Selaine, Zannen


Zannen and Selaine meet at the Treble Clef as planned.



It is evening of the twentieth day of the sixth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Treble Clef

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“Aye…but the opportunities can be made.”


The Treble Clef

This is a place of idyll repose, a place of music, a place of soul: no liquor finds the tables of this endeavor, nor does darts nor dragonpoker. This is a place for the Harper's soul to rest, with hearty fare served to a degree of sophistication higher than the kitchens in the weyr proper, if for a price… but the draw of it is no doubt the open platform front-and-center, where a bar would likely stand. The Treble Clef does not deal in alcohol, but it does promote the artistry of amateurs and Harpers alike in the well-outfit stage for those to entertain those who stop to sup within these gently-outfitted walls.

All day, anybody could see that Selaine had been restless, though she tried not to seem that way. And failing miserably. The other dragonhealers were all curious but didn’t ask, knowing she was the type to share if she wanted to. But as soon as her duties were over, the greenrider was quick to bid farewell to the others and go about heading to the baths first before going to meet Zannen. As she stepped through the doors, she looks around in the dim lighting for him. She is dressed much more comfortably and casually now, out of her riding gear.

Zannen, having typically less duties than normal because of the season again, has been here for some time. If they served alcohol here, he’d probably be drunk by now, considering how much he’s been distracting himself with sipping at things. He’s also been rubbing elbows with the Harpers who are waiting their rounds on the Treble Clef’s little stage. He’s dressed more casually than ruggedly as well…though most definitely looks as though he’s waiting for someone, the tailoring of this particular set of clothes speaking to a bit more effort than usual put into his evening.

Though still tousled, his hair his combed, and though still stubbled, he has shaved it to something much shorter with cleaner lines. A tunic of deep aquamarine blue edged in black embroidery makes his eyes seem to glow, and the rest is simple - fitted black trousers and boots, much less beat up than his usual garb. He’s talking to a Harper duo at the moment, a guitarist and a flutist, and with a quick glance up at those incoming, he spies Selaine and immediately takes his leave. There’s an eager sparkle to his eyes as he grins down at her, his hands seeking hers as he draws close. “A bit more comfortable ‘n comin’ in bedraggled-like from th’ rain, aye?” he quips. “Ye look lovely, Selaine.”

It doesn’t take Selaine long to find Zannen amongst those here, lips widening into a smile when he sees her as well. Her own expression is just as eager as he comes up to her, a flutter of joy in her stomach when his hand finds hers. Her gaze notes the slight changes to his appearance - the hair, the stubble… A free hand reaches up to run a finger along his jaw as she gives him a crooked smile for the compliment. “Much more comfortable,” she responds with a light laugh, “And thank you. You’re not too bad yourself.” She steps back just slightly to take a better look at his attire, which really isn’t much different from hers, surprisingly, beyond the top. Hers is a warm beige blouse, lined with a bit of fur along the edges, but paired with black trousers and boots. “This color’s good on you,” she notes as her gaze flickers up to meet his.

“Thanks!” Zannen beams back at Selaine, lacing his fingers with hers as he turns to take them toward the table he’s claimed. “Have ye eaten? Would’ve ordered somethin’ earlier, but I wasn’t sure what ye might like from here…” It isn’t bar food, like the Kitten. “O’ course…there’s always the option of gettin’ outta here early; I’m not a bad cook m’self,” he adds with a wink as he pulls her chair.

That beaming of his has Selaine just slightly dazzled, though she does register that he’s leading her to a table. She blinks after a moment, “Oh… food, right.” She may or may not have forgotten about that with her restlessness today. “You can cook?” she asks curiously, looking up at him with an appreciative glance. “I’m not usually too picky about what I eat, in any case… but I don’t come up here too often. Usually the Kitten’s a bit easier to get to.” And of course there’s the alcohol.

