H'rik, Diem, Nasrin, Alsha, Beris, Th'res, Divale, Amarante
(emits by Doji, Divale and Nasrin)


Everybody comes out to help Kurkar search for a missing child and success is had!


It is noon of the tenth day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Kurkar Hold - Glow Cavern

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[OOC:] Th'res has seen enough discovery channel to know this kid is going to be patient ZERO for the zombie fungus


Glow Cavern

The ceiling bows low over those who venture down the easternmost passage from the Grand Cavern, low enough to warrant crouching from time to time. The deeper it wends, the darker the stone becomes, the rough edges of the passage smoothed and softened by the velvet crawl of moss nourished by the steadily broadening trickle of stream that hugs the left wall of the corridor. A pale, eerie illumination seems to emanate from the destination ahead…and suddenly, the cavern sprawls away from from the portal that meets it. Thick moss and moist stone stand spangled with the subterranean starscape of glows, shallow water and the sweet flow of fresh air from a source unseen lending life to constellations of ghostly green and blue upon nearly every surface. Far across this wondrous cavern, another dark mouth yawns tall and narrow - the source of the breath of life that keeps the glows sustained.

Kurkar is a hive of commotion this afternoon. It's been nearly twenty hours since little Hila didn't show up for dinner and her parents are frantic. There hasn't been much sleep from the hold residents as all the frequently used tunnels and caverns have been scoured and scoured again. Early this morning, a call for help went out to the Weyr and more searchers started flowing in. An impromptu command center has been set up in one of the larger caverns. Maps seem to be everywhere and at least one of the miners seems to be keeping track of which groups have gone where. There's plenty of klah available for anyone gathering to either report or get their orders.

The news has, of course, reached H'rik, and the Weyrleader has arrived in Kurkar to see what assistance he can lend. He's been talking with one of the Kurkar search leaders at their command centre of sorts; once that conversation is done, H'rik has gone to one of the klah urns to get a drink while he scrutinises the map he's been given, sipping from a mug as he gets himself orientated with the unfamiliar area.

Among those would-be searchers is Alsha, destined for a day focused on the depths rather than the clouds. Arriving with some other people, she looks round the cavern in an attempt to find out what's going on, or failing that, who's in charge. Ah, that miner, the one near the maps and the klah pot, seems to be co-ordinating something. She advances on him. "Are you in charge? If you give me something to do, I'll do it - no point in wandering off at random."

Kurkar, the unique Holding that it is, makes tithe discussions difficult. Not only is there a council instead of a single Holder to address, but they are in much less need of dragonrider protection than those aboveground settlements. Nasrin, having been parlaying with two of the three council members, leaves the meeting chamber with a mutually satisfactory arrangement, but only for a term of six months. In her mind, it's a success, and as she exits, is aware of the ongoing saga of the missing child. She asks a resident of their status, eyes keen on the other's face.

And where there's an influx of people, there's always a good idea to have a few Guards lurking about. Seasoned ones, who may know the fickle moods of Kurkar. Bringing them here has fallen on a few of Parhelion's riders, including Divale who oversees their distribution — or at least confirms earlier plans and orders. With R'xim gone northward for guard training, the brownrider is stepping in where necessary. Stepping closer to the command centre, she'll nod to H'rik but otherwise take a page from the Guards; she'll be there but lurking in the shadows. Kurkar was her home once, but there's… a few tunnels she's privy too that she might not openly admit.

After visiting with some of his old Journeymen class mates Th'res was about to head home when the call went out. After sending a message to his WingSecond via his blue dragon, the red headed man reported in to whom ever looked in charge to get a search area. He looks over the maps given as well talked with some other minercrafter's here about stabilty of tunnels and such. Currently he heads to the Klah pot to get a refill and wait for other instructions . He will salute the Weyrleader when he sees him saying "Southern's Duties to Igen"

The miner looks up from his maps and charts at Alsha's approach and gives a bit of a grunt. "Yeah… don't need to be searching for someone else who might have wandered down a wrong tunnel. Once we get a few more folks together, we'll send a party back down that west tunnel." He jerks a thumb over his back, pointing past the klah pots. As for H'rik standing by the klah pot well, there are also some assorted baked goods over there as well. The Weyrleader might sense the rather determined eying of some of the hold children. One of the boys eventually lets out a sigh. "Are you gonna eat that?" The kid points to the plate of donuts by the klah that now a couple of riders are blocking.

