Sesa, Zaria


After having both spent the night among the Zingari escorts, two blueriders decide to share breakfast.

Implied Prostitution


It is sunrise of the twenty-fifth day of the seventh month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Caravan Grounds, Igen Weyr

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"Zaria suffices around here…"


Caravan Grounds

Deep grooves in the hard packed earth criss-cross a large patch of denuded ground, bearing mute testament to the caravans that frequent this area. Despite the midden holes set back a ways from the main center of traffic, the air is sweet, redolent with the sagebrush that forms a loose perimeter around the flattened expanse. In what is as close to its center as the vague boundaries suggest, a stone ringed fire pit has been dug and surrounded with the odd log or two, ash overflowing from its darkly blackened core.

It is the eighty-fifth day of Summer and 109 degrees.

Sometime during the night previous, a sandstorm blew into Igen Weyr. Fierce and strong it howled through the desert, pelting those unfortunate to be out in it and burying the Weyr in a good deal of sand. This being said, anyone away from home was stuck wherever they landed for the night. Not that a certain bluerider minds very much. Sesa wakes in the wagon she'd stayed in through the storm. The Zingari escort she's come to see having kindly offered her shelter, and a much more entertaining bed than her own. She's been a frequent flyer here since the sex rules dropped back in weyrlinghood. Stretching and looking around, Sesa finds Kanar is nowhere in sight. He's probably off to his day work. Smiling, and thankful her drills and sweeps are later in the day, she gets herself dressed. Once ready to go, she pens a note to Kanar and steps out into the warm morning air. Closing the wagon door behind her, she takes a deep breath and let's the fresh air clear her head and fill her lungs. Everything is coated in sand when she starts to actually look around. And suddenly she's glad she'd stayed the whole night. Now, to decide whether breakfast or a bath takes precedence, and this leaves her sort of loitering in front of Kanar's wagon.

Zaria cursed her bad luck when the storm rolled in as she was visiting Demona's yurt, although the Zingari woman certainly helped her make the best of it. They spent themselves well into the early candlemarks of the morning, and the bluerider is the first to stir. Unentangling herself from them still sleeping woman, she leans over to brush a kiss to her forehead before depositing her marks on the bedside table. Getting dressed as quietly as she can manage, she runs her fingers through short ginger hair a couple times before she ducks out o fthe flap, boots in her hands. Once in the clear morning air, the Wingleader arches her back, hands stretched above her head, with a muffled groan, several audible pops resonating as her frame re-aligns. Letting hazel eyes trail lazily over the grounds, until they land on a certain other bluerider. If they manage to lock gazes, the redhead offers a bit of a lopsided smile and a bob of her head in greeting.

Zaria's greeting is definitely noticed and Sesa checks off a smart and jolly salute to her fellow bluerider. "Morning Wingleader Zaria!" She seems more than perky, which is appropriate considering her night's lodging and the section of the Zingari encampment that they both currently occupy. Sesa has never visited Demona's yurt, but she knows of the woman, having grown up amongst the colorful people at her father's insistence. "Mmm. You picked a hmgood one, I've heard her services are… phenomenal." Sesa sort of blushes while she chuckles, waving at Demona's yurt. "Ever had their curry?" She asks of a sudden, looks like her decision has been made.

Zaria returns Sesa's salute with a rather casual one of her own, "Zaria suffices around here…" she replies in a lowered voice, stepping closer to the younger woman, as she looks around to see if anyone is taking notice. There are certain things she would rather be discreet about, and her rank is one of them. It might be different if she were visiting a male escort, but…there you have it. Looking back at Sesa's words, she chuckles softly, "Yeah….I mean, she's got to be, I'm sure spending enough marks for her company." Humming softly at the idea of food, Zaria's stomach grumbles, "I haven't actually. But I could do with something before heading back for my first meeting."

