Z'bor, Syrianna, Zymuraith


Syrianna gets to meet the eggs and Zymuraith requests lucky charms!

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Southern Weyr Hatching Sands

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"Now hopefully, you've all brought your luckiest charms to show off to the clutch mother."


Hatching Sands

The Sands are surprisingly soft to the feet and to the eyes: rich grains of gold commingle with the ground basalt-black that mark the shores of Azov's Sea. The whorls of lighter color pattern into the sands, larger-grained and often settling at the top, as golden driftwood against dark shores. … but the moaning from above sounds like the chorus of the damned, lessening the natural beauty here below.

It's a fine day in Southern, fine enough even, that Z'bor has been conscripted to take a small group of candidates to the sands to meet Zymuraith's eggs. Walking into the hatching grounds, Z'bor stops and turns towards the small group. "Now, please remember to bow to the clutchparents when you pass them, Now hopefully, you've all brought your luckiest charms to show off to the clutch mother, because she's interested in seeing these little things we carry around to give us luck. She doesn't want to keep them, but she'd like to see them." And well, Zymuraith is the queen of odd requests! Z'bor even has his lucky mark in his pocket for specifically this reason. Moving in, he takes the candidates to bow to the clutchparents and show off their charms.

Syrianna is really nervous, excited, finding it hard to just keep still. THe pale girl seems to be having a hard time actually tanning, though her skin is a little darker than when she first arrived and there are a few places on her arms where it does look like she is peeling a little. She is in a light top and loose pants at the moment, her candidate knot on her shoulder. She listens closely to Z'bor's words and as they enter the sands themselves, she bows to dragons. She fingers the canine tooth that is hanging from a cord around her neck as she bows. Her eyes do glance towards the eggs and then back to the dragons.

Once the niceties are observed, Z'bor waves at the sands, reminding the candidates of the rules and to be respectful. Then, he finds a place nearby to observe as the first of the candidates spread out and head for the eggs.

Zymuraith awaits in regal repose, arched over the northern cusp of the outer circle of eggs, her head lowered to a level at which she can look more evenly at the Candidates. Her faceted emerald eyes whirl slowly, glinting with placid curiosity as she waits for these young rider hopefuls to show her the things that hold the most meaning for them.

Syrianna smiles and does step a bit closer to Zymuraith to show the canine tooth on its throng. She smiles and bows again, "Thank you for the opportunity to visit with your beautiful eggs." she says stumbling over the words a little with her nervousness before she does look at the other candidates and then turns to move towards the eggs a bit. She seems to be looking them over, quite a few of them of course, trying to figure out which to approach first.

Zymuraith utters a soft rumble at the girl with the tooth, turning her head to study it a bit closer with one great eye. With Amani momentarily elsewhere (probably getting lunch), it's hard to know what exactly the junior queen thinks of what she sees. But she does take a good, considering look and blinks, then gives a subtle nod with a soft whuff of warm breath to let the girl know she is satisfied.

Times like these take Z'bor back to before he impressed Oz, he remembers the odd feeling of having an egg invade your mind, of that other worldliness that clings to the ovoids. It's an exciting time in a candidate's life. He smiles as Zymuraith takes interest in Syrianna, chuckling at the seemingly approving reaction from the queen. Z'bor tumbles his own good luck charm between his fingers, the mark seeming to climb and descend his fingers as he maneuvers it about.

Syrianna misses Shimmer at the moment as she fingers the tooth, but then her attention is on the eggs. She looks at them before one seems to catch her attention and it is that one that draws her too it first. A tall egg of peaches and creams, she starts towards the Fukuryuu Dragon Puppy Egg, trying not to stumble on the way.

Your hand brushes the shell of this egg and though egg and shell are all you see the brush of fur and the hot pant of a loyal friend is what you feel against your skin. Leaping and bounding, this egg takes off with you and the sensation of flying through the air, wind tousling fur and hair is apparent. Luck emits from this egg, as if bestowing you with a charm before gently placing you back on the sands, a suggested woof of approval in the mind’s eye.

