Odesse, Sebastian


Shipwreck rescue drills for Dolphineers and strikingly familiar clothing!


It is the fortieth day of Winter and 50 degrees. Partly cloudy, the storm seems to be mostly gone with only the occasional short falls of rain painting the ground.


Beach, Southern Weyr

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An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

Winter sucks, there's not doubt about it. Along with the cold and rain comes storms and of course shipwrecks. Even if there hasn't been one in a while, some higher ranking dolphineer declared that today would be an excellent day for a search and rescue drill. Just past noon and it's not completely freezing as long as the wind isn't blowing. Odesse is currently lurking, wrapped up in a towel on the beach near that stretch of beach where a mini-shipwreck has been set up for just this sort of practice. Judging by the fact that she's dripping wet and covered in a towel, safe bet to assume she pulled the short straw and got charged with setting up this lovely exercise. At least she's not grumbling too loud about it at the moment.

Winter does indeed suck. Why? It's cold, it's cold and wet, it's cold and wet and Sebastian doesn't want to be in it or a part of it. Still, the Journeyman puts on the appropriate attire and drags his feet over with that forced grin on his face. Can't let the Apprentices see that their feelings of dread are shared by higher. Gotta be tough! Only Bast is a little bit on the clammy side. "So who's the good idea wherry this time?" he mutters as he approaches Odesse, his scowl in place now that there's no one but her in front of him. He tosses his shoulder bag onto the floor and flips it open, pulling out his own towel before standing a little bit closer to Odesse. With a crooked smile, he simply drapes the large towel over her head. "There! Maybe if you can't see the cold, too, you'll feel a bit warmer."

Odesse doesn't need to see to use one of her hands to wildly bat out to try and smack back at Sebastian! She'll try anyways as her other hand goes to remove the towel. Her odds of actually connecting would probably have been higher if she had waited two seconds to remove the towel first, but she was impatient and can possibly multitask. Plus, eyesight is overrated. "Haliberk's." Odie responds with an eyeroll once her head is indeed free from a towel. And instead of handing it back, she'll just drop it in the sand. Enjoy that extra sandy towel later, Bast. "So since I set it up, that means ye'll be goin' first, right, Bast?"

"Haliberks? I'm going to pay one of the Apprentices to change the locks on his office doors." Sebastian rolls his eyes and grumbles as he lowers himself down to the floor to sit down beside Odesse. He rests his elbows across his knees and tilts his head down to rub at the back of it. "Aye, guess it means I will. Unless we get lucky and it gets cancelled." Which they all know will never happen. If it ain't raining, it ain't training and all that. Besides, the ocean is wet and that's where the Dolphins are and what's a Dolphineer without a Dolphin? Bast glances down at the sandy towel and he shrugs, picking it up and tossing back onto his bag. A little sand isn't gonna hurt anyone and when he gets out of the water, the sand is going to stick to him anyway. "When are they proposing we begin this fine, fine training we're supposed to have? Or is this one of those 'hurry up and wait' moments?"

"Better off findin' a Smith…" Odesse casts a dubious eye over at the couple of apprentices that have been assigned to watch the drill today. Like many dolphineers, they seem like the typical Istan-bred beach bums, not exactly pro-lock pickers or changes or what not. But she's definitely not objecting to the idea of lock pranks! Just offering more practical alternatives. She gives a snort at the idea of it getting cancelled. "If I hadda get in, ye'll be goin' in, if I gotta throw ye in myself!" There might be a little nudge aimed at his back with her foot. Practice throwing, in case it's needed. "'N ye'll be startin' any minute! I've done my part! Now I'm supervisin'! 'Sides, I can't really look for a dummy if I was the one that stuck 'em down there. That'd be cheatin'."

Sebastian does peer over to the Apprentices and he frowns. Yup, definitely Istan. Just look at them, no sense of initiative, just lolligagging around. One of them is picking their nose and comparing with their friends. Typical. He groans, lowering his head and shaking it from side to side. Though the nudge from her foot does earn her a little smile over his shoulder, at least. "Aw, but it wouldn't be cheating at all if they're the ones supposed to find it. We need something other than a dummy next time. Something entirely possible but more challenging." Like a goat or something. Bast takes a deep breath and sighs, looking up to the unfriendly skies. "I don't like this weather. I need my good shirt back. Shards, I need my jacket back."

