Linny, Majel, Goran


Linny and Majel have the (mis)fortune of meeting Goran in the public baths.


It is midmorning of the seventh day of the tenth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr, Public Baths

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Public Baths

Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

Having more of an easy day schedule-wise, Linny seems to be taking her time getting ready for the day, lounging for an extended period in the warm waters. Hair damp, her head leans against a lip of the pool as her eyes stay closed, for once enjoying the opportunity to relax. Or perhaps she had a hard run this morning and the water soothes sore, old muscles. Regardless, she takes in a deep breath and lets it out with a happy sigh. Life is good, now.

The man that next steps into the relatively quiet public baths, is one that moves with the easy confidence of a Southern predator, aware of his surroundings yet seeming completely disinterested them. In one sweep, intelligent steely eyes make note of those few occupying pools, lingering on the attractive brunette relaxing with eyes closed a little further back. Cunning slides across his gaze, features arranged about a bland mask of indifference as he prowls over to bench nearby and begins shucking clothing, all the way studying the young woman from beneath lowered lashes.

Fresh in from a run and morning drills with the other weyrlings, Majel's quick to shed her clothing as she strides briskly into the baths, movements methodical and efficient. Hazel eyes quickly take stock of who's in which pools before she grabs a towel and angles for one of the unoccupied ones near Linny's. Goran's cunning expression and dodgy manner, however, do not go unnoticed; casual though she may be as she slides into her chosen pool, she spares a silent glance for the way he lingers near the other woman before saluting to the goldrider with an even, "Good morning, ma'am."

It takes her a few moments, but eventually, Linny does open her eyes after hearing someone entering the baths, having to search for a quick moment before finding Goran, offering him a smug smile before eyes close again. Having men stare at her is an every day occurrence for the goldrider; nothing out of the ordinary to find someone doing just that now. However, eyes must open again at words that sound like they could be directed at her, and once she recognizes the weyrling, Linny has a much more polite smile for her with a nod acknowledging the salute. "Good morning, Majel." Hands reach up to push back her mass of hair out of her face, rewetting it a little so it doesn't look all crazy. "How are you this morning?"

The arrival of another does not go unnoticed however the moment the weyrling uniform is noted, Goran’s point of personal interest wanes. Boots off, shirt and then trousers dropped without a flicker of concern for public nudity, features arrange about a pleasant smile sent first to Majel and then thickening to something deeper when its directed at Linny. C’mon. She’s a babe! Until of course, the weyrling addresses her as ‘ma’am’. But even that doesn’t halt the trader with the rugged good looks from boldly entering the pool in which she lazes. “Ladies,” comes the purring rasp of his voice and he angles toward the opposite side to which the brunette is lounging.

Majel's hardly surprised that Linny's taken the time to learn her name after their last meeting, so it's an equally polite nod that follows. "Adequate, " is her succinct reply as she wades to the end of the pool closest to her to open her pouch of soapsand and begin scrubbing. "And yourself, ma'am?" There's a pause while her gaze unfocuses so that Dyxath can helpfully supply a name: "And Kaelidyth?" Small talk is neither an inclination of hers nor a forte, but she seems readily willing to engage in it for now; frequently looking over at the shorter lady also allows her to keep watching Sketchy McSketch Goran. That purr of a greeting earns an eyebrow arch and a neutral, "Morning."

"Adeqate?" Linny echoes, amused that the term could be used to describe one's day, but she doesn't linger on that. "Oh, great so far. Have some time for myself this morning, which is a rare luxury. Kaelidyth is also well. Demanding I take the time to bath and oil her once I'm done." Dark eyes roll. "We'll see how that goes." But then the conversation with the weyrling is halted to turn her attention to the man in the pools, assessing eyes flashing over him while a corner of her lips in a smirk, "Good morning, sir. And how are you this morning?" Only fair he gets involved in the conversation, right?

Back and chest are threaded with scars. Some small, mere scratches at most, others deeper and more jagged, skin the canvas telling the story of a man hardened by life’s knocks. Content to let the woman talk amongst themselves, Goran now seeming to have lost interest in the brunette now that he knows she’s a rider, busies himself with the task of bathing. Emerging from beneath the water with it streaming across a frame solidly roped with muscle, the trader turns a slow slide of eyes in Linny’s direction and then lends her a crooked hitch of mouth. “Hale and hearty, lovely. And looking forward to a day of good reward.” Because he’s just a humble tannersmith see?

"Our time is never quite completely our own, " Majel agrees wryly, but turns her attention soon after toward rinsing off foamy lather from arms and legs. There's a measuring, almost clinical sweep of her gaze over Goran before she disappears under the water to wet her short curls, surfacing again a minute later to work something smelling faintly of a sweet oil into her scalp. The line of her jaw may tighten slightly, but her expression remains indifferent: this man sounds like most of the others she's dealt with in the bazaar. "A profitable day is usually a good one, " says the former merchant steadily. "What do you sell?"

