W'lin, Amani


Amani and W'lin meet for the first time in the library. A few suggestions later.. and, well.


It is sunset of the nineteenth day of the sixth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Archive Library, Southern Weyr

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"Or are they all from the women whose hearts you broke when you transferred away from the snowy north?"


Archive Library

Where once books reigned supreme, this open space is now dominated by a stalwart skybroom reaching to the sky through a broken ceiling. What was once evidence of collapse is now ornately carved with engraved ivy, matched by a clever contraption of stone that allows the gap to be closed in inclement weather. A small garden occupies the space around the tree-trunk, all manicured bushes and flowering shrubbery enclosed by a grated gutter. The walls are lined with bookcases, while a spiral staircase leans on the western wall to wind upwards to the second level. Tucked in the corners and scattered in the main areas are tables and chairs, cafe-style, and comfortably worn overstuffed armchairs. It is the perfect place for individuals to gather, to enjoy the offerings of the food-cart or a spirited conversation.

Warm and cozy spaces are in high demand today, the near-constant winter rainfall keeping all but the hardiest souls indoors. Or the poor sweep riders who have no choice. There are several in the library, though most don't want to put effort into the stairs and are gathered on the bottom level. Therefore Amani is taking advantage of the greater amount of quietude on the second floor, ensconced in a comfortable chair with one knee hitched over the other to prop up the notebook she's leafing through and occasionally adding to. Though she's basically in leathers from the waist down, all form-fitting hide and tall boots, there is definite Zingari flair to the deep scarlet tunic that drapes her upper half, cinched at the waist with a gold hip sash embroidered with glinting beadwork. Dark hair left unbound frames a pensive expression, concentration tugging a slight frown into the young goldrider's lips.

Warm and cozy spaces are still warm and cozy if they happen to be on the second level, and perhaps those are even moreso given their relative solitude. It takes W'lin a scant amount of time to climb the stairs towards that end, given he decides to take them three at a time, stretching his long legs to their full length; quite ungainly if you had a bottom-floor view. Still, he makes it without tumbling down, and takes a moment on the upper landing to search the space, reports tucked under his arm. "Ah, hello," he says, after a quiet moment wherein he stares at Amani, doubtless surprised to find a goldrider tucked into the space. "Don't mind me." Except, he's already broken the silence, and his sitting in an accompanying chair to hers isn't quiet either - leather creaking, foot scuffing the floor. Noisy bronzerider.

Everything seems louder in a library! So Amani hears someone coming up the stairs with big strides, crossing the space, but doesn't pay it much heed until a low voice gives greeting. She stares right back for a moment, registering him as a new face and making a study of it…and then blushing slightly when she realizes she's staring. "Ah…I don't mind," she counters, clearing her throat a little and sitting up straighter to reach for her nearby mug of klah. "You're W'lin, right?" she ventures with a lilt of curiosity to her tone. "Our new rider from Telgar."

Large and loud W'lin is unapologetic, and he's got a big, toothy grin for the goldrider; that she gives him the green light to join her in that space AND that she even knows his name. "I am, bronze Khasvith's, and you're.." He acts as though he has to figure out who she is, but with two goldriders at the Weyr - and presumably he's met the Acting Weyrwoman - it's not that hard to figure out this dark-haired goldrider in his midst. "Amani. It's nice to meet you, finally." Another smile accompanies those words, and then he's shuffling his read material, making much more noise before he sets the whole stack in his lap. "I never knew how much I liked the snow until I came here. It's better than cold and rain," he says, blue eyes slanting her way, grin widening.

Amani doesn't mind W'lin's noise so much; it's still quieter than the living cavern. The grin he gives is contagious, and she finds herself returning it before a brow arches at his feigned guessing at her identity. She almost does supply it and opts for standing her ground, dark eyes dancing mischievously. "Likewise, W'lin," she counters, and chuckles at his last. "Just wait until summer," she drawls. "And if you like snow, you'll have to visit Southern Barrier Hold. Unless you've already discovered it, of course."

Just what are these papers the bronzerider is hoarding? Because he doesn't seem like he cares to read them, focused as he is on his conversation with Amani. "Summer will be miserable," W'lin guesses, "in riding leathers." He looks amused by the prospect. "I've flown over Southern Barrier, and the air up there is thin, colder. It feels much more like Telgar. I haven't had the chance to touch my feet on the ground there yet, but Black Rock.." His smile droops a little. "Less cold, more gray. I met the watchrider up there. I should make good on visiting her again. It's one heck of a place to be stuck at," he supplies, slanting another amicable look at the goldrider.

"It certainly is," Amani agrees about Black Rock. "Veena. She was the one who warned us before the refugees showed up at the cove." Not that they could have foreseen the end result. She sighs as she takes another sip of klah, her lips curving in a small smile as she turns things back toward the Barrier. "The Ice Hold really is gorgeous, inside and out. It was my first time seeing snow. During Candidacy. It has some amazing hot springs, a fantastic klah bar… I really do need to go back there soon." Even if she's already dealing with quite enough cold.

"Veena," is affirmed, with a nod of his head, "is full of warnings and other useful information." W'lin does not go on to elaborate, and seems content to talk about happier things. "Your first time? Are you from Southern? I'm sure I'd heard you were from elsewhere," he murmurs, running a hand through his dark hair, and then he's positing, toothy grin back where it belongs: "Maybe you can give me a tour of the Ice Hold when you've got time. Show me the best features. Klah bar, hot springs, and maybe an iced over lake for skating?" Those topics please the dragonrider, his voice positively enthusiastic. "I come from Lemos, originally."

