Miel, Zaria


Zaria tries to show off her dart skills to Miel which leads to a pleasant conversation


It is sunset of the sixteenth day of the fourth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Last Call, Igen Weyr

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"Do you play?"

Last Call

From the bleak treachery of the wide ledge outside, the bar's interior is a veritable paradise. Nothing here matches: there's five shades of brown found just in the leather of the random scattered chairs, and all the tables are painted different mottled shades of earthen tones. Nothing symmetrical to be found here, no order, just a long bar along the far-edge of the weyr-converted, nestled into the nook that would normally be a private weyr's bedspace. The bottles that gleam behind that reclaimed counter of scarred and burned skybroom are rare and precious, with most of the joviality in the air coming from the tapped keg standing in the middle place of honor behind the bar. The decorations are sparse, entertainments few: dragonpoker and darts and fellow patrons provide the typical bar atmosphere, while a niche in the corner stands ready with stool and gitar-rack for the stolen Harper or musically-inclined rider. A weatherbeaten shingle hung precisely over the middle of the bar declares the house rules.

Outside, the skies are turning a myriad of sunset hues and spring is definitely in the air. At the moment, the rider-only accessible bar isn't seeing too much business but the few who are already comfortably settled are holding spirited conversations. How could they not? With so much gossip running about; what with the stuff happening in the Bazaar, the fallout of the bad Fall with Arroyo and the more conservative mindset rearing it's ugly head! Then came H'rik's announcement of the plans for a T-Tourney and that has been the heated topic among some groups. Miel isn't seated for once; rather she's standing across from a dartboard and lazily trying her hand at it. Her drink, however, holds a nearby table for her to peruse later.

Landing just long enough for his red-headed rider to hop down, Azrith is off, impatient to catch some company with his green interest of the week. Zaria just has to snicker at her blue, who is ailing with a serious case of spring fever. As she passes into the rider only bar, her hazel eyes sweep the now familiar surroundings, catching sight of a few familiar faces. But first things first. She heads behind the bar to fix herself a drink, a modest finger of rum from a bottle covered in dust. When she picks it up for a sip, her eyes rest on Miel at the dartboard and she tilts her head to one side with interest at the other redhead. "You any good?" she asks curiously before pressing the glass to her lips.

"Nope!" Comes Miel's bright and cheery reply, just as she takes aim… and catches the very outer edge of the dartboard. Barely. There's a heaved, dramatic sigh and she sweeps her hand to gesture. "See?" Laughing, she'll flash a quick grin to Zaria and hold out one of the darts to the bluerider. "Do you play?" It's likely that Azrith isn't the only one with spring fever, as Ivaenth is wheeling above and just enjoying flying for the sake of flying. Her hide is as vivid as ever, but it's likely not the glow the boys are looking for.

Trying to look modest, Zaria shrugs one shoulder as she steps back around the bar and saunters easily in Miel's direction, taking another long sip of her drink. Ridding herself of her short jacket, Leaving her clad in her soft wherhide pants and a simple short sleeved tunic with a scoop neckline in a soft orange. "I do actually, but it's been awhile," she replies, taking the dart from Miel's fingers, she puts down her drink and takes aim along the length of the dart for a moment before she lets it fly. With a THUNK it hits the brown ring on the board, which makes the bluerider wrinkle her lightly freckled nose, "Bit rusty. I should make time for some practice." This last is said with heavy sarcasm, she's already finding there aren't enough candlemarks to a day.

Miel's grin is still in place by the time Zaria takes one of her darts and then gives a soft whistle when the woman's luck proves to hold better than hers. "You call that rusty? At least you hit one of the rings!" On the heels of that, she'll try her hand at another one and yield no better result. At least it doesn't outright bounce off! "At this rate, if these T-Tourneys are really happening, a lot are gonna think I'm an easy target!" Pause and then she snorts in bemusement. "No pun intended!" Tired now of the game, she'll offer the rest of the darts to Zaria or simply stick them back from where she claimed them.

Zaria will gladly take the darts from Miel if she's done with them, determined to get a better result…and she may be showing off just a tiny bit too. The next dart lands in green which is the exact opposite to showing off. Lining up again, she raises a brow in interest as the talk turns to the T-Tourney, "You think people are going to judge your skill as a rider off your prowess at darts?" she asks with a playful smile. After carefully eyeing the target, Zaria exhales just as she throws the next one which lands barely in the bronze ring. The wingleader tries not to look too smug as she wanders back to her glass for a long sip. "And why wouldn't it happen? H'rik announced it, don't see why he would go back on it at this point," she remarks as she gently swishes the contents of her glass.

