Amani, Ardstelle


An empty queen's weyr is being prepared for a new arrival.


It is afternoon of the twenty-fifth day of the eleventh month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Empty Queen's Weyr, Leadership Courtyard, Southern Weyr

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"Precious definitely isn't the word for her."


Leadership Courtyard

Nigh palatial, this gorgeous sweep of cultivated bowl: a courtyard proper, a fountain bubbles in the middle of a grove of orange-trees, next to a stone bench that has weathered many a turn. Rare metal stands out at the sweep of steps upwards to the landings of queens'-weyrs and other administrative personnel; handrails to prevent… mishaps, and sparse doors of spiraled cast-iron to lock out any vagrants.

It is the fifty-fifth day of Spring and 101 degrees. A passing storm thunders overhead. Lightning flashes and thunder booms.

There's some distant rumbling in the Southern skies this afternoon, the edge of an impending storm beginning to send streamers of cloud across the midday sun. But the threat of coming rain doesn't slow the progress of those heading for one of the empty queen's weyrs - Amani, Ardstelle, and a few others, all carrying various cleaning implements and linens and such. The Senior herself doesn't need to be helping, of course, but all things considered, she wants to be. So here she is, dressed in some of her old desert garb, now surveying the empty cavern. This particular weyr seems to have almost too much space - for her at least. There's some noise coming from the direction of the necessary, where a couple of Smiths are hard at work getting the bath back to proper working order.

No time to wait out a storm, Southern gets so many of them and there are things that need doing. Getting a queen's weyr back from a sad state of neglect is no small chore and Ardstelle is there to make sure that it is done to her exacting standard. "Sweetie, put a lil' elbow grease into it, we can't have a new weyrwoman in here till I could eat my supper off the stone," she chides one of the drudges kindly as the girl responds with a renewed vigor. Pulling her own hair up and out of the way in a kerchief, the headwoman dons some gloves to deal with some tangles of dead vegetation that has ended up blowing into the back corners of the weyr. With a tilt of her head head in the Weyrwoman's direction, she smiles warmly, "At least they'll have plenty of room."

Amani can't help but chuckle a bit at Ardstelle's chiding, making her way to the queen's couch and pulling herself up onto it, broom in hand. "Hopefully they won't think it's too much space. Especially coming from Telgar," she notes, remembering a visit in the recent past and marveling at how many golds the northern Weyr housed. And all with apparent civility, at that. "I'm sure they'll figure out what to do with it, though. Having been at it for as long as they have." Standing, she moves to the back of the couch and starts sweeping. "It took long enough," she sighs. "I'm not ungrateful, of course, but…it feels like it's been a fight to convince another goldrider to join us, even temporarily." And there's still some dubiousness nagging at her around the edges. None of Southern's others have managed to remain, after all.

Grabbing a push broom herself, Ardstelle carefully ousts the dried brush back out to where it belongs, being careful with the more thorny bits. "Too much space? If they complain about that…" the woman trails off, visibly pinching her lips together so as not to speak ill of a weyrwoman, but she does push the brambles out with a little more oomph before going back for more. "Of course you're not ungrateful, but I still don't understand why everyone is so opposed to coming to Southern, especially from Telgar. The weather's so much more enjoyable here. It really burns my biscuits that you've had to beg like you have when other Weyrs are overflowing with golds." The Headwoman isn't holding her opinion back apparently.

Amani can finish Ardstelle's words well enough and does her best to hide the flicker of guilt over having thought just that when she'd first laid eyes on this weyr during her own home-hunting. "Well, some people do like not having to drink the air in the summer," she points out wryly before sobering a bit. "And besides, we're far from conservative. That mindset is still holding on tightly in some places. Plus there's all the suspicion surrounding old Southern, and maybe a reluctance to deal with the wildlings, too…" She shakes her head. "Apparently those things outweigh need even during a Pass, in the eyes of some. But, at least we do finally have someone coming."

"Ok, so the weather ain't to everyone's tastes all the time," Ardstelle admits as she gets rid of the last of that first clump of brambles, pushing them out onto the ledge where drudges are taking them away, possibly to repurpose into tinder for the kitchen's hearths. "I don't doubt those northerners also think that since the Southern continent's grubbed, you riders don't have to do as much Threadfightin'," the older woman comments with a nod and emphatic 'Mmmmhmmm'. "All those sounds like excuses… Nothing should outweigh another Weyr's need. It just ain't right," a heavy sigh as she takes a moment to lean on her broom and look over at Amani, "I suppose so, wonder what it was that finally convinced her to make the change. Is she older?"

