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Out to see some cool animals at the menagerie? Yep! Reveka and Neryk meet over firelizard and watchweyr.


It is sunset of the thirteenth day of the ninth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Menagerie, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 13 Dec 2017 07:00


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The labyrinth of square geometry was once a familial compound purchased by the Steens and reinvented to display animals of a different kind. A 10-foot high wall of neat stone and adobe encloses the menagerie's total property and in front, a trefoil arch with a gate leads the way into a small courtyard improved by several rock gardens and succulents, some many meters tall. Beyond brilliant alabaster pillars are quarters for a variety of animals: a pair of giant white cattle on loan from Igen Hold's closed herd, whersports from southern jungles, a dynasty of desert-dwelling snakes, and in a well-shaded enclosure heaped with boulders: a young watchwher still growing into his wing stubs.

In the northeast corner stretches many desert willows and a freshwater pool 3-feet deep at its margins, stocked with a breeding colony of pinioned waterfowl, striped and vivid-colored, once called mandarins.

Many benches are placed for strategic loitering, though a full troupe of firelizards with the run of the place monitor for wrongdoings and safety of the animals. The newness of the menagerie and several empty quads tell of more animals to come.

It is the thirteenth day of Autumn and 93 degrees. It is hot. Hot, hot, hot. Rukbat bakes the desert. Temperatures soar.

It's a relatively warm autumn day in Igen Weyr and Reveka finds herself done with work for the day and still a couple of hours from supper still. So, she grabs thebrarebchance for some time to herself and takes off to the bazaar. She's wandered these streets many times at this point and it feels like a warm embrace walking into the bazaar. She meanders aimlessly for a while but eventually, her wandering takes her into the menagerie, a place she's always been rather curious about. Somehow it seems cooler here and she begins her exploration thinking that this is just the place a girl needs to wander and sort out her thoughts. She's resplendent in a burnt orange dancer's outfit, the attire perfect for the current weather. Her hair hangs loose around her in chestnut coloured waves, her face barely obscured by a nearly transparent veil of pale orange. Bright as any Zingari, she almost looks as if she belongs amongst the curiosities in residency here.

Neryk sits crouched infront of one cage in particular, the menagerie is not particularly busy at this time of day, but even if it was, perhaps Neryk would still be sitting here, peering into the enclosure housing the yound watchwher. A slight smile graces the young man's lips, hands in his pockets as at little fair of four firelizards sit on his shoulders and head. Oblivious to thier little chittering and happy with their familure weight, Neryk is almost still as a statue himself. Eyes wander over the watchweyr awe-struck and impressed, but not going so far as to speak to the creature. Perhaps he has been here all day. Perhaps the evening had nothing else for him to do and he too wandered in for a look. Or perhaps he's just settled down in his vigilant attention to the one cage. Whatever the reason, there is no shift in Neryk as other people move around him to look at the animals on display. His crouch remains undesturbed, attention unwavering.

Reveka is amongst those wandering, peering at the animals in their enclosures with a soft smile on her lips. It's perfectly lovely in here and Reveka soaks in the details, Neryk fixture included. Feeling a bit mischievous, Reveka wanders over and crouches next to Neryk, arms wrapped around her knees. She looks straight forward at the young wher and her focus seems intent. "I've never thought to view things from this perspective before." Turns of twisting herself into literal knots and yet a simple crouch provides amusement.

As the new person approaches, all four of Neryk's lizards perk up, peering at her with an array of little colored faces, curious, surprised. A bright bronze hops off of Neryk's shoulder and flutters down next to Reveka, he peers up at her in a quiet assessment. Hmmmm. He reaches out, pokeing her foot lightly with his nose. Hmmmmm. Neryk himself does not notice or pay her any mind until she speaks. He startles slightly, head jerking around to her in surprise, "Pardon? Huh?" It takes a moment for the words to process, then Neryk nods slightly, "See things at his level, you know?" He nods toward the watchweyr, "Cool that he always sees things from down here, right?" There is a slight unease in his words, as if he is sure that conversation is supposed to continue, and this is the best he can come up with to keep it going.