Sesa nods. "Of course. Zaria it is then." There's a slight blush from Sesa as Zaria mentions spending marks. "Aye, sometimes it's worth it though." She tucks her hair behind her ears and starts heading for the cook fire. "It's rather good." is said of the curry, "A bit spicy too."

"I have no complaints so far. But I haven't been partaking for all that long either…" Zaria explains a tad nervously, as she follows behind the younger bluerider and inhales deeply when the tantilizing smells waft over from the cook fires. "I don't mind spicy to be honest," she remarks while picking up a bowl and finding a curry with creamy sauce, takes a hearty serving, grabbing a couple rolls as well before heading towards a nearby table.

Sesa is right with Zaria in the food line, heaping just as heavy a portion for herself. Odd, a small girl like her eating so much, but to keep up stamina, she must. "I love it, my brother and I were practically raised on Zingari fair, they had a special place in my father's heart. He loved this caravan." Which would be seemingly odd for anyone who knew her father, and knew he was a Harper. "How did you hear about the Zingari?"

Zaria nods with interest at Sesa's explanation to her ties with the Zingari, but the bluerider isn't really one to pry. "I just followed a crowd one night and ended up watching the entertainment," the bluerider explains with a shrug of her shoulder, before ripping off a bit of bread and dunking it into the sauce before popping it into her mouth. "Mmmmm, that is good," she nods her approval before picking up her fork. "So any particular reason you prefer to pay for company? I would think a pretty thing such as you, wouldn't have any problems finding it for free." She's not coming onto Sesa, or at least that's not her intention. She's merely curious.

Sesa shows the same interest in Zaria's story, her mind filing this and that away for later examination. She also gets a chance to tuck into her food a bit before having to answer Zaria's query. "At first, it was because I needed to fix a problem…Edleveth was primed to start chasing and I still hadn't ever…. I was barely fifteen turns when I was searched." Sesa blushes, moon pale skin turning bright pink. "I found I liked the escort and how he composed himself and ….well, he became a steady favorite." There's a bit of a secretive smile to her lips and that's all she'll say on the subject, choosing to turn the spotlight on Zaria. "Why do you do the same? Seems to me you're just as pretty and capable as I am." She winks at the woman before taking a bite of food.

Chuckling lightly, Zaria shakes her head, "I impressed very young as well, I was searched almost exactly on my fifteenth Turnday. Yeah, waiting for Azrith to start chasing was nerve wracking, I still wasn't sure what I liked back then…Well that's not quite true. I knew what I should like, and also that I didn't, it was all very confusing." She explains with an idle wave of her fingers before spearing a piece of wherry in the curry and bringing it to her lips to chew thoughfully. Sesa's last gets another chuckle as she finalyl swallows and answers, "Because it's harder to find women who genuinely like women, and Azrith had a run of catching greens with male riders. I just needed the kind of intimacy I craved, without dragon lust muddled into it. And I'm finding I keep coming back because, as you said, Demona is very good." Pale cheeks pink up just a little bit as she drops her gaze and pokes around her bowl of curry.

Sesa chuckles. "I knew very much what I wanted then, though sex had nothing to do with it." Sesa is still rather more into her studies than other things, saving thread that is, that she's perpetually prepared for. She's quiet as Zaria finishes explaining and grins, though there's sympathy for the woman's sexual plight. It must be hard. "I'm glad Ed's only won one flight before, though…" Sesa blushes, "I can't complain about the partner I ended up with." Not beyond that it wasn't of her choosing, but such is the way of being one with a dragon. She's a good way into her food now, and spends a few moments attending to that before speaking again. "Did you know that it's sort of a thing for weyrlings to come here for that sort of thing?"

