Doji, K'mine


K'mine joins Doji in the Archives and out of the heat, reminiscing about their own Candidacy. And yes, there's work, it's the Archives.


It is sunset of the twenty-eighth day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Archives, Igen Weyr

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"Was that at all what you imagined life as a rider would be? Back when you were, you know."



A remarkable legacy for those with the eyes to appreciate it, Igen's Archives are modest, in proportion to the weyr's similarly modest status; but though they be small, the room itself is mighty, with grandiose portent to the high, vaulted arches. These walls hold many treasures past their prime, from instruments to examples of older flying gear and agenothree tanks. The meticulous task of re-scribing old records is continually ongoing, with faded and disued hides replaced on a daily basis. The chairs and off-kilter tables seem to be heritage of a time long past, not in line with the rest of the vision of this room; but in all weyrs are budgets, and perhaps you've found one of Igen's budget cuts.

Oh, Search time. Eggs are on the sands and the search dragons have been busy hauling in candidates from everywhere. Doji may have been guilty about adding a few to the ever growing number herself, but none of the candidates Raktraeth picked are among the few that she's busy glaring at. She's in the library. At her usual table with her usual stack of perfectly ordinary and booooring (to most) reading material stuck in front of her, but no reading is being done at the moment. Instead, attention is focused on a group of candidates across the room who look like they've been stuck doing some homework for the harpers, but instead are trying to fly some scrap-hide-made firelizards and snickering under the breath, sounds which still echo all too loudly in the otherwise somber room.

The Archives will always be the place where one would tread lightly without the threat of danger, and even after turns of use, the greenrider still treads carefully. Drowsy green eyes scan the room, eyeing the lot and a frown begins to form on his face. He remembers being a Candidate, he also remembers certain staff members looking for every opportunity to wield 'corrective training' for those that disrespect the archives. With a shake of his head, K'mine drifts deeper to where he knows the brownrider likes to reside and he quietly comes up behind her. "The dragons have been busy," he murmurs, trying not to disturb her adorable glaring.

"Four!" Doji 'exclaims' in still barely a whisper as she holds up four fingers. "Raktraeth brought in four of them. I kept having to restock on knots." And honestly, she probably still has one in her pocket at the moment on the off-chance the currently sleeping brown should find another potential candidate that tickles his fancy. "Although maybe we should screen them for manners as well as being young and physically fit…" There's another glare sent towards the disruptive cluster who just so happened to have the unfortunate luck of pegging the returning harper journeyman in the face with one of there projectiles. She winces, but only slightly before relaxing. Peace should be on the way to being restored shortly! "So… need to dig something up in the archives?" For K'mine at least, she's all smiles. Regardless of what scolding those candidates might be getting over there.

K'mine quietly pulls out a chair beside Doji and settles down into it, a heavy sigh slipping free once the weight of the day is off of his feet. At least while it lasts. Vedziyath has been busy herself, but not in the way he likes. At least the green is staying out of trouble… for now. "I'm surprised I made it in, myself. Maybe Weyrlinghood will make something out of some of them, at the very least." He wraps his arm around the back of the brownrider, resting his head on her shoulder but not so much that it would interrupt her work. "Nothing to dig up, just someone to lean on while time allows," he quietly replies. "These days are getting too long. I missed you."

Raktraeth has had his own string of crimes in recent days… although quiet for the most part lately. Too busy pilfering people to be busy stealing trees and glowing goats and other things. Today, he naps while it's sunny and warm. Anyone who might have been hoping for a show of justice reigning down on the unruly hoodlums will be disappointed. The harper journeyman is at least considerate enough to the other patrons of the archives to take his lecturing (and punishment giving) out to the hall, or the headwoman's office. Regardless, it's not here. Doji blushes as the arm slides around her, although she doesn't flinch. She's slowly becoming more accustomed to public displays of affection, but some habits die hard. Her head will at least tilt towards his own, work still delayed for now. "I'm ah… sorry? I can do more work in our- err, mine- uh your weyr, maybe?" Logistics, they're hard sometimes. "But it's cool in here during the summer." Plus she doesn't have to lug massive amounts of books very far is she stays in here.

Glowing goats? K'mine loosens his hold just a bit, letting the poor brownrider relax. After all, she was here first and if she's doing something important? He's not going to be a contributor to any delinquency. "Don't be sorry, this comes with the job. I think the Archives will have more resources than our weyrs will for some of your duties. So I'll be good." He can always compromise her time later… The Archives are much cooler and don't have the scents and sounds of the bazaar echoing immediately outside like the enterance of his weyr does. The proximity is nice when he's in need of things and wants to avoid the weyr proper but inconvenient to relax in at any point of the day light hours. "What are you working on now?"

Some things it's better just not to ask about, and glowing goats might be one of them. Doji is definitely more relaxed in the Archives than practically any other place out in public, even if that does include ramrod straight posture most of the time. She does give a rather covetous glance at all the bookshelves around at the mention of more resources. "That is true…" And yet while that's a fact, she still sounds a little hesitant at ceding that point completely. "And the latest clutch of weyrlings are finally moving past the training grounds and all into the Northern Bowl. I thought those were supposed to be the quiet ledges." Which was why she was so excited about getting assigned there. As for what she's working on, she straightens up and pushes the top sheets over towards the greenrider so he can see the graph that's beginning to take shape. "I'm tracking which formations wings and how many injuries they received during that section of the fall. Making adjustments for density and weather patterns…"

Admit it, Doji. You're happiest in the Archives and the greenrider can see all of those adorable things you do while you're gathering information and working well within your favorite element. Yes, K'mine would love to have Doji all to himself, but to see her happy makes him happy. It's all about sacrifice, right? "Maybe it's not so bad that I'm closer to the bazaar, then." He didn't realize how noisy weyrlings could be when the shoe was on the other foot. Those were the days… He straightens up, letting her move freely and he keeps his hands off of the table, folding them neatly on his lap as he leans in to see her handiwork. "Anything to make threadfall manageable. It's amazing how much is recorded." If Doji is anything, she's the highest level of thorough imaginable.

