Linden, Nathanael


Linden is given some bad directions and meets one of Southern's…. more furry things.


It is afternoon of the tenth day of the twelfth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Jungles

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As the clearing is left behind, a deep silence permeates and soaks into the very ground that towering trees grow out of, accompanied by the humid heat of the enclosed rainforest. The silence is broken by the chittering call of wild firelizards, the chirruping of distant avians, and the ominous rustling of large, feline predators that stalk the deeper, heart of the jungle. Vines drape from the trees, falling to the jungle floor, which carries the hint of decay. Water drips from the canopy above, the soft sound almost musical against the echoing call of the jungles denizens. Westward, with the tangled overgrowth and the shadows of the deeper rainforest, the forest looms dangerous.
The ground is dappled in the shade of the plentiful banyan and sandalwood trees.
It is the tenth day of Summer and 108 degrees. It is sunny and bright. White fluffy clouds drift lazily across the china blue sky.

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It really isn't as hot as all that, especially here within the trees. The shade breaks up the brightness of the sun and plunges everything down to a temperature that is totally acceptable. In this corner of the forest, not really totally in the forest, silence still reigns. Except for a weird creaking and rustling coming from up there in the branches.

And here comes the newbie. "Ardstelle…they said…left at the trees…and then down the path for a bit, right, I did that. Then a right at the rock." He stops, frowning. "Which rock?"

That rustling from above continues, then stops. Silence overtakes this area of the forest again. Only a quiet breeze drifts through. Just the forest on a perfectly beautiful day.

Linden frowns a bit as he looks around again, shifting the one bag he has in one hand, and the other he's got slung over his shoulder. "Ardstelle?" he decides to holler instead.

A few more seconds of silence, before a head pops out from the top of one of those trees. Blinking away blond hair a rather dirty looking teenager looks downwards. "Why're ye lookin' f'r 'e cook 'n 'e jungle?"

Linden jumps a bit, dropping one of his bags and sending a newborn gold firelizard flapping into the air with a startled chirp. "Why're you in a tree?"

Nathanael blinks again. "Sorry! Didn't mean t' be startlin' ye,…. hey… ye'rea a candidate." Reaching up he brushes those blond strands again and looks around. "Why ain't ye got a rider with ye?" A shake of his head, "Common up if'n ye want t'." His finger traces branches which, if one is determined enough, will lead up to where he perches.

Linden looks around again and then with a shrug and a grin, he drops his bags and hops up to shimmy up the tree. He's quick! "Yeah, they said Ardstelle was out here. I'm new, and was supposed to find her to get all set up and whatever."

Nathanael scoots backwards on his branch, making room for the much larger teen to settle himself. "Ye wanta redfruit?" Reaching backwards Nathanael pulls out two fruits and offers one to the brown haired kid. "Nah, ye ain't gonna find Ardstelle near 'e jungle! Bet I'm knowin' who was tellin' ye though. Jerks what ain't got nothin' better t' do then be makin' trouble. Ye ain't been 'round long?"

Linden climbs up and flops down, grinning as he accepts fruit from a stranger. "Hey, thanks! And no?" He frowns, taking a bite of it. "Awww, man! Yeah, I just got here, like…a candlemark ago. I asked where I could find her and they told me out here. Thought it was suspicious but." He shrugs. He's trusting?

Don't worry. No herbs involved in the giving of this fruit. Nathanael rolls his eyes slightly. "Most've 'em here 're good folk. Just always got some rotten 'uns tryin t' make life hard 'cuz they're stupid. So ye're standin' f'r Ma'am Bailey's?"

Linden is having a bit of trouble figuring out this kid's accent, but he manages to get the gist and his reply is no better around a mouthful of redfruit. "Uh-uh." Gulp. "Yeah." Grin. "I'm excited. I'm Linden by the way."

"Ye're lucky. Ma'am Bailey's like one've 'e best. 'n Ma'am Yules." There's no real envy in Nathanael's relaxed tone as he examines the teenager in front of him. "'m Nathanael, 'pprentice sea crafter. Where you be from?"

Linden offers a sticky redfruit hand. "Igen. Ista. Oldtime High Reaches. Everywhere, feels like," he laughs. "Bailey…she's the goldrider right? And Yules? Girl on brown? I think I heard that." And it'd be good for him to know. "Well met, Nathanael. You from here?"

"Ye're 'n oldtimer?" Nathanael's curiosity is utterly peaked now, and he sits up even straighter on that branch. "Did ye know ma'am Hannah?"

Linden nods, "Yeah, I'm an oldtimer. Hannah? No, I didn't know her…"

"'s cool." That's muttered under his breath before a grin spreads across his face. "Nah, I ain't from 'round here original. Nerat, tho' we been 'ere 'bout two'nhalf turns…" Looking Skyward Nathanael squints to see if he has the time right. A shrug, no biggie if the time wasn't right. "'e jus' got his cap'n knot, so headin' back. 's why I'm 'n 'e tree."

Linden blinks a bit at him. "Uh. What?" Finishing the redfruit he tosses the pit into the jungle, listening to it hit and roll.

