Willimina and Muirnin


Muir checks in on Willa and Lillia, and the women talk about the caravan's new start.


It is the first day of Spring - Noon time.


Outside Willa's Caravan Wagon

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Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

Willimina sits outside her wagon with an abacus, a long worn hide that's been scraped too often, and a flat, thin piece of wood that Ephraim had constructed for her to use as a lap desk. She tallies things and does the bills for the caravan as Lillia sleeps in a basket beside her. She eyes the looming storm clouds gathering on the horizon, but it should be a long while yet before they reach Igen. She sighs and hums to herself as the Zingari worker bees flit around her doing their various chores and preparing for their performances later. Some run from weyr to caravan, running various errands. The Zingari clan is a bustling hive of activity, finally reaching some sort of normality after the stretch of frequent disasters and losses they've endured.

Muirnin makes her way into the caravan, still seduced by the bright colors and flash as people fit here and there. She carries a basket, hair down and cloak left off in the new touch of spring warmth. Her newest treasure glides around her, landing on a padded shoulder now and then before taking off to look around on her own. Finally catching sight of Willa, Muir's strides take purpose, aiming her straight for the woman her age, the redhead's smile warming considerably. "Willa!" she calls out, hand raised as she approaches. "Oh.. sorry, I .. hope I haven't caught you while too busy?"

Willimina looks up and flashes Muirnin a grin, one of very few to grace the Zingari's face lately. She shades her eyes with her hand and waves to the other chair sitting outside her wagon. "No not at all, my work is never done." She chuckles and goes back to counting stock on her hide. "What brings you down today?" she asks, eyes on the hide.

Muirnin comes up and tucks her skirts around her legs warmly a she sits, Fleck coming land on the back of the chair and peep over her shoulder curiously at the woman and her hide. "Lunch! I wanted to see you and the Lillian, see how you were doing, and I thought I'd take a lunch for us," she smiles, setting down the basket with a pretty weighty thump. "She seems to be sleeping much better," notices the Nanny with a sound of relief.

Willimina looks up at Muirnin and smiles again. Ha! Two in one day! "Aye! Thank you so much. Lillia's colic is virtually gone and she's doing much better." In fact, Willa herself looks much more put together than she has in weeks. She gives up and tucks the hide into a basket next to her chair and puts the lap desk behind her chair. Work can wait for a bit. She smooths her skirts and eyes the gathering storm once more. "Lunch sounds divine." She says at the last.

Muirnin looks around and finds a crate to the side and pulls it over between their chairs, then uses Willa's "lap desk" board to top it for some extra space. The basket's uncovered and in moments there's a bit of cheese, dried fruits and nuts set out, a bottle of wine, and two honkin' sandwiches. Hey, the nanny didn't get padded like she is eating like a bird. "I hope wine's ok.. I wasn't in the mood for cold khal or milk," she says making a little curl of her nose. The offering's out, she picks a bit of roasted herdbeast off of her sammie and uses it to coax Fleck into her lap. "Things are really bustling here from when I was here last. Spring in the air finally getting people moving again?"

Willimina eyes the food and Muirnin is greeted with Willa's third smile of the day. "With a feast like this, you won't hear me complaining!" Willa pops the cork on the wine and sets it to breath, wandering into her wagon for a couple of wine glasses. She sets them on their make shift table. She readily digs into her food a muffled "Dank…ooo…Minin…" Coming out of her. She forgets manners for a moment and talks around her food. Then blushing, she swallows and laughs a little. "Thanks. I didn't realize how hungry I was getting." At Muirnnin's query about the caravan, Willa nods. "The weather is warmer, and as much as I would love to keep my people close and protected, I cannot. The caravan will die off without funds and I can no longer keep my people from working, and our coin and trade-able merchandise are dwindling, so more must be made." She finishes her mini speech and looks down at her food. "I really must seek out a second in command, to do these small odd jobs for me so that I can look at the bigger picture…" She sighs, looking around at her people, and none of them can be spared for the job, the Zingari being a much smaller group than when they came to Igen.