"Well I guess it depends on what sort've events are going to be setup!" Miel quips, innocently as she goes to take a seat at her table. Drink in hand, she'll watch as Zaria takes shot after shot with the darts; clearly a bit of showing off doesn't ruffle her feathers. "You wouldn't happen to know anything, would you?" Her grin suggests she's mildly teasing the Wingleader, with her obvious fishing for more information that's likely not public knowledge yet. Bad greenrider AWLM, bad! She'll give a small cheer when one dart finally hits the bronze ring and then shrugs dismissively. "Dunno. Just seems weird that we've had such a long spell between them? And you've heard the grumbling. Someone's going to take issue with it… or try."

"I don't sadly, no more than anyone else I suspect," Zaria says with a shake of her head as she lets lose the last dart, drink steady in her other hand. Alas, another brown, but that's enough of that for now. She wanders over to Miel's table and waves a hand at an empty seat, "You mind if I join you?" she asks, awaiting the greenrider's answer before sitting. Instead she just sips her drink further, hand resting casually on the seat back, "My guess? Nothing better than a little friendly competition to strengthen bonds within wings and Weyr. And yeah, I've heard the grumbling," has she ever, "And there are always dissenting opinions, as long as they aren't the majority, it's all good." Call her stubbornly optimistic, but Zaria has long ago learned to just let people grumble and channel her energy to proving them wrong.

Miel gives a welcoming sweep of her hand to the empty chairs. "Of course! Sit, make yourself comfortable!" she says in her usual bright, cheerful tone. Always the social butterfly, it's rare that the greenrider turns away company. Chuckling, she'll shrug again and take a small sip of her drink. "That's the whole point and I, for one, am really looking forwards to it! It'll be a nice shake up from the usual routines. You think you'll enter?" Her inquiry is purely curious in nature and given how open she is in expression and tone, it's obvious there's no hidden agenda here. Miel is just… herself! "Glad to see you're taking it so brightly. Kind of refreshing, really… Some folk are just all gloom and doom of late." She scoffs, lifting her drink slightly in emphasis as she points. "Not that that is out of the norm, either!"

Zaria takes a seat, placing her drink on the table in front of her as she ponders Miel's question for a moment, "Azrith will most likely insist. A chance to show off in front of everyone? He would probably participate without me if I flat out refuse." But her tone is plenty affectionate, and there's almost a bit of smug pride for her lifemate's fancy flying. "But yeah, if I'm honest, I am excited for this. He may be young, but the Weyrleader's a shrewd one," she remarks before finishing the last of her drink before she chuckles at Miel's last, "I've never been a gloom and doom type. And I've dealt with stupid predjudices for long enough that I've grown a thick enough skin." Although the last few months have definitely tested it on more that one occasion.

"Wouldn't that be a sight to see?" Miel muses and turns thoughtful in the next breath. "Wonder if they could pull off an even like that. Dragon only? Hmm, it'd be tricky or risky… probably both." So scratch that one of the board? Maybe. She grins, "I bet he could put Ivaenth through her paces and she loves to boast on her abilities too! I'd not put it past her to just outright challenge him…" That may be a 'heads up' from the greenrider. "H'rik's definitely one of the youngest Weyrleader's I've served under, but I'll agree with you there! I happen to like how he runs Igen, despite what some nay-sayers might grouse about. He and Diem make a good pair." Miel grimaces then, a look of sympathetic understanding crossing her features. "Kind of sad that that's how it has to be, huh? What happened to Arroyo ? it can happen to anyone's Wing. That includes Mosaic!"

"I don't know," Zaria ponders the idea of a dragon-only event, "It could be interesting but you might be right. No use borrowing trouble and all that." Staring down at the residue of her drink clinging to the glass, the bluerider seems lost in thought for a moment, but seems brought back at the mention of Azrith putting Ivaenth through her paces with a wry chuckle, "Oh really now? Azrith would definitely take her up on that and love every moment, win or lose." She is just considering refilling her drink when Miel states her last and she bobs her head in agreement, "I agree, I've only been here just about a Turn now, but I have no problem with either as leaders." She sighs a bit, "I wish people would move on from that topic already, there's been how many Falls since that one?" With a roll of her eyes she gets to her feet, "I'm getting another drink, do you want anything?" she asks while wandering in the direction of the bar.

