evka, F'kan, Xanthee


F'kan tries his wiles on a visiting Reveka, then Xanthee joins them…

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It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tipsy Kitten, Southern Weyr

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"I thought I knew every pretty face in the Weyr, but I don't think I've seen yours before."

The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

It's a warm and humid day in Southern, and Reveka had forgotten just how different this kind of heat is compared to Igen weyr. It's been a beat since she's been any further South than Igen Hold. And so, when Xanthee mentioned having an errand to run, Reveka took the time to do some exploring. During this time, she'd discovered the Kitten and come in for a drink. One drink has now turned into three drinks and a late lunch. She now sits, working on drink three while shifting through swatches of fabric samples she'd promised to bring back for Timotin. She'd found some wonderfully vibrant materials and it's a pleasure to shift hrough the different patterns while she awaits her friend's arrival.

Ever since the other night, F'kan hasn't been able to get that new kind of whiskey out of his head, or of course the other interesting tidbits he had been able to glean from that cunning linguist of a man who introduced him to it. So after some morning drills, he decides to come for another sampling. Walking in, his blue eyes roam over the room and seems to zoom in on Reveka sitting alone, but he's playing it cool today, and as such, just goes up to the bar, leaning on it, and orders himself a glass of Zingari whiskey. He will turn and, casually leaning back against the bar, he lets his eyes seemingly roam over the room at large, but he often stops on the girl as he waits for his drink.

Reveka is paying far too much attention to those coming and going from the Kitten, though, she is waiting for Xanthee, so that may be just normal waiting habits. F'kan's entry is noted, and his look ignored as Reveka looks past him to see who might follow. Seeing no one, she goes back to sifting through patterns, her drink glass in her hand as she sips it slowly. Her eyes flick up at mention of the Zingari Red and she smiles into her drink. She'll have to tell Willa how far their whiskey travels. Ocassionally her eyes look up and around, and once or twice she catches a glance from F'kan, but she's used to people staring, she's a performer after all.

When the bartender hands him his drink, F'kan wastes no time in sauntering over to the girl looking at fabric samples, glass in hand. "Good afternoon lovely, I thought I knew every pretty face in the Weyr, but I don't think I've seen yours before." A roguish half grin on his lips as his blue eyes look down at her. "Please, I must know the name of the beauty before me." He says, flashing a little bit of teeth in a charming smile as he puts on a quietly pleading look, not even sipping his drink, he is awaiting her response.

Reveka flicks her mahogany hued eyes up towards F'kan when he approches, an amused smile tilting up the corners of her lips. "That may or may not be because I am not from here." Her voice has the air of the desert about it, smokey and rich and slightly exotic. She's highly amused by all the theatrics and it leads to her chuckling. "Reveka, of the Zingari Caravan out of Igen Weyr." She gives a graeful bow of her head before swirling her drink in the glass and tossing it back. "And you are?"

F'kan clutches his hands to his heart in an eagerated show, "Reveka! A pretty girl with an even prettier name." Wait? Did she just say Zingari Caravan? What are the odds? That certainly got the wheels turning in his head, slipping into his old self easily. A dashing half smile is given to her as he bows low at the waist with a little flourish. "F'kan of brown Quaverilth lovely, utterly at your service. I have a glass here of your Caravan's delightful whiskey, you mind if I sit with you while I enjoy it?" His blue eyes give her a cool smolder as he waits for her to respond.

Though a bit over-much, and it's obvious he's trying too hard, F'kan's comments do pull a little bit of a blush to Reveka's cheeks. Wait… Has she heard that name before? Maybe…she can't remember. His bow earns a light giggle as Reveka refills her glass and leans back in her chair. She waves at one of the empty seats at her table and grins. "Take your pick." Mahogany eyes glint with amusement as she lits her glass to drink.

Slipping into the chair directly across from her, F'kan finally takes a sip of his drink, obviously savouring it. "Delicious. Y'know, I just found out about this the other day, from a rather colorful fellow who came in here and ordered it. I was intrigued so I decided to try it and so glad I have." He leans in, as if he is going to confess something to her, "I hadn't even heard of the Zingari before a couple days ago, and now I'm meeting one of their in the flesh as it is. It must be fate." Another crooked grin is tossed in her direction. "So tell me, what do you do? I got a crash course on your people by that most helpful man, so I hear you are known for your performances. You must be a performer, your look is just so.." He furrows his brow as if to pick just the right word, "Exotic."