Nathanael has been way too busy talking to finish his fruit, so he's only a few bites in. "'cuz we's leavin', 'n Nerat ain't got no big trees near 'e port. So I'm climbin' while I can, 'cuz it's jus' gonna be 'e riggin' f'rm now on." It still doesn't occur to Nathanael that perhaps the other teen just doesn't understand. A brief pause in his speaking so that he can devote some time to that fruit in his hand.

Linden ohs. "So…you're a Captain?" He heard captain at some point…he thinks.

A peal of laughter rings out from the diminutive crafter. "Nah. Pa is. 'm goin' North with 'im." As if it explains everything, Nathanael gestures with that red fruit to his shoulder and the knot tied there.

Linden oooohs. "Okay. I get it now. My dad's a bronzerider." He looks skyward, brows furrowing a bit. He swallows and looks around with a grin. "So when are you leaving?"

"Oh cool." Nathanael doesn't answer more than that right away though, as he does a magic trick and makes the rest of that redfruit disappear. The pit is flung outwards to see if perhaps he can make it land in the stream not too far away. "T'morrow. Pa's already north, jus' gotta be joinin' him."

Linden nods. "How're you gonna be gettin' there?" Linden is already picking up hints of the other's accent, letting his usually proper speech slur and relax a bit to lazier patterns.

"Boat! Got some supplies goin' North. Pa figures it'd be good t' be learnin' 'bout a voyage on a big ship." Nathanael's legs hang down and kick gently, though not enough to actually tip him over. "Southern's 'e best tho'. Ye want me t' be showin' ye 'round afore I'm headin' off?"

Linden grins. "Yeah, that'd be great. Sad you're not sticking around though. You'll have to tell me who I can trust not to lead me into the wilderness." He smirks, gesturing around. "I'll have to get them back somehow…"

"I can be doin' better'n that." Nathanael reaches out to grab the bag and then freezes. "Uh oh."

Linden freezes too. "What uh-oh?" Uh-oh is bad.

"Ye…. know how I was sayin' candidates ain't allowed 'n 'e forest w'out a rider?" Nathanael's voice has dropped down to a whisper, his eyes glued on something on the ground in the forest behind Linden.

Linden twists a bit on the branch to look behind him. "Yeaaaah?"

"Southern's got them…. big felines. Don't be moving!" Nathanael's voice is still a quiet hiss, and for once in his life his is utterly still. "What like t' be eatin'…. ye know." Teenagers.

Linden freezes, going totally still. "Us?" he whispers softly. He should probably shut up.

"Hopeful not…" Nathanael keeps his eyes on that bit of tan creeping along the jungle floor under them. Soon enough it'll come into Linden's line of sight, looking for all the world like it doesn't know the teenagers are up in those branches.

Linden grits his teeth and tilts his head just enough to look down. Shards and shells… On his shoulder, Aster finally notices the feline and she squawks, flaring her wings and /diving/ at it. "No!"

Nathanael winces as that firelizard decides to do the WRONG thing. The whole point was to not have attention drawn to them. "Common!" Nathanael keeps his voice a hiss and reaches out to grab that bag of his. He isn't climbing down though, no, instead he's going to clamber his way over towards the next tree. Good thing the foliage is thick.

Linden scrambles up and hastens to follow, while his newborn gold firelizard /swoops/ at the feline. "Aster!" he yells at her.

"She'll be fine, ye gotta be worryin' 'bout yeself! Them things climb." Hopefully the route Nathanael takes isn't too hard for the taller teen to follow. It cuts across several trees till they reach right at the edge of the stream that winds its way through the forest.

Linden grits his teeth. "But I just /got/ her!" Candidacy Day 1 = awesome so far. He follows, swearing under his breath as he hits his head on branches and bangs his shins, but he's a fairly adept climber and hastens after swiftly.

The feline isn't in view, but they can still hear her, snapping and snarling at the little gold firelizard back behind bushes. "Gotta be gettin' down. Mayhap it won't be followin' 'cross 'e river." Nathanael clearly knows very little about felines, extrapolating as he is from his knowledge of the complex's tunnel snake cats.

"Can't they swim too?" Linden says, eying the river and glancing back behind them, flinching as Aster keeps the feline occupied. Life Day 1 = save her person.

"Hope not, or ye mayhap ain't gonna be goin' t' be standin' f'r no clutch, 'n I ain't gonna have t' be leavin' Southern." Basic praticality in play here. Nathanael doesn't bother to actually climb down that tree. Instead he bends, grabs the branch, and then drops into the water below. It's strong enoug to knock the small teen off his feet and send him a few feet down the river. Which, of course, only prompts giggling. It's not like life-or-death or anything.

Linden winces. "Death wasn't on my plan for today…" Watching Nathanael swing out of the tree has Linden grinning, forgetting the feline for a moment in boyish 'that looks FUN!'. He does the same thing, splashing into the water with a 'whoop' that is probably ill-advised considering. "There isn't a waterfall is there?"