Linny's eyes widen at the weyrling's words, knowing all too well about how her time is never hers. Since she's already washed up and moreso just pruning herself in the warm water, it allows the goldrider the luxury to watch both Goran and Majel as they clean up. She's equal opportunity, you see. Eyes flick to the man as she opens her mouth to speak, but as Majel beats her to the question, she simply shuts her mouth and awaits his answer, seemingly curious of just what it is he does for a living.

“My services.” Is Goran’s gravelly reply to Majel for what it is he might sell a hint of dark humor shading the steel-blue of his gaze. Extra care is taken over the cleansing of hands, a sliver of metal taken up from the sack of bathing items he’d dropped at the edge of the pool and used to fastidiously groom his nails. Flicking a glance to the now silent Linny from under lowered lashes, moustache topped lips twitch in response to internal amusement of some description. “If either of you ladies ever have need of help with the leatherwork for your straps, you have only to ask for me.” His head lifts, expression woven about the amicable smile that draws into place.

Majel slants a side-glance back at Kaelidyth's; she's aware of being watched, no doubt, but her expression is difficult to pin down, at best. Ultimately, her attention returns to Goran, taking in the precise care the man gives to his hands, brows knitting together slightly for his explanation. "They do teach us how to make solid sets as trainees, " she points out carefully, leaning over to rinse her hair once more before straightening. "Do you sell leather of the appropriate quality, then?" Or anything else to which they don't already have access, her tone suggests.

"Leatherwork, hmm?" Linny's eyebrows hitch up at this news, lips pressed in a thoughtful way as she studies his face closely. "I placed some rather large commissions with the Reika not too long ago. Tried to spread the wealth around with everyone there, but…I don't remember seeing you." That said, lips tick up into something darker, more mischievous. "Perhaps I'll stop by and see you at some point today. See what…services you can help me with." Majel gets her attention next, and there's a small snort as she pushes herself to sit up, allowing a hint of cleavage, perhaps trying to assure she gets a good deal with Goran. Never hurts. "Yes, you're taught, but you'll find that it's easier to simply buy them. Much less time consuming." Free time is something that Linny, at least, has very little of.

“I’m sure they do.” Comes the easy reply. “But with your time not being completely your own…” pointed the look Majel is set with his sentence not finished when it appears he and Linny share the same thought on the matter. “Commissions, eh? With the Reika?” There eyes narrow with displeasure for clearly the work was never passed on to him. So much for spreading the wealth around. “I’m often away on business.” Goran will tell the brunette that hint of cleavage most assuredly not missed though he’s careful not to openly stare. Just a flick of eyes, less than a blink and that’s it. Satisfied with his manicure, the trader turns his back to the two woman and lifting a leg settles his foot on the underwater ledge.

" … it's logical that the remainder should be devoted to my lifemate's well-being, " Majel finishes for the trader, equally pointedly. "If you sell measures of leather that could be used to make a nice set of straps, however, we might have something over which to negotiate later." There's a lift of an eyebrow for Linny as the bluerider also climbs out of her pool, wrapping herself easily into a large towel. "I'll keep making them as long as I can, ma'am, " she says simply while patting herself dry. "I don't know that I'd trust anyone else to do the job properly right now, especially as he's still growing."

Linny reaches hand up to cover the smirk on her lips, feigning a cough, after Majel's words. No, she's simply not going to get into it with the weyrling, so she smartly keeps her mouth shut. And if Goran was looking her way, surely he'd get an eyeroll for her thoughts on the matter. But since everyone else seems to be busy, the goldrider can only keep those amusing thoughts in her own mind, which is probably for the best. Diplomatic, "How is Dyxath doing?" since they are speaking of him in a roundabout way.

Amused the look Goran lends Majel over his shoulder with perhaps a hint of a disparaging smirk playing about his mouth. “I’m tannersmith, lovely. It stands to reason that I would have what you’re looking for and of a high quality too.” Oh if she only knew the double meaning of those words. Legs and dangly bits squeaky clean, the trader drops his leg and turns in time to catch that roll of eyes from Linny. Interest lights sparks in intelligent eyes. Perhaps he shouldn’t discard her quite so quickly. Silence wraps about Goran, who now bathed, settles on the ledge beneath the water and spreading his arms along the lip of the pool adopts a similar pose to that which Linny had earlier.

Can Majel offer you a Pernese cough drop, Linny? "He's well, " says she of her blue as the weyrling begins pulling on a clean uniform. "He very much likes his new ledge and the space that it affords him." Goran's attitude and pet name do not amuse; there's an even stare given to him in response before she adds a flat, "Then perhaps I'll be by to examine your leather, sometime." Apparently that's all she's looking for, at present.

