Jaelynn, V'dean


Jaelynn's just cleaning up after her shift, but she helps V'dean's injured blue firelizard anyway.


It is evening of the sixteenth day of the third month of the fourth turn of the 12th pass.


Dragonhealer Yard, Igen Weyr

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"Unless he starts messing with it…"


Dragonhealer Yard

Painfully elegant, a stubborn brand of cleanliness is retained in the gentle colors of faded murals and various curtains hung from the rusted metal poles meant to shelter injured dragons on spacious couches lining the permanently soot-stained limestone walls. Of a dusty no-color somewhere between brown and gold, the floor extends onward, fading beneath ragged cabinets built to withstand anything from lashing draconic tails to various medicinal spills.

It is the sixteenth day of Spring and 62 degrees. The night is still mostly clear, exposing the stars above. Flashes of lightning light up the night sky far in the distance.

It's late evening around the Weyr, most people are off getting dinner, or waiting for the impending storm to come rolling in. Jaelynn on the other hand is busy picking up things around the yard, mostly making sure everything is well stocked and ready to go for when things might be needed at a moments notice. Her hair is pulled back and the sleeves of her shirt are rolled up about her elbows, a bit of dirt clinging to her clothing proving she's spent most of her day around the yard or elsewhere being busy. Otsoath is settled out in the yard, the brown letting his swirling gaze rest upon the lighting that is dancing across the quickly darkening sky.

Between presence at dinner in the living caverns and avoidance of the coming storm, one might expect someone arriving on foot to come through the inner infirmary doors. But that's not where V'dean arrives from. Maybe he's just trying to enjoy a chance to stretch his legs before the rains promised by thunder's rumble roll in. Work off dinner. There's a simplistic contentment in the ease of his stride, anyway, as he slips from the greater night into the outer rim of diffuse light cast by the Yard's lantern. He's dressed for sitting at table rather than flight, which means the uncertain scrabble of the narrow-built blue firelizard across his cotton-shirted shoulders draws a slight wince. By virtue of size, Otsoath is noticed first. Sight of the brown perks a smile on the bluerider's features. "Evening," he addresses the dragon — and it's to the dragon he floats a casual salute, though his eyes are already searching for… "Dragonhealer." Recognition of Jaelynn solidifies his expression. "Are you on duty?"

Otsoath tilts his head and looks over to the voice of a greeting, a soft rumble escapes him to offer a greeting back. His swirling gaze curiously watching the bluerider before his attentions back to the sky. Seems the flashing light has his attention once more. Jaelynn glances up slightly at the voice, a curious glance seen before she smiles and offers a nod to V'dean. "Well, not really." Though there is a pause and she waves her hand slightly before brushing her hands off. "No worries though, how can I help you?" It's been sometime since she's spoke to the other rider, though she won't let that stop her from being friendly it seems.

"No?" In that pause, the bluerider's brows lift and his feet stutter to a halt. He doesn't get far in turning his glance before the wave of her hand shores up his hesitation. Still, the scan of his eyes is a little uncertain as V'dean takes in the other rider. His smile is there, but a little ruefully lopsided. "Are you sure? I don't want to interrupt your…" His step resumes, a glance dips down to where she's been tidying. "Night off?" Apparently spent being diligent about her job. It sparks his grin back into place. Less cheery is the dusty-blue firelizard V'dean starts to fish down from his shoulder, the creature's resistance made less effective by the bulky wrap of gauze about his haunch. "I was supposed to get his bandage refreshed, the score double checked. It went pretty deep."

Jaelynn peeks at the other slightly, a soft smile seen. "I was done a bit ago. Just wanted to pick stuff up and get it back in order." Because… Why not? At the question of her having the night off she scratches at her cheek a bit. "I suppose so." Nothing wrong with cleaning on one's off time right? Her dragon is content and she doesn't have plans so that is her reason and she'll just stick to it. Her gaze drifts to the blue firelizard, a soft aww heard as she moves on closer to V'dean and the little blue. "Poor little fella. I can take a peek at it since you’re here. Want to make sure his healing well." As if she would say no. She holds her hands out slightly to the blue to see what he might do it seems. "How has he been?"