Igen's senior weyrwoman arrives with two guardsmen trailing close by to help her navigate the area and to stay safe. With a child missing and an unknown cause, Diem is kept under close supervision as she attempts to gain a status report from H'rik and meet with Nasrin about the tithe meeting. As she draws closer to her fellow goldrider, she tugs off riding gloves and draws to a halt with a glance around the large cavern. "Did your meeting go as planned, Nasrin? Also, walk with me to the klah table." For a drink and to see the Weyrleader, of course.

Beris is not quite so unkind as to ignore Kurkar when it's in need - a Kurkar child is hardly a representative of the aspects of life in the Underground that she disagreed with. That, and growing up in the Underground rather removes her need for a map, but she'll hold one anyway, for appearances' sake. She'll sidle a way near to Divale, a familiar enough face that she feels comfortable saying 'hi'. "Figure there's something dodgy going on?" Though she stands near the brownrider to address her, Beris is looking about at the activity, rather than Divale.

H'rik would return Th'res's salute, but with his hands occupied with klah and map, the best he can offer is a polite nod of greeting. "Igen's to you. Didn't know the call had gone out so far." He seems about to say more, perhaps, but then he notices Diem's arrival, and lifts his eyes to watch the Weyrwoman and one of her juniors to see what their course is. It also gives him a chance to finish his klah and return the mug to the table - hopefully it'll be cleaned before the next person uses it.

"Right." Alsha nods to the miner and makes her way over towards the klah table: if she's got to wait a bit, she may as well find a warm drink. The starcrafter finds herself next to the red-headed bluerider with the knot that isn't from Igen. Her eyes settle on those cords for a second or two before she asks, "That's Southern Weyr, isn't it?"

"I'd rather hope not," Divale's reply is almost a whisper it's so low spoken in an aside to Beris. Familiar faces are always welcomed! "For one, I hope the poor thing didn't find some offshoot to the Maw." Ever the grim one, isn't she? There's a subtle nod, towards one pair huddled in the middle of things — the girl's parents. "Certainly looks genuine enough that this isn't a cover up, either. Remember the dares, among the children?" Asked of Beris, of course, though the brownrider's focus remains alert to the group as a whole. As for the girl's parents, they're the picture of exhausted, weary and worried parents and genuinely so. No acting here, though patience is wearing thin.

"They checked the crypt especially? Hm," Nasrin knows that derelict location is a hot-spot for the curious and plucky. "Thank you, all speed that she'd found." The goldrider bids the resident a genuine objective as she turns to the Weyrwoman. She bows from the neck, and tucks her hands more thoroughly into her sleeves: layers of linen is what she wore to this rendezvous. "Zerkeh and Alabash met with me, Asemra's with the searchers," matching pace toward the sector with klah, "the terms were beneficial to both parties, but," there's usually a but, "we need to renegotiate in six months." As the come up to H'rik, she salutes, a more militant form of greeting. "Good to see you, Weyrleader."

Diem tries not to groan audibly at the thought of renegotiating the terms in six months time and is conveniently distracted when she and Nasrin draw closer to the Weyrleader. "Any updates thus far?" she asks of H'rik. "I could speak to the girl's parents if you think it would help their nerves." A general status report would be nice to have before saying anything to them at this point. A glance toward Nasrin has Diem adding to that statement, "We both could." It's good practice for the younger goldrider (lucky Nasrin~).

Th'res has gotten his mug and is stepping out of the way just as the group of queen riders start to make there way, he nods to the starcraft Joruneyman saying "yes ma'am, Th'res rider of blue Jedameth" he offers Alsha his hand in greeting. Though he keeps the Leadership in his peripheral to not be rude should they wish to pass by him.