"Well….Zingari whiskey is the best whiskey, after all." She mocks looking scandalized when F'kan admits to not ever having known of the Zingari until his first taste of their whiskey. "What rock have you been hiding under sir?" With the exception of Ista and Southern, the Zingari are practically everywhere. Reveka is too used to this of course. "I am a dancer and contortionist." She replies when inquired about her work. She grins with a bit of pride, and a little coyness when called exotic. Darn tootin' she is!

F'kan chuckles genuinely at her mock scandalized look, taking another sip of his drink. "I was born at Ista Hold, then moved to Black Rock Seahold when I was still young. From there I was impressed here." When she admits she's a performer, he pumps his fist slightly, "I knew it. You look like someone used to people watching her. And what exactly does a contortionist do lovely?" he asks curiously, folding his arms on the table in front of him, and leaning forward slightly.

Ah. Istan. That explains it. Reveka laughs and is amused by how happy F'kan seems at her being a performer. "A contortionist can tie herself in knots, quitel literally, bend in ways which your mind thinks impossible." Reveka winks and sips from her drink. Where is Xanthee? She's starting to wonder a bit now, even if she is entertained for the time being.

F'kan lets his jaw drop at that explanation, "Tie yourself in knots huh? I would really like to see that. Might be worth a trip to Igen Weyr to see that for myself." Just as long as he is able to avoid a certain meddlesome raven-haired girl, but she was a weyrbrat, wasn't she? So the chances that she would be frequenting the Caravans are highly unlikely, right? "And you dance as well? Any other special talents you're hiding?" He says as he picks up that she is getting a little impatient. "Waiting on your boyfriend to show up lovely?" He asks cautiously, he may be a cad, but he wouldn't knowingly poach another's woman. Unknowingly on the other hand…

Reveka chuckles. "I'm sure you would, and you can, anytime in Igen." And pay for the performance too….but she doesn't add this. F'kan would be surprised just how often a certain reven-haired woman is on the grounds. She nods when he asks after her dancing and nearly rolls her eyes when he asks if she had any hidden talents. Why does everyone always assume that? She shakes her head in answer and sips from her drink. Boyfriend? That catches her off guard, though one wouldn't know it looking at her. Smooth as glass this one. "No. No boyfriend. But I am waiting for someone." She drops a wink, her tone implying that maybe it's a woman she waits for.

Leaning in further F'kan waggles his eyebrows a little suggestively, "Oh, a fellow Zingari lady like yourself? I bet she isn't half as lovely as you are." Another playful wink is offered as he takes another sip of his drink. "Well I will certainly make plans to come and see a performance sometime then." And even though she may not have any other hidden talents, he has heard enough about the Zingari escorts that he is sure he could make such a trip a fruitful one.

Reveka raises an eyebrow. This one is really laying it on thick. "No, just me, and a friend." She nods at his comment on seeing a show and finishes off about half her drink. It's going t her head a bit so she begins nibbling on a piece of bread from her lunch. "So, interested in the exotic are you?" Where is Xan? Someone save her from Mr. Flirty McFlirtyton over here. She fidgets with the cloth squares in her lap for something to do while she waits for an answer.

Ask and you shall receive Reveka! The door opens and now a certain raven-haired Igen Weyrbrat enters, a pack thrown over her shoulder. Xanthee's eyes wander the room her eyes adjusting after the brightness outside. When finally she spies a certain Zingari girl, she freezes when she sees who is keeping Reveka company. Emerald eyes narrow as usually smiling lips are pulled in a taught line. Steeling herself, she takes a deep breath and walks in further. "Reveka, sorry it took me so long, we got a little gabby." F'kan isn't even acknowledged, her back turned to him, looking only at her friend.

F'kan is about to saying something about how he is interested in her brand of exotic when the door is opening and his eyes flick up automatically to the door. HER. He can feel his blood start to simmer as the cause of all his recent troubles comes waltzing into the bar. His own blue eyes now lose their playfulness, his smirk falling off his lips, as he drawls, "Xanthee." icily before throwing back the rest of his drink, bringing the glass down a little too hard on the table's surface. To Reveka then he asks, "She is the friend you were waiting for?" He scoffs, "Can't say much for your choice of friends."

Reveka eyes Xanthee with a look of relief when she shows up. Thank Faranth. She smiles at her friend and shakes her head. "No worries dear." She looks back to F'kan when he speaks so icily and puts down her taste in friends. Mahogany eyes narrow, and go dark with offense taken. "Well Sir rider, if you have such a problem with the company I keep, no one is keeping you here. There's a door right there, don't let it hit you in the arse on the way out." Reveka has zero tolerence for seemingly unwarrented rudeness, and she really has no more patience for F'kan now that he's been an ass.