“Aye, I can cook. Always had a knack. And when ye don’t have a dedicated cook at sea…well. Someone’d better step up, ‘cos food’s important. May as well be someone who knows what they’re doin’,” Zannen explains with a wink. He pulls over what looks to be a menu, turning it sidelong so that they can both read it. “I keep comin’ back t’this citrus-glazed wherry,” he says, tapping a calloused fingertip on a description about halfway down. “So ye don’t come here as much just ‘cos it’s easier t’stop off at th’ bar?” he asks with a smirk. “The music is great here. Bein’ a Harper, I wondered if ye might come up more often, but with duty an’ all…” He understands.

Selaine nods with understanding as she idly brushed back some hair from her face as she leans forward in her seat to look at the menu. Her eyes scan over the options, resting on the one he points out, to read the description. “Mm,” she responds to his question while reading, so it comes out a bit distracted. “You would think, but why spend my marks when I can eat in the caverns or get something cheap at the Kitten?” She shrugs slightly with a crooked smile as she glances over at him. “I’ve never been frivolous with my money, even for good food. I’ve got to have fairly good reason.” There’s a more meaningful glance at him before looking at the menu again. “I think I’ll go with that wherry,” she decides.

“Fair enough,” Zannen says to Selaine’s first, broad shoulders hitching upward in a little shrug. “At least the Kitten is cheap and good.” That he apparently counts as a “good reason” elicits a lopsided smile before he’s glancing down at the menu with her. “Want t’split it? From what I’ve been seein’, they’re fairly large plates,” he notes. “‘Specially with the sides they come with.”

“And they’ve got alcohol,” Selaine adds about the Kitten with a light laugh. “In that case, yes, let’s do that. I don’t have a very big appetite, even when I’m really hungry. And I am very hungry right now.” And that was her own fault for barely eating anything all day. “And what drinks are good here? Since there’s no alcohol.” The greenrider looks over the menu to see where the drinks are, “Maybe some juice or something light…” she murmurs to herself.

Zannen tilts his head in concession at that, chuckling. “Well, eat as much as ye please o’ this,” he tells her, flipping over the menu to show Selaine the list of drinks. “I’ve been workin’ on a winter layer most o’ the day.” Says the man who has no obvious fat to speak of on his frame. He lifts his hand to catch a server’s attention and notes, “Th’ mixed juices ‘re nice. I was just gonna get a small cup o’ klah. Figure I might need it.” There’s a teasing wink at her to go with that as he sits back a little. “I’ve some good alcohol fer ye t’sample. If we end up headin’ toward my end o’ things after leavin’ here,” he amends a bit more quietly. “I’ll be content where’er we go.”

Selaine sideeyes him with that comment, the edge of her lips curling into an amused smile as she looks him up and down quickly, then back to the menu. “Mm… some klah might do me some good too…” Considering how much sleep she’d gotten the night before. She’s also trying to hide the blush on her cheek at his teasing when she looks back at the menu, going over her options. Then she’s sitting back as well, focusing her attention on him more fully. “I think your place will be good then. I don’t have much by way of alcohol in my weyr…” And she’s curious enough to want to see his place first. “And I think I’ll go with klah, too.”

Although Zannen wouldn’t mind in the least to see Selaine’s weyr, he’s quietly pleased that she’s amenable to coming to his place in the Seacraft complex this time. Then the fact that he’s already looking forward to a next time registers, making his smile tilt even more. The server swings by and takes their order for the wherry and two cups of klah, easy and done in a few moments. Once the server is gone, he leans forward again, seeking out her hand to enfold in both of his. “I think I’ve even got a wine or two that might suit ye,” he notes. “Proper glasses an’ all.”

Even while the server is taking their order, Selaine doesn’t take her gaze away from Zannen, eyes drifting over his features as he speaks. There’s a smile for him when he leans forward, her own body mimicking his actions as she reaches out her hand for him to take. Her smile widens, “White wine?” she asks, “Though red wine isn’t bad either…” she notes, reaching out her other hand to cover his also. “So what did you do today?” she asks curiously.