Seeing the growing group of bodies milling about the klah table, the guy with all the maps straightens up and heads closer towards that area. A quick glance has him focusing on the familiar face of a former miner. "Threst, err… Th'res. Want to help lead a group down this cavern?" He points out on one of the maps the particular course he's talking about. "It should be safe enough, but it's been a while since anybody's been down there. First sign of possible cave ins, we need the search parties turning around and we'll shore 'em up if needed." And then a look to the crowd of riders and non-riders assembled as well. "Any other volunteers for a search party? We got plenty of glows. And some first aid kits over there…"

Nasrin cultures a small smile for Divale if she can catch the Parhelion rider's eye, but she does not incorporate a distracting greeting. The Southern rider is discerned from the motley assembly, marked with a flinched brow, then it's back to Diem. "…surely." Not terribly anticipating this encounter, the junior nevertheless tags along.

Beris lets her gaze sweep over the parents, not lingering so as to make it obvious that's who she's looking at. They do, indeed, seem genuine enough in their emotions. "Yeah…." she remembers those dares well enough. Venture into the wrong tunnel, an unstable one and…well. She doesn't want to think about it right now. When the map guy speaks, Beris steps forward to join whoever else is putting themselves out there, her own non-vocal expression of volunteering.

Alsha gives Th'res a firm handshake. "Alsha, Starcraft journeyman at Igen Weyr. My respects to your Weyr and dragon." And then the man in charge is giving instructions and calling for volunteers. Alsha steps forward and says in a decisive tone. "Yes. I'll take a first aid kit, too." If the person she's standing right next to is leading a group, she may as well follow right along. Looks like she's not going to get her klah, but she does secure the first aid kit and glows before returning to Th'res.

Nasrin's salute gets a return one, now H'rik has freed up a hand. "Weyrwomen." Diem is included in that of course, before he can do little but shake his head at Diem's question. "Nothing positive, unfortunately. There's plenty more places to search, so…." He flicks his map, frowning down at it before his head lifts, to look over at the distressed parents. "If you would. Faranth knows they need all the support they can get right now." He's particularly sober about this whole thing, face hard.

Divale reaches in an attempt to catch Beris' elbow before the girl can go too far. "Be cautious." Since she remembers all too well what happened the last time when volunteering led them here (albeit outside of Kurkar and not within the depths). Beyond that, Divale does not leave her position, but does catch Nasrin's glance and dips her head politely to the younger goldrider. As for the parents of the girl, the mother's patience finally cracks a bit and she gives out a choked, impatient spoken: "How much longer? What's the point of all of this…" A wave of her hand to indicate the whole gathering and fiddling about with maps and the like. Before she can speak again, she's hushed by her husband, who gruffly mutters a sort-of apology but doesn't look any more patient than his spouse.

A woman with a voluminous maroon robe pinned at the left shoulder enters with several others, muttering being volleyed back and forth. With dark dreadlocks styled out of her face, she broaches the group, "greetings, friends new and cherished. I wish we could welcome you under better circumstances. I am Council Member Asemra and welcome the help you've come to provide. I gladly defer to Komran or Palo, those who know more about the outter limits more than I." She hastens a smile to her face, tired, but glad for the show of support.

Beris will look back at that touch on her elbow, a darkness in her eyes hinting that she knows all to well what Divale means. The last time she got involved in a search it was…unpleasant. "Yeah…." The word is uttered soft and low, and she can't quite look at Divale. Then she's turning to face the centre of the commotion - the angry mother; the council members arriving and Asemra addressing the gathered people. Beris watches with distant interest; she's here to look for a child, not listen to higher ups talk.

Th'res nods to the map-man, "Sure, I can do that. Just let me know who is in my group" he looks around the room at the others gathered as he finishes his mug. He makes notes on his map and checks his own gear, of ropes and minecraft supplies in a shoulder bag. He gives at Alsha a nod when she goes for the first aid, there is a little excitement in the riders eyes but then he is a strange one. His eyes go to the speaking council member as they have the floor.