"That's a good trait for a Healer to have," V'dean imagines. Keeping everything well ordered. And while he may still be a bit bemused, certainly he doesn't seem about to argue that there's anything wrong with it. Anyway, the injured firelizard is just as effective of a draw of his attention, too. "That'd be great," if she'd look. The livewire creature squirms as the rider juggles him into a hold across his forearms, wings flaring and curling and clinging a hook of spar's end at V'dean's shirt. There's a thin cord bracelet of blue about the man's wrist, a clutch of claws at his elbow, and that little wedge-shaped face is craned back to fix fastwhirl eyes of anxious yellow-green upon Jaelynn. No snapping at her reach, though — just a worried softnoise chur buzzing deep in his delicate keel. "I've been keeping him from picking at it. It seems like it's gotten a bit itchy. He had the bandage half knocked off this afternoon," the bluerider admits sheepishly. He must have tugged it back into place, which may explain the less than perfect bubbling of gauze wrap.

"So I've been told." Jaelynn offers with an amused tone. Though her job is rather important to her, though its about all she has to keep herself busy save for her dragon, which honestly he has his moments that make her feel being a Healer is a walk in the park. She curiously watches the blue whom is going to get her full attention for a few moments. "Hey, I won't hurt you. Just want to make sure that your healing alright." She talks softly, and doesn't make any sudden movements to spook him. A slight nod is seen as she hears V'dean and she curiously looks over the bandage before she goes about slowly and tenderly working at undoing that bandaging, if possible. "I bet it is itchy, healing scoremarks always do itch like crazy." She knows first hand about that and found out early on, the scars still easy to see across her right forearm. "No worries though, get something on it for the itchiness and so forth." This is most likely said to both V'dean and the firelizard knowing Jae.

Between Jaelynn's amusement and her calming words to the little firelizard, it is assured that V'dean attempts to keep a smile fixed upon his features. Attempts because he can help but give a bit of sympathetic wince as the blue trembles beneath under even the gentleness of the Dragonhealer's touch. Or maybe he's wincing from the dig of small claws slightly puncturing through his shirt and into his skin. "That's a good sign, isn't it? When it itches?" the bluerider latches onto her comment, his lilt edged more towards positive hope than fretful worry. Green eyes dodge up briefly to look at the brownrider, and they do catch on the bared marks on her forearm as his gaze slides back down. "See, she'll make it itch less," he murmurs echoed encouragement to the creature while Jaelynn eases the bandage off. Underneath shows the fingerwith deep Threadsquiggle of wound shaped in a curl wound over the firelizard's left hip. Still rather raw, but at least not worse.

Jaelynn nods slightly as she hears V'dean, her gaze flicking up to him a moment and he will get a soft smile as well. "Yeah, it means that new skin is growing in. New skin itches so itching isn't an awful thing to say the least." She looks back to the little blue. "Unless he starts messing with it that is." That can be a bad thing! Her gaze drifts over that wound at the hip of the firelizard but she makes no move to touch it just yet. "Bit raw looking, but not bad at all, I think its doing well. I'll put a bit of numbweed on it, help with the itching and then another bandage. Don't need him messing with it while it heals." She'll wave to him slightly to follow as she moves over to look for a few things that she just so happened to put up. A small jar is taken out and then a bit of bandage.

With the score open to the air and sight, it takes a moment for V'dean to drag his gaze away from it and upward. The lift of his eyebrows leads the open and inquisitive look, attentive to Jaelynn's explanation. And though the firelizard messing with the bandage would be a bad thing, the bluerider takes her mention of it as something of a jest. It puts a little more crinkle of smile about his eyes, anyway. Doing well. That reassurance lets a breath puff out through his cheeks. "Yes. Thank you," he says while he nods to her wave and sways step to follow in her wake carrying the little blue. "He's never had one this bad before." This may sound suspiciously like a ramble. "He's only about a turn old. Of course we've… Ekerth… It's just he's so small." The firelizard, presumably, not Ekerth. The one side of the rider's smile is just barely held into quirk.