Zannen nods, sea blue eyes dropping to their hands to watch as the other of her joins his. “Both, and both Benden, at that,” he replies to her first. “Ye can take yer pick. They’ve kinda been waitin’ fer someone to pull at ‘em a bit more ‘n I’ve been, honestly.” He smirks at the question that follows. “Nothin’ terribly excitin’. Mendin’ some nets, checkin’ some invent’ry, helpin’ th’ harbormaster update some manifests. Came up here t’do some more readin’ t’pass th’ time until I could see ye.” Gentle fingertips skim the inside of her wrist as he speaks. “What about fer you? Anythin’ excitin’ other ‘n sweeps?”

“Benden,” Selaine repeats, “Perfect.” She smiles wider, quite pleased. When was the last time she’d actually had Benden wine? Not to mention who she would be drinking it with… Her gaze drops to their hands as well as he speaks, her head tilting slightly as she listens. Then eyes go back up to him, “I hope you weren’t waiting long.” Gooseflesh forms on her arms at the small motion of his fingers on her wrist. “As for me…” her voice trails for a moment, distracted, trying to remember exactly what she’d been doing all day. “Had some paperwork to do with the dragonhealers, checking up on some dragons…” She’d been distracted the whole time so most of it was a blur. Her shoulders lift slightly, “Nothing exciting. Not even sweeps.” A light laugh there, “Though it’s usually not exciting anyhow.”

“Honestly,” Zannen tells her frankly, his tone kept low, “all day felt like waitin’.” He chuckles in the wake of her laugh. “Guess life just isn’t that excitin’ fer either of us right now. Mayhap we can change that fer t’night.” Gazing at her, he lets himself get lost in doing so for what seems an eternal moment before, somehow, their food and drinks have arrived, and there’s a lutist up on the dais playing a tune that started beyond his notice. He sits back with a little grin, having to relinquish her hand so that they can actually get to eating. Which he’s all too eager to get to for the simple fact that they’ll be able to leave sooner once they finish.

Selaine’s hands give his a light squeeze at his admission, glad to hear that she hadn’t been the only one feeling that way. She gives him a crooked smile, “Yes… I’d like that.” And even that admission has her cheeks coloring, her body warming at the thought as she meets his gaze. She has to blink out of a daze when their food arrives, making her reluctantly let go of Zannen’s hands. A look to him and she’s going about helping herself to the food and klah, though with the way her energy’s running, perhaps she didn’t really need the klah after all. There’s comments on the taste of the wherry, which clearly does not disappoint, throughout but true to her word, the greenrider is quite satiated not long after starting.

It’s clear when she’s done as she’s leaning back in her seat, watching across at Zannen with the mug of klah in her hands. “Maybe I should start coming here more often… that really was quite delicious.”

Zannen doesn’t blush, but he does feel a rush of warmth infuse his entire body as Selaine agrees. And now it’s time for eating, which he does with quiet eagerness. The food is excellent, really…but even though he’s enjoying it, it’s not where his focus truly lies right now. He winds up being the one to finish everything off, which he sort of expected would happen, based on what she’d told him about her appetite. “Mayhap ye wouldn’t mind a date here now and again,” Zannen suggests, gaze glinting warmly over the top of his mug as he tilts it for another sip. He sets it down, leans forward onto folded forearms once more to watch her, the music wafting from the dais slowly seeping in around the edge of his thoughts. “What would ye think about a dance, Selaine?” he asks quietly, his voice a warm burr beneath the plucking of the lute.

Selaine’s fingers tap lightly on the side of the mug as she considers his suggestion. There's another fluttering in her belly at the thought of the future, “No, I wouldn't mind that in the least.” Her return gaze is just as warm as she takes another sip of her klah as well. There is a moment of pause as she watches him lean closer. There's a flicker of surprise in her gaze at his question, a flush of pink as she glances over at the stage. When was the last time she'd danced with anyone? Her head tilts slightly as she puts down her mug as a smile spreads. “A dance would be lovely.”

