Ha'ze, Xanthee


Xanthee's getting ready for Fall when she runs into her father.



It is afternoon of the twenty-second day of the eighth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore, Igen Weyr

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"How dare you bring my mother into this?"


Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

Ha'ze looks older than normal today. Maybe it's the lines of gray that have grown larger in his hair, or the way they invade his shaggy beard that could use a trim. Despite his obvious aging he still has a handsome air that hangs about him. A rugged charm that doesn't give any fucks about anything. Kaisylaith is nearby, sunning his thread scarred wings in the bright sunlight. Ha'ze is refusing to let his age show in the movements of his body, bending to pick up a stone, and then send it skipping out over the still surface of the lake.

From the direction of the North Bowl, a young emerald green glides in on oversized wings to circle over the lake shore once before landing with incredible grace for her size at the entrance to one of the lakeside weyrs, furling her wings to her back with a flip. Emerging from the weyr's entrance, Xanthee is carrying a set of straps and trying not to tangle herself in the process. Liowyth settles in with a warble while her lifemate makes heads or tails of the contraption she's trying to unravel. Lifting her head, she scans the area and reaches out a friendly puff of pink clouds in Kaisylaith's direction. Lifting her gaze from her work to see who Lio is greeting, her father's bronze isn't hard to distinguish with his scarred hide and she mutters some curses under her breath as she gets back to the fight of the straps.

"She's getting big." Ha'ze's rough voice cuts through her fighting of the straps, though he continues to set the rocks skipping across the water. Kaisylaith is more active, his mind reaching out to the little green. Warm air pushes upwardsfrom his deep desert canyon and wraps itself around the puff of pink clouds. The reedy melody that always plays in his mind changes, just a touch, to accommodate the more female mind. Kai's is a welcoming mind, a teacher at heart, but not ready to spring into a story less the youngster's mind is not ready.

And there it is. Xanthee stops herself from wincing at her father's voice, trying to concentrate on getting these straps the right way around. "Well yeah, that's what Hatchlings do, they get bigger," she retorts with a snippet of sarcasm as she manages to get one strap free. Liowyth trills in delight as her greeting is returned, clouds bouncing lazily along the bronze's desert canyon. She looks puzzled a moment that Xan is lacking the manners in making the introductions, so she does it herself, « Hi! I'm Liowyth! Xanthee is too busy to introduce me at the moment. »

"Generally." Ha'ze agrees with Xanthee, and finally gives up on his skipping to move towards her. This was going to happen at some point - it might as well happen now. He doesn't show his age as he kneels, reaching out a hand to mutely assist her if she lets him. Beyond Kaisylaith stretches his wings out a little more to get the most of the sunlight. « My rider is Xanthee's father. » Kaisylaith's voice is serene as he informs the younger green of this fact. « She resents him for his absence. I would not wait for her to bring much warmth for now. She feels the ache of a bond unsettled. »

Xanthee tenses when Ha'ze comes closer, but tries to focus on what she's doing because she only has a few candlemarks before Threadfall is expected over the Igen river Valley. When he reaches out to help, she bristles briefly before giving in with a little sigh and not stopping him as she works top unravel a particularly twisted bit. Liowyth tilts her head in puzzlement as she watches the man approach her rider and considers him for a moment. « Well that's not good. They are family, they should share a bond. Without your rider, mine would not be here, so I must thank him for that. » She'll let Kaisylaith pass along her words even as she insinuates herself closer to father and daughter, lowering her head to croon softly in greeting at the scarred man. Xan blinks for her dragon's behavior with a little shake of her head, "She says hi." she passes on tersely before finally getting things straightened out.

Ha'ze works steadily with the other knots, long experience guiding his hands. Where she struggles he simply does. When Xanthee mentions the hello, he glances up, and then bows his head slightly at the green dragon in a returned greeting. Not fighting the knots, but letting them come unraveled more naturally. « Have you heard the story of the seed and the fingeroots? » Kaisylaith says dreamily, settled into a mental trance of sorts of perfect tranquility. He doesn't include Xanthee in his story, though the woman does get a burst of warm comforting air. Her bond with Ha'ze might be strained, but she'll find unconditional love from Kai.
I don't understand that.