Syrianna is almost lost in the sensations she gets as she touches the egg. She giggles a bit. She gets thoughts similar to when she brushes Shimmer's fur and has almost been a canine girl. She seems almost a bit disappointed that she has to move away, but don't want to be disrespectful. She steps back to give others a chance, eyes drifting towards the egg longingly before she tries to figure out what egg to look to next. A darker egg draws her attention this time as she drifts towards it. Her hand tenatively reaches out to touch the Werewolf's Gift Egg.

This egg is no kindred to it’s brother in spirit, no, it’s darker…more predatory, though still canine or lupine in feel. Distant thunder rumbles in your ears, the sharp smell of wet earth and the softer scent of rain combine, filling your senses. The keen feeling of someone watching seeps in, dark, looming eyes watching from the shadows of a moonlit forest as a long, miserable howl breaks the silence. Move on or hang back? You can only take one path down the road….which will it be? Leaving you to decide, you are plopped unceremoniously back onto the sands. Think on it.

Syrianna shakes her head a bit as she comes back to herself. This one called to her too, though not as strongly as the first egg. She rubs at her head for a moment and then looks around at the other eggs. She makes room for the other candidates to get close as she moves towards another egg. This one lies cold and heavy on the sands as she moves towards the Bane of the Supernatural Egg. She is curious about its rust like colors and darker shades.

This egg is cold, hard, as iron or steel, though it emits a feeling of protection for some, and terror in others. Meant to protect or contain, it is the bane of many existences. But for you, this egg seems on the protective side, no evil shall pass here! Lightly, it drops you back on the sands, it’s various properties lingering coldly on your skin as if armor to protect the soul.

Syrianna shivers just a little. The cold doesn't really bother her, as she grew up with it, bit it just does feel a little weird with the lingering feelings. She smiles as she moves back, her eyes drifting towards the two previous eggs she touched before she tries to find another that catches her eyes. There is a dark one that draws her like a flame and she heads towards it. Her fingers reaching out to touch the Uh Oh, Not Three Egg.

There’s a feeling of foreboding to this egg, as if the light on its surface gives focus to those that would do harm. It leaves you feeling exposed, as if someone watches, waiting, just waiting for the count of three to do it’s deed. One. Two. Three. And as three leaves your mind and the feeling of overwhelming dread begins to seep in, you’re back on the sands, possibly with a need to look over your shoulder.

With a shudder, Syrianna is looking over her shoulder after that egg. She shakes her head a bit. Not something she is really liking getting used to. She shivers a little more before she looks around. A bluish egg with tiny flashes across it draws her attention and she finds herself drifting towards the Written in the Stars Egg. It draws her attention, her fingers reaching out to tentatively touch it.

This egg emanates calm, and the soft of star and moonlight. This egg seems to want to guide it’s stars forming patterns you may or may not understand. Look to the stars. We’ve all done it, to find which way we go. Flashing lights, blinking in endless expanses of black and blue, twinkling, soaring, falling, new ones lighting. The universe is a place of mysteries, seems sensible it would give us a guide to them, yes? With a gentle push, you’re back on the sands, perhaps feeling a bit more decided than before? On what, only you know, but the feeling is there regardless.

Syrianna smiles at the imagery from the egg. She sighs softly and nods her head to herself. Her eyes do drift back to the first two eggs she touched, lingering there before she turns to look at the rider, not sure how much time they have with the eggs.

Z'bor is actually due for drills here soon, so with a respectful bow to Zymuraith, he begins gathering up candidates and shooing them towards the entrance to the sands. "Time to head in folks, come on!" He's nice about it, but brisk, he'd lost track of time. "Don't forget to show your respects on your way out!" And then, he'll stand in the doorway until everyone is out, doing his due diligence to make sure the sands are people free before he leaves himself.

Syrianna smiles and bows to both dragons on her way out, "Thank you for letting me visit with your eggs." she says respectfully before moving to head out.

Once candidates gathered, and all off the sands, Z'bor escorts them back to the barracks before heading off to his own duties. It's a good start to his afternoon at least! Lets hope the rest of the day goes just as well!

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