Yules, Drevar


There's been a leak at the latrines. Since Yules can't be havin' with this, she goes to use the men's, which is… only slightly better.


It is afternoon of the twenty-second day of the sixth month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr Latrines

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Spotless and clean, the toilets shine with the glow of units well-worn from the numerous backsides of residents of Southern. The left half is for skirts, the right for pants, and there is a little protest petition tacked up under that skirt sign… something about discrimination, with a Serval rider's name prominently displayed.

As the rain outside has grown both steadier and heavier, there have been complaints coming from the area of the latrines, also steadier and heavier than normal. The sanctity of the room is interrupted by raised male voices as they call back and forth, and at the entrance to the latrines, someone has set up a sign warning people to watch their step. Nothing has backed up, but there is a strong smell, and water has been leaking onto the floor with growing intensity. Drevar would be the male nearest the entrance. He is in the corner to the left, coveralls soaked in water, while he works with something inside the wall, lit by glows. Some banging on metal or ceramic zeroes in on the other male, also a Smith, who is in the far corner, propped up by a ladder, arm stuck into a hole he's created (or recreated).

The other problem with the Latrines in heavy winter rains is that… okay, it's the same thing, but ladies still need to use the loo, rain or shine. They can't just take it outdoors, so there's a bit of a line-up on the ladies' side, making the calamity even worse. A few women are leaving, muttering about 'holding it', but Yules stares at the women (mostly shorter than her), mutters something, and pushes out to go around to the men's side. To chance upon a man with his arm in the wall. For a moment, Yules stares, and then is compelled to ask the infamous question: "What are you doing?"

"Keepin' yer knickers dry, that's what," the Smith on the ladder mutters in answer to the wingleader. The gruff man gives the knotted woman a glare, but his distraction lends itself nicely to the bit of condensation between his boot and the ladder rung, so a squeak of slipping slams his attention back where it should be. Drevar pokes his head around the nearest toilet to see what all that was about, then spots Yules and waves a wrench toward her in what might almost have been a salute. The plumbing grime doesn't help matters. "Rain water was getting in through a leak. And that leak caused a pipe joint to erode. That pipe brings water to the latrine, but instead, it was sending much of it along the outside of the pipe rather than the inside. So… we are fixing and cleaning." The last word brings a harrumph from the man on the ladder, but he keeps his focus on what he's doing this time. "Only half the toilets are working right now, and only half of those with any degree of reliability at the moment. We apologise for the wait." Cueing yet another grumble that is most likely a protest to any such apology from him.

Yules is more into the Smith's explanation of what rather than poor Drevar's explanation of how. She considers that with head tipped for a moment and then wonders, "Why was there a leak?" Not even noting the possibility of a punny remark. She'll think of it later. "Oh, no inconvenience for me, but thank you," Yules says gravely, "The women's side is all taken up, so I thought I'd come over here." Unisex bathrooms for all! "If you don't mind, I'll just go over to this…" Short-haired head pokes through one bathroom and she huffs. Then tries the one opposite. Nope, that didn't work. A few doors down. No go. "You said half of these are working! But three random toilets aren't!" Or so she'll assume from the… used status of them.

"They flush, they just don't fill," Drevar explains calmly before leaning toward the wall to again shine glow light inside the wall. "Which ain't very useful," mutters the second Smith just before he bites off a curse, accompanied by a clang inside the wall. He draws out his hand and loads up a narrow spatula with more claylike mixture on his ladder, then reaches in again. "An' you wanna know why? 'Cause some numbnuts took a shortcut at some point, and water just loves to find shortcuts. An' then it comes down to suckers like us who have to dig around some dirty ol' hole in the wall to fix it."

A description of the plumbing problem is not exactly helping Yules find a working toilet, so she continues sticking her head through doors, offering, "Well, shouldn't it have been done properly in the first place?" And because she's decided to be helpful, "And why wasn't it?" Then, finally, "Does water really find things? Like short-cuts? I wish it would find more Thread… that would be helpful." Captain Obvious and Mrs. Obtuse had a child and named it Yules. Finally, "A hah!" rings out as Yules enters a stall and sits… and squeaks around on the toilet. Finally, she starts to hum a little child's nursery rhyme, because adult nursery rhymes usually involve body parts. Thankfully, it ends pretty quickly, and she comes out, finally looking a little sheepish. "Um. So, how many toilets would be working if one more than half weren't?"

"Don't look at us," the man on the ladder snaps back in answer to the question of why something might not have been done properly. "Before our time." Drevar only smiles his agreement to that. Soon, the other Smith climbs down the ladder and begins gathering his things, disappearing without so much as an "excuse me" as he cuts through the line of folks hoping to use a toilet sometime soon. Drevar starts washing off his hands and gives Yules a pleasant little grin before answering, "Very soon, it won't matter. As soon as Jhyrler turns the water back on." Or at least that is the hope. The queue continues to move very slowly, just like the few toilets that still have enough oomph to flush. A minute or two later, there are new sounds. Pings from the pipes, gurgles from the toilets and sinks, and then the lovely sound of cisterns filling once again. Along with one unlucky screech from someone in the end stall, and the sound of a very different kind of leak. "We can't win them all, I suppose."

Yules huffs a little but watches the line and the Smith. That poor line of men can move around Yules because she's folded her arms and cocks her head to one side to listen curiously: "Well. That will certainly help the cleanliness in here," a sniff, "And the smell." Because eww. Boy bathrooms in any state of working. The screech at the end has Yules asking loudly, "Are you okay in there? Do you need any assistance?" She peeks back into the stall she used and huffs, going in to flush it. Upon re-emerging, she admits, "Well. That's a little distasteful. Not what you did." Backpeddling. "Are they all safe to use now?" Just in case a toilet is about to go Picchu on some unsuspecting user.

"Aside from blockages," Drevar answers, dark eyes darting toward that stall on the end, "it should be fine. A cleaning crew will come in soon to check out the rest." AKA: Not my problem. "The wall will need to be left open to dry. Perhaps some candidates or other degenerates could be set the task of fanning it," he adds with a helpful little grin. "Really, it's almost fortunate the pipe was damaged. With enough water and time, that could have brought down the entire wall."

Eyebrows crease slightly at the idea, "A suitable task for Candidates, certainly." Yules found herself knee deep in bodies - a bathroom is way easier. "So it's better that something broke, before it got even worse? Yes," she says thoughtfully at the wall, "I guess it is." Going to the now-working taps, Yules washes her hands and wrinkles her nose at the offering of towels and lets her hands drip dry for a moment. "Well. Will you have to repeat the process on the other side?" The wimmen-folk are either getting restless or muttering in happiness, but Yules sounds purely academic with that consideration.

Drevar finishes cleaning and storing the last of his tools, then glances from Yules to the other wall, considering. "We will need to check many things, but much of that can be done less invasively. There really should have been doors in all the walls. Something I will be working to fix over the coming months, I'm sure," he says with smooth assurance, giving Yules another of his more pleasant smiles. "In a place like Southern, it is important to check for rot everywhere. Metal. Rock. Water will always win, given enough time." He hefts his box of tools to his shoulder and gestures toward the exit just as the promised team of drudges and other such folk begin filtering in.

And now we're back to Things Yules Knows Nothing Of. But she does know food: "If you get those fixed, I think there might be a feast in celebration for you," she says gravely, even though there's a moment of bemusement: "Rock rots?" Duuuuuude. Drevar just blew Yules' mind. In that air, she follows his gesture and starts on her way out into the corridor, letting the men of Southern Weyr get back to… business.

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