"Certainly." Diem says with a nod after H'rik gives his approval. Straightening a bit, the Senior pulls down on her riding jacket to smooth her appearance before glancing at Nasrin. "Shall we?" Hoping to provide some peace of mind to the distressed parents, she makes her way through the gathered groups of people and passes by Divale with a nod. The Parhelion riders are noted just before she greets the mother, sensing the other woman's frustration and intensity before adding, "Every effort is being made to help locate your daughter."

Alsha stuffs the first-aid kit into her shoulder-bag and then manages to sneak a small mug of klah after all, gulping it down rather quickly as people gather and preparations are made. She watches Asemra curiously while the woman is talking, then looks to Th'res. "Ready to move when you are."

The map holding miner points to Alsha and Beris. "Looks like these two ladies are your group, Th'res. Good Luck." He's going to grab another mug of klah and go back to trying to plot where all else they might need to head next. The tunnel they have been assigned definitely isn't formed to allow adults to traverse easily. There are quiet a few spots where people taller than 5'5" are going to need to duck their heads, but that wouldn't be a problem for a small girl.

Asemra makes a maneuver to officially respond to the presence of the Weyr's leadership, lapis lazuli and gold earrings brushing against the skin of her neck. "Your support has not gone unnoticed," looking at Diem and H'rik specifically, her tone of voice forthright and classic, journeyman-taught? "Nasrin, I'm sorry I couldn't attend the meeting, I hope my presence wasn't missed." The junior weyrwoman closes her eyes and levels her chin. "It was, but your absence was understandable amid the circumstances." Asemra, not wanting to keep them further, calmly excuses herself to help organize another launch into Kurkar's depths. Now to Hila's parents. Bookending Diem, Nasrin includes, "by all accounts she's a capable child. There are many eyes and ears open, even dragon and firelizard. Keep up hope," Euskal, having debuted moments before, is sent with several local firelizards with detailed imagery of Hila's appearance.

Th'res nods to Alsha, and then looks around for Beris to nod to her as well, "Ok everyone got what they need?" He does a quick inventory in his head of what both women carry before he looks at the map again saying "looks like we go this way, either of you have experience in these caverns?" He is already moving toward the tunnel.

Jomi, the missing girl's mother, looks up to Diem with reddened eyes still bright with a few tears. "I just want her back," she says with open exasperation regardless of the Weyrwoman's rank. "Hush, woman!" Chegil, the father, silences her again with more of a warning growl to his tone. "We… appreciate the effort done so far. Excuse my wife… We're both very tired." Asemra's approach brings far more response from the pair; both nod their heads solemnly. "Of course." Chegil mutters, while Jomi stifles a sobbed-sigh. "… no child is that capable."

Beris grabs a skin of water, slinging it over her shoulder. Who knows how far they'll be going - and if they do find the girl, she's gonna need something to drink, too. She'll move towards Th'res when it's made clear she's with him - and with Alsha. Two people she doesn't recognise, and one who isn't even from Igen. Yippee. Forgive her if she's not jumping for joy. "Yeah, I do," the woman admits to Th'res's question. "I know where they're sending us. This way." She heads in that direction at a quick pace.

Alsha is going to be bending, then; she's quite a tall woman. Her firelizard has just found her, too: a half-grown bronze that clings to her shoulder as she directs his attention towards the miner in charge. Then she catches up with Th'res and answers, "I've never been here before, I'm afraid. Mizar's got the image of the man who's co-ordinating things, though; he should be able to take a message if we find something. Though no doubt your dragon can do that more quickly, as there are other riders here."

Th'res nods to Alsha "probably, but it is always good to have more than one source for information in this situation" he nods to Beris and motions her to lead on if she wishes, better for him to check the caverns for tracks and stability as they go. He has his glow out now as they walk at a swift pace, thankfully he is still on the shorter side but he probably has to stoop as he moves through the tunnels as well.

Diem falls quiet and excuses herself after reassuring both parents of the Weyr's involvement in the effort to locate their missing child. There are no words to heal the mother's ailing heart until her daughter is safely returned to her arms. Knowing this, Diem swallows the lump in her throat and turns to find her guardsmen and to find her way back to the Weyr where she can do more than just stand around helpless. Before exiting the cavern, she briefly converses with Nasrin and H'rik to let them knows of her plans.