Doji probably spends more time in the Archives than she actually spends in her weyr, if she's being honest with herself. The chairs are definitely more comfortable than whatever ones she scavenged from the stores and never bothered upgrading. She rubs a hand at her temples. "At least they got past the whole broadcasting everything… at least mostly." The brownrider is turning red again, not for her own embarrassment, but just from residual embarrassment from whatever poor weyrling had their most personal of dreams shared courtesy of the ever-growing dragonet. "Unfortunately… it's not all recorded in the same format. Some wingleaders like it one way, some another. New weyrleader comes in and shifts it all around." She shrugs. It is what it is. "But the big details are there, for the most part."

"Thank Faranth for that. I'm tired of hearing about everyone's bedroom and latrine habits." Vedziyath is already bad enough in her own right, at least the only dragon she broadcasts to is Dhazkyth, even if he doesn't respond. Wench. Vedziyath stirs from her basking and she teases K'mine with hints of red and flame, but her rider is onto her, quickly dismissing the threat of being proddy. I know your schedule, you can't fool me this time! "Well, as long as you're able to decipher their work into something easier to keep track of. You almost need your own private study to keep things consistent."

"I don't think I'll ever escape from hearing about it…" Straight from healer apprenticedom where she was required to take meticulous notes about patient's histories and bowel movements among other vital statistics, thrown into weyrlinghood and now Doji lives right above the weyrlings. It's like poop stories follow her wherever she goes. And if they didn't, Dhazkyth would probably make sure they did. She does nod and reclaim her graphs. There's going to be a lot more work before it's turned into H'rik for final review. "So… what's Arroyo had you up to lately? Preparing for flood season come autumn?"

One would think Doji would be desensitized by the the gory details that come from healing but some things just refuse to hold the mantle of old news. Not only would Dhazkyth make sure poop stories were a thing, he'd make a coloring book page in his mind and will be sure to have the weyrlings paint by number for Doji's benefit. Poor Doji. K'mine reaches up, scratching at the edge of his mouth for a moment while those green eyes glance around the Archives. "Yeah, just sweeps. Drills. Ensuring structures are sound and visiting areas in our territory to look for potential mudslide and flood areas. Better now than later. It's worse when it's already happening." No one wants a boot full of murky sand and that lovely suction that comes from foot removal.

There's desensitization and then there is acceptance. Doji definitely has one, but may never have the other. She can at least valiantly move on despite whatever mortifying situation she might encounter on a daily basis. "Was that at all what you imagined life as a rider would be? Back when you were, you know." There's a head tilt towards where the candidates used to be sitting. Not that the former surly apprentice was every that sort of unruly candidate. Just setting fire to things. "Falls, everyone knew what to expect. All the other little details…"

"Honestly, no, it's nothing like I pictured. I think I was more hung up on the fact that we'd be flying thread fall. That was the bigger, scarier scenario. It's the one thing all dragonrider's did so I was more fixated on being able to at least do that much. The rest? It's nice to be busy, even if it's not what I've been trained to do for so long before Candidacy. Um, it's… I probably wouldn't have volunteered to do any of it as a nonrider. I'd probably be making rugs right now." The man shrugs. The weaving thing is still in K'mine, only it's reduced to a small tapestry in his weyr. Nothing important or commissioned. Just something to keep his mind and fingers occupied when time allows. Nostalgia for days gone by. "Was it what you imagined?" He remembers her concerns during Weyrlinghood, it feels more real. Before? He could only guess.

"It's not Threadfall and fireballs every day.." Doji will agree to that with a smile. Tapping her charcoal stick on the desk. "I always focused on the worst parts, since that's what I saw. I'm glad for this." There's a hand waved at all the research material around. "Something normal and routine and not dangerous." Just reading about all the dangers and trying ways to mitigate dangers. "I do miss the smell of redwort sometimes."

It's nice to have some sense of normalcy, despite it all. K'mine grins and slowly nods. "Well, I'm sure once things start picking up, you won't get it out of your weyr or mine." Busy work away from the desk always ends up with a trip to the infirmary, one way or another. "Then I'll have to replace it with freshly made paper and other supplies to trade the scents for." Maybe some of those scented oils that DON'T smell like they came from Rosie's gift shop. K'mine refuses to even look at that building. Damnit, Vedziyath.

And honestly, missing the smell of numbweed is something that's easily rectified. The much harder problem is to get rid of the smell once you've been around it so long you're sick of it. Doji eyes the work she had set out, then looks over at K'mine. "I think I have enough notes I should have enough to work on tonight. Do you want to grab some food?" Her stomach isn't rumbling yet, but given the amount of pages of notes she's taken, it's only a matter of time.

He opens his mouth to ask if she's sure about the notes but learned better. The last time she did, she was right back at work with hardly a bite of food back in her. Just because it's a bite, doesn't mean it counts as a meal! K'mine rises to his feet, helping gather anything allowed to be touched as she's left to sort the rest in the order of her choosing. "So long as we can take our time while we can." One never knows when life just picks back up with a vengeance.

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