Odesse doesn't want to be in this weather any longer than she has to be, so she just snorts at Sebastian. And contrary to any misconceptions about Istans and lollygagging, she's going to be one of the first ones up and pushing Sebastian to his feet as well. Along with letting out an ear piercing whistle to get everybody's attention. "Howdy, y'all. We're gonna keep this quick. Want everybody to be keeping their fingers 'n toes after all!" She wiggles her own digits that actually aren't blue, so hopefully everybody can keep their own digits. "Word came of a small craft capsizin'. There were three folks on board. The cap'n, his brother and his ten turn old as well. Gotta get 'em out before they drown 'n stuff. Time's a wastin', so grab yer partners 'n go!" She'll clap her hands together and watch as she expects folks to scurry. That's what drills are for after all! Another reason why Haliberk may have ordered this to happen tonight is because last nights rains has run into the beach and made everything extra cloudy with all the sediment it was carrying.

Gotta be a good rolemodel, so Sebastian is back on his feet and he scoops up his things, peering at any of the Apprentices that might dare to look back. He even gives Odesse a sour look for good measure! Once they approach the ship wreck, Sebastian whistles his appreciation for Odesse's hard work and he just tosses his stuff onto the ground, running towards it. "There should be no reason that you run to a stop til you get to the ship. Hurry up and get in there! The minute you take to dawdle might be the last minute of air these people have!" Complacency kills. "You! Nose picker. Look for external damage on the outside that might let us in. Do not try to go in on your own!" Last thing they need is to have an Apprentice try to rush things and get stuck during a drill. That just leads to more drills. "You, look for existing entrances built on the ship and be mindful of yer footing."

Being a good role model… right. Odesse is unphased by the dirty looks from Bast since she's too busy giving him some of her own when he starts just ordering apprentices around. "Yer just gonna leave all the apprentices to it? There's a shardin' child, down there! Go, go, go!" She's going to be shooing him towards the wreckage rather forcefully. Just why does she want him in the water so bad? Is it just cause she's got a hint of a misanthropic streak? Probably just cause she went in, so everybody else does too. "Don't let anybody die!" So cheerful!

If Bast would have his way, Odesse would be roleplaying as said child. Is it too late to chuck her back into the cold depths of the ship? "Are we doing hyperthermia drills right after?" he calls back teasing, quickly making his way across the ship. Most floorplans are generally the same but sometimes the easiest route isn't necessarily the safest. He throws open the small door leading down into the ship and feet slip in first. "Dess. I just want you to know, if I don't make it, you can have my towel." Then the rest of him is sure to follow before she throws something at him and there's no testing her aim, either! Naturally, it's dark in the ship, so he carefully makes his way in. Bast is mindful of his feet and he glances over his shoulder to make sure the other Apprentice behind him doesn't fall in. "Watch your feet, be quick but careful. Don't want to get a limb stuck somewhere in here." Then there'd be another victim of drills. Drills are dangerous not fun things.

He's certainly welcome to try to toss her back in, but unlike a possibly drowning child, Odesse is feisty. And armed with a pretty sharp knife strapped to her thigh. Plus, she'll be pacing around to keep an eye on folks entering the water for as long as she can. Harder to hit a moving target and keeps warmer as a bonus. "Thanks. What a treasure…" Odie's voice is so dry she might actually be drying her hair as she says it. Sandy towels are all the rage. And at least since this is a vessel set up for practice, they've made it so that it's not particularlly dangerous. No worries about falling masts or anything. One of the first 'victims' will conveniently be right in front of the door Bast opens, tied up in some coils of rope and possibly weighted down. Gotta make it realistic. The dummy is even wearing some clothes this time!

Oh, so convenient that it might as well touch the tip of his nose and sure enough, it does as the Dolphineer looks forward. "Hey, Dess! You didn't tell me there was a sexy lookin' one down here!" he calls back into the void. Nevermind the unimpressed look on his face. Well, in fairness, he's a bit impressed. His clothing was rather fashionable and at least he knew one of their victims was kept rather warm and comfortable. "At least it wasn't a pair of my pants," he mutters. Bast turns back to the Apprentice and motions to the dummy. "Alright, help me get our first victim out of the ship to assess for injuries. As always, mind your footing. Not all dangers are easily seen. Be careful with this one. Sometimes they get combative from shock and uh… mind the clothing. Would you?"