"Oh, I agree," Amani says to the matter of a Weyr's needs, sending the dust and detritus from the now-clean swath of couch onto the floor to be swept out onto the ledge. "Yes, she's older. Which ought to ease some minds a bit more, I expect," she adds ruefully. "I am looking forward to her being here, though, since I know there's still so much I can improve at." Not that any one person has all the answers, of course. Amani simply understands the value of one more experienced.

Passing the broom off to a drudge who needs it, Ardstelle wanders briefly over the others' work with an appraising eye but doesn't find anything else amiss and so she picks up a knotted length of string and starts to take some measurements before writing them down on a scrap of hide. "Older don't always mean wiser, I wish folk would understand that. But an experienced junior does sound like exactly what you need right now. It's been just plain ol' bad luck these last few Turns when it comes to us and goldriders. Just don't let her take over because she is older… You've been doing a great job Weyrwoman, and don't you doubt it now."

Amani nods, a little smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth in response to Ardstelle's first. The next length of couch is tackled, the Weyrwoman's expression widening into a grateful smile as she looks down at the Headwoman. "Thank you, Ardstelle. Though I'm nothing without the right people beside me. And you're one of them." Rather significantly so, at that; apart from Va'os and Taurie, Ardstelle is her right hand in terms of the domestic affairs of the Weyr.

"Sharding right," Ardstelle replies with gusto, "And that's the mark of a great leader, knowing who to have beside them." She imparts that wisdom as she makes a couple of discreet marks on the cleared stone with a piece of chalk she fishes out of her pocket. "We still have some good furniture in stores left from some of the previous goldriders, if I knew the woman's tastes, I might be able to furnish her with everything and have it ready to move in. You don't think she would be bringing her own furniture do you?"

"Though in the case of the Weyrleader, I have to hope," Amani amends. She can surround herself with the best-suited people (in her opinion) in all other cases, but the Weyrleader isn't always a given. Thank Faranth Va'os is seasoned at this point! And a good man, to boot. She nods over the matter of furniture and then pauses at Ardstelle's last, pondering. "I'm not sure. It seems like a lot of effort…but if it's something she wants to do, she's certainly welcome to, I'd say."

"Well at least there your luck was good," Ardstelle teases lightly on the subject of retaining Va'os as Weyrleader. He's competent, and knows the job by now, it was a relief when he was confirmed once more in the position for the Headwoman. Jotting down another scribble onto her hide, the older woman clicks her tongue up against the roof of her mouth. "Well I don't want to go through all the trouble furninshing this place for her to have to remove it when she arrives with her own. Maybe I should send a note to Telgar's Headwoman. She should know if the weyrwoman's bringing her furniture or not," the older woman replies efficently as she takes some more measurements.

Again Amani nods. She had been hoping for Va'os, after all. "You could always do that, yeah," the Weyrwoman says the Ardstelle's last. "Though honestly…this one struck me as a pretty practical woman, not wanting for much and working with what she's given. Just in the brief talk I had with her. I doubt she'll try to bring too much. That's a lot of back and forth, after all."

"Practical hmm?" Ardstelle comments as she tucks knotted rope, hide and chalk all back into her apron's pocket. "That's reassuring actually. Couldn't imagine us getting settled with someone too precious too get down and dirty. I'll send that letter anyway, it'll look good anyway, like we know how to treat a goldrider down here. But if she'll be happy with whatever we have on hand, I'm sure I'll be able to make this as cozy a weyr as they come for her arrival. We still have a couple months right? Isn't that what you told me?" She asks, a brief crinkle of her nose as she tries to remember the information that was shared with her.

Amani laughs at that. "Precious definitely isn't the word for her," she notes. "And…it could be just one month, if all goes well. That would be nice." Now that it's actually happening, she's a bit anxious for it, in truth. "Still plenty of time." The second round of dusty debris comes over the edge of the dragon's couch, and Amani hops down, broom in hand. "I'll go check on the Smiths, see how they're doing. It sounds like the banging's stopped." Getting a stopped pool flowing again is quite the undertaking, it seems!

Amani's response just grows Ardstelle's curiosity further about this new weyrwoman they're aquiring. One thing's for certain, the lower caverns will be abuzz until her arrival. "I think you and I have some difference of opinion when it comes to there being plenty of time, Weyrwoman," the Headwoman drawls as she dusts the chalk off her hands and onto her apron. "That could mean progress or quite the opposite," she remarks with a smirk and a nods, "You do that, this lot has the cleaning in hand for now. I'm going to go and rummage around the stores then, I want to make sure none of the pieces I'm thinking of need repairs before being serviceable. Just send a flit if you need me."

Yes, Amani may indeed have a far different sense of what constitutes plenty of time than Ardstelle, but she also has full confidence that what needs to be done before the new goldrider's arrival will be done, no matter how much time they have. As the Headwoman bustles off, Amani remains to help clean further until the storm arrives. After that, it's back to hidework!

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