Divale, Agertha


Agertha and Divale meet in the bazaar's sidestreet. Talk of food stalls is had.


It is sunset of the tenth day of the fourth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass. It is the seventieth day of Spring and 82 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.


Bazaar Sidestreet

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Bazaar Sidestreet

No matter the time of day, the darkness here is almost absolute, adding a certain je ne sais quois that borders on the treacherous. Here and there, cobblestones have gone missing and leave holes that are perfect for snagging the feet of the unaware. The stench is also criminal, a mixture of urine, rotting meat, and other things best left unexamined in the heaps that pile up next to the back doors of certain of the bazaar establishments.

Sunset brings lengthening shadows and the side street is no exception. For once, Divale is not on duty and is dressed comfortably for the weather and in her usual androgynous, styled clothing. She is almost walking shadow herself, what with her tastes in dark shades. Out from the shops, the brownrider steps, tucking something within an inner pocket of her jacket while her eyes scan the street. Nothing appears amiss, but one can never be too cautious — especially here!

Sunset brings out a greenrider to stroll through the foodstalls that open this time of day. Agertha stops at one, gags at the smell, and turns to find something else. What she really wants is those herdbeast kebobs. The ones that are spiced with garlic, and peppers with just a hint of salt. So focused on trying to find the right vendor, she doesn't quite see Divale which could prove disasterous for the greenrider given how focused on finding that right food item.

Luckily for Agertha, Divale is well aware of her surroundings and can easily sidestep out from around the greenrider before an embarrassing collision can occur. There's a brief narrowing of her eyes, but her expression soon smooths to bemused neutrality. "What's got you so distracted? This is not the place to tread while daydreaming." Which is her dry way of saying 'watch where you're going'.

A bemused, and wry chuckle is given by Agertha as she looks up at Divale, "There was a kebob stall around here somewhere," and she's just got a taste for that particular kebob, "But I can't seem to find it," so maybe the stall's closed, or not open, or horrors, was just an imagination, "You're point is taken," is said in agreement. The rider is capable of defending herself, but that doesn't mean she should put herself in a situation to have to do so.

"You would eat from an establishment here?" Divale sounds more surprised and impressed than downright horrified. "I think you may remember incorrectly. The better stalls are further towards the central bazaar itself. Unless, of course, you're looking to pursue a… different sort of sale of flesh." Yeah, she went there. Even as far as to glance sidelong to Agertha, as if trying to guess whether she would or not.

Dry humor is something that Agertha's not always the best at interpreting, but she's fairly sure the stall had been not far from the bakery that is now temporarily closed, "That is likely," that she misremembered where the stall is set up is conceded, "Everything around here just smells slightly off," well to be fair, at the moment everything smells slightly off to Agertha. A tidbit she'll keep to herself for the time being.

Divale chuckles darkly, "That's because you're smelling the fine aroma of half-spoiled meat and… probably vomit and piss. Certainly not the most glamorous part of this side street by far." Could be that the stall is further down in either direction (and hopefully not located in as shady a spot). "Not as bad in the winter, but now that spring is here…" It's only going to get worse. Much worse!

Agertha a nod is given as she looks around, "Well, it's always possible that I had purchased those kebobs from the bakery," anything's possible, "I'm aware," she's not a stranger to Igen summers after all, "Though I'm not sure I can ever get fully accustomed to all the heat," and she's infinitely greatful that Kestrath is green and not gold. She's not sure she could handle having to egg sit in an Igen summer. Agertha's thoughts on the 'fine aroma' is left unsaid.

"Also possible," Divale agrees with a bemused air and her usual strange half-smile. "Lucky for us we've a little more time before the height of summer?" When just about everyone and anyone keeps out of the sun by midday. Tilting her head skyward, she'll frown when she notices how much less light there is. Yet she doesn't immediately excuse herself, so the matter may not be as pressing yet. "Did this food stall have a name? I know of a few who are fairly popular. One that sells wherry is particularly a favourite among many Bazaar folk. Enough to spark fights, on occasion!"

Agertha gives a shrug, "If it does, I can't currently recall," she admits. A glance around, and the less light is noticed, "I should be heading to meet Th'sher," the displeasure rings clear in Agertha's voice, "And I was looking forward to," she stops and gives a shrug, "Ah well. I'll look closer to the central bazaar later," it's not like she's going to find the place right now anyway, "If I'm keeping you?" a quirked eyebrow is given with the question. Agertha's not that dense.

Divale quirks a brow for the unfinished statement but she does not press Agertha for more. There is merely a hint of a dark smile as she shakes her head. "Hardly. But I will not keep you either, Best of luck with your future searching…" With a respectful dip of her head, Divale then turns to meld back into the shadows as she drifts along on her task.

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