Reveka produces, near magically, a few biscuit like treats that she makes for her own fair at home. She's usually pretty good with the little things. She turns her head to look at Neryk and grins. "It is very interesting getting to view the world from a different perspective! I do suppose it is much different for him though, with those eyes." Reveka jerks her chin at the young wher and his multifaceted eyes.

"Do you suppose he can see multiples of us right now?" Okay, this is easier talk. Talk about the odd creature before them, the odd twisted form of a dragon, but so small, so rocky and weird, but so facinating. Neryk's little bronze is delighted. Het akes the little treat with a chirp, Reveka might have just found a freind for life. Pollux pokes her again the moment the treat has vanished down his throat. Did she have any more of those nice things? Neryk glances down at the exchange, a small smile tugging at his lips, "This is Pollux. Please ignore him if he strikes you as rude."

Reveka shrugs and gives and easy smile. "I have no idea. But its fun to think about. How many of us do you think he would see?" Reveka has a couple more treats stowed away, and she readily supplies them to the lizards. "Not at all, I have a fair of my own and this one is downright polite in comparison."

"Perhaps … five or six?" it's a wild guess, Neryk has no clue. Pollux is the least polite of Neryk's group, but it takes a gentle lizard to cope with him, so it works out. "In that case, thank you. They appreciate the extra attetion, I'm sure." Ond appears from a pocket and runs over Pollux's back, gentle and careful, as if the lizard might be glass.

As if summoned by thought alone, green, blue, brown and bronze pop in from the void of ::between:: and drift lazily down to drape themselves about Reveka's person. Someone knows there's treats involved. And her own fair know she never leaves home without a small pouch of treats. "That's a lot of multiples." Reveka giggles as one 'lizard runs over the other and
Reveka's own fair piques at the movement. They're all friendly enough, and curious. Reveka's green is the first to crawl down her arm to sniff at Pollux.

Pollux is interested in the appearance of the new lizards, Neryk's pair of blues and little gold will stay with him, but all eyes are locked on the treats and the new arrivals. Pollux sniffs back, freindly, hopeful, and happy to meet a new freind. Especially if this new freind's human is so liberal with treats. Neryk looks over the colorful bunch and the smile grows,

"Who are your friends? I have Pollux, Alzirr and Castor-" He nods to his two blues, then to the Gold, "And Saren."
Reveka grins and gestures towards the green, who is creeling playfully at Pollux as she sits up on tail and hinds, front limbs relaxed and loose, like a mongoose! "She is Baba Yaga, the blue is Anansi, the bronze is Odin and the brown is Czernobog. I call him Bog for short." She smiles as Czernobog climbs down her arm and onto the ground to approach Neryk's knee and sniff.

Of course the brown instantly has Neryk's attnetion, he reaches out tentitivly, an offer to stroke the creature if he will allow it. He hums softly, "Good bunch. They are fun to have, no?" Pollux will try to mimic the green, his wings out so as to balance himself and cheeps. See? He can do cute mongoose things too! Far more tipsy though, swaying back and forth slightly, drunk mongoose?

Reveka nods readily in agreement. "They are. They definitely keep life from being boring." Czernobog will take all the pets he can get while Baba shows off to Pollux, Odin wraps himself around Reveka's shoulders and Anansi makes himself comfortable on the ground next to her, curling up with his paws beneath him, much like a lazy feline. "I'm glad they are so independent though, if they stayed as needy as adults as they are as babies I think I'd go mad."

Neryk happens to have a very attentive, or perhap very needy, set of lizards, but he nods, happy to pet the pretty brown all he wants. Only a few cheeps of jealousy from his little gold perched in his hair. "They are wonderful creatures. Grounding. Fun. Clever. I don't know what I would do without them." He looks up at her and grins, "Oh, yeah, I'm Neryk, by the way, I'm not sure we've met?" Perhaps they have, but Neryk's memory is a falible one.