Soon, with Ha'ze's help, Xanthee's managed to straighten all the straps, and lay them out, ready to be put into place on her green shortly. But she still has some time, and he did just help her out, so she'll offer him crooked grin, maybe helped along by that burst of warm air, "Thanks. I'd have gotten it eventually, but don't really have the extra time. Always something when you're weyrling Wingleader." She drops that tidbit almost casually, maybe testing to see if he's even cared enough to keep tabs on her. Liowyth for her part perks up considerably when the bronze mentions a story. So, with floaty steps, she makes her way down towards the older dragon and settles in next to him, « No, I have not, but I would love to hear it. » she replies with enthusiasm.

"I heard. She's beautiful," Ha'ze says, sitting back on his heels and settling his gray eyes upon his daughter. He's being patient, letting her decide how she wants to approach this conversation. Years of experience with daughters and girlfriends implies that is the BEST WAY TO DO IT. Kaisylaith's song changes again, shifting to match the cadence of his storytelling. « A fingerroot once grew. He had good soil, with plenty of nutrients. He grew so big, eventually the farmer took notice. He was given even better things, till he came to think of himself as the Lord of his garden. » It's probably a trick of the mind, but the mists deep in the canyon seem to form and create images of the story below, bringing the fingerroot to life. « Finally the time came for him to be pulled, and even out of the ground he was proud. Behind him the farmer planted another, and the root saw the tiny seed. 'Surely that was not me!' he called out, aghast at the humble beginnings. 'Yes, that was you. And from that seed you have grown to that which will nourish us.' He did not believe though, and when he passed to his end, did so unhappy at that which begat him. »

"That, she certainly is," Xanthee actually agrees with Ha'ze as she watches Liowyth and Kaisylaith together, a pang hitting her in the chest a little bit but she's not sure why. "The most beautiful green ever shelled," she murmurs mostly to herself before reaching into her pocket and pulling her dark hair back into a runner tail with the aid of a scrap of leather lacing. Finally, when she can't stand it anymore, she just puts her hands on her hips and looks down at Ha'ze coldly, "That's it? You've heard? You don't want to say anything else to your daughter for achieving such a distinction? For working my ass off in every extra lesson they threw out me and then some? Not bad for being just a girl, huh old man?" She challenges him then, her eyes blazing hotly, as she just stares at him. Liowyth is thankfully engrossed wit the story Kaisylaith is treating her too, giving a mournful croon at the end, « Well that's not a very happy ending. » she observes with a grumble.

Kaisylaith's winds are sad, emphasizing Ha'ze's words. « No, it is not. Few stories are happy. Your rider and his father, they are such. She knows that he was the seed which brought her into the world. However, he is not what she wishes him to be. He cannot be, for he is just the seed. »

"Where you expecting accolades from me?" Ha'ze says with one graying eyebrow lifting itself up. "I know the life you've settled on in a way you can't understand right now, with your beautiful Liowyth still unscarred, and few of your friends in the nothingness of Between." He's blunt as he pushes himself to his feet. "I would prefer for you to be lazy and disabled. Then I could spare you the harshness of the life you have chosen." he pushes himself to his feet, and dusts off his knees. "But, you have chosen it. You show your mother in what you do."

Xanthee's draw drops a little as she makes a derisive noise in the back of her throat, kinda like a scoff, shaking her head and throwing up her hands in the air. "And this is why I don't even try. My beautiful green might have been left there, to suffer alone on the sands had I not stood. Why can't you simply admit that this is what I am, what I was always meant to be? Most parents are thrilled when their children follow in their footsteps you know." Her anger is rising, and she's doing everything she can to tamp it down before Liowyth notices. Good thing the green is still puzzling over the meaning of the bronze's story, « I see. I think I'm catching your meaning. » she muses, possibly not understanding, but not wanting to lose face. Xan is taking deep breaths, pinching the bridge of her nose to calm herself when Ha'ze resorts to his low blow and brings up her mother in all this. "How dare you?" she gasps, dropping the hand from in front of her face, "How dare you bring my mother into this? You never knew her, she was a dragon-lust fueled romp for you, quickly forgotten. But I do hope I'm like her, especially if the alternative is becoming an old, bitter, dried up rider like you." OUCH! Xan isn't pulling any punches. "I don't need you to spare me from my choice. I need you to just tell me you're fucking proud of me for doing something brave and selfless and being Sharding good at it too!" She finally spats out, her raises voice alerting Liowyth who hurries over.

