Xanthee, Ha'ze


Ha'ze heard about the fight and comes to check up on Xanthee.


It is midmorning of the seventh day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Tea Room

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"Not going to bite you Xanthee."

Tea Room

This shop is easy to miss from the street. It bears the same striped awning that most shops have, this one in shades of lilac and sand, but it has no sign save for a plaque of sandstone hung beside the door, on which a teacup has been carved. When open, the heavy curtain that covers the doorway is pulled aside to allow entry. After stepping through, one will find themselves in a tiny space decorated with classic desert touches.

The walls are whitewashed to increase the sense of light within but the floor is tiled in hues of blue and green, with each tile bearing in its center a brilliant red lotus. There are only five small tables, all of them of dark, heavily carved wood set low to the ground. To sit at one requires reclining on the plethora of pillows and cushions and layered rugs provided for that purpose; each seat is provided with a carved wooden back-prop to rest the pillows against, for those who want spinal support. Tea is served from the service at the rear of the room, where a tiny smokeless hearth keeps water heated, and a row of trays are kept loaded with teapots, tiny cups, and containers for sweetener. There is a small selection of fruits, breads and cheeses also available for those looking for a snack but this is not a place for heavy meals.

Midmorning and the Tea Room is empty. The early rush is over and the lunch rush not yet begun. A single waitress is working, Xanthee is dressed oddly, for her anyway, in an outfit which has a decidely Zingari feel to it complete with veil covering her face from her emerald eyes down. She is over at the washbasin catching up on the dishes that got out of hand since she opened that morning.

The girl will learn soon enough that Ha'ze has a tendency to float in and out of people's lives without any warning. Following the flight Kaisylaith and Ha'ze had just… disappeared for a few days. The healers were pissed, but there's no way they can force the bronze to stay put unless they get a gold to do it. Thus it's been a few days and the rumor mill is just now winding it's way back around to Ha'ze. Wandering into the tea-room the scarred older man comes up to a his newest-found-daughter and leans upon something nearby. "Hear you got yourself in a tussle girl." Also, hi! Ain't talked to you a while! How are you?

Xanthee looks up abruptly a her father's voice, she was clearly lost in her own thoughts when he walked up on her, eyes round with fear for the barest of moments before she sees it's just him. A red blush creeps up from under the veil as she puts her hands back down into the water to continue her washing up as if it wasn't a big deal, shrugging her shoulders. "Yeah, and what of it?" she replies coldly as she really scrubs at the teacup in her hand, going way beyond getting it clean.

"Not going to bite you Xanthee - I prefer my fights with men of my age or idiot youngsters that need put in your place. You don't qualify." Just in case she ever wondered about that. Ha'ze rubs at his upper arm like he's trying to shoo away some kind of pain there. "As for what fo it - just coming to check you're in one piece. Rummor says you kicked his ass by himself - not sure what the truth is."

Xanthee scoffs at that last sending her gauzy veil rustling giving her a vaguely tickling sensation. She really doesn't like the thing, and when she looks around and makes sure there's no one else here, she quickly slips it off. Underneath, her left cheek is a fading mess of greens and yellows with still a few small areas of purple and red through. "Sorry, I just really hate that thing, but it keeps the amount of stupid questions down." When he mentions that she had kicked his ass, she frowns, looking down, "No, unfortunately. One slap and I was down, others had to do the beating for me." The bitterness in her tone shows that Xanthee is not happy how that went down.

"Never liked them either - rather see the face of the person talking to me." Reaching out he's going to be a misogamist though and try to touch her face to get a good look at it. People don't mind being man-handled, right? "What was this slapper's name?" Tone hints that Ha'ze has only a casual interest in it.

Xanthee lets herself be handled, it's not like it hurts any longer at a gentle touch, she obligingly turns her head so he can get a better look, "F'kan, brown Quaverilth's out of Southern." she says with some venom as her eyes narrow just at the thought of the brownrider before she sighs heavily. She's almost relieved it took so long before Ha'ze heard about it, the bruises are well on their way to fading completely now, not at all the angry welts she had in the first couple of days.