There may also be a few times where the sides of the tunnel are tight enough that tucking in your tummy seems like a good idea. Hopefully none of the searchers have had a big lunch!

Beris is much the same height as Alsha - looks like they're all going to be watching so they don't hit their heads or - worse - get stuck. "If it's the one I think it is…it's gonna be tight, in a few places." Understatement of the century? Indeed, here comes one of those narrowings, and Beris has to squeeze herself through. Good thing she's not claustrophobic.

With Rajakhelath 'listening' for the child between meters of rock formations and dissolved stone, Nasrin pledges to help by joining a search party destined for a lake in the northeast quadrant. She's here, and Weyr staff can function without her immediate company. From previous experience living in the underground for a few months, and with Euskal's keener vision, the weyrwoman moves with confidence— though she isn't dressed the role of explorer!

With the search now gearing up, it's becoming obvious that all the hubbub has drawn a bit of a crowd. Mostly resident Kurkari but a few others who've happened to be there at the right time are lurking about. Crowds in a charged atmosphere, even one such as this, can not bode well should things tip in a certain direction. Divale's brows furrow, but her dark gaze is tracking a few of those placed Guards who, so far, look non-pulsed about the additional numbers. As the group looking for the little girl disappear, the brownrider will send her own firelizards down familiar (and secret) routes. Just in case, as the Wingsecond cannot leave.

Alsha smiles at Beris. "I think I've met you before… in the Cantina, I think? I'm glad you seem to know these caverns." Then she pauses to duck a low-hanging rock. "How old is child we're looking for? My Master just said it was a missing girl and I should go." She presses her lips together, as if there's more to the conversation that she's not planning on relating.

Th'res for the most part seems right at home between and under the stone of the earth, in fact even as he has to squeeze into the spaces he can't help himself but grin. "Well shouldn't be to bad, worse case we will have to either find a way around or cut through." Yup leave it to a miner to not be deterred by a little rock hugging. He glances back at the starcrafter to make sure she is keeping up as they go, and then looks to Beris as he too would like to know the answer to the question.

It's hard to make too much conversation while easing your way round outcroppings of rock; ducking to squeeze down a low passageway and so forth, but Beris moves like she's been down this tunnel before - albeit some time ago. Probably when she was smaller. "Maybe - lot of people at the Cantina." As to the kid's age, Beris doesn't sound too certain as she answers. "Dunno - young. Like, less than ten, I guess. If they're small, they could be…anywhere." She makes that sound pretty ominous, unintentionally.

While those tight squeezes might be slowing down the human searchers, the firelizards are having a much easier time of it. One fair wings passed Th'res and Beris quickly and only a moment or two latter, they coming zipping back all trilling loudly and eyes wheeling with excitement. And… is that a trick of the caves caused by the echo of the lizard-chorus or is that the voice of a little girl up a head? A teaching song perhaps?

Euskal, Nasrin's umbered gold firelizard, sweeps her wings close to her body to save space in tight quarters. In the company of several other firelizards she zips by Th'res and Beris, eye facets excited violet marred with streaks of dull copper. Double flapping when there is more right to move, she coasts ahead with a frenetic kriiing call. Euskal's owner is in a different area and it will be some time for Nasrin to double back and alter routes.

Th'res nods back at Beris but before anymore questions are asked, he is swooped passed by the firelizard both forward then again when it returns with it excitement. The echo's do make it harder to hear but there is a still guarded hope in the riders voice, "Sounds like we are on the correct path" is his statement as he moves to turn that corner following where the little one flew from. He sends a message to his own blue who is up at the top with the other dragons helping search in there own way, » Jed tell the Queen there that we think the firelizards have found something and give them our position « once the route is relayed he is back to making his way through the tight area.

Beris instinctively dodges when the firelizards sweep past, but the echo of a noise further down the tunnel is what catches her attention, and her focus is on that now. "I don't think this tunnel goes on much longer," she says, voice low so she can listen and work out if what she's hearing is an echo the firelizards left behind or something else. Her pace has increased now, as she works her way through the difficult path, dark eyes focused ahead of her.