Kaisylatih's warm winds press upon the green, like a mental hug from an older grandfather. He doesn't mind that she may or may not understand. It's his job as storyteller to tell the story, not to suss out the meaning. That is for the listener to decide. He turns his gaze towards Xanthee, eyes whirling with his concern. Ha'ze stands firm, taking the punches without letting them get under her skin. "You're wrong." Simple. "Your mother was an amazing woman, and the only person you ought to look for pride from. She would be proud of what you have chosen, me?" He turns to gesture towards Kaisylaith. His bronze dragon SOMEHOW manages to still fly, but bears the marks of too many years of mistreatment. His wings are in tatters, and there are pits of scars all over his body. "I would rather my children be alive and smiling, than dead and selfless."

Xanthee blinks in surprise at her father, like the wind was knocked out of her when he says what he does about her mother. "But…I didn't think…" the greenling sputters, trying to hold onto her anger, but failing in light of his words. "That's all I've ever wanted…To know she'd be proud of me. From the time I said good-bye to her, when I couldn't understand it was forever. To hear you speak of her like that…" She gets a little choked up but fights through it. "Maybe, sometime, we could go for a drink or something and you could tell me what you remember about her?" she asks hesitantly. "Like it or not, we're linked, through her, and maybe this way, she could bring us together, even though she denied us that while she was alive." She'll never understand why Lexi did what she did, but maybe she can rectify some old mistakes. His last makes her hum thoughtfully. "What about happy? Do you want your children happy? Cause I am rediculously happy with my life right now. I feel completed in a way I haven't my entire life. Don't agree with my choices, fine, but is there even a tiny sliver of you that can share in that happiness with me?" She searches his features then, waiting patiently for his answer.

"Then know that she is." Ha'ze says firmly, looking between Xanthee and Liowyth. There's clear pain in his expression, the scarred man not trying to hide it. "I am glad you did not have the same rough beginning as Kaisylaith and I. I hated him at first." Which seems crazy from the fact that they're so tightly bound now. "Any chance I could I would leave him by himself in the barracks. It was too much, having another mind in mine." He breathes in deeply through his nose, then shakes his head. "I am glad for your happiness." A small step forward is taken, and Ha'ze opens up one arm to hug her.

Xanthee looks a little shocked to hear that the bronze and her father had a rough start of it, shaking her head a little in disbelief. "I'm probably the complete opposite," she swings her gaze to the green dragon then with a sigh, "Liowyth was my missing piece. I wasn't whole until she was there in my head. She just fit in there perfectly because she was made for me." Looking back at Ha'ze, she looks even more suprised when he admits his last, lips curling into an almost smile. The extended arm is eyed as he steps closer, and she hesitates only a moment before ducking into it and giving him a hug, maybe a little tighter than she meant to. "Thanks Pa. And I'm sorry you went through that." Liowyth puffs up her chest with a warm trill as the pink clouds of her mindscape poof into little floating hearts before subtly reminding her rider that they still have things to do.

"That's what most people say. 's why I try to keep my kids from standing. There is no coming back if they do, and maybe their dragon will choose another." Not, perhaps, the answer she wants, but when she presses into his hug Ha'ze kisses her head briefly, hugging her tightly back with that one arm. "Let me buy you a drink, and you can tell me about it. Kaisylaith tells me that he's already told yours a story."

"I'd love that…" Xanthee drawls, as she extricates herself from his hug with a sigh. "But it will have to be later. I need to get Liowyth all strapped up and myself in gear for the Fall over Igen River Valley." She lets her hand linger on his arm for a moment, as if wanting to say more, but the words just not coming. Finally she pulls it back as well and steps over to where the green's straps are laid out, Liowyth standing ready to receive them nearby. With one final look at her father, Xan offers him a genuine smile, "Clear skies Pa." She says with a salute in his direction before setting about the work of getting themselves ready to face their mortal enemy once more in the skies.

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