Yukie Prymelia


Late one night, a pair of candidates find a common ground and interest


It is late night of the tenth day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr, Mirror Cavern

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Mirror Cavern

Cordoned off from the lake under a cape of stone is a sheltered grotto sized like a dragon weyr. Running water dribbles over the entrance not in any great torrent but lesser strings of liquid. Within, isolated waters assume a perfectly protected calmness pitching prisms of refracted light onto the walls and dome-like ceiling. How they flash when the pool's crystal clear surface is disturbed, serpents of light scattering like tunnel snakes from a lantern. Surfaces are naturally unfinished which explains the varying depths, 2-12 feet, and ability to be comfortly seated. As with any small cavern sounds have a way of being amplified be they swim strokes or nuggets of gossip.

The Mirror Caverns are a strange place for a Healer to be long after Rukbat's rays have sunk below the horizon, but here Yukie is nonetheless. A single lantern spills light in a halo of flickering yellow around the pale-garbed girl. She's currently squatting near the edge of the entrance to the Mirror Caverns with her skirt a bedraggled mess from how she's trekked through the lake to get here. She has a basket looped over her arm and seems to be in the process of collecting mossy, lichen samples from the rocks. The lantern sways gently from the long pole she's got it strung up on; the same arm that is looped through the handle of her basket is the one that holds the lantern pole, while her other hand is busy plucking away.

Although she’d lived in Igen for well over 10 turns, given the nature of her clan and how territorial they are about their women, Prymelia hasn’t had much of a chance to explore anywhere much passed the Bazaar and caravan grounds. While some might few candidacy a restriction to their freedom, the former trader views it in the opposite light - No one hanging over her shoulder monitoring her every move. As such, this day’s adventuring has brought her to the marvelous cavern tucked away from obvious view. “Oh. Oh my-my-my-my,” exclamation of appreciation echoes off the walls. “This is just….” Words fail to describe the wonder before her. Only then, in dragging a slow gaze about the area do hazel eyes alight on the other candidate hunkered down at the edge of the pool. “Oh. Hi. Yukie, isn’t it?” She asks angling her path thattaway.

"Oh," Yukie pauses in the careful extraction of some bit of clinging lichen/mold when her concentration is interrupted at Prymelia's arrival. The gentle smile that touches the girl's lips is enough to soothe any worry that the interruption is unwelcome. "It is beautiful here, isn't it. A diamond in the rough," the healer's voice exudes tranquility, carrying within some manifestation of her internal serenity. The langern-light flickers off the limpid pools of dark blue-green eyes, friendly to the other Candidate. "Yes, Yukie." Confirmation is equally soft, as if to preserve the hushed feel of nature's beauty. "Prymelia," is returned, another quick yet intensely searching look given to her fellow Candidate, before she bends over to scrape at the rock again. "Congratulations are in order, for being chosen to Stand." A touch of a smile given.

“I think,” the redhead begins, carefully making her way over to where the other young woman is working, “that if ever I had to settle down, I could do so in a place like this. Just imagine waking up to this every morning.” By the time she’s done enthusing, Prymelia has come alongside the blonde and is squinting down at the moss and lichen she’s collecting. “Thank you,” an uncertain smile greets the congratulations given, “the same goes to you.” A pause and then. “What are you doing?”

"This place has a certain, timeless beauty to it. A good place for such a tether," Yukie verbally agrees with a look cast to Prymelia, though she's intent upon her task. "You may well yet be tethered to this weyr should you find a lifemate out on the sands. I wouldn't put stock in only one girl getting picked, because there are more than one egg that's suitable to female impression than the single, shiniest one." A touch of humor laces the gentle quality of her tone as finally she pries free a little clump. "Thank you," she goes on to explain, holding up the tiny clump of plant life. "This little guy is a core ingredient to the poultices that my grandmama used to make us for a chest cough. I was supremely excited to find it growing here, in Igen, in this time as my grandmama is some four hundred and ten-odd turns dead."

There’s a patch of silence that greets comment of what that knot on her shoulder might lead to followed by a soft snort from Prymelia. “I highly doubt it. No dragon in its right mind would hitch itself to me. Besides, I only let that bitchy greenrider drag me away so that I could…” Gold egg. Right. “That would probably not be a very good thing at all.” She tells Yukie decisively. “There are plenty far more suitable options for a gold dragon in the barracks, yourself being one of them.” No self-deprecation sits in her naturally husky alto. Much like a flutterby, her attention flits to the explanation the other young woman is providing and given that herbs and traditional healing methods are a special favorite interest, she leans in closer to inspect the little lump of green being indicated. “We use a concoction made out of Skybroom bark. Not easy to work with but it does help.” Blink. And suddenly Yukie is being viewed with surprise. “You’re not from this time?”

"You have as much of a chance to Impress that gold egg as I do. That or a brown or a blue or a," Yukie quietly considers Prymelia, "green. Just because you think you were dragged away for this, well. It's the dragon's choice, eh?" Tucking away the bit of mossy lichen into her basket, the healer straightens and more properly holds the pole from which her lantern swings. "I am from the past, but this time is my own as much as it is yours for all that I am here within it." She flashes a smile, her words as tranquil as the lake in which they stand. "So I suppose I would say that I am from the now and the past is irrelevant as it is the past, merely an instrument from which to learn." Her eyes narrow slightly, attention sharpening, "I would love to hear about this concoction sometime. I am forever gathering new ideas for better remedies."

Lending Yukie a dubious look on the matter of impressing a dragon, the redhead merely offers a mute nod and then sighs. “Quite frankly, I miss my wagon and my runner and my ‘lizard and will just be happy to be able to return to Southern and the life I’ve made there for myself.” Probably an odd thing for her to say. “But should a dragon decide to lump itself with me then…” slender shoulders lift and fall in a shrug. “Well, I won’t have to worry about my parents will I?” The smirk that slips out is tight and entirely without humor but rather dashed through with resignation. Hazel eyes then meet deep blue and a soft chuckle spills on this time or that passed. “I like the way you put that.” A nod to confirm as she lightly traces the pads of her fingers over another little tuft of moss hidden in a crack. “Although sometimes I think it might be nice to go back in time a little. Not far. Just fifty turns or so and sort of take a peek at what my clan was doing back then. Oh,” effortless the switch of topics, “absolutely. I’d love to talk to you about that. Just you know, don’t ever let on that I did. Ma gets all protective over the sharing of our remedies.” Cue the roll of eyes there.

Yukie is an odd girl with a strange outlook on life and expectations, evidenced when she pauses to consider Prymelia with a strange intensity. "Your parents are only a worry because you make them so," she states, gently so as to take any sting out of her words. "Each of us carries the baggage we choose to pick up throughout this life. Looking to the past instead of the future, worrying about the reprisal of our parents or close friends, but how you walk your own path is your own choice. No one can make it for you, not even your parents." Conviction drips with each word, but it's a gentle conviction. A quiet assurance that everyone can change their life's pathway. "The past is fascinating if you take it for what it is: a collection of memories of people struggling, learning and finding a better way to do the things that need to be done. It is fascinating to see the human condition evolve over time and to see where the point of origin is, if you can ever find it." The girl could ramble on philosophy for candlemarks, but Prymelia distracts her with a true delight. "I would never betray your family's secrets. My grandmama would be the same way, were she still alive. I would treasure it always." And there is something in her expression that really does indicate that whatever secrets the trader-girl would yield, Yukie would cherries.

Up goes an elegant brow and Prymelia is quiet a moment as she considers the other candidate’s viewpoint. “Aye, but every decision you make comes with a set of consequences, good or bad. The trick is to weigh them up and decide which consequences you can best live with, isn’t it?” That given with a glint of appreciation in hazel eyes for it’s not often one comes across another individual with which intelligent conversation can be held. That having been said a light laugh spills across the still air of the cavern, “I don’t know so much about studying the doings and the screwings,” excuse her choice of words, “of the general populace but learning some of the methods used back then and seeing how they might apply to now, could be very beneficial. I’d rather know the Why of some things rather than settle for the standard ‘Because that’s how we’ve done it for centuries’. That doesn’t make sense. What if there’s a better way? Or the reason that its been done that way for so long, actually no longer applies?” Enquiring minds must know!! A warm smile is given over to Yukie for the sharing of remedies, “These things,” a tap to the moss, “are put out there for everyone to use, and so too should the knowledge on how to use them properly.” Share and share alike, people.

"They are all good questions with no right answer, or rather none that I could give. It is that life exists purely and identity born of our collection of memories of the past — passed on from parent to child, for generations." Yukie's eyes crinkle. "The powerful play of life goes, and you may contribute a verse. The question remains, always, is what verse will you contribute to the whole?" Her brows lift, an almost childlike innocence lingering in the tranquility of expression. "To ask questions is a good first step, and the first step is the hardest." The gesture to the moss garners a soft sigh. "To little information is shared out of fear. In need I walk. In need, but never fear, for fear is the unweaving of all that is forward progression." This idea is truly mourned by Yukie, shown in the grateful cast of expression for the trader. She, too, is happy to be bantering philosophy with another person who does not immediately discount her ramblings.

Initially, Prymelia is able to follow the logic of the blonde’s musing however, she starts to get a little lost after a while and has to really concentrate to parse the meaning behind her words. “Uh, well I was thinking more that as you’d said earlier, we all make our own paths and that sometimes, the tricky part is coming to a fork in the road and deciding which route to follow.” There is a soft smile that graces the full curve of her lips for the particular way in which Yukie chooses to word things. “Aye, but sometimes fear motivates people to get up off their backsides and do something. It also teaches us to be on our guard to avoid making the same mistakes again. So I guess, you could say that fear is a tutor.”

"Yes." Yukie's answer, in contrast to what's been said thus far, is incredibly simple. Yet beneath the surface of her simply reply is the more complicated act of what she's agreed to. "Fear is a tutor, a tool, and a trap. It takes a nimble mind to ride the lines of all three and not get sucked into either. Come, Prymelia, let us walk back to the barracks. It is time for our verse in this powerful life play to be one of rest for tomorrow dawns too early." The gentle healer warmly motions the red-headed trader forward with a quiet smile. "Let us talk about pathways…" For surely the conversation can't end just yet. If Yukie leaves anything behind, it is an innate peace. No answer is wrong when speaking to her, and conversely no answer is right either. She attends to all answers as if they are hung on the balance of being discovered with no judgement given.

Standing as Yukie does, the redhead chuckles quietly. “I think you missed your calling. You sound like you should have been a harper.” Meant as compliment. “And these verses,” she continues on as she carefully makes her way out of the ethereal cavern, “do they have music to go with them?” More questions follow but more musing than requiring any answers such as what type of music might each of them have stitched to the verses of their individuals lives etc, etc, etc until the mirror caverns are once again left in silent splendor.

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