K'vvan, N'tash


Wing talk and fire investigation.


It is evening of the first day of the third month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Western Barrier Range, Southern Mountain Area

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Western Barrier Range

A vast and heady range of mountains: this range runs from the western sea eastward to the Sea of Azov, splitting deftly the heat of Southern from the icy climates of the southern wastes.

MID-TURN EVALUATION TIME N'TASH. BWHAHAHA. K'vvan's been less involved in paperwork lately as he's trying to trust D'wane and R'zel with more of it. (Letting go of the control is hard…) Instead he's taking up the task of meeting one-on-one with his riders, usually over a shared sweep. Today it's happy N'tash's time and K'vvan has called them to the ground in this far flung mountain region to investigate a fire on the ground that has burned down to nothing by now.

The mountains are really sharding cold. N'tash doesn't much like the cold. He's bundled up in at least three layers and is wearing two hats, which doesn't really take care of the chill of the wind during sweeps, but it's better than nothing. Enzoth doesn't seem to mind, though, since it's a sunny day and his hide is clean and gleaming in the sunlight. Lucky bronze… not so lucky bronzerider, as he follows along behind K'vvan to investigate the remains of the fire. "What do you think caused the fire? Careless campers?" he says.

"Careless hunting groups, lightning: as long as it's burned out it's fine. I'm told," this is K'vvan not exactly believing this fact but with other lack of information he's gonna go with it, "that small shitty fires like this are good. Clean the ground or something." And the ground is clean, this small grove doesn't have a single bit of mast anywhere. K'vvan pokes at the ashes one more time and then stands up and tries to wipe the soot off his hand without getting on his other hand.

Apparently they'll have to clean their boots after this, but N'tash tries to keep from turning that into cleaning everything on his person. "Nature does come back after a while," he agrees. "And farmers sometimes burn a field to renew it, right? Probably it's good for it." Not that he's a farmer or anything. "I hope no one was caught up in it," he says. "People or animals."

K'vvan tosses out a hand at the burned area with a shrug. "If you find a skeleton then you'll have an answer for that. It's been a while since the last dead body on sweeps, we're probably due. What do you think, want to be the 'finds dead bodies' guy? The title gets tossed around." A smile cracks across K'vvan's face at a memory, "There was this one woman, Yules. Found dead shit constantly."

N'tash might be turning a little pale at K'vvan's suggestion, though it's hard to tell because he's fairly firmly bundled up. "I wouldn't mind that title going to someone else, honestly," he says. "You sure she wasn't involved in putting any of them there? I mean, that's a good way of getting suspicion off yourself, right? Be the one to find the body." Not that he knows Yules well enough to be making accusations.

"Some of them were several turns old so," K'vvan shakes his head. Those were some good times, especially as K'vvan wasn't actually THERE for most of those dead bodies. He came later. IN the chill of the mountains K'vvan takes in a deep breath and then lets it out in a stream. "I can't help but appreciate how remote this sweep is."

"Even better. Leave the body up here for a while, then let it get found. No one would suspect." N'tash is terrible. "Yeah, pretty remote. I guess even wildlings could get lost up here. Maybe someone tried to light a signal fire and then they froze to death before anyone found them." N'tash has the worst imagination.

"You have a fucking morbid mind N'tash." K'vvan ain't a mindhealer, but he is side-eyeing N'tash SO HARD RIGHT NOW. "Something you need to confess? I'm probably going to have to fucking cover some serious shit up, aren't I?" Grunt, but K'vvan will probably do it.

N'tash gives K'vvan an innocent shrug and grins. "Hey, I'm just trying to imagine what happened. This place is too remote for most people to even get to. A rider could, except they'd just fly out. Unless it was someone who a rider dropped off here for some reason. Like, to die." They haven't even found a dead body (yet), and N'tash is already concocting wild stories.

"I'm going to pretend that doesn't sound like a confession of guilt." K'vvan jerks his head back towards where the dragons are sitting before N'tash says something that K'vvan KNOWS he has to report but sure as shit isn't going to want to. "So, the last turn. How to you figure you've done?"

N'tash really should have been better prepared for this conversation, but somehow he wasn't. "Well. We've done well in Threadfall. We do a good job covering the smaller dragons. No one has gotten injured because of us." Which might be kind of a minor miracle, considering there have been a few close calls, mostly in drills, or just N'tash being careless in PT.

"Not a terrible report, a little sparse on details. No regrets with all the refugee shit, your sweep schedule, wingmates that are dicks?" Well, other than K'vvan, because that mostly goes without saying at this point. "Have you thought about if you'd like to specialize in working with the guard or doing search and rescue as a side gig?" Since Ocelot has two specialties.

"Is this where I'm supposed to ask for a few extra days off?" N'tash asks. "Because I'm sure as shells not going to ask for a promotion. I don't need any more work. I don't really have any complaints. Things seem to be going pretty well. I like helping people, so search and rescue is fine." He would probably be a terrible guard.

"So you aren't planning on knocking D'wane and R'zel off?" K'vvan turns to flash a grin backwards. He's SUPER LOOSE right now for some reason. (Maybe he had a really good morning…) "They'll be glad to know. Both of them SPECIFICALLY wanted me to make sure there wasn't anyone ready to kill them." Flicking a switch back to serious as K'vvan reaches Nadeeth's side and reaches upwards to begin pulling himself onto the dragon's back. "Except for the complaining people who don't give a shit for our lives, that's always been my preference."

N'tash looks at K'vvan for a second, then laughs cautiously. "No, you can tell both of them that their lives and their jobs are safe from me. They both do a good job, so I've got no complaints." K'vvan in a good mood is a rarity. N'tash just barely has enough self-control not to ask his wingleader if he got laid recently. "You can't always choose who you rescue, I guess. Maybe you hope they'll learn a lesson or something if someone helps them." N'tash heads over to Enzoth to mount up. He'll be glad to head back to warmer areas.

"Nah, people are just fucking stupid when they're part of a mob." K'vvan talks big. The rest of this evaluation is going to be done via dragon talk, because Nadeeth is taking to the sky, and the pair of them have a sweep to finish up.

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