"There's no reason not to worry over him. Can't say that I blame you over it honestly." Though Jaelynn worries when her firelizard even looks at her wrong, ones with knowledge freak out the most at times. "Mine got into a mess of it for some reason. His wing is somewhat scared up but he still manages to get himself into trouble." Though that bronze of hers has done that since the day he hatched. She glances to V'dean, whom will get another one of her smiles. "He'll be alright, it will just take sometime to heal because of where it is. That area is always moving, so that movement can cause things to take a bit longer to fill in with healed skin." She pauses a moment while pondering. "Does that make sense?" This questioned curiously while she opens the jar of numbweed and gets a bit of it on her fingers before looking to the blue. "This will help numb it a bit, won't be so itchy. You need to leave it alone though." Once that is said she will attempt to spread a bit of that ointment across the healing score more that is there upon the lizard.

"As long as you'll say you won't tell my wingleader," V'dean replies with a greater lopsided smile to the Dragonhealer's first assurances. He… might be joking? One way or the other, the note on Jaelynn's bronze leads to a more sober nod of understanding. The gesture fades out gradually, a slide into acknowledgement for what she tells him about the injury’s location. It takes her question to pull his glance up once again. "I think so?" There's something a little hapless about the squinty grin he gives her, all tucked up in the space huddled over the firelizard's subtle squirm. He's no Healer. "You're doing great," the bluerider nevertheless sees fit to comment. That to the brownrider, and to his firelizard: "I think that means hold still, buddy." Really, that comment may be for Jaelynn too, made in promise that he'll help hold the little blue still. The wedgey face smushes into his stomach as he carefully holds twiggy lizard legs in his palms so that the score is easily reached for the Dragonhealer's ointment application.

Jaelynn ponders that comment, her tell his Wingleader? Not hardly, the least she has to talk to highranking riders the better in her book. "I wouldn't worry about that." This offered while she peeks at him at the rest of what is said. That grin is caught none the less and she smiles. "Well think about it from your point of view. If you get a cut on your hand think of how many times it moves about with just simple everyday things. This is on his hip so when ever he moves, sits up, lays down and the like that area moves so it can pull the edges apart a bit and thus takes longer for it to heal." She looks back to the little blue as she smears that ointment upon the score making sure it is well covered. "Well thanks. I'm glad I could help you guys out." She makes sure the score is covered before wiping her hand off on a rag and closes the jar.

V'dean makes an attentive student. It might help, that he's thankful for the distraction while a shared-bond twinge vibrates along wound-raw nerves until the numbweed's effect can take hold. His smile starts to spread until he catches it and schools it back into simpler receptiveness. "Us, too," the bluerider says earnestly for Jaelynn's help. It's after that when he lets his chuckle breathe out softly. "It makes more than sense, you know. The amount this little guy usually moves? He fidgets." There's fond warmth in the spark of his smile — and, indeed, the little creature is trying to start a crawl back to the man's shoulder up his shirt front now that the jar has been heard to close. "Is there anything else we should do?" He wonders. "Just… keep him from chewing on it until it closes up?" Not like that is likely to be the easiest feat!

Jaelynn picks up the roll of bandage and unrolls it a bit to make it easier to wrap around the little lizard. "Oh I know rather well. Ahote my bronze is never still. I find him in the most interesting places actually." She ponders that and glances over the area slightly pondering. "Speaking of him, he should be around here somewhere." As if on cue there is a thumping and thunking sound heard before a bronze firelizard does come rolling out from a cabinet with gauze, bandage and tape all sticking and clinging to him. The bronze warbles about, wings fluttering before he is just still and looks up to the three (including the blue firelizard). "See?" Jae questions with a soft giggle heard. "But yes, don't let him chew at it, don't let him scratch at it. Come back tomorrow so we can put more numbweed on it, unless you think you’re able to do it and put the bandage back on." With that bandage in her hand she will move to place a bit of gauze upon the blue lizard's hip even while he attempts to crawl off. "You’re not done /just/ yet. Few more moments."

