Ginger, Th'res


Lunch on the lake shore. Ginger is learning a new skill; Th'res has a promise to keep.


It is noon of the twenty-fifth day of the tenth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore, Southern Weyr

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Lake Shore

A small, pebbled beach clings to the side of the cliff face at the eastern most edge of the lake itself. Formed from the long ago erosion of part of the cliff wall, the little beach is bordered by impassible cliffs on one side, and the waters of the vast lake on the other sides, jutting out as a half-moon formation before the lake bed sharply drops away. The cliffs are choked with greenery, making it impossible to see the hints of grey and beige stone beneath. In the summer time, the pebbled sand formed of small rocks and broken shells is only delightfully warm against bare feet, making it a favored place to relax and sunbathe.

The spring weather is nice, too nice to eat indoors today in fact, so Th'res and Jedameth are lounging at the lake shore. The last few days have rough for the wing riders in the weyr, many deaths in the wings as well as injuries have left the riders warn and tired. Which is probably why the red headed rider looks half awake as he lounges under the shade of his blue's out stretched wing trying to eat what looks like a sandwich with everything packed into it.

Ginger is also eating lunch, but she's not exactly on the lake shore; she's perched on the branch of one of those trees that cling to the cliff face, so she's actually about twenty feet above the beach, with her feet dangling. And yes, it's a sheer drop. Her lunch is in a canvas bag that's slung over her shoulder, her arm's wrapped round the tree, and she's hanging on with one hand while eating a sandwich with the other. Roast herdbeast and pickle - very tasty! That occupies her for a while after her arrival, but eventually she spots Jedameth on the beach below and takes a guess at who is under that outspread wing before calling, "Hey, Th'res!"

It takes him a few moments to figure out where the voice is coming from, but Th'res will peek over the wing top with raised eyebrows looking at the woman who has more elevation and possibly less survival instinct. "Hey Ginger, are you trying an new eating exercise?" his tone is questioning if not a little teasing, after all hazing is a part of craft life and this infact could be one. The blue on the other hand is most intrigued as he turns his head to cast a blue-green eye at the smith crafter, his mind is subdued but still warm colors of reds and greens dance over as he greets her « Afternoon, metal bender, have you been treed by something or do you hunt for your lunch? »

Ginger smiles broadly, and her response covers both questions. "No, I just like the view. And I hunted my lunch in the living cavern, thank you, Jedameth, and then brought it with me. And I guess I really am a metal bender now: I was hitting things with hammers this morning!" A new experience! She squirms a bit. "It's kind of prickly up here, though. I prefer climbing rocks. What are you here for - just a bit of lying on a beach, or….?"

Th'res shakes his head and grins at the explanation before holding up his 'if it is food it is in this sandwich' sandwich. "Lunch as well, you are welcome to join us if you wish, I also have fresh fruit cider down here too." Jedameth gives a little rumble at the woman in acceptance of her answer of good hunting, though he lays back down in the sunlight soaking up the rays into his well oiled hide.

"Just a mo! I'll come as soon as my hands are free." That involves Ginger tucking the rest of her sandwich back into the cloth that wrapped it, and putting that back into her bag. She eyes the drop for a moment, thinks better of it, and turns towards the tree-trunk. Going down is actually a little trickier than going up was, but it's obvious that she's confident at the climbing business and she doesn't appear to be in any particular danger. She moves from tree to rock, and in a couple of minutes she's on the ground and walking towards the blue. "Cider sounds lovely, thanks. How are you both, this fine day?"

By the time she gets down there, Th'res is back to lounging against the dragons side. "Help your self, I got an extra mug around here some where" He starts to rifle through his saddle bag as he answers the other question "We are good, just trying to get the hang of the new work load. They shifted us to outrider, which is great for Jed but means more focus for me." he adds with a chuckle before producing the mug and handing it and the pitcher to her as he moves over to make room under the wing cover.

"Does that mean you're right on the edge of the formations? Thanks," Ginger adds, as she takes the mug and pitcher and follows Th'res under Jedameth's wing. "Ooh, Jedameth, you're really good at the shade thing." She carefully pours out a modest helping of cider. "I'd better not have too much in case anyone notices this afternoon." Apprentices and booze are not generally considered a good combination, especially where there's also hot metal involved. She returns the pitcher, and settles down on the ground with the mug.