There isn’t anyone else dancing at the moment, but Zannen has seen people dance here before. So there’s no hesitation in the way he pushes to his feet, comes around the table, and holds out his hand for Selaine to take. His eyes never leave hers as he moves, only doing so when necessary while he guides them to an empty spot before the dais. With the music being something slower and more flowing at the moment, he pulls her close, a hand slipping around her waist to rest against her lower back, the other keeping hold of hers just off their shoulders.

Selaine watches as he comes over, easily taking his hand when he holds it out. Her own gaze is locked on his, warm with a hint of something else. She hardly registers that there are no others dancing. There is a soft intake of breath when he pulls her close, her body warm where his hand holds her. Her own hands move automatically, one to his shoulder, the other gripping his. It's a natural movement, ingrained into her from her younger days, though rarely put into practice since she had become a rider. “I apologize in advance if I step on your feet,” she says softly with a quiet laugh.

“Eh… If ye do, I doubt I’ll feel it much,” Zannen counters wryly. For now, the dance is slow, little more than swaying and subtly shifting along the floor in whichever direction they please. “I take it ye haven’t done this in a while, if ye’re worryin’ about it,” he asks with a little lift of a sandy brow, giving her a somewhat lopsided little grin.

Selaine laughs again, “I suppose that'll be a good thing.” Then she is simply enjoying the movement, focusing on just him and the music that flows around them. She gives him a sheepish smile, “That obvious?” she asks. “I think I haven't danced since the day I got Searched…” And that was Turns ago. “But at least I'm not stepping on your feet yet.”

Zannen looks honestly surprised by the stretch of time Selaine names. “That…is far too long,” he informs her, trying and failing to look serious about it. “Could just be me, but…when ye have someone t’dance with, and ye have ‘em fer a while, ye do it as often as ye can. Show off to th’ world how lucky y’are, t’have someone ye can enjoy life so with.” With a smirk, he adds, “Not that it’s a requirement t’show that off, mind. But I would.” He turns the greenrider into a simple spin, out and back, and brings her close once more…though the curl of his arm is more snug this time, nearer to an embrace than a simple hold.

It really has been too long since Selaine had danced, and she’d honestly forgotten how much she enjoyed it… when it was with someone that she enjoyed doing it with. And Zannen most definitely fell into that category. She keeps her gaze on him as they continue to move, her cheeks flushing only slightly in the dim lighting as he spins her… and then holding her closer. Her breath catches in her throat as she feels that fluttering again. “Well…” the greenrider starts, when she’s able to speak again after having been mildly flustered, “Not too many opportunities outside of Gathers to dance…” she notes a bit distractly as she becomes more aware of his body against hers.

“Aye…but the opportunities can be made,” Zannen points out. “Like this one.” He’s still keeping them moving in time to the music, but much less pointedly now. Perhaps, in trying to keep her on her toes, he’s made things a bit distracting for himself as well. He quietly revels in it, enjoying having Selaine so close, becoming more and more aware of her in turn. Long moments pass and the music soon winds to its end, and he drifts them to stillness but keeps her against him. “So. Selaine,” he rumbles, his voice pitched so that only she’ll be able to make out his words. “Shall we dance some more…or would ye care t’walk to th’ docks with me?”

“True enough,” Selaine agrees quietly. Then she’s following suit, letting the music be the only sound between them as the song continues. Distracted as she is with her focus on him, she avoids stepping on his foot, the dancing taught to her when she was young ingrained in her, even after all these Turns. When the music ends, she doesn’t mind that he keeps her against him. The way his low voice sounds to her ears is almost as sweet as the music… She flushes again. “I think… a walk would be good,” she replies after a moment, thinking that the cool night air would likely do her some good.

Zannen is rather of the same mind about the night air at the moment. It’s gotten rather warm, though by no means unpleasantly so. With a tilted smile for Selaine’s renewed blush, he brings her hand between them, loosening his hold upon her waist in order to allow them space to move. “Then walk we shall,” he says, and touches his lips to her knuckles, keeping her hand as he takes them to the entrance to retrieve jackets and then out.

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