Muirnin is happy to see you dig right in, it means she doesn't have to pretend to be delicate or shy about her appetite. She chaws into her own meal, feeding bits to the tiny hatchling curled into her lap's warmth as she goes. "Don't mention it. I love coming here, honestly. The vibrancy, your way.. it's so different from what I'm used to. I know you live a hard life, Willa, but from the outside in, there's a romance to it that I can't get over. I want to swaddle my little sleeping cove in your colors and baubles," she laughs. "Maybe I'll bring my pay down here and to your merchants in the bazaar and do some redecorating," she winks. When you mention a second, she notices you lack of wince, wondering how your heart is easing but not willing to broach it directly. "What would you need from a second?"

Willimina digs in, listening to Muirnin with rapt attention. "You can if you like, the Zingari make some of the best clothes and baubles around!" Because she has to pimp her wares right? Right! She chews on, until Muirnin asks her what would be needed form a second. She chews, thinking, and then swallows. "Well, I would need someone who knows their arithmetic, because what I was just doing would be one of their tasks, someone who can run errands when I need them to, enforce Zingari Rules when I am not around, and someone I can trust to leave in charge if I have to travel."

Muirnin nods thoughtfully and then looks around. "I don't know much about your culture, or your ways but … surely you've got prospects here, or let it be known you're looking for someone and let people who think they've got the chops step up and offer so you can test and take your pick?" She's trying to be helpful, even as she goes through her savings in her head and plans a shopping trip. "I had a girl once, talk about me getting veils and stuff, but I'm afraid the pretty clothes, the colors .. it would be destroyed with grubby little toddler hands after a while. But if I redid my room, there's no kids allowed in there. I'm liking this idea more and more," she grins.

Willimina grins almost infectiously. "I should put word out. I would pick amongst my own people, but the work load is so heavy on everyone right now. Mayhaps I should send a few letters out to our sister clans, see if any of the outlaying Zingari can be spared…Thanks for the idea Muirn." She finishes up her food quickly and pours wine for the both of them, taking a huge drought of her own as she leans back, full, in her chair.

Muirnin takes her glass of wine and settle back, a handful of the mixed fruit and nuts being popped into her mouth one at a time between sips. "You're welcome. If I didn't have my hands full of little bratlings I'd help.. but you know you can ALWAYS bring Lillian to me, if you need to, right? Even if it is the Weyr's creche, you're my friend, and I'd take her for a day or even overnights if you had to travel and needed her looked after," she offers with a little nod then has to tap Fleck on the nose in discipline, getting her off her arm as the firelizard tries to put her nose in her cup to see what's there.

Willimina smiles. "I appreciate that Muirnin. And If I needed someone to take her you would be the first I would notify." She looks around, her gaze finally landing on her new friend. Look at her, befriending a weyr person. Changes are coming, Willa has been plotting and bargaining and speaking to others, and the Zingari, for the most part, have no idea. Leadership will take a new meaning under Willa. She sips at her wine,, content, for the first time in months. A new, jaded, wiser Willa look out of Willa's eyes.

Muirnin smiles and nods, fingers caressing Fleck absentmindedly as she watches people bustle around. "How have you all been doing with the Thread? Safe enough where you are? Any issues so far with the Fall?" she asks, obvious concern in her face.

Willimina shakes her head. "No damages or losses so far, but I'd still like to get the caravan under cover. Thread scares me, and I'd like to have a lot more over my people's heads than a damn piece of shoddy metal over a caravan roof." Her cheeks turn a little pink with her vehemence, and she sips at her wine, her nails tapping the wood of her chair in irritation. "I must get in to see the Weyrwoman, see if I can't get /something/ arranged before the threadfall thickens." She sighs. "So much to do…. so little time left."

Muirnin nods softly, "I met Sadie for the first time last night, in the baths. She seems not as dour as I would have imagined.. witty and sharp tongued, but not nearly a prude or bitter thing. I'm sure, if you can talk to her and explain things, she'd listen. How or if she'll help I can't say, I don't know her well enough, but she'd at least HEAR you."

Willimina smiles. "She certainly would, I'm not one to be quiet…" She leads, thinking of the screaming match she'd had with Goldrider Tuli. Willa looks to the skies again and the clouds loom ever closer. "I should get everyone started on closing things up. I do not like the looks of that storm." She points at the clouds looming closer. "Would you mind keeping an eye on Lillia for a bit while you're here Muirnin?"

Muirnin follows your eyes to the clouds and frowns, the pressing grayness making her sigh. "Yes, of course. Do what you need, I'll keep an eye on her, Willa. Thank you again for your welcome," she smiles and then waves you away to take care of business before she turns to cleaning up the lunch "table" and putting things away.

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