"Just wait till he gets older and more experienced at chasing…" Zaria warns with a chuckle as she goes for another hunk of bread to dip into the rich and creamy sauce. "Azrith drove me mad with how much he chased in the begining, losing mostly thank Faranth. Now we have a deal, if it isn't a completely inconvenient time, he can go nuts. If we've things to do, he needs to rein it in. It mostly works for us, but then I've yet to meet the blue that's as amorous as mine." She remarks with an almost proud grin curling at the corners of her mouth. At Sesa's last, she honestly shakes her head, "I didn't know that…Do they at least offer discount rates? You don't make much as a weyrling," she jests with a little chuckle.

Sesa looks a bit paler as Zaria speaks at first, but she nods in understanding, the look on her face a testiment to her acceptance of the fact. "Ed's a hopeless romantic, and … not a very good one to be honest."' Sesa near chokes on her food as an indignent «Hey!» enters her mind. Meant with all the love in the world Ed, I promise. «Sure, sure, I'm not hopeless!» Though he doesn't deny being a romantic. "He thinks every green 'round the corner is his true love….until he forgets them two days later." Such funny things, blues. She blushes again at the end there, shrugging. "I don't know about the others, but mine certainly gave me a good discount." If free can be considered such. But she's not elaborating on that.

Zaria smiles at Sesa's first with a bit of a nod, "I don't think I'd call Azrith a romantic exactly…just has a deep appreciation for the females of his species…all of them." She adds with a chuckle as she goes after a few more bites of her curry, her bowl rapidly emptying. Bobbing her head again a litle at Sesa's last she shrugs a shoulder, "It certainly is a service they are doing the Weyr, with how many young people are searched and Impress. Although I'm surprised the more conservative element in the Bazaar don't complain about such wanton transactions."
Sesa sort of gives Zaria one of those 'seriously?!?' looks. "What would they have the right to complain about? What with Rosie's right up the street and around the corner? And being run by a blooded family nonetheless." She rolls her eyes and shakes her head and the fact that her parents were oldtimer 'liberals' becomes blatantly obvious.

Zaria snorts softly as she sits back and holds her hands up in a defensive posture, "Woah! Sorry I said anything. I'm glad not everyone is so closed minded at Igen. But I've had my fair share of nasty looks since I took up my Wingleader's knots, lots of speculation as well after that bad surprise fall a turn or so back when Arroyo was particularly badly hit." She shakes her head with a sigh before looking back at the younger bluerider. "I guess you can only hope that in time, more people will see that things have changed and that the old ways don't work any more."

Sesa chuckles, still shaking her head. "Sorry. I find it hard to deal with hypocracy. I've noticed the attitude towards female riders in Igen." Thankfully she doesn't deal with much of that in Whirlwind. "I've had my own fair share of sideways looks, and I'm a nobody in the ranks." She flicks her very generic wingrider knot. "I try not to let it keep me down, my Wingleader is a good man and my wingmates seem amiable enough, so I don't catch much flack there. We can only keep on at what we do and show them that we're just as good as they are." Sesa finishes off her meal and drinks down most of a mug of klah.

"It's quite all right. I get it." Zaria replies simply as she wipes down the sides of her bowl with the last of the bread. "You're right though, just keep doing is the best option." She affirms with a nod of her head and a heavy sigh. "I should really be getting back, I have meetings this morning. I didn't mean to be caught out all night," she relays a little sheepishly, rubbing at the back of her neck.

Sesa nods and gives an affirmative hum of her own. "I should get going myself, I need a bath before drills and to study between then and sweeps." She might have a project to work on soon and the anticipation for said project nearly leaks out of her pores. "It was nice seeing you again Zaria. Thanks for keeping me company during breakfast." She smiles and finishes off her klah.

Zaria gathers up her plates with a returned smile to the younger bluerider, "You as well Sesa, hopefully we don't make a habit of bumping into each other around here huh?" she teases gently, knowing full well it's a possibility since Zaria is definitely going to be seeing more of Demona in the future. With a tip of her head, the Wingleader heads to drop the dishes off in the wash basin and then saunter back towards the Weyr proper, where a very smug Azrith awaits her and another long day full of duties to perform.

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