Ha'ze takes his time examining the fading bruise. "Was bad at first, neh? You realize thread score hits a shit ton worse, especially if your dragon gets hurt also? Twice the pain and half of it you can't do anything about?" It's idly stated rather than as an honest attempt to make Xanthee try to avoid getting searched again for a clutch. "What does this idiot have against you to hit like this?"

That first comment makes Xanthee jerk her chin out of his grasp, arms crossing over her chest. "I am well aware." She says cooly not making a big deal about it, she's already had her say on that score. When asked of the brownrider's motivations, "There's a past there." is how she begins, but then feeling that might now be enough, she sighs heavily. "Remember I said I've stood twice? Well once here, one at Southern. I didn't make it to the Hatching. F'kan and I were caught doing the thing Candidates are not supposed to do."

"Fighting, or fucking?" Are fathers suppose to be interested in their children's sex lives? It's a good thing Ha'ze isn't the best father in the world.

"The latter." Xanthee says cooly. "I got kicked out, he got sent back to weyrlinghood from what I heard." She leans back a little bit and looks up at the ceiling, "But this? the fight. That was out of nowhere. I didn't hear a peep from him since I left Southern, and that was fine by me. But then he shows up at the Zingari camp, right after that gold flight and just accuses me of the craziest things, like trying to ruin his reputation or whatever." She rolls her eyes hard at this, "Thank Faranth for Mal and Daen and the rest of the Zingari were there." And then he elaborates for his benefit, "Malosim, my boyfriend and Daenerys one of my dearest friends. They gave him a good going over." She smiles smugly.

"Hum." Words there are not getting said re: the getting kicked out of candidacy. Instead Ha'ze settles himself down into a stool and props a hand up on his chin. "Do you want some self-defense lessons?"

Xanthee looks at Ha'ze quizzically, wondering why her getting kicked out of candidacy didn't get something more than that. Odd. Maybe he really just doesn't care, huh, good to know. But then he is asking her about self-defense lessons and she sticks her chin out indignantly. "I've already got that handled actually." she says with a touch of aloofness. Well she will have it handled soon, she promises herself, she just has to hunt down that greenrider she was referred to, but he doesn't need to know that.

Ha'ze is an enigma! Think you got him? THINK AGAIN. An eyebrow gets raised up slightly as Ha'ze leans backwards with his arm sprawling outwards. "If you've got it, you've got it. The offer stands though. Could be a chance to get to know one another more."

Xanthee narrows her eyes at the bronzerider, still unsure what exactly his intensions are. "It would be. I agree." She says cautiously, assessing the man for a long moment before she shrugs, "Sure, why not?" It's not like she can have too many lessons on the matter.

INTENTIONS SMTENTIONS. Ha'ze flicks on a smile when she agrees to it. "Finally, something I can actually do for a daughter." Yeah, Ha'ze doesn't get to contribute to his daughters much. "Why don't you come over to my weyr sometime this week - around sunset. Start with falling."

Xanthee blinks her green eyes at him in surprise as she actually lets a small smile form on her lips as she looks at him. "Falling huh? Sounds like fun!" She says with light-hearted sarcasm and a little giggle. Then she looks back down in the basin filled with dirty dishes. "I really should be getting back to work, but did you want anything while your here?"

"Nah, lightly flavoured water isn't my thing. Kaisylaith wants to know what that herb is though -" Pointing at a a pile of dried leaves up above the sink. "So bring that with you and it's name when you come." Rising Ha'ze stretches and there's a loud pop from a shoulder. "See you around." And he's GONE! Because I suck at posing out.

As Xanthee looks at the dried leaves that are pointed to, she cocks her head to one side puzzled and then shrugs, "Ok sure. Tell him hi from me please." She says as he disappears. It's downright uncanny how he does that. So resettling her veil over her face, Xanthee sets back into her fun task of dish washing.

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