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Echo has News for Milosh. What happens next is just interesting.

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Igen Weyr, Caravan Grounds, Zingari Camp, Echo and Milosh's Yurt

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“I don’t think a seven is going to cut it, more like seven months give or take a couple sevendays."


Echo and Milosh's Yurt

It’s a quiet night on the grounds, edging towards the later part of the evening and most are just getting home from a hard day, or evening’s work. Even talks by the main fire in the ZIngari camp are dwindling down. There’s been a rash of hushed conversations as of late in the evenings, and things have been odd around the Zingari camp as of late. Milosh has been trying to ignore it, and focus on the rather large changes he’s made in his life thus far, it’s required a schedule and routine change and it’s been both exhausting and minorly distracting for the adept. He’d filled the time he used to spend in the escort’s tents and teaching certain questionable skills, with other things that still lie within his skill set. He teaches disguise and acting now, and lends a hand with combat training, and he’s been taking part in performance nights. And then, then time with Echo, that has his full attention when they get it, so he rests hard and sleeps harder and hasn’t noticed as much of the camp gossip as he might normally have. As to that, he’s been home, in the yurt he shares with Echo for some time now, having excused his afternoon classes for a rest day. A little after supper he’d escaped to the baths and has just returned. He’s sprinkled some light scented incense on the brazier and is training his wet hair into a thick braid, seated at the table.

Echo is one of those who are just getting back from a hard day’s work, as well as having her entire world tipped upside down with the revelation her little trip to the Healer’s Yurt and her cousin Tallel had revealed. But beyond that, she was kept busy up to this point with several scheduled appointments and then an emergency shoeing of one of the big draft horses, which she had to complete in glow light, so she is extremely mucky and dusty when she finally arrives back at their yurt and pauses at the flap. Part of her is hoping he is out so she can slip in for a change of clothes and then head to the baths so she has time to rehearse exactly what she is going to say to Milosh about his impending fatherhood. The other half of her can’t wait to see what his reaction is going to be. Because in the few candlemarks since she got her diagnosis, Echo has actually begun to get a little excited about the little bundle she is carrying, more so since it’s his, the man who changed so much for her, who taught her so many things about life. That she could share this with him gives her a happy flutter in her chest. So it’s with one final deep breath to steady herself, the herder girl throws back the flap and steps inside to find her lover inside and she can feel her heart swell in her chest as she drinks in the sight of him seated at the table and braiding his gorgeous hair. But then the light incense invades her senses and she feels the familiar unhappy flutter in her stomach. Oh no! Hugging her jar containing the special tea that Tallel gave her to her chest, she swallows hard, clearing her throat. “Evening Sir.” she chirps happily as she moves over to him at the table, leaning over for a quick kiss hello.

Milosh is luckily tying off the end of his braid by the time Echo comes up for a hello kiss, which he does not allow to be quick by any means. He stands and pulls her into a deeper kiss, savoring the taste of her, covered in her days’ work or not. “Hello Pet.” He purrs when he does break the contact. “You sound chipper this evening. Good day?” Seems Milosh has gotten used to having a living partner, and isn’t quite so closed off and quiet anymore. He keeps a loose embrace around her, though he does note the jar of tea. “What’s this?”

Echo should have known a quick kiss wasn’t going to be enough for him, but when he pulls her closer and deepens their kiss, she feels the familiar warmth coming from him and it makes her smile brightly up against his lips. Looking up at him when he pulls back, she nods slowly as the smile spreads on her lips as she can feel the excitement building in her, “I was very busy with emergencies as well as scheduled clients. I love busy days.” Her voice is almost bubbly as she looks down at the jar of tea, “This is some tea Tallel gave me for this upset stomach I’ve been having.” She says evenly as possible, but it’s obvious there’s something she’s not saying. Reluctantly pulling away from his embrace, she goes over to where they keep the kettle and mugs, checking to make sure that there is water in it, she puts the kettle onto the brazier to boil. As another whiff of the incense invades her sense of smell, she wrinkles her nose unpleasantly and waves a hand in front of her face. “What incense is that?” she asks as she starts to look a little pale when a mild wave of nausea washes over her as she moves away from the brazier to a chair where she sits to pull off her boots.

Milosh has a smile that's warm and more than inviting at the news that Echo’s had a good day, though, that quickly melds into a frown of worry when she mentions still having an upset stomach. He moves to caress her cheek, but then she's moving out of his embrace to start the tea. The second he notices the incense bothering her, Milosh moves and snaps the brazier shut, it'll choke itself to death in there. “You're still feeling ill?” It's been a source of worry for Milosh since it started, he's wanted to hover, wanted to order her back to bed until she is well, but, if Echo has noticed, he's done a lot less ordering lately and a lot more asking when he wants something done. “Perhaps we should take you to the Weyr healer…” Not that Milosh doesn't trust Tallel as a healer, but those craft sanctioned healers sometimes know a thing or two. Then Echo is asking after the incense and Milosh shrugs.”White sage or one of Igraine's blends, I don't remember which jar I grabbed it from.” Milosh moves to stand behind Echo, hands moving to rub lightly at her shoulders and neck.

“Well I’ll have to add that to the growing list of things that make me queasy.” Echo says softly as she nods her head to his queries about still feeling ill when first she slips out of one boot and then the other, wiggling her toes after they are free of her socks. Long blissful sigh escapes her lips as Milosh’s hands find her work-tense shoulders and she sinks back in her chair to just let him do his thing for a long moment, closing her eyes and hissing softly when he hits a particularly tender knot. “Do you not trust my cousin’s abilities as a Healer Sir?” she says, with a faint tease in her voice when he suggests a Weyr Healer. “There’s no need. Tal’s figured it out.” She schools her expression then, to one that is carefully neutral, “Unfortunately it’s going to get worse before it gets better.” she adds with a soft sigh as she lets her head fall back slightly.

Milosh’s brows furrow as Echo explains about her nausea and de-boots herself for the time being. He looks thoughtful until she asks him about trusting Tallel, to which he laughs and leans down to kiss her lightly. “Quite the opposite Pet, Tallel is a master of his trade, but there are things the Weyr healers are taught, that we are not. Besides if you say Tallel has it figured out then there's no need.” Then she's explaining it's going to get worse and a true flicker of panic and worry runs across Milo's features. “That's it then, into bed with you, and cancel your appointments for the seven, you're grounded.” He smiles affectionately as he uses a rider's term for forced bed rest. “We don't need you dropping dead of some nasty stomach bug.” And with that there's a thread of his usual command in there, mixed with a heavy dose of worry and panic. Not a side of himself he would normally let show, but since Echo knows about Elena, and Milosh's past, she'll hopefully understand and not fight him on this.

It takes all the self-control Echo has not to break out in a wide smile as Milosh takes the bait and reacts with panic and worry, reverting to the strangely comforting commanding tone she has come to love. But she can’t bear to worry him needlessly for too long so she scoffs slightly at the idea of being grounded. “I don’t think a seven is going to cut it, more like seven months give or take a couple sevendays. At least that’s when I’m figuring I’m due.” Her warm brown eyes open then and she looks up at him with a growing smile spreading over her lips.

It takes a moment for what Echo says to sink into Milosh's mind, and when it does, his gut instinct is to laugh and shake his head, leaning down to kiss Echo, taking her wide grin as a teasing one. “Uh-huh. And my Aunt Myma is a tunnel snake. I'm serious Pet, to bed with you. I'll get your tea.” He chuckles again and moves to check the tea water, his frame a bit more relaxed because if Echo is joking, it can't really be that serious, can it?

When Milosh leans over for a kiss, Echo can’t help a little chuckle as she shakes her head at his disbelief. As he moves off to get her tea for her, she pushes herself off her chair and moves over to the wash basin and dipping a washcloth into it, she then scrubs some of the dust of her face. “And I’m being serious too Milosh.” she dips her head to splash water over her face, before she grabs a towel to dry off with. “Tallel says they are thinking their last batch of herbs are bad. He’s had half a dozen surprise pregnancies pop up so far.” Turning now to face him, she puts the towel aside and just watches him with dancing brown eyes and a smile interrupted only where she is biting on her lower lip nervously.

Milosh looks up and watches Echo off and on while he pours steaming water into a mug and drops one of the tea satchels into it. Her words filter in slowly and that smile of his drops with every word she speaks. His first instinct is to get angry about it, but he squashes that sensation down like an unwelcome insect. If it's an issue with the herbs there's really no-one to get mad at but fate, and to be honest with himself, that anger is fleeting, a jump to old habits that he's trying to kill. So, stunned, and a bit blindsided is how he ends up being, hands flat on the countertop he'd built for making drinks on as steam rises from Echo's steeping cup of tea. He's shocked into silence, eyes locked on Echo in a mixture of awe and abject terror as it leeches in from the sides. He can feel panic knocking on the door, tightening his chest into knots as he looks from Echo's smiling, nervous face, down to the flatness of her stomach and what he's been told lies within. He begins to tremble, much like a runner who's had a good fright or has been overworked, and his eyes go wide and would roll if he were indeed a runner, and he looks quite ready to bolt at the slightest provocation.

Echo is well familiar with the look of someone about to bolt and she quickly shifts into what she would do when faced with a spooked runner. Her hands raise slightly as she walks very slowly towards him, her voice soft as she makes her way over to him. “It’s a shock for me too. I never expected to hear that I am pregnant when I walked into the Healer’s Yurt this afternoon. But it’s happened.” If she manages to get to him before he makes a run for it, her hands will reach out to catch his in them, holding fast as she looks up at him with softly pleading eyes, “I know it’s scary Sir, I’m kind of scared too. But after thinking about it, I’m also excited by the idea of a baby, our baby.” Still her warm brown eyes search his, looking hopefully for any indication that this news hasn’t completely broken her Sir.

The look Milosh trains on Echo when she touches his hands is wide and fearful, but also has a hint of reverence to it. Still he is silent, and unmoving as his mind tries to wrap itself around the news and what it means, and how the Zingari man within him is going to react to things. It certainly puts two things in clear perspective for Milosh. One: He truly does love this woman, because if any of his former lovers had brought news like this to him, he would have insisted on a few rides ::between:: to take care of the problem, despite the Zingari view on pregnancy and abortion. With Echo, it just makes her all the more precious, something fragile to be protected, always. And Two, he will have to make a visit to the Zingari jewelers in the next day or two, because something he'd already been planning to do is now very important for him to do, family blessings or no. Words just aren't coming though, he can't get them past the straining of his over right chest, so, he grasps Echo's hands and brings them to his lips as he moves around to her and gathers her up in his arms. He hopes next that the soft, questing kiss he bestows on her is enough to reassure her that he's not angry, or upset by this news. When he breaks the contact, his breath is ragged, hitched and uneven as he lays his forehead against hers, one hand cupped over her cheek. He stands like this for a good moment before he looks at her, his azure eyes alight with everything that rages through him currently and though he opens his mouth to say something else entirely, what comes out is such a shock to him in its truthfulness that he has to immediately move away and outside before panic truly sets in, he needs a walk, and to talk to someone, because the three words that leave his lips are simply:

“I love you.”

And then he's gone, off to fight a growing panic attack and absorb news and to find someone he desperately needs to talk to now.

Echo is getting more worried by the moment when it seems that Milosh is still beyond words as she watches all the emotions running over his features, still nervously chewing at her lower lip until he brings her hands to his lips and are kissing them. That makes her relax considerably, as does the softly questing kiss he treats her with once he's wrapped her up in his arms. That kiss dispels any thought that he may be upset with the news and she willingly lets herself sink into his embrace. It's with a soft whimper of disappointment that escapes her lips when he pulls back but her heart flutters at the tender way he rests his forehead against hers causing her to sigh contentedly and just relish his closeness while it lasts. As he looks at her, her brown eyes lift to meet his azure gaze again and her breath catches as she could happily lose herself in those intense blue pools, making her still weak in the knees, even after all these months, his effect on her is powerful.

But that is nothing compared with the effect those three little words he utters now. Echo feels something akin to a jolt of electricity pass through her entire being as the words register into her consciousness and the shock of it causes her to freeze so that he can make his escape unhindered. When she realizes she is alone, the herder looks around the empty yurt helplessly as she can't help but laugh bitterly. Of course her mercurial Sir would declare his love at the most unexpected time and then take off so that she can't even say it back, something she has been resisting for months now. Throwing her hands up with another soft chuckle, Echo shakes her head. Experience states that Milosh will be back as soon as he’s done whatever it was that caused him to leave and there's nothing she can do to change that.

So when her brown eyes alight on the mug of tea he had prepared for her and with a heavy sigh she moves to pick it up. While he’s gone, Echo will take the time to shed her work clothes, gives herself the best basin bath that she can and slip into one of her simpler nighties, narrow straps hold up an simple cotton shift in a pale lavender color, the hem falls two handwidths above her knees, trimmed in a darker purple lace revