F'kan, Idara, Treista, Va'os, Z'bor


Va'os comes by to check on the newest weyrlings and have a chat with F'kan. They're soon joined not only by Idara, but the new goldrider Treista and Serval's Wingleader as well!


It is midmorning of the nineteenth day of the twelfth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Training Grounds, Southern Weyr

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Training Grounds

A broad and sheltered swoop of bowl lies bare for the talons and tread of countless weyrlings that-will-be, encased by stone scoured and scarred by those-that-were. Dirt lies as neatly as dirt can lie, swept and raked daily, at the mouth of the caverns that must indubitably be the weyrling barracks. Devoid of decoration, the place stands strangely absent of pressence when empty, the everpresent wind of Southern giving strange acoustics to those under the shelter of the towering bowl-wall.

The morning is almost perfect, and still unmarred by the heat to come around midday. Perfect weather for the newest batch of weyrlings to be brought out for some fresh air and light exercise all within handy reach of the barracks. Forty new pairs of riders, which is a large number for a clutch. Perhaps Zymuraith has been over compensating for being the only gold at Southern. Not anymore though. Watching over this batch of still mostly bewildered looking pairs, mooning over each other and hardpressed to notice anything else, F'kan is making a lazy circuit amoung the new bondmates, not commenting unless he sees something dire, like a dragon trying to run without lifting his wings. Unfortunately he is too late, and the bronze tumbles tail over snout and his worried rider rushes to his side. After a cursory look, the Assistant weyrlingmaster can't see anymore more than a skinned wing joint, nothing major. And the scared look on the lad's face tells the brownrider that he's also learned the lesson. With a smile and nod, he moves on, looking over at Quaverilth who is settled nearby, sphynx-linke, wizened head up and alertly watching the little ones, offering his own encouragements and admonitions as needed.

It truly is a beautiful morning and not yet so oppressively humid to chase everyone back inside. With early morning drills completed and Jaguar dismissed to their other duties, the Weyrleader has decided to spend a small window of time to visit. He’s not intending to disrupt what may be happening, which may explain why he keeps Tsiroth away, though the bronze’s mental musical theme may still be heard (and mildly disgruntled) to those perceptive enough to pick up on it. Va’os will lurk by the entranceway to start, witnessing the last of that young bronze’s tumble with a wince. Waiting until F’kan has assessed the situation and things settle, only then does he make his move. It’s difficult to even move through the training grounds when you’re known, but Va’os only nods and smiles and gestures for the weyrlings to go about their business… for the few who may not be so starstruck as to be oblivious to his arrival. “Hey, F’kan! Getting them out now before they get too stir crazy?” he muses in his semi-casual greeting. Remembering that he needs to be setting an example, he’ll at least salute along with it, though it lacks the usual stiffness that some insist upon.

Looking back at the sound of a familiar voice, F'kan's naturally crooked grin deepens as he spies Va'os and greets him with a crisp salute for the sake of setting the right example for his charges. Those who are paying attention and saluting get a nod of approval before he chuckles in reponse. "You know it. Those barracks are packed! Another fantastic clutch, I'm sure Tsiroth is thrilled," the brownrider replies as he crosses his arms over his broad chest and keeps an eye on the class while also giving Va'os his attention. "So how are things on the outside? I hardly have time for more than a quick meal in the Living Caverns, and of course, I go home to sleep." He has two-day-old stubble on his chin and patchy up over his cheeks, but his smile is warm.

“Tsiroth is thrilled and that’s half the reason I’ve kept him away. They need to be a little bigger before he can come and see them…” Va’os’ grin says it all, as it hints at a grimace. The bronze is just too much for newly bonded pairs. He’s either very in tune with his lifemate or… he learned the hard way (it was totally the hard way). “We’re both thrilled, actually! It’ll be good for morale.” Not that Southern has been hit with any catastrophe’s in awhile or even a bad run of luck with Threadfall! But he’s not going to say it out loud and jinx things. F’kan’s prompt has him lifting his shoulders in a light shrug. “Things are going. Which is nice for a change! I’ve actually not have anything to share really, no deep concerns or worries. It’ll make the next few weeks easier for you and the rest of the staff, huh?” He gives the brownrider a knowing look and probably noted that two-day-old stubble. He does not envy them their task! “I’m sure you already heard the biggest news, though?”