And then all F'kan's efforts with this pretty young thing are wrecked. All because of her. Getting to his feet, he looks as if he is preparing to say something to the girls, a soft growl under his breath, but when he goes to open his mouth, a mental tsunami crashes over him, as Quaverilth is there in his mind, booming. «Not even a word mate. You better get your arse out of that pub before you do something we both will regret. C'mon, we just got rid of our last restrictions, you think getting into it with her is going to go at all well?» F'kan feels his face getting red as he is about to argue with his dragon, but then he's reminded that he is restriction free and he would like to keep it that way. So without another word, but clearly shooting daggers in Xanthee's direction, the brownrider makes his exit with haste.

F'kan walks to the Swinging Door.

Xanthee sinks onto a chair that has not been just vacated by F'kan and starts trembling with the effort of not reacting to his stupid words. She was sure he was going to rail at her, but then he got that familiar faraway look she has seen on so many riders, and Xan privately thanks the good sense of his dragon, assuming that the brown intervene. As the adrenaline courses through her veins, the trembling intensifies even in the warm Southern weather. Hugging her arms to her, she looks up at the bartender, who watched the little spectacle with interest cause it looked like it was going to get nasty there for a second. "Big strong drink please." she says in a shaky voice. She needs to compose herself before she even thinks of communicating with her friend.

Not knowing what the deal is between these two, Reveka gives them both looks, but then F'kan is gone, so she turns to Xanthee. "Ok, I didnt like him but he wasn't that bad Xan, what's up?" Reveka raises a brow as she pours a finger or two of whiskey and shoves it at her friend while they wait for hr own drink.

Xanthee takes the drink thankfully and slams it back in one before handing the glass back to Reveka. "Thanks. I-…That was F'kan. The brownrider who I was caught with during my Candidacy here. The reason I got sent home right before the Hatching." She clarifies briefly before her own drink is delivered and she fishes out the marks needed to pay for it. A dark brown liquid at least three fingers worth. She sips this one though, wincing a little at the burn it has going down. Well at least the bartender took her plea of strong to heart.

Understanding dawns on Reveka's face as Xanthee explains and she looks over at where F’kan had gone storming out. “No wonder I didn't like him.” She takes her empty glass back from Xan as she's delivered her drink. “Thanks for saving me then…He was trying far too hard.” Reveka is surprised her disinterest hadn't shown. “How'd your errand go?” Because who needs to discuss hard feelings and old traumas when they're basically on vacation, right? Right.

“Yeah, he didn't have to try that hard with me.” Xanthee mutters bitterly under her breath. Giving a little shake of her head and taking another long sip of her very strong drink, Xan decides that Reveka is right, even though she can't read the Zingari girl’s thought, and they are basically on vacation. And besides, she had kept her cool throughout their brief encounter, so she gives herself a little pat on the back there. Oh thank Faranth for Reveka changing the subject and Xan decides to run with it. “Yes! I had to do a little looking but I finally tracked down my sister.” Xanthee has told Reveka about her newfound family surely? And if not, well she just did.

Reveka laughs. “I thought you were here to order a cake?” Perhaps Xanthee had mentioned her sister, but Reveka is four whiskies in and might not remember just now. “I hope you had a good visit then?” She pours herself another drink, though slightly less than she’d been pouring before. “So…What should we do now? When are we meeting Amani?”

“Yes, order a cake from my half-sister Elonoora who is a baker here.” There! All caught up Reveka? Good. “And it was a good visit yes actually.” For the second meeting the girl, it had gone fine. Xanthee swirls the remainder of her drink thoughtfully as she takes another swig, briefly lost in her thoughts. When she realizes she is being questioned, she looks up with a blink. “Huh? Oh right! Yeah, she said she would meet us later this evening in the Lower Bowl. So…. we have a few candlemarks to kill. I don’t know, we can stay here, or we can go explore, see the sights.” She says with her trademarked Xanthee mischievous giggle. She may be thoroughly Malosim’s, but a girl can look. Besides, she hasn’t given up on finding someone for her friend.

Always one for an adventure, Reveka perks at thought of exploring and looking around. “Well, I say I’m for the exploring!” She downs her drink. “It’s a heck of a lot warmer here than it is at home, and I hear Southern has some pretty sites! Let’s go!” Reveka payed for her bottle of liquor way earlier. She stands and grabs her things and she’s ready to go.

The hours are toiled away exploring every nook and cranny of Southern Reveka and Xanthee can get to and still be within walking distance of the bowl.

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