Rajakhelath, prompted by Jedameth and a cadre of firelizards, infuses the warmth of hearth and burnt pine resin into her announcement: « The girl has been found by search party three. Status unknown, but alive. » So they can focus their efforts at that addressed location.

And guess what? Beris was right. The tunnel doesn't go on much longer. One more twist and then the glows they are currently holding won't even be required as the tunnel opens up into an impressive cavern that has a somewhat uncanny blue and green glow. But watch your footing! At the end of the tunnel, there's a rather steep fall a few feet to the floor below. Little Hila is clearly there. Singing, and holding up the carcass of a dead, also glowing insect trying to convince the little brown to eat it.

Lukoith's fleeting presence in acknowledging Rajakhelath and Jedameth's announcements comes in the form of eerie mist shrouded forests and a chilling, night-time wind. The sense of something massive lurks, furred and snarling teeth and gibbering madness condensed to a growled acceptance. He's heard… and passed along the information. Divale, meanwhile, tilts her head slightly as she receives her end of the message. "Weyrleader, sir?" If H'rik is still about, she'll be on standby for his orders and relaying her own, to put the Guards on alert. Someone will need to address Hila's parents — and probably keep Jomi from running down those damned tunnels.

Wendryth has been waiting expectantly, frustrated at being unable to help himself. There's a definite feeling of triumph emanating from the bronze, but he's unusually muted, in consideration of the situation. H'rik is still about, talking to various people who are starting to spring into action, getting things ready for when the girl is, hopefully, retrieved. "Wingsecond - sounds like we should be expecting more news any time soon. Could you ask your guards to make sure the tunnel in question isn't crowded with people?" That's just what they don't need when trying to bring back a possibly frightened child. He'll move towards the parents to speak quietly to them, to let them know about the situation's update.

"Faranth-" Beris comes out a bit quick at the end of the tunnel and damn near takes a fall down into the hole, too. "Hey," she calls down to the girl with the air of someone not used to dealing with kids. Then she looks back at Th'res. "Any idea how we're gonna get her out? It's pretty steep, and if she's hurt…."

Th'res takes in the cavern, but doesn't get the chance to look around that much as duty calls it seems. He move to the edge and looks at the rock walls, he un-shoulders his gear of rope and climbing pinions before he starts making alot of noise he will say to the two ladies with him "Are either of you two trained in rock climbing?" HE is but that is because Lynx makes you ready for all occasions. He moves to a solid wall, taking only a few moments to gauge the structure before driving in the climbing spikes and tying off the rope.

"Of course." Short and to the point, Divale will go about her task with muted efficiency. This sort of work may chafe with her, but she takes some enjoyment out of ordering the Guard for that short spell. She will also have the crowd dispersed and, failing that, pushed back at least. No need to have the poor girl swarmed on return!

How good is H'rik at catch? Because despite Chegil's grip on his wife's shoulder, the once distraught and now relieved mother is going to make a dash for it! Weyrleader, Guards… doesn't matter. Her baby girl has been found and come hell or Threadfall, she's going to BE THERE!

Nope - H'rik is too slow to stop Jomi. Looks like it'll be up to Divale's guards to do something, because the Weyrleader is left with Chegil, grimacing at the mother's desperate run.
"It's not one of my skills," Beris admits about the whole rock climbing thing, watching Th'res work. She'll give him a long look. He's the dragonrider who apparently also knows how to use ropes. "I can grab her if you pass her up to me," she does volunteer, though!

At Beris's call, the little girl turns around and waves one of her hands (that's also glowing blue like pretty much everything in that cavern). "Hello! Are you gonna take me to my mommy?" She'll spin around a bit to face the two adults over there. Sorry, Brownie. No more hand feeding creepy crawlies to you. With her facing that direction, it's pretty clear the girl has a pretty nasty cut on her calf. And who knows what all has got into it in the hours she's been down there?