"Well, for the weyrlingmaster staff as a whole, I appreciate your foresight on keeping him away," F'kan replies with a hearty chuckle that has his shoulders bouncing along. Listening through the non-news that Va'os has of the world outside the bubble of weyrlinghood, he's about to shrug it off as well before the bronzerider's last which brings a puzzled look briefly onto the brownrider's features, the wheels really turning before the light goes on and he nods, "Oh right! That new goldrider's arrived! Quaverilth let me know, although it was just days from the Hatching, so I was a bit distracted. Haven't met either of them yet though." He looks back over the weyrlings briefly to make sure everything is as it should be. Satisfied, he turns his attention back to Va'os. "I just hope that new gold doesn't rise any time soon. At least until these have graduated to their weyrs, if she would be so kind."

Va’os chuckles a bit as he keeps his grin in place, “You’re welcome. Figured even as quiet as things have been, the sort of chaos Tsiroth can cause wouldn’t be… a way to break it.” Considering it could result with the entire Weyr being alerted to such a small thing, it’d disrupt everyone’s day and well. It wouldn’t be a good ending (but something to laugh about later). “Yeah, the new junior from Telgar! Tsiroth was intrigued too.” Which is putting it lightly, but again, Va’os has been doing his best to keep the bronze from making a clumsy disaster of everything. He knew, of course but keeping the bronze half out of the loop is best for everyone. “No? Well, you just might eventually. It’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic goes. I’m keeping optimistic!” Va’os has too. Even if his luck with Weyrwoman in the past has been a very… mixed experience. A brow quirks, “We’ll have a few months grace, I suspect. Though if we don’t, well.” Sorry F’kan and the rest of the weyrlingmasters! There should be a game plan in effect or maybe the young dragons just don’t get it and the riders should know better — or one would hope!

"So she's from Telgar? This must be a huge change then," F'kan remarks with a brow raised in Va'os' direction. "Yeah, I'm sure we'll run into each other sooner or later, depending. I'm just glad Amani is finally getting the help she needs," there's a touch of concern in the man's tone as he speaks of his friend, but his smile brightens again. "Keeping optimistic is good, as long as they didn't send us their dud, we should be good I think…or at least I hope," the brownrider trails off with a touch of uncertainty and again shrugs, his go to way of dimissing things as not really hsi problem.

Nothing like a walk to…look at the training grounds? The latest weyrlings have barely hatched from their shells, but Idara is, perhaps, hoping for a closer peek at them. No such luck on that front, but the training grounds are not without their attractions. Namely, one brownriding Weyrlingmaster she's met before, and a Weyrleader she's…also met before. Maybe it's fate? In any case, the teenager aims her quiet little steps in their direction, a broad sun hat shielding her face and shoulders from the worst of the sun. There's a bob of her head in silent greeting as she gets closer, eyes darting between the two riders as she tries to work out what she's interrupting.

“Probably a bit of a shock but at least it wasn’t a surprise?” Va’os can only assume, given that the new goldrider’s arrival here was more of a planned political negotiation than, say, how a good number of them ended up here — himself included! “Running much of the Weyr on your own is tough. Amani handled it well though. Better than I did when I first got Weyrleader!” Granted, he wasn’t entirely prepared for it. He blinks and then scoffs for F’kan’s statement, lowering his voice a bit. “Hey, man. Careful how loud you say that, eh? I doubt they’d pull a dirty trick like that. Kind of hard to hide that about a gold too, y’know?” Tsiroth might’ve tipped him off about Idara’s approach, otherwise her quiet arrival might have received a belated greeting from him. Instead he turns to glance at her, recognition slowly trickling in and leaving him to smile warmly. “Good morning!” Given he’s not chasing her off or demanding what she’s doing there, that’s all a good sign, right?

F'kan is cursed with a certain habit of saying things before he thinks, and when Va'os warns him to keep his voice down, it takes him a minute to replay what he said in his mind and actually find the part that could be seen as offensive. When realization finally dawns, he chuckles sheepishly, one hand rubbing at the back of his neck, "And this is why I stay away from the political types, I'm bound to offend someone without actually meaning it." He averts his gaze briefly and Idara's approach is spotted, but, unlike Va'os, there's no real recognition for the girl in the man's blue eyes. But F'kan's always been slow on the uptake, so surely if you give it a second, he might actually catch up. "Morning miss," he adds with a polite bob of his head in her direction.

Idara's focus doesn't manage to stay entirely on the two adult riders - she can spy some younger pairs. Buuut, she knows these two, however vaguely, so it would be rude to brush past or otherwise overlook them for some other interesting thing. Thus, the blonde joins the conversation, stopping primly by the pair. "Good morning to you, Weyrleader." He probably told her that Va'os was fine last time they met, but this is Idara and her Holdbred idea of manners. F'kan gets a look, his lack of recognition not going unnoticed. There's the slightest pout at this realisation, though her next words are perfectly polite. "And to you, Weyrlingmaster. The Weyrlings haven't caused enough trouble to need the Weyrleader already, have they?" There's a little flash of white teeth as she smiles; a joke?

Va’os chuckles heartily and reaches out in an attempt to clasp F’kan on the shoulder in a show of understanding and camaraderie. “Eh, don’t kick yourself too hard. You’d screw up no worse than I did and half the time I knew it’d piss them off! So really, not knowing is kind of better.” He lifts his hand away with a shrug and a crooked smirk, as if to say he holds no regrets for his past actions. Of course he regrets a few but sometimes he felt his behaviour was justified. Especially when it came to ridiculous political banter! And speaking of Holders… Va’os quickly nips that end of the conversation in the bud, while smiling at Idara. “Va’os’ if fine!” he reminds her and then he ends up snickering and doesn’t bother hiding it when she prompts F’kan about the Weyrlings. Nah, he’s going to leave the Weyrlingmaster to field that one!

"Oh nothing too bad yet, they're genrally too small yet to cause much trouble," F'kan replies amiably to Idara's query while flashing her a crooked grin before turning his attention on Va'os when he feels the man's hand on his shoulder. He smile at the end, kind of reassured that it's preferable that he doesn't know any better, not knowing to be offended by that. Opening his mouth as if about to reply, the brownrider gets that vague look that riders do and after a moment he looks to them both apologetically, "Sorry, I'm needed in the Barracks. You both have a great day now." He salutes Va'os smartly, again making sure to set the right example, and inclines his head respectfully towards the Holder girl before turning on his heel and heading back to the barracks.

Idara's eyes twinkle as she turns a smile onto Va'os. "I don't know if i ever will get used to Southern's, ah, quirks." But she says it with some affection, apparently intending no offence by it." F'kan's answer gets a nod, her smile still there if a little smaller. He really doesn't remember her, does he? The brownrider escapes before she can do any prodding in that regard, which is probably for the best. She watches him head off, and then her gaze sweeps briefly over the weyrlings out in the grounds before returning to Va'os. "I heard the new Weyrwoman has arrived - from Telgar, if I recall correctly?"

Hoping to catch a glimpse of the new weyrlings and possible future riders for Serval, Z'bor heads for the training grounds. Surely there will be at least a few of them there. He's moving at a relaxed pace when he walks i n, having already delt with drills this morning and his own sweeps don't start until late afternoon. He has time. Spotting a familiar face in Va'os, he approaches, noting only after he's close enough, Idara's presence as well. "Morning folks!" He says cheerfully, snapping a smart salute off at Va'os. Have to be a good example for the weyrlings after all.

“I said something similar when I first got here,” Va’os admits with little shame to it. He had plenty of reasons to be shocked and out of the loop but he doesn’t divulge on that right here and now. F’kan excusing himself draws his attention and he’ll salute the brownrider properly because there ARE weyrlings watching! Even if most of them are still so absorbed in their lifemates in these early day stages. The weather is gradually heating up but for now the morning is comfortable, hence the weyrlings being outside and even the Weyrleader on the move now that drills have completed. Focusing back on Idara, he nods with another broad smile. “That’s right! Guess the news isn’t so much… new, anymore?” He would have said more, but now there’s another visitor to the grounds and he’ll return Z’bor’s salute. “Morning, Z’bor! Come to see them too?” There’s a nod of his head towards the weyrlings and a slow spreading grin to follow.

Oh - this is a new face! Idara bobs a nod of greeting at Z'bor, eyes seeking out his knot. She's getting used to them now, and she only needs a quick look to work out he's a Wingleader, and a green rider. "Good morning, Wingleader." Her focus returns to the issue of Southern's newest arrival - quite the hot topic at the moment, of course. "I suppose not, no. It must be a relief for you, and for the Weyrwoman, to have her joining you?" The question seems innocent enough, rather than a probing one. There's interest in Z'bor still, the man getting a look as well so that Idara considers herself to be including him in the conversation.

Treista's ears must have been burning, because it's not but a moment later that the tall woman makes an appearance, her platinum hair glinting in Rukbat's rays. Not that she needs another way to announce herself, her looming height usually does the job for her. She's come to examine the weyrlings, and their schedules. There's so much she needs to get caught up on, much more than was ever expected of her at Telgar and she's determined to do a good job here. Spotting a knot of older riders, she makes her way towards them, her dress of midnight a bit severe for this time of day, and only made moreso by the way she clasps her hands in front of her. "Good afternoon riders." Va'os' knot earns him a bit of an extra respectful nod in greeting.

Z'bor gives a curt nod. "Aye, figured I'd get a head start on seeing who I might pilfer for Serval's ranks." He chuckles and runs a hand through his hair, exposing the set of scars that disappear into his hairline. "Good morning!" Is said to Idara when she greets him, and then, talk seems to shift to the weyr's shiny new(to the weyr) gold. "I know it's a relief to the rest of us who've been worrying." Only having one gold in a weyr is worrisome business. The arrival of said goldrider however, has the shy man's ears burning a bit red. He snaps a sharp salute to the woman and gives a bow. "Good afternoon Weyrwoman."

“It is a relief,” Va’os answers Idara with a half truth, because while it IS a relief there’s probably more sides to it than that. He’s wise enough now though to keep him mouth shut over yielding too much of his opinion, teasing joke or not. Too many ears here! And he’s more concerned about the weyrlings milling about than the current company he keeps! He gives her another smile before scoffing at Z’bor. “You guys seriously start looking in that early? They’re not even into their full lessons yet!” It’s half jest and half serious, the way his tone is. No doubt he’ll start scouting too, himself, for any would-be potential Jaguar additions. Then speak of the devil and the very goldrider they were all discussing before makes her appearance! Va’os grins lopsidedly, posture straightening a bit but he’s still very much ‘relaxed’. Even his salute is more on the formal side, but not too much to be disrespectful. “Come to see the new weyrlings too, weyrwoman? They’re quite popular today.”

ANOTHER new face, and would you believe it, it's the very woman she was just talking about" And…Idara is suddenly feeling even smaller, as yet another person with a good foot of height on her joins the group. She straightens up almost imperceptibly, as much for that as for the arrival of the goldrider. "Good morning, Weyrwoman." There's a look of admiration for the woman's dress, but Idara tries not to stare at that too much; her gaze moves to offer Treista a warm smile. The talk between Va'os and Z'bor about the weyrlings is more or less going over her head (hah!), so she's just going to ignore it.

Treista has to keep from chuckling at all the straightening that's going on, it amuses her and has always happened, even before impressing Yorprith. Such is the way when one has so much height on people. She nods at Va'os when he asks after her intentions. "I figured I should get more familiar with the weyr and it's residents, and see how things are run. It's a decent looking group." She waves lightly at the group of weyrlings, but her attention is on the group before her. "And please, it's Treista, and my gold is Yorprith. No need to be so formal for such an informal chat." All this said so that she's not overheard. It wouldn't do to teach the weyrlings bad habits now.

Z'bor chuckles. "Hey, you can never start looking too early!" Or at least, that's his motto. He winks at Idara when he catches her looking at the Weyrwoman and when the goldrider decides to introduce herself, he follows suit. "Z'bor, of green Ozriath, wingleader for Serval. Nice to meet you Treista. The greenrider looks like he might launch into a few questions but that allll too familiar glaze of eyes washes over him and he swears lightly under his breath. "Well… speaking of Weyrlings, my newest batch of graduate riders has had an accident in sweeps, I should go tend to that. Pardon me." With a salute and bow, the greenrider makes his exit a bit more expediently than he'd come in.

Va’os winces slightly and then grimaces for Z’bor’s news of the accident. “I won’t keep you, Z’bor. Hope it isn’t a complete mess!” He’ll no doubt get the report on it later, either by the greenrider himself, one of his Wingseconds or a written account. Never a dull day, right? “Well met then, Treista.” He all but beams at her mention of non-formal discussions and he turns to wink at Idara. See? It’s not so bad, sometimes! He’ll leave off teasing her too much though, before glancing back to the newest goldrider. “Thanks. Tsiroth seems to think so too! Just… don’t let that get overheard by him, alright?” That little tidbit is spoken in a more hushed tone to both women before he’s grinning again. “Southern will always surprise you. That much I can tell you right now! Just when you think you know it and its people…” He smacks one fist into the flat palm of his other hand for emphasis. “Something comes along and changes it! I’d be delighted to share some of our uh… more recent history, sometime. For now though, I should be going. I wasn’t supposed to dawdle here too long.” Plus he doesn’t want to put any further pressure on the Weyrlingmaster and the staff here, as well as the weyrlings. “If you’ll both excuse me? Treista, I’ve no doubt we’ll be crossing paths again soon.” Probably by the time the day is done! Saluting them both, he’ll turn to leave and the faint notes of some whistled tune drift back over the breeze.

As quick as introductions are happening, so too are farewells. Away go Z'bor and Va'os, leaving Idara with Treista. Oh. There's a brief moment of realisation for the girl, before she strengthens the polite smile she's trying her damnedest to keep in place. "How are you finding Southern life, Weyr- Treista?" The slip is there, the informality of it all still going against her every instinct. "I've only been here just over a Turn, myself." There's something a little anxious to find a connection with the older woman in the way Idara offers that titbit of information.

Treista looks concerened when Z'bor excuses himself, but she doesn't keep him. A state of emergency is something that should be attended to quickly. She watches him leave then turns to the rest of the group, which seems to be splitting up for now. She's rather amused by Va'os' offers and will definitely have to take him up on it, and says as much before nodding when the Weyrleader excuses himself. "But of course, I'll see you later. Have a good day Weyrleader." She bows her head and then turns to Idara, who's been so quiet until now. "I find Southern quite pleasant, if a little…soupy. Though I suppose I will get used to it." With that, her own dragon calls and she sighs. Never a dull moment. "And that's my call to go as well. I'm sorry to have to cut this so short. If you find me around, please do stop to say hi, I'd much like to get to know everyone. It was a pleasure meeting you." And with that, Treista smiles and excuses herself, the skirts of her dress swirling around her ankles as she strides out of the grounds.

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