Yeah… cause about six burlap bags tied together in the rough shape of a man is oh-so-sexy, although once 'he' is dragged out from his potentially watery doom and into the light, the clothing might start to look awfully familiar to some. But there are other folks to save! Luckily, the apprentices are already on it. Child dummy is being dragged out by one pair and a second have a firm hold on the third, although 'he' is a fat one. Odesse is safely, and relatively warmly back on shore biting her lip to not crack up. "Aww, I'm not sure. He might got some injuries ye should attend to. Maybe they should be cuttin' the shirt off or somethin'!" And if she had actually heard the pants comments, she would have had TONS of comments on that, but alas, distance.

Hey now, everyone is beautiful in their own special way. Including burlap sacks arranged in a rather manlike shape. At least he's got curves? Now the light paints an entirely different picture for the poor Bast as the dummy is dragged into the light. The jacket looks a bit familiar. It looks like his favorite jacket, the one he wishes he was wearing at the moment. The shirt, too. Shame. He did need to get that back. Who was he supposed to get it back from? Slowly those gears do turn and the man places the dummy onto the ground, laying the limbs out stretched so he can assess for injury. Before he can move anything, he straddles the dummy without sitting, sliding his hands in and out from the underside to 'check for bleeding', then he takes out his knife in practiced rhythm, gripping the material of the shirt in his hand. The knife blade goes up through the hem of the shirt at the waist, and the Journeyman cuts a deep slit, ripping the material the rest of the way by hand until he gets to the hem of the collar. The knife he wields is angled away from the victims throat and he cuts the material through, spreading the incredibly familiar soft and well worn texture of the shirt…

Odesse isn't giggling, really she isn't. She's just clutching her sides for warmth. Honestly. Although after Sebastian oh so carefully cuts through the shirt, she'll come up to hover around his shoulder. "Hmm… looks like he ain't got no bleedin' after all. Probably just wanna pat him on the chest to get somma that water out 'n send him to the healers." And maybe she's staying just out of arm's reach from the other journeyman. He's got a knife after all.

Bast looks at the shirt, then the jacket, then the shirt, then he looks over to Odesse and sure enough it's there on his face. Do you see that, Dess? DO YOU SEE IT? See that pout on his face? "Aw, this WAS my favorite shirt." He sits off to the side of the dummy, sheathing his knife while he ponders for a moment and soon enough the pitiful look on his face is replaced with a look of determination! "You know what? That's okay, in the heat of the moment, no one has time to think of… of. Of super comfy and well broken in comfy shirts. Like that one. That I just cut up with a nice. That's okay. You know why? I can sew it back together!" Good thing those first aid classes helped.

"Maybe ye can get yer girlfriend to sew it back together fer ye!" Odesse sounds cheerful enough with that big cheesy grin on her face, although there is still a certain amount of scorn thrown into the word girlfriend. "I hear ye been tellin' some folks ye got at least one…" And she has absolutely no pity on poor Sebastian losing his shirt. Outside of winter, how often does he wear one anyways?

Girlfriend? What girlfriend? Now here is where Bast is completely confused. When did he get a girlfriend and why didn't anyone tell him he had one?! He could've had a good old fashioned wholesome romantic relationship with another human being! "Girlfriend? Odesse. Are you admitting that it's possible for me to have a girlfriend at all?" Cause this has been brought into question. Alot. Several times.

"I was rather dubious of it myself… but ye at least seemed to convince a certain bluerider" and she definitely mutters sharding pirate under her breath, "'N his dragon that ye had one 'n they were confused thinkin' she looked an awful lot like me, which is how I ended up with those." She points accusingly at the clothes on the poor innocent dummy. "But can't say I didn't return 'em to ye. But maybe ye should also see the mindhealers about them hallucinations ye might have been havin' or something…" As for Odie, now that the clothes are returned, she'll just give a bit of wave and flounce on over to check on how those apprentices are doing. One of them looks in desperate need of a towel. Turning a bit blue. "Hey… no freezin' to death out here!" Despite being ordered to jump into the chilly water.

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