"Oh, aye, that'a way," Nathanael gestures up the river, before starting to splash his way across to the other side. "Common, I ain't hearin…" Except there is a creak of wood which makes it seem like something is following them. "Run!" And Nathanael takes off, his short legs rather deceptivly fast as he starts booking it over the slippery rocks.

As long as the waterfall is /up/ river, Linden won't complain. When he hears that creak the lanky kid is swimming strongly for the opposite shore and bolting into the jungle after the shorter teen, long legs making swift work of distance. "My bags are back there!" He just realized this.

"Leave 'em! I'll go 'n get 'em f'r ye when there ain't nothin' lookin' t' be eatin' us!" Nathanael's tree wasn't too far from the sea shore, and that's where he's heading. Behind them the branches part… only to reveal a small creature that doesn't look anything like a feline.

Is it a bunny? It should be a bunny because lol. A bunny that then gets EATEN by the feline. Linden continues to run after the shorter teen, breathing a huge sigh of relief when Aster appears from between and starts chittering angrily at her. He doesn't answer, he just grabs her and shovers her into his pocket.

The fate of the "bunny" will remain unknown, as the pair as so leaving that feline behind. The sunlight is bright when the pair break out of the protection of the trees and skitter onto the rocky beach near the river's delta. Only now does Nathanael slow down, a giggle building up on his lips.

Linden races up behind his new friend and pants, laughing and clapping him on the back. "So. That was fun. Does that happen often here?"


River Bank
With the towering cliffs left behind, the forested growth slopes downward towards the river's edge. Not as forested as the main jungles, yet still temperate to allow for full-fledged greenery, the river's bank is a mixture of sandy mud. One of the lower points of the river, the bank allows for easy access for both people and small sea-going vessels. A rickety dock, woven of water-damaged stone and wood, sits on the water's edge, bearing the mark of time. The blue-green waters of the river are gentler here, lapping against the bank in gentle caress, whirling in small eddies around the stone columns of the small dock. The call of avians and wild firelizards echo through the trees, with the quiet sounds of moving water aiding in giving this spot a hint of comforting tranquility.

It takes a second for Nathanael to get his giggles under contol. Finally he pushes back blond hair that is now sweat soaked back from his face, leaving it to branch out in weird directions. "Nah, ain't too often. Gonna repot 'er t' 'e hunters tho'. Ain't seen'un in months." Nathanael pulls his bag off his shoulder and rummages in it for a water flask to offer to Linden.

Linden smirks, taking that water flask and fanning his tunic to give himself some breeze. "Just my luck, right? Must be attracted to me." He chugs some water and passes the flask back.

"Could smell ye didno' belong." Nathanael starts to walk down the beach, leading the way back to the weyr proper. As he goes he squints upwards at the teen. "How old ye be?" Because dang if he isn't tall.

Linden snorts. "I do now! This some sort of right of passage?" He follows the shorter teen, letting Aster take flight and perch on his shoulder. "Fifteen turns. You?"

"Shards." Nathanael shakes his head. The rocks crunch under his feet as they move towards the weyr proper. Here it is a bit hot, but they're teens. Nothing touches them. "Fifteen turns too. Ye's jus' a whole pile bigger'n me. 'bout as bad's m' friend S'yn, 'cept he be way younger."

Linden grins, "Yeah, m'dad is kind of tall, so." He shrugs. "S'yn? Is younger? And a rider?"

Nathanael nods as he walks. Something shiny catches his eye and he makes an abrupt detour to scoop up a shell from the beach. It glitters white and purple. "Perfect! There be 'e complex!" Nathanael points out to a large stone building jutting out from the Southern cliffs- the Sea Craft Complex.

Linden looks around, watching him scoop up the shell and squinting at the sight of the Sea Craft Complex. "Am I supposed to be out here?"

"Nope. Though, 'e beach's safer 'n 'e jungle." Nathanael picks up the pace as he jogs down the beach. Soon enough they're in more familiar area, well, familiar to Nathanael, as they pick their way towards the wood of the boardwalk.

Linden doesn't seem too concerned that he's not supposed to be here. After all…it was either run this way or get eaten, and he doesn't want to get eaten.

Getting eaten is pretty far on the want-to-do list. There's silence for a bit as the teens make their way up the board walk. "Sorry 'bout ye bag. I'll be goin' back later 'n seein' if mayhap I can be findin' it."

Linden nods. "I had two…" He huffs. "Dad gave them to me…" But oh well. "Just clothes and other stuff like that…but yeah. Thanks for looking for them."

"Ain't got no duties f'r 'e rest've 'e day, why don't I be showin' ye 'round? Introducin' ye t' Ma'am Ardstelle 'n what-not." That offer is cast out there as Nathanael turns his feet towards the weyr proper now. "'n I can be showin' ye how t' be gettin' food after hours." Because teenage boys and their stomachs? Yeah.

Linden jogs to catch up so he can now walk alongside the other teen, grinning at him. "I'd really appreciate that, thanks a lot." Oooh, after hours food? He's /all/ in for that!

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