Neryk shouldn't worry because Reveka is pretty sure they haven't met either. Sticking out a hand in greeting, Reveka smiles brilliantly and chuckles. "I am Reveka of The Zingari Caravan, it's nice to meet you Neryk." Baba Yaga drops from her hind leg stand and crouches, tail wagging playfully. Does this one wrestle??? Hmmmm?????? The green's whirling blue eyes seem tontwibkle mischievously.

WRESTLE!?!?!? YES!!!!! Pollux is up in a moment, play is what he does best and most often. He is happy to spring toward the green, wings tucked away for now. Neryk pauses in his petting to shake her hand, "Nice to meet you! You a preformer then?" Perhaps a better look at her clothing will awnser this for him, but the question is already out. Neryk returns to petting the brown the moment his hand is free, eyes only slinking back to the watchweyr once or twice.

WRESTLE!?!?!? YES!!!!! Pollux is up in a moment, play is what he does best and most often. He is happy to spring toward the green, wings tucked away for now. Neryk pauses in his petting to shake her hand, "Nice to meet you! You a preformer then?" Perhaps a better look at her clothing will awnser this for him, but the question is already out. Neryk returns to petting the brown the moment his hand is free, eyes only slinking back to the watchweyr once or twice.

Reveka nods. "Aye, I'm a dancer and contortionist." She stops a playful wink and produces more flizzen snacks. Baba accepts Pollux's tackle and rolls backward gracefully, attempting to use the lizard's momentum against him and send him flying over her instead of into her, her feet springboarding off his belly if they connect.

Pollux is a bronxe, much bigger than the green, and far less agile. Her ploy works and he goes tumbling away, his momentum almost has him crashing into the enclosure, but he is up in a moment, shaking off the dust and after her again. Taking to the air as perhaps gravity will be kinder to him here? "Well met. That's really neat. Are the Zingari in Igen all winter, or just for a bit? I'll have to head down to see a performance some time."

And the rumble is on!!! Baba chases into the air after Pollux with a joyful creel and warble. Hey! Anansi squawks at being left behind and stumbles after the pair. He wants to play too!!! Bog isn't going anywhere…he has pets. "We're here the whole winter this turn. We won't head out until mid-spring at least." She nods avidly at Neryk needing to see a performance. "Oh yes you must! Let me know when you would like to attend and I'll make sure you get the full experience, at a much lower cost than most." Because Reveka likes making friends and this sort of thing spreads good business karma.

"I will!" He won't. He doesn't like the fuss, nor does he need reduced rates, but he will be going to a show. Perhaps multiple if he has the time and they are sticking around so long. "I always like the Zingari's preformances. Lots of fun stuff every year~" And he's been at the weyr for a while now. Eyes turn back to the watch weyr and then down to the little brown firelizard. Pollux continues the play, but he too wavers, picking up on his bond's thoughts, "I should probebly get home. I'm sure they will be feeding soon."

Reveka sighs and nods, standing and offering Neryk a hand up too. "Well, I'm glad we had the chance to meet Neryk. Thank you for letting me share in your sit and play with your fair."

The Smile returns and Neryk accepts the help to stand. He is slow and stiff, apparently having crouched here for quite a while. "Likewise. Thank you for your company, and I like your little flock." He whistles and Pollux breaks away with an apoligetic cheep to his playmates, spirlling down to a waiting hand. "I'll keep an eye out for you around the weyr, yes?"

Reveka nods cheerfully. "Please do. I'll keep an eye out for you too!" With that, Reveka recalls her fair and gathers them up. "I hope you have a pleasant evening."

"And you as well! Clear skies!" And Neryk is gone, slipping off to the living caverns to settle his bunch in for the night and then perhaps to the kitchen for some food. Yep, sounded like a plan

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