving him a /huge/ smile, one that practically takes over his face, reddening his chubby little cheeks.

D'ren looks impassively at Roslin. Tears do what? Lifting Linden into his arms the bronzerider stands. "Pick up the toys, Roslin. That's your punishment for being rude to your brother. When you're finished, you can come join Linden and me on the ledge and I'll tell you a story." Story time! Then he walks out. Harsh. But he has no tolerance for rudeness from either of his children. Or tears to try and get what you want. Plus, OMG Linden walked!

As if there was ever any doubt that Roslin is Linny's daughter, she cleans up the toys, sure. But she has /attitude/ as she does it, roughly throwing her toys back into the chest, and oh /hell/ no, she's not going back out for story time. She's /angry/ at her Poppa, and she is going to punish /him/ for being unfair to her. Instead, Roslin keeps Polly out from the toy chest, and she crawls into her bed, silently talking to her favorite stuffie. Eventually, she'll just fall asleep, and should hopefully be totally fine in the morning. Linden is really excited to go out on the ledge, loving to look at everything it has to offer. "Mama?" he questions D'ren, pointing a finger to a passing brown dragon.

D'ren sits on Aikuonath's foreleg as the bronze shifts to give his rider and son a better view of things. "No, that's not Mommy," D'ren chuckles. "Mommy's dragon is gold. Remember? Shiny," he says, pointing to a gold button on his jacket. "Gold."

Linden focus on that gold button for a moment before something else in the air catches his attention. "Mama?" he asks again, pointing to a green dragon spiraling down into the bowl. But then the little boy is suddenly aware that Roslin hasn't joined them on the ledge, and his head is swiveling around, searching for her. "Ro?"

D'ren closes his eyes for a moment, and shakes his head at the image Coral sends him. Of course he wouldn't leave Roslin unsupervised. "She's playing by herself. Let her be. She'll come out when she's in a better mood," he says, smiling. "She's like her Mommy. Just give her space and she'll be fine."

Despite the fact that his mother is still unaccounted for, Linden seems quite content, and he's definitely reassured in knowing where his big sister is. She is a shining little star in his universe right now, even if she doesn't feel the same way around him. "Dada," he says softly, almost a whisper, as he puts his head against D'ren, a hand patting against his father.

D'ren smiles down at his son, a finger gently tapping the boy's chest. "Linden," he says back to his son. "I love you," he whispers, kissing the boy's dark hair. "I love you and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make your life a good one."

Even though he wrongly called two other dragons 'mama', Linden doesn't seem to notice when Kaelidyth and Linny /do/ appear in the sky, but that could be because he's starting to fall asleep, so happy and content in his father's arms. Seeing them out there, Linny instructs the gold to land as gently as possible, which she does, and then she's dismounting as quietly as she can, smiling over at D'ren and Linden as she does so. "Hi."

D'ren watches his weyrmate arrive and he smiles. "Hi, honey," he says, gently standing with Linden cradled against his chest. "Roslin's inside on the bed," he says, walking forward to offer Linny a kiss. "How was your day? How'd the meeting go?"

"Oh." Linny tosses a glance inside the weyr before giving D'ren his welcoming kiss, running a gentle hand over top of her son's head, ruffling up his hair a little bit. "The meeting was fine. It was…a meeting." And judging by how tired she sounds, it must have been a long meeting. Or boring. "How was your day?" Lin asks him, removing her riding jacket and gear.

D'ren smiles, "It was wonderful," he says, sitting once more on Aikuonath's foreleg as the bonze rumbles a soft and respectful welcome to the gold and rider. "Linden took his first steps today, Linny. To take Polly to Roslin."

That's enough to shock the tired right out of the goldrider, body tensing as her eyes go wide, eyebrows raising into her forehead. "He…he…he did what? He walked?" And almost instantly the guilt takes over Linny's face, pain striking her deep within her gut as her expression turns pained. "I should have been here. I wish I could have seen it. My sweet little boy," she murmurs, running a hand overtop of Linden's head once more.

D'ren looks surprised at the guilt and the pain. Though he probably should have expected it. "I'm sorry you weren't here," he says genuinely. "He'll walk again." Lame, yes, but true! "He didn't even walk to me. He was walking to Roslin."

"That's because he's a good little boy," Linny replies with a little grunt in the middle as she lowers herself down to sit next to her weyrmate and son, but her eyes are totally on her dozing child, a loving grin on her face as her hand lightly rubs his back. "I hate that I missed it. Fucking Holders. Fucking meetings. Thinking that I sat in that stuffy room for candlemark upon candlemark, listening to them babble on about /nothing/ when I should have been /here/, it makes me…" Lin trails off with a sigh.

D'ren nods, "I know," he says softly and sympathetically. "I know, Lin, and I'm sorry you weren't here. But he /walked/! He's walking! Shards, the time is going by so fast," he says, staring out across the weyr. "Sometimes I can't wait for him to be ten, and other times I want time to slow down so I can just…watch him sleep."

"I know. I know, and I'm so proud of him. My big boy. Walking." After knowing how she ruined D'ren's moment before, when he said dada, Linny puts a smile on her face as she looks up at him. "I'm glad you saw it. I'm glad you were here for it. I'm…so glad that our kids won't be weyrbrats, raised by the nannies."

D'ren exhales softly, shifting Linden to one arm so his other can loop around Linny's shoulders. He kisses her temple softly. "I am too," he admits. "Even though we work ourselves to the bone, and they still have to spend time with the nannies, I think we're there for them as much as is possible. I'm…I'm so glad to be a part of their lives. Linny," he says quietly, "I love you, and you know that, and I'd be with you even without the kids. But it's all the /more/ special because I'm in love with the mother of my son."

At first, Linny can only grin fondly up at the bronzerider for his words, obviously so moved by them that she doesn't really know what to say in response. Her head turns to his kiss shoulder before she's looking at him again. "And I love you all the more because you love my daughter. I just hope that…that the kids don't ever resent me for working. Resent /us/ for working. I hate myself for having to miss these special moments, D'ren. Hate myself to the core."

D'ren shakes his head, "There will be more special moments," he soothes her. "They won't resent you. You're not your mother, Lin," he reassures gently. "You - and I - are going to be there for them when it matters the most. They'll know that."

A soft chuckle comes out of Linny at the mention of her mother, head ducking in a slightly embarrassed way. "I forget that you know me so well," she murmurs before giving her weyrmate a gentle grin. Her hand continues to rub her son's back for a few more moments before pulling it back, not wanting to wake him up by smothering him with the love she so desperately wants to cover him in.

D'ren holds Linden lightly against his chest, smiling at Linny. "What's say we put him to bed and you can tell me all about your meeting? Who said what stupid thing, and who was checking you out?" he teases with a little wink.

"How about you put your son to bed, and I'll check on my daughter?" Linny proposes with a smile, knowing how D'ren treasures his time with his son so much. "And you have a deal, if you toss in a glass of wine for the mother of your son." After the long day she's had, wine is almost a necessity.

D'ren grins, "Absolutely. And a massage, and some fresh fruit," he promises, winking at her and turning to walk into the little 'room' that holds Linden's crib.

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