Th'res chuckles "I forgot about that, do be careful." he takes another bite of his sandwich and chews before following up with his own drink. "And yes, we ride out side the formation and jump to where we are needed. It is good because JEd here likes to toss himself around alot so it is good for his style." He gives the blue hide a loving pat before looking back to the red head "How are you doing? Is your friend alright, I admit I havn't gotten a chance to check in on anyone else lately."

"Which friend? Walnut's out there somewhere." Ginger waves with her free hand towards the water. "I think he's learned to fish, 'cos he doesn't ask for food as often now. Or did you mean Pawla? She's fine - enjoying her wing now she's been in it for a while, though she was a bit cut up when some of her wingmates got bad injuries. Two in one Fall, and then another one." Her expression has gown more serious, and she's almost wincing as she adds, "Sounded like one of the dragons may not fly again, which is kind of grim."

Th'res nods as he chews and lets her talk before answering "Yeah, I heard about her wing getting hit bad, just well don't know how weird it would be for me to go and check in on her." He gives her a tired smile but will change the subject "So finally working with the metal huh? did they let you make anything cool?"

Ginger finds a spot where her mug will balance and leaves it there, then holds her hands out, palms facing, five or six inches apart. "A bar about so big." The hands move further apart. "And so long. Not very exciting, except you have to learn how to do it on something simple. It's all about how to use the tools at this stage. But I'll get there." She rummages in her bag and retrieves the half-eaten sandwich, then continues to nibble, making it last.

Th'res nods and grins "I remember being sore for days after learning to hunt ore." He has almost finsihed his monster sandwich but slows down as well as he gets to a part that has two differnet kinds of meats and cheeses.

"Yes, I can feel my arms stiffening up. That's why I wanted to get out this lunchtime, rather than sit around and creak. I'm stuck inside on the books again this afternoon." It's not quite a lament, but clearly Ginger prefers doing to reading. "More forge time tomorrow, though!"

Th'res chuckles and nods saying "Make sure you get to the healers for a salve, it will help the first few sevendays" he will finish his sandwich and lean back nursing his mug now. "I am glad you finally found your place though. How does it feel to be able to say you built something with your own hands, even if it is something simple."

"It's not the first time I've made something!" Ginger protests, then concedes, "But I guess it is the first time I've done it out of metal." She grins. "It feels pretty good, when you look at it that way." A final bite finishes her sandwich and she picks up the mug again. "They've had me on the bellows for a bit, and that's good for building up the muscles."

Th'res raises an eyebrow and teases "oh? lets see your new muscle" He clearly doesn't expect the woman to start trying to flex or show off. He looks out at the water again drinking from his mug before turning back to grin at her.

Ginger is in fact starting to show some signs of muscle, despite the fact that she's naturally skinny. However, she just laughs and shakes her head. "Don't think I'll be trying any arm-wrestling contests just yet. But just wait!" She's sipping her cider again when a brown shape skims across the water, over the pebbles, under Jedameth's wing, and lands on her shoulder. "Oh, hello, you." She tells Th'res, "He's getting the hang of the messages now."

Th'res nods and smiles "That is good, least I can count on him to send you messages when I need some smithing advice. Or if I need to find you for a visit." He sips his cider more and looks over the brown "He is getting bigger though, I will have to make sure my JAde stays away she is getting closer to that time I think." JEdameth opens an eye as he feels the little brown create the air current under his wing, the blue croons a greeting before he goes back to dozing.

A croon from Jedameth sends Walnut into an ecstasy of trilling and fluttering. "Calm down, calm down," Ginger appeals - in vain. "He's still only six months. They don't start chasing that soon, do they?" The little brown finishes his display by darting out from under the dragon's wing and attempting to perch on one of his neck ridges - which would earn him a rebuke if Ginger could actually see it through Jedameth's wing.