Miel grins and snickers under her breath. "Isn't it obvious? Ivaenth's always itching to prove her ability as a flier. She just behaves herself when there's weyrlings about… No sense teaching 'em to be reckless!" Though the green may very well deny it all, if asked. Her? Reckless? Never. Another grimace crosses her features and she'll take another slow sip of her drink. "They still talk sometimes about the past Falls. Especially about that one that decimated what was Hogsback Wing… Some folk just can't let go of the bad events that happen." she murmurs by way of reassurance, before shaking her head. "Go on and grab yourself something, but I'm good with my drink! I've got to be up early next morning for sweeps."

"Well at least she behaves herself, I shudder to think of my blue unleashed on impressionable dragonets," Zaria replies with a light-hearted giggle as she decides to just grab the bottle and bring it back to Miel's table with her. But as she settles again, her smile falters as she bobs her head, "Oh I agree there. Learning from the past is one thing, dwelling in it is never a good idea." Pouring her drink with a heavy sigh, she gives herself more than before, and takes a thoughtful sip before grasping onto a new subject, "So what do you do when there aren't any weyrlings, I always figured you all just joined back up the regular fighting wings until the next clutch."

"Is he really that bad?" Miel laughs, giving Zaria a curious look. Some riders may not enjoy being pried at for detailed information on their lifemates, but she's only gently nudging for now. There's a small nod of her head and a grim smirk. "Exactly but good luck teaching the difference of that to some people." As the conversation turns again, she leans back in her chair and slumps comfortably. "Nah, we can choose to stay on. I fly Falls of course, still do sweep riding shifts. Work with Vosji and the other assistants in prepping for the next batch of weyrlings… Guess you can say I'm just any regular rider? Just not spending half my days overseeing a bunch of fledgling riders and baby dragons." She ends that with a bright grin; Miel has a certain passion and love for her duties.

"Azrith? He's a big fan of asking forgiveness instead of permission, and the charmer gets away with it every time," Zaria doesn't mind talking of her lifemate, there's even a hint of pride while she admonishes his behaviour, "But he's never malicious, he just enjoys life in all it's aspects." Another long sip as Miel explains her duties in the off-season as it were, and look of interest in her eyes. "Oh really? That's neat. It takes a special kind of person to be able to teach. I doubt I could do it to be honest, even without a troublesome blue." Looking down at her drink then, she swirls it around just to watch the liquid twirl around the glass.

Miel's brows lift as Zaria speaks openly about Azrith, though she's quick to snicker again and add in a mildly teasing tone: "Maybe I should be worried, then. Because Azrith sounds like he shares a few traits with Ivaenth. It'd either make for a great match or a terrible one." Terrible for them and maybe not so much on the draconic side of things. She tilts her head a bit, giving the other woman a gentle smile. "Does it?" she answers and, realizing she may be a little vague, goes on to add. "Take being special to teach, that is. You're a Wingleader… you're always pushing your riders to be at their best. Trying new formations, leading drills. It's kind of the same?" Not really, but close enough! "It's definitely not an easy task, to train them. Ivaenth and I are suited for it though and Vosji and I go way back. I don't think I'd want to stop… even though the losses don't hurt any less each time."

"I think so. It requires patience I know I don't have," Zaria will fully admit, "And yeah, I do all that stuff, with fully trained riders. I can see what you're saying though. There's some overlap, but I still say you have the harder job." There's a warm smile for Miel as she watches her over the rim of her glass. "Yeah, you'd think you'd get numb to the losses over time, but I haven't yet, and I'm nearing a decade now with Azrith. It must be worse with weyrlings, they'd only just got started." Her hazel eyes are brimming with sympathy as she watches the greenrider.

"Maybe? But I still don't envy you your duties," Miel counters again with a broad smile. It falters a bit when the conversation turns again to grimmer topics and she'll finish the last of her drink with a sobering sigh. "It's the worst part of being a weyrlingmaster… even as an assistant. We're with them from the beginning and it's hard not to have high hopes for some. So losing them…" No need for further elaboration, right? There's a moment of silence and then her bright mood returns. "Anyways, I should probably get going. Ivaenth's probably done with her evening flight above the Weyr and as I said earlier…" Early mornings suck. Rising to her feet, she gives a respectful nod to Zaria. "Enjoy the rest of your night!"

"Well then it's good we're both in positions best suited for us," Zaria says with a soft chuckle before sobering again, words not needed to convey the sympathy in her gaze as she nods her head in understanding when the greenrider trails off. When Miel goes to leave, there's a brief moment of dispointment crossing her features, but she quickly replaces it with a bright smile, "No problem, early sweeps are the worst. You have a good one yourself," she calls back in kind. Once left alone, she'll down the last of her drink and eye that dartboard, before sauntering over to it for a little bit more practice before she finally calls Azrith to seek her own weyr for the night.

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