"I see you know very well," V'dean agrees with amusement thick in his voice for how the other rider's bronze comes tumbling from the cabinet. "Don't get any ideas," he stage-whispers down to his crawly blue. Attempted-crawly blue. The rider re-sets his grip on the whip-thin creature, but it may have something more to do with the slight glaze that edges into green eyes that finally gets the small patient to hold (relatively) still once more. "No chewing, no scratching," he's making mental note. "And… I think it helps to have extra hands." So that may be an intention to come back for the next bandaging switch-out. Still, because it might be good to know in a pinch, he tips his look over to watch how Jaelynn wraps the bandage. "Is there a trick to it? More around the belly, more around the tail…?" Maybe?

"Don't let him hang around Ahote, he will pick up bad manners for certain." Jaelynn says this good naturedly for certain. As for the bandaging she makes sure to start at the hip and wraps it around the belly, over the hip and then this time under the tail before moving it over the hip and stomach once more. "Best bet is to work at it like a figure eight. Start at the point where you want it to be, this case the hip and then go over the belly or the stomach first then back to the hip before going around the area that you didn't do." Namely the tail she wraps right now. "I'm sure it is rather easier with two people so just bring him back in.”

There's something deep-rooted to the chuckle that the bluerider has for her first words, though there's hardly any sound to the low catch of breath. His focus seems to be fixed on the bandaging, anyway. "I don't suppose I know as many knots as some people," the watching leads V'dean to comment with a small play of smile. "But a figure eight. That seems doable." Not that he's not nodding to Jaelynn's suggestion of just bringing the little blue back in to the professionals. "I'm guessing I should probably keep him out of the ocean, too?" Maybe out of the water in general. But the ocean is on his mind, because… "Have you made it out to Ista at all?" His gaze tips up again as the brownrider gets blue hide bundled in gauze.

Jaelynn smiles to V'dean and nods slightly. "A nice simple knot would work great honestly." Which she shows but ending the bandage once around the lizard a few times. She'll go so far to give the blue lizard's head a soft pet if able. "Out of the ocean would be a very good thing. The salt water can cause him some pain, and for certain would dry it out more. So no swimming or bathing until it is all healed up I am afraid." The rest makes her pause while she peeks back to V'dean. "A quick trip here and there. Didn't get to look around that much though. I was hoping to go back at some point and wander around when able actually." There is a moment and she glances over to Ahote whom is chewing on the bandage and she errs softly. The bronze is a little terror! "I… should grab him and get it off before his eating it." Grabbing him should prove interesting, as Ahote sits up a bit before he is bouncing off to scramble somewhere and hide from her. Jae sighs a bit and looks back to V'dean and she gives him a smile once more. "Sorry, give me a moment." Well if he wants it seems. Jae is soon after Ahote trying to get hold of the bronze and free him from what he is tangled in now.

"It's a good time of the turn for it," V'dean says of Ista as he watches her finish off the bandage. "I guess you've been needed here, instead of on the fishing expeditions G'tan and Linny set up." It's a conflicted sort of thing, the need to have the Dragonhealers on call at the Weyr due to the recent Falls. But the bluerider doesn't let it decay his smile too far, not when he has a freshly bandaged firelizard slithering up into a more cradled hold within the sling of one elbow. "I guess I may have to beg off them for awhile. Or just pin this guy in my weyr so he stays dry." He drops a look down to give the curling blue a scritch between the shoulder blades. The distraction leaves him chasing a look after Jaelynn as she has to go see to her bronze. "No need to apologize," he calls. "I'll leave you to it. Thank you, Jaelynn, for your help." And speaking of dry… he sends a glance up to the lightning-laced sky. "Get home safe before this hits, hm?" It's sort of like bidding Clear Skies in farewell. This wish comes with a glance to Otsoath, because of course he believes the brown will look after his rider. And when it comes to getting home safe, he should probably take his own advice. So with a wave and grateful bow of head, he does just that.

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