Doji, K'mine


Doji falls asleep at the lake and K'mine comes out to keep her company.

Sleepy people


It is evening of the nineteenth day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Crater Lake, Igen Weyr

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Crater Lake

Four centuries ago, a chunk of the very comet that drove some Oldtimers forward crashed to the desert near Igen Weyr, collapsing the original inner caverns and breaking through to a new spring that now feeds into Igen's underground aquifer. The result? Beauty from destruction - a long, crystalline lake of brilliant sapphire blue. Sharp sandstone rings the water in jagged peaks, where sparse desert shrubs cling to steep, sandy slopes and reflect darkly on the pristine, mirror-like surface. Out in the midst of the lake, a small island pierces the glassy plane, umber from azure in a near-perfect cone. A startling break in the stark desert and savannah surrounding the Weyr, the crater lake sits like a jewel in the rough - a picturesque, inviting respite from the rough, dry terrain beyond.

As a long hard day comes to an end, most folks will head off towards a nice big dinner, maybe a bath, something relaxing. Doji is not most people and she is not exactly heading anywhere, although the brownrider is most certainly relaxed. Some step between dragon bath time and going home was missed. A well scrubbed Raktraeth is currently lurking about in the water, but Doji is nestled on shore next to a fairly large rock with an open book in her lap. If you get close enough to listen closely (and she certainly won't hear anyone approaching), an occasional but very loud snore might be heard.

After Vedziyath takes her brighter self down to the lake to get in a good nightly soak herself, K'mine quietly makes his way over to Doji. He stops, tilting his head down to listen. Fingertips slide through his hair to push the long strands free from his face and he quietly kneels down at her side. "Doji?" he says softly, looking at her face. Her snores. The greenrider smiles, carefully settling himself down beside her. Pale green eyes look around for something, anything to keep her page so she doesn't have to search for it again and he spots something. It's tiny and dry, so hopefully this little sprig of color will serve it's purpose. It's surprising the very rare shrubs out here have any tiny flowers at all. "Doji," he says again, a little louder.

If the newcomer had posed any actual danger, Raktraeth would definitely have let out a warning as well as taking it into his talons to actually do something. But seeing as it's just an extremely familiar greenpair, the behemoth brown lets out a (quiet!) rumble of greeting and invitation for his clutchmate to join him in the water. Doji doesn't snore often and it's the wrong season for much of allergies. Second most common cause of the noise is just sheer exhaustion. The brownrider stirs, but doesn't quite wake up at her name being called. It's more like the slow turn of a plant searching for daylight as she responds to the voice, subtle but still there along with a response of "Mawummmfunlaph."

K'mine smiles softly, glancing around next to her. She's so adorable when she's sleeping and to see her so tired, it breaks the man's heart. She works entirely too hard and hardly gives herself a break. He's not going to force her to her feet just yet, even if there's a comfy bed at home for her to sink into. For now, he'll carefully pull her into his arms and cradle her body against his own while he watches the stars. Fingertips brush through her hair while he does his best to relax, ignoring the pounding through his own head. It's tapering off now that it's dark, but still annoying enough to be a distraction.

If only Doji were awake, she could probably list about five treatments for a headache right off hand, but instead she's all to content to stay asleep and cuddle closer. But riders aren't the only ones who think the spot looks absolutely cozy! It doesn't take long before Sassafras decides to make her own appearance and surely the only place that will do for the little gold to rest is right on the brownrider's face which is met with a muffled "Whamffff??" and some swatting before she tries to sit up, groggily wiping at her eyes. "Whysss it so dark?" Out in the water, there's sounds of some very satisfied forest creatures chittering their amusement from their own nighttime nests.

"It's night time, Doji." K'mine keeps his voice down and he leans back against the stone, one arm loosely wrapped around her waist. Sassafras is given a look for interrupting but he lets it go, wincing at his own movement. His fair of wings with mouths are not here, the trio likely at home in the bed before being shooed away. "You've fallen asleep. The dragons are in the lake." Thankfully they're in the lake! K'mine's migraine has been throbbing all day. He's still got some time left before she rises and hopefully he'll be at home where he'll wake up in familiar places for a change.

Sassafras gives a rather undignified snort at all this waving and promptly takes herself elsewhere. Doji stops rubbing at her eyes as it has become clear no amount of rubbing is going to make the darkness go away since it's actually you know, night time, and gives a rather owlish blink as she looks around. Book is accounted for. Dragon over there. Straps and flight jackets, yep, those were a part of her little impromptu nest. When she finally turns around enough to spot K'mine, she does a bit of a double take. "Kair!" That's a happy greeting, really it is. "When'd you get here? After drills and then a shift in the infirmary… I ended up scrubbing down Trae and well… that's the last I remember of the afternoon."

"Our drills ran a little late today, too. I was going to retire early but she wouldn't leave me a moment of peace so I brought her down here to cool off." It was a smart decision, at least he has the company he's longed for all day. "Are you going to have a day off soon?" he asks, closing his eyes as Vedziyath raises her internal volume for NO DAMN REASON. Clearly uncomfortable, but not enough to disrupt their quiet time together. "You need a day of rest and a massage." K'mine begins to wonder why R'kyr and Dhaz couldn't be around. Ved would focus on giving Dhaz ALL of her attention and he could have a break.