Th'res nods and is moving with smooth if not professional calm, "not a problem, you just keep talking to her while I get this set." Because a distracted climber is a dead climber after all, he relays the play through Jed to others. Jedameth will send his unique style of image sharing of colorful blocks rappidly built and shared with the dragons in charge of the little girl, alive and covered in her blue green blow state.

"We are," Beris promises to the girl - truth be told it's gonna be Th'res doing most of this work. The blue rider gets a nod of agreement to his request, and, duly, Beris keeps talking to the girl. "Who's your friend? Does he have a name?" She points to the brown. Anything to keep the girl's mind off the situation while they sort it out, right?

Hila shrugs at the question as to the firelizard's name. "He's Brown." So a very literal name for the firelizard friend. She'll mostly ignore whatever it that Th'res is doing over there to focus on Beris since she's the one talking to her. "I miss my mommy. But can I tell you a secret?"

Chegil only sighs heavily as his wife makes a run for it… and is promptly barricaded and stopped by the Guards. Her curses and spitting are anything but lady-like and the man will merely give a pained, but apologetic look to H'rik. "I'll go… calm her down." he mutters and hurries off to do just that. Divale will ghost her way back to the Weyrleader however, for her brief report. "The main tunnels are guarded," she explains, half distracted as she watches Jomi dragged back by her spouse in an effort to keep her from doing something stupid. "Moved the crowd back, too."

Through the service of Dragon Relay, word reached the Healers that the girl had been located and that, well, a Healer would be useful right about now just in case. And so Amarante, the one most likely to volunteer to go skulking through tunnels, was dispatched without actually being given a chance to express an opinion. With a medical bag over one shoulder and a scarf wrapped around her face as if that would completely protect her nose and mouth from dust kick-up, knee-high boots actually fastened all the way up, she is at least defended from the elements even if she may not be defended from all the people. Most of the Kurkari liked her during her stay, however. "Hey," she says softly as she walks up to Divale the crowd controller, "I got asked to come check on — any serious injuries? Can I get closer?"

"Of course you can," Beris replies to Hila, eyes flitting to check on Th'res's progress, but her attention like 99% on the girl. "What is it?"

Yes ignore the man behind the curtain! Th'res works swiftly, getting his gear in order. He pulls a little bit on the rope testing it's weight load, before he glances over the edge saying in a soft tone to keep his voice lower so that it won't carry about the large cavern, "Ok I am going to go down. You are doing great keeping her distracted." He will swing over the edge and slowly start to 'walk' down the side of the rock face.

With the level of logic only little kids can muster, Hila raises her hands to hide her mouth from Th'res as she continues talking at exactly the same volume she'd been talking at earlier. Whispering isn't a skill she's mastered yet. "I ate a bug!" And there's a giggle.

"Amarante?" Divale turns to address the woman, looking pleased for another familiar face. There's a grim nod and a side-glance to H'rik. With permission, sir? "Not certain on injuries. Only that she's been found… and being rescued. I'll have the Guards let you through." And probably one as a chaperone. She won't mind, will she? Beyond that, all the rest of this is falling outside of the realm of Divale's 'help'. She's merely here to make sure no one decides to stir up some trouble.

H'rik gives Amarante a nod of greeting, looking glad for the healer's presence. "Thanks for coming. As Divale says, we don't know how the girl is yet, so best to be prepared." He's happy to let Divale handle the guards, not being one to overstep boundaries. He just looks glad things seem to have worked out okay.

Beris was looking kinda worried for a moment about this whole secret thing, and she grins, relieved, when it turns out to be innocent. "Oh! Was it tasty??" That's about the only response she can think to that, trying not to laugh herself. Still, looks like Th'res will have the girl ready to get out soon enough.

"Nooooo!" Hila wrinkles up her face at Beris's question. "It was blue!" And she holds up her glowing blue hands all covered in the bug guts or the fungus or whatever it is that seems to make everything in this room glow.