Jedameth doesn't mind the little brown on him, he loves all kinds of company, and even tilts a little so the firelizard can get just th perfect ray of sun. Th'res chuckles and says "Better watch out there or you are going to lose your little friend there to my dragon." He leans forward and smiles at Ginger "I am heading up to Keroon to see a leather worker up there, did you need anything?"

"From a leather worker?" Ginger thinks for a moment, then smiles and shakes her head. "Don't think so, but thanks anyway. I don't need much that I don't actually need, if you know what I mean." In other words, the Weyr and her Craft provide her with the essentials, and she's got zero interest in fancy stuff. Unless it's edible. She rummages in her bag and pulls out a slightly battered pastry. "Sorry, I've only got one of these. We could share…"

Th'res shakes his head and pats his stomach "Oh no, it is all yours. That sandwich was more than enough, and I don't want to be to full incase Jed here decides he wants to fly like the avians." There is a loving thump to the dragons foreleg that causes the blue to rumble happily, and image is built and sent over to Ginger of Th'res in an upside down loop atop the dragon looking cross-eyed with mouth agape « HE likes it, don't let him fool you, litle metal bender. »

Ginger laughs. "I can see how an empty stomach might help with that!" She proceeds to take a large bite out of the pastry, trying to avoid getting crumbs everywhere - in which she's only partially successful. "Why all the way to Keroon for leather goods?" Southern's not exactly short of crafters.

Th'res looks abit sheepish as he looks at his hands "Well i guess it isn't only about leather work. I.. I have a promise to keep." He gets a far a way look as the blue dragon lifts his head and cranes his neck so the tip of his snout lightly touches the riders knee, one large blue eye whirls with hints of gray sadness.

Ginger is instantly serious. "Something wrong?" But maybe she shouldn't be nosy. "Sorry, it's none of my business." She eats the other half of her pastry, dusts off the flakes the have fallen to her lap, then pulls out her small water-skin, uncorks it, and takes a swig. "I'm going to have to go and find my ride in a moment."

Th'res shakes his head, but the smile is a little forced as he says "Nothing really wrong, just well I promised Trena I would look in on her family from time to time." He talks about the fallen clutchsibling with a little bit of fondness in his voice but he shakes himself out of it. Looking over at Ginger says "We can give you a lift if you would like, that is if you don't mind the possibility of seeing the world upside down."

Ginger's face brightens at the offer, but she temporises. "Uhh…." She cranes her neck to search for a particular dragon, eyes finally settling on a green in the lake. Then she smiles brightly. "They're still in the water, actually, so yes, that would be wonderful. Thanks. But please could you ask Jedameth to tell Misath I'm going back with you?" She stuffs her minimal belongings back in her bag.

Jedameth relays the message as he gets up and stretches his wings out and yawns, the blue dragon still trying not to disturb the brown firelizard to much but well accidents happen. Th'res moves to pick up the rest of the lunch and put it in the saddle bag before he starts checking the straps on the blue making sure things aren't pinching or have loosened. Once the red headed rider is satisfied that all things are right, Jedameth will lower himself down so that both rider and passenger can mount using the straps and his foreleg. Th'res getting into position first will reach down and offer Ginger a hand up if she requires one.

Ginger was getting onto larger dragons than Jedameth when she was a much smaller girl. "I'm all right, thanks." With the aid of Jedameth's leg and the straps, she scrambles up confidently. "Ooh, he's bigger than Misath and Ziemrath," she says once she's settled. "But then they're greens." With a hint of sadness, she adds, "Not as high as Rusath, though. Or maybe he just seemed so huge because I was smaller. He was a brown, though." She hurries on, "Thanks for this, Th'res; I'd have been late if I'd had to wait for V'gil."

Th'res chuckles as he checks Gingers straps "Well he is the largest blue here at Southern I am told." Jedameth doesn't seem to worried or upset about sizes as he flexes his wings and gets ready for take off. Before they take to the sky, Th'res says over his shoulder " And don't thank us yet, you might not like the ride". As they take to the air, Jedameth climbs hard and fast and does indeed do aerial stunts showing off for the passenger. No loops to make her loose her lunch but it is a ride she might not forget anytime soon…

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