Doji stretches out until there's an audible pop from her back and then settles back down with her head on K'mine's shoulder. "I think all the wingleaders are trying to squish in as many drills as they can before the next fall. If the Starcraft is right… we should have a bit of a gap. And I should have a rest day in…" She takes a minute to try to actually plot the days. There's some clear thinking going on and some finger movements as she visualizes that calendar in her head. "Three days?" That sounds about right, unless she slept for a LOT longer than she thought. "And I guess I was more tired than I thought… had to help change some dressing on a bronze's threadscored wing. There was a lot of holding to do today." And Doji's tall, but she's not that tall. A lot of stretching as well was required to hold said wing. And Raktraeth is definitely not Dhazkyth, but the brown is here and his brother is not and among that verdant redwood forests, climbing rose bushes appear clinging to one particular tree, but petals from the red, red roses are pushed off in the wind and drift over towards Vedziyath.

Three days isn't too bad at the very least. It'll go by quicker than they know it and Doji can have some more of that precious, precious sleep. If K'mine is lucky, Vedziyath will rise before then and he can recover with her. Wishful thinking! He's careful not to let the thought linger in his head, otherwise the green will have plans of her own. "You work entirely too hard, Doji. You'll be in better shape than me in no time." Vedziyath sees those colors and she raises the brightness on the scene, saturating the vibrant greens and rose hues in greater contrast. It's taken some practice, but her rider manages to dim it on his receiving end at the very least. Sorry, Raktraeth! "Here's to hoping that there's no injuries with the next fall."

"You can probably count the number of 'Falls with no injuries on your hands," Doji's entirely too practical about this and knows those were probably the falls that mostly happened over the ocean and the riders just met the last edge as it brushed the shore. A matter of luck, really. "I'd be happy for one with just minor injuries." Even if some of those more serious injuries are REALLY COOL and she could learn a lot, it'd still mean someone had to get hurt for it to happen. As for the compliments about being in better shape, she starts turning a bit pink at that. "I don't think your new wingleader will let you slack off enough to get out of shape really. Wouldn't want to risk someone dropping a bag of firestone and hitting someone on the groundcrew or something." And as for Raktraeth, he can deal with the vibrant, overly saturated colors. They'll just stand out even more against the dark corners of the forest at night as the rose garden grows ever larger. And if there are a few thorns sticking into the trunks, he'll ignore them for now. Sometimes there's a price that you just have to pay…

It's true, he probably could. One would think K'mine would've made peace with the notion by now that falls are going to do what it wants, when it wants to and take all the blood it can take while it can. Still, he could be a little stubborn and want the brownrider for himself. Even if it's just for a little while. As for the new wingleader… "You're right, she wouldn't. I'm not looking to give her a reason to think I'm slacking, either. Work is busy enough as it is, drills or no." As it should be, especially with the work that Arroyo does. They have to be ready for anything, just like everyone else. The mental image of ground crew and firestone bags. "That hasn't happened in recent history, has it?" There's a bewildered look on his face, just imagining the mental image of it, the sound of the bag on impact. He's heard beasts being felled by dragons but a person? "What a way to go."

Doji uuuhs for a moment as she thinks about that. "Not that I can recall…" And Doji's read through pretty much all of the after Fall injury reports for Igen for this Pass at one point or another, so somehow person being killed by falling bag of firestone isn't making it onto her radar if it did exist. "But I do remember being on groundcrew and one of the weyrwomen dropping her flamethrower and it exploded and there was a wildfire and yeah, it wasn't good." Just in case 'fireball' wasn't clear enough. She's maybe spent too much time around certain pyromaniac clutchsiblings.

There's a look of tiny relief washing over the greenrider's features. That's one less nightmare he has to think about! "I remember that," he says softly, his hand raised up to press back against the pressure in his temple. He'll go to bed soonish, anyway. Sleep medicinals usually helps in any case. "Does that mean the current weyrlings still have a chance? I feel like I've missed their whole upbringing in terms of chaos and destruction." In other words, are they as bad as the rider's own class was or are they worse?

As comfy as that shoulder might be, Doji will also eventually need to find a proper bed. Raktraeth is already extracting himself from the water, although well away from the riders so he can try to shake off most of the water before getting things like straps put back on. Doji just shrugs about the current weyrlings. "There's always a chance. Although… hopefully poor Soth has learned his lesson about what should be eaten." As far as destruction that might bring weyrlings to the dragonhealer's yard, Doji's got the dirt on that, some of it in a very literal sense.

Fortunately for K'mine, Vedziyath is out of the water herself, following Raktraeth's lead. The greenrider isn't about to ask her if she's sure and ruin a possible good thing. "Well, here's to hoping he did. Otherwise extractions are going to be a not fun procedure." The man even shudders at the thought. "Do you mind giving me a ride home, Doji? She's behaving a little too well all of a sudden and she's far from tired. I don't want to take any chances." He'll help her with the straps to expedite the process, if she's willing.

It's not like Doji's ever going to object to getting K'mine home safe and sound. Eventually all four of them will make it back to the Weyr and their ledges. Whether Vedziyath makes it back at the same time… that's a story for another night. The end for now.

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