"Of course." Standing a little taller, which is somehow possible, Amarante gives H'rik a respectful nod and Divale a friendly salute. This makes sense, because of how she knows Divale and isn't a dragonrider, so why would she salute the Weyrleader? She looks pleased enough as she gains herself a guard escort, there's definitely no arguing here as long as Amarante doesn't have to escape from him not letting her do her job. Hopefully, said guard escort is not a bad boy she can fall in with, either. "Er," she says as they finally get to Beris and Th'res and the girl, "Is … " There is no child present! But there is rappelling. "… I really hope I do not need to go down there?" Or even look over the edge. Please don't make her look over the edge.

Th'res is already on the ground now checking the rope agian before saying to the little girl, "Ok, Hila was it? Is anything broken? can you walk ok?" He isn't really wanting to waste more time down her but well better to check to make sure she isn't going to get more injured on the climb up.

Out of habit, when the rider is down there and calling her name, Hila's going to immediately uncross her legs and try to hop up, forgetting about that cut on her leg. She gets one step and then steps on the bad leg and pretty much falls over. "Uhhh-huh." At least she's little and light. Shouldn't be too hard for Th'res to carry her on up.

Beris will be up at the top, ready to help get Hila up without aggravating her injury any more - careful is the word of the day with her, having seen the way the girl practically collapses while trying to walk.

Th'res moves over to where she is saying softly in a very easy going tone "Well can't have you laying down here, come on". Thankfully weyrlinghood added more muscle mass to him, but working out with D'wane and other riders has helped too, as he picks up the little girl and ties the end of the rope around them both keeping her from being able to fall as he starts his climb up. He isn't much of a conversationalist right now as he abit focused, when he gets near the top he hopes Beris is good about being there to lift the little girl up.

And Amarante — watches, because she is not going to interfere so closely with a well-oiled plan. But she is going to watch it, and hope to get a good glimpse of her patient. Who maybe will not even need Healer services, though that is wishful thinking if ever there was any.

Beris is strong enough to get the girl up - thank goodness she's light though! - and onto safer ground. "Y'think you could carry her?" She'll ask of Th'res, while she makes sure to keep Hila back from the edge of the drop. And away from Th'res's climb back up!

Maybe it's the fact that she's only probably had a bug for dinner, or that she doesn't want to fall back down the slope, but she's a remarkably pliant patient. More than happy to be passed from one adult to the next. Once she's up with Beris and Amarante, she'll dig into her pocket and hold out her blue glowing little hand to Beris. "Here you go!" Any guesses what's in there? And as for Amarante, the cut on her leg is more than obvious. Probably going to need some stitches.

Yay, it's like a souvenir! "Uh, thanks." Beris isn't going to be ungrateful to a little kid, but that gift is gonna go straight into her pocket, and then Beris will wipe her hand on her trouser. Subtly, mind you, and hopefully when Hila is distracted by Amarante, now that the girl is ready to be handed over for the healer's attention.

Th'res clears the lip of the drop and gets up, is he sweating? Probably, but hey at least this will count to PT for the wing so there is that, when he gets up there there a healer is there and his work for the most part is done. He coils up the rope and slings it over his shoulder saying "I will go tell the others, unless you need me to carry her back Ma'am" he says to the new face.

"That is up to her," Amarante tells Th'res, for all that being called ma'am is still very weird. She'll comment on that another time, if need be. She's assessed the wound at a distance, though any closer examination of that or the strange blue … whatever that is … really needs to be done in a cleaner area. "Do you think you can walk?" she asks the glowing child with a gentle smile. "Or would you rather be carried? I'm Amarante, I'm going to fix up that leg of yours, but not out here."

"I wanna be carried. I'm tired!" Hila makes that call easy and will promptly cuddly up her head on Th'res's chest, her arms around his neck. It's been an exciting day and she's ready for naptime. At least they know exactly which way they need to go to get back. And Jomi is going to be the very first person they see, with lots of screaming and tears of joy at seeing her darling baby girl is indeed alive and back!

Th'res happily hands the girl over to the mother and will leave the hero telling and such to the starcrafter Alsha and Beris as he makes for his dragon and a quick get away. He is covered in this blue glowing stuff and the faster he can get it off the better. Jedameth will of course be super excited about his riders new color choices and pester him all the way home for some to make his coat glow too.

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