"Ah, yes. I remember the excitement of getting my weyr. Does that mean you're allowed to drink and screw now, too?" Linny asks with an innocent bat of her lashes and a grin tugging at her lips. Hey, after you get your weyr, most restrictions are dropped; she's just inquiring if that's the case. Goran gets a quick look and a wink, if only to indicate that she's giving Majel a hard time, looking rather proud of herself. Hands are then pulled out of the water to run through her hair, combing it with fingers to make sure she has no tangles or knots ratting up her long locks.

Talk of weyrs and restrictions lifted is of little interest to a man like Goran. Until Linny’s closing remark and that wink he catches through half-lidded eyes as he lounges on the opposite of the pool. Interesting. Veeeery interesting. For now, the trader holds to silence merely pacing glances at random intervals between weyrling and full rider.

Majel finishes smoothing the lines of her tunic and fastening her trousers before giving a clipped, "We can imbibe spirits and engage in physical relationships if we so choose, yes." Neither are high on her priority list if her dismissive tone is anything to go by. Getting her boots back on and rubbing them down with a spare cloth is way more important than dwelling on what they can and can't do.

Linny's eyes widen, impressed, first at Goran, before her attentions turn to the now-dressed Majel, grinning. "Well, good for you. You should both frequently. And with gusto." Or at least that's her personal feelings on the matter. "Consider that advice from one rider to another." Even while she knows full well that those words will fall on deaf ears. "Actually, you know what, that's just good general life advice." Now, looking for backup from the man, "Wouldn't you agree?" Or perhaps that's just her way of finding out his stance on the matter, eyebrows lifted expectantly, lips at the ready to smirk should that time come.

Just because his eyes have closed now doesn’t mean he’s asleep and that his ears have as indicated by the lazy smirk that twists into place. “Work hard, play hard.” Comes Goran’s rasping drawl, eyes opening and head indolently rolling to one side to fit the weyrling with a challenging look. Said look slides off of Majel to slip across to Linny cast about a knowing line. “You should heed the rider’s advice, lovely.” He tells the weyrling while his gaze lingers over the brunette.

"I shall live vicariously, ma'am, " Majel deflects politely, collecting her belongings carefully. "But your advice is noted." Even if she might never act upon it. For Goran's challenging look, there's a cool glance. "My name is Majel." Not Lovely, in case he missed that. Just the same, there's another salute for Linny as she prepares to rejoin the bazaar at large, carefully repinning her knot to her shoulder.

A smirk towards Goran once more, and then Linny is returning the weyrling's salute. "Clear skies, Majel." See, she knows her name. But then, wrinkled and ready now to get her day started, it's the goldrider's turn to pull herself out of the water, first standing up in the bath to make sure her hair is properly and thoroughly wrung out. And perhaps just a bit too leisurely to allow Goran a view of the goods. Then, she pulls herself out of the baths and heads towards her towel, getting to work at drying herself off. "I will come see you soon," is then directed to the man, eyes alternating between him and her body as she works to dry it. "I don't know if there's anything in particular I need, but…I'm sure we can work something out." Sly.

And perhaps that’s why he employs the annoying habit of dropping sardonic endearments – people tend to give their names in a fit of pique. “So noted, Majel.” Cunning twitches about the smile Goran sends the weyrling, a note of triumph in its origin. Score one to him. Attention then drifts back to Linny, this time openly admiring as she makes her way out of the bathing pool and towels off. “Oh you’ll find, that I most always have, what someone needs,” he responds in that rasping purr of his that passes as a speaking voice. The trader not appearing to be in any hurry to leave the pool himself.

Majel catches that look of triumph as she pauses on her way out, turning to add an even, "A good day to you as well, weyrwoman, " for Linny. Her, "Sir, " for Goran is barbed politesse: She has you pegged, sir. And then she takes her leave, steps crisp.

"Mmm." Done drying off, now comes the simple task of Linny putting on her dress that she's so much a fan of wearing, as she has it in almost every shade imaginable. Nothing underneath it, the goldrider wraps it around her petite frame, fitting snugly, and then comes the task of gathering up the rest of her belongings. "In that case, I look forward to you meeting my every need." A dark, smoldering look is given to Goran, and then Linny, with belongings in her arms, starts to head out. "See you soon." A promise, to be sure, and it sounds as if she is rather looking forward to it.

A laugh, low and throaty is all that greets Linny’s parting words, steely eyes tracking her outward path until doing so would require moving his head and then they lid and Goran slumps a little deeper in the water a self-satisfied smirk etched about his mouth. Today, is indeed a good day all round.

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