Amani shakes her head over the matter of her origins, dark brows lifting as he suggests that she might be able to give him a tour. "There is an ice lake there, and…I haven't tried skating. But I'd be glad to show you around there the next time I have a rest day," she says without hesitation. Anything to break away from the Weyr for a bit! Hearing that W'lin is from Lemos garners a quick smile. "Lemos is somewhere I haven't been except…twice. Possibly both during weyrlinghood. But I'm from Igen originally. Born and raise in the desert, briefly part of the Zingari traders, though I still claim them as my people. They were the ones who mattered," she says, her gaze drifting fondly for a moment.

Blunt fingers come together in a snap, and the sound echos throughout the library. It takes W'lin a few seconds to realize he shouldn't have made such a sound, though it might be the shhhuuusshhh that comes from below. "Tour for a lesson. Ice skating is fun once you get over the falling down part. Kind of like learning to fly," he answers, quieter now, given his recent scolding from the person who shall not be named. "Lemos is.. it's cold and there's a lot of trees." Still, there's some kind of pride in his voice for his hometown. "Igen? How'd you end up here?"

Amani flinches a little at the loud snap of the bronze rider's fingers, though she gives a smirk at the shushing that rises from below. "A trade? I can do with that," she agrees. "Though to be fair, learning to fly is really more us learning to hang on while they do all the work." A bit more nuanced than that, to be sure, but it could be described so in a nutshell. "But Lemos has forests and not jungle. I really ought to visit there again, too." After things stop piling one atop the other at Southern. His last question earns a little laugh to go with her own grin. "I got Searched. That's really the long and short of it," she replies with a shrug. "I'd been with the Zingari three months when M'noq came to visit and his Ravaith took a shine to me. I'd never been outside the desert, and since I was free to go if I wished…I came."

"Ice skating is like that in the beginning too," says the man of the comparison, his mouth curving into yet another smile. One day! One day she'll learn about holding onto another person for dear life while she teeter-totters on the ice; it's ice skating at its best. "Isn't that how all of us end up at Weyrs?" W'lin is kind of a like a puppy, except his tongue doesn't loll out.. yet. This time, his head tips to the side, but then he's shuffling his papers again, needlessly. "I doubt you regret it." But there's a look and a lifting of dark brows, his baby-blues searching her face for traces of an answer. What's it going to be?

"So…you're really trying to get me to come hang on to you in trade for a tour, is that what you're saying, bronzerider?" Amani counters cheekily, though flushes slightly again with the tease. There's another pull at her klah mug, and she smiles warmly at his last, giving a slow shake of her head. "Not at all," she answers softly, gaze going vague as she briefly gives her lifemate a mental brush and finds quietly loving counter. "Zymuraith is still such a mystery sometimes…but one I'll gladly spend the rest of my life exploring." With a blink, she flicks her eyes to his hidework. "What is all that, anyway?" she asks, flipping her notebook shut and downing the last of her klah in apparent preparation to leave in a moment.

"Ah.. no, no," W'lin tries assuring her, waving both hands wildly as further indication. "I didn't mean it like that. You can just.. hold onto the wall." His voice falls flat at the end, but he's quickly releasing a pent up breath and breezing through this pitfall, his smile returning to take over his face with its voracity. "That's good to hear. I don't think Khasvith's had the pleasure, but, that might be best saved for a later time." He glances at her, then at his papers, then back at her, then back at his papers. It's quite a blatant lie he says, which might be humorous if not for his blank expression: "Love letters."

"Except there is no wall out there," Amani counters with a sly narrowing of her eyes, her grin arising a new with a definite teasing sharpness. "Khasvith is welcome to make her acquaintance any time. She's…not as aloof as some might think." Quirky, yes, but not aloof. Eying W'lin amusedly, she awaits his answer and doesn't believe it for a second when she gets it. "Well someone works fast," she teases. "Or are they all from the women whose hearts you broke when you transferred away from the snowy north?"

There is no wall?! W'lin is stuck between a rock and a hard place. "I guess there's nothing we can do about it. I'll have to lend a hand, or an arm, or a.. whatever you need. Sometimes little kids like to hold on from behind around the waist and then you skate forward, they go forward to. Just a.. you know, suggestion." Innocent. Nothing but innocent. Look at that face! Which is brokering another pleasant expression, his hands spreading out, palms up. "Do you think I'm capable of such a feat? I couldn't decline an offer of friendship, much less someone's affection," has to be another lie. Surely. ABSOLUTELY.

"Since I'm not a little kid, I'm sure I'll be able to decide just where to keep a grip and adapt as needed," Amani informs W'lin, her blush making a reappearance as easily as the bronze rider's smile does for him. As for his last…well. She just can't help but continue to tease. "Oh, of course. With that charming grin in your arsenal I'm sure the offers are pouring in." She rises, giving a soft chuckle. "Enjoy sorting your letters, W'lin. It's been a pleasure. I have a threat to go put on paper and make sound diplomatic." Oh dear. "I'm sure I'll see you again soon." With one more smile for the bronzerider, she departs toward the spiraling stairs to go wreak whatever subtle havoc she intends upon whomever she intends. Likely the refugees still camping in the Candidate barracks.

A jaunty salute sends off the junior weyrwoman, blue eyes watching her until she's not longer able to be seen from his vantage place on the second level. "Charming," W'lin mutters to himself, and then sets pen to paper.. no doubt writing a love letter, or something.

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