Safi, D'wane, Luciana


Chores get interrupted when there's a hunt for a thieving firelizard.


It is sunset of the tenth day of the sixth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Lofts

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Light and airy, this space is interesting moreso due to how accessible it is from a staircase that hugs the outer stretch of the stables: it is frequented by more than just herder apprentices, the sweet and acrid scents of runner sweat, hay and feed commingling with the earthier tones of dirt and manure. It isn't an unlikely location for a winter nap, being often warm and dry and restful.

The stable is quiet except for the shuffle of animals getting comfortable below and the scrape of a pitchfork against the wooden floor of the hayloft. Safi's alone in the stable as the others have headed off to do other tasks. She's on edge from the sound of the rain banging on the roof above, but she's holding it mostly together as she scoops hay down into stalls. There's no thunder or lightening, yet, so it's only unease, not outright fear that directs her actions.

Be careful with that pitchfork, Safi. Hay piles shouldn't move on their own accord, but a pile not too far from where she's working is beginning to stir. The hay starts slipping forward and soon the root cause is visible as a bronze firelizard head is poking out the stack, eyes whirling happily. Before too long, footsteps can be heard on the staircase up to the loft. Those footsteps do not belong to any herder. Nope. D'wane's blinking as his eyes adjust to the light of the loft as he glances around.

"Aw," Safi is as melt-y as any other girl faced with a small cute animal popping out of nowhere. The pitchfork pauses in it's tossing as she peers at the hay pile. "Is there another one in there?" The distraction from the sound of rain above is welcome. As the sound of D'wane's steps reverberate Safi turns slightly and holds that pitchfork tightly. (Never know when a girl has to use a sharp object.) Carefully, "Sir?"

And it's a well known fact that Pebble is absolutely adorable! Just ask anybody except Yfana or D'wane. Currently, the bronzerider is busy muttering up a small storm of cursing as he searches around for the errant firelizard who is going to just so conveniently duck behind Safi's leg. Doo-de-doo. If he can't see D'wane, D'wane can't see him, right? Nevermind the hay covered wings sticking out. The man blinks as he realizes he's not the only one in the hayloft, but no apologies for any previous language. "You haven't seen a firelizard around here?" Not like Southern isn't swarming with the little creatures.

Quick decisions to make. Rat out the the firelizard and be truthful, or keep the creature's secret. "Um," something to fill up the silence as Safi struggles with the idea. Glancing firmly at the ground instead of the rider less he see the lie on her face, "Lots of firelizards are around…" Trailing off Safi notes those wings poking out. That's easy enough to help though, as she uses that pitchfork to bring a pile of hay to sit in front of her legs like she'll pitch it the rest of the way later.

Not wholly unfamiliar with the stables, Luciana's business here is… questionable at best. She's got that same look of searching for something (someone?) written on her expression and at the sound of voices ahead, the woman inches closer until the words overheard become clearer. By then, she's likely visible too! "Lose something?" she inquires, while glancing between Safi and D'wane, the latter of which is given a respectful nod. "Or, better yet —" There's a note of sarcasm there. "Have something of mine?" Maybe it's firelizards she's hunting! Or, more specifically, the one still hiding behind Safi.

"It's one in particular that I'm looking for. Bronze. Little smooshed nose," D'wane's former guard senses are tingling just a bit as he's on the alert. It's almost a prowl that he takes up as he starts to inspect some of the corners of the loft. "Rock said he was up here." Why Rock didn't do more to help like MAKE the little miscreant come home is a different story and mainly because the dragon thinks his little mini-me's antics are hilarious. Luciana's arrival is given a nod as well and a groan. "You didn't happen to have something stolen by a firelizard, did you?" Because his tone says this is definitely not the FIRST time it's happened.

"Oh, um, no, madam," Safi to the woman who just came in. At least this is honest, if the firelizard has taken anything Safi doesn't know about it. It just doesn't seem to want to go back to these people. It's with the best of intentions that Safi scoots the hay closer and tries to urge the firelizard with her foot to hid in the hey again. She can help it escape if it will just follow along.

Safi is off the hook, as far as suspicion goes! Luciana will focus hard on D'wane though, with a rather unpleasant mock-smile. Ah ha! "Yes, actually! That's exactly what happened. Bronze firelizard… yours?" Might be time to bluff, D'wane! And so far Safi's hay tactic is working. Neither of Luciana's firelizards are about but have likely fled in the wake of their bonded's temper. "Because I'd really like what was taken back. Kind of *very* important!"

Bluff? It probably would be a good time to do that, but that's not D'wane's style. Instead he just gives a snort and nods. "Probably. If it was him… there's a pretty good chance he's hidden it in here somewhere." And that's also probably the reason why Pebble hasn't decided to make like a tree and leaf. Although he's fully appreciating Safi's attempts to hide himself and his… whatever it is he's stolen and is now sitting on. D'wane's still prowling along the edges of the loft, stopping every so often to poke at suspiciously lumpy bits of hay. No firelizards found over here yet. But it's only a matter of time.

Safi tries to gently and unobtrusively cover the firelizard again, though it also covers her boots with hay. A little awkward. Reaching out she gets another load of hay and pitches it over the edge. "Um, firelizards between, right?" Safi just offering up a chance that maybe the small creature has fled before the pair arrived up here. Totally innocent in that quiet suggestion. "But, maybe dropped it?" Perhaps the creature will get off if Luciana gets back whatever was hers.

"I really hope he hasn't gone Between somewhere far," Luciana groans in response to Safi's pointer. There's some relief from D'wane's answer, though it doesn't spare him entirely from her side-long glare. As for what they're looking for? She'll finally yield that mystery. "The damn bas—err, bronze took something of my toddler's. It's just a small stitched stuffy, but he needs it to be soothed!" Or there won't be any sleep for her and whichever unfortunate nannies need to tend to him. "And it has to be that particular one. No substitutes." She tried, alas. Mother of the Turn, she is not, folks!

Stealing stuffies from babies? Pebble has sunk to new lows! but he's completely unrepetent and just burrowing further down into the hay as he hears the voices getting closer. He may be a thief, but at least he isn't a clever thief since if he did care to between, they could kiss their chances of finding the toy goodbye. D'wane's getting a bit frustrated by all this poking at hay business and not getting really far, especially when Luciana reveals what exactly was stolen. Time for a new approach. "PEEBLE!!!" He's just going to yell as loud as he possibly can, which considering how large he is, is pretty dang loud. Bellowing does result in having the firelizard poke his head out tentatively from behind Safi's leg again.

Oops. Maybe Safi is protecting the wrong creature here. When that firelizard pokes his head out he'll be faced with Safi glaring at it. Bending like she has to tie her shoe the girl casts around with a free hand to see if maybe she can find the toy blindly to both soothe the poor mother AND save the bronze from punishment. Softly, "shhhhh." That's to Pebble. She can't help him if he won't stay hidden!

Luciana hasn't got to the whole crossed arms and foot-tapping stage yet, but she's looking pretty frustrated and flustered all the same! No one wants to see her go momma bear here, okay? It's not pretty. And she's at the wrong angle to spy Pebble's head poking out, so Safi is still safe in trying to keep the bronze from discovery. There's a grimaced wince for D'wane's bellowing, then a frustrated sigh as she'll go and kick at a random lump of hay. "This'll take forever if this is where he's dropped it! And I don't have *that* long to linger here!" She has work to get to and a cranky, fussy toddler to return to and save the poor soul she's left to care for him.

As Pebble has clearly shown that he is not a competent criminal mastermind, it won't take Safi too long to actually locate the stuffed animal, but the firelizard is most definitely not going to stay hidden. It's like a mayday call just went out in his mind as he frantically scrambles over to latch onto the object with a shrill cry. Basically his version of yelling out MINE! And since D'wane has both working eyes and ears, all eyes focus on Safi and the now unhidden Pebble. "That was a quick forever." To Luciana as he points over there.

Safi freezes when the lizard does his scream and she's left quite literally looking red-handed with that stuffy in her palm hanging over the pile of hay, firelizard attached. She's just going to freeze her body, eyes fixed on them authority figures in return. Um, oops.

Luciana will home in on that scream from the firelizard and the oh-so helpful point from D'wane. AH HA! Poor Safi, though the girl will be relieved to see that the glare is more for the bronze than for herself. "Hold on tight to that!" she instructs (and warns), only to find herself unable to help much on the account of the possessive firelizard. She knows better than to stick her hands in there! "Do you mind?" To D'wane. Call him off!

D'wane doesn't mind at all, considering this is probably all his fault anyway for not better training his firelizard. Since Safi's frozen, he'll just wade on in and grab Pebble firmly with one hand and use the other to start prying firelizard talons off the toy. There is plenty more muttering in the process considering it looks about as difficult as trying to give a feline a bath, but with persistence, eventually lizard is pried away from stuffy. "Thanks." That's towards the apprentice. Apparently D'wane's at least going to assume she was helping with the search, and not with trying to be an accomplice to Pebble's crimes.

As Pebble gets pried away Safi mouths, "sorry!" to the creature before closing her hand more firmly around the stuffy. Looking up with more than a little chagrin she offers the toy over to Luciana with a muttered, "Sorry," to her too. Maybe she'll be like D'wane and assume that Safi wasn't horrid! Or if she doesn't maybe the sorry will keep her from telling the herders about Safi's involvement? Maybe? possible? please?

"Not your fault, kid." Luciana will even smile a bit to Safi as she reaches to reclaim that stuffy. Now that the crisis has been adverted, the older woman's demeanour is relaxing and she no longer looks ready to lose her patience (and her mind). "Thank you! Now I can have hope again to sleep tonight." The stuffy will be tucked away safely and well out of Pebbles reach. "If you'll both excuse me? I need to reunite my son Lucean with his missing comfort toy." And with a polite nod to both Weyrsecond and Apprentice, she'll turn to stride out again. Not without a glare at Pebble though in passing, before she's vanished and gone for good!

Pebble is collecting all the glares tonight, whether he wants them or not. D'wane may know many ways to discipline a rider, but a firelizard? He's probably going to end up giving a rather ineffectual lecture that's 90% cursing once he's back in his weyr seeing as the miscreant can't be thrown into the brig. Luciana's departure gets a nod and a wave from D'wane. "Sorry about this whole situation." He'll gesture to the still firmly grasped firelizard. And as for Safi, he'll look a bit closer at her. "Are you sure you didn't see him right behind you?"

Safi wraps both hands around her pitchfork. Industry is the solution to questions being asked of her. INDUSTRY. The pitchfork stabs into the pile of hay she was trying to hide the firelizard in and sends it spiraling over the edge at the runners below. A quick shake of her head has bits of hair that have escaped her pony-tail flicking across her face. Nope, knew nothing about the firelizard. Nope nope nope.

Industry might not be the solution to all difficult questions, but D'wane's at least wise enough to know that he probably doesn't want to be within possible accidental stabbing range of that pitchfork. It looks pretty sharp. He'll quickly back a couple steps back. There's a bit of a frown as the girl denies any knowledge of the firelizard's hiding place before he revealed himself. "Well, keep a better eye out next time. Don't want to accidentally stab something." And who knows what might be lurking in hay stacks that shouldn't be. And with that warning, D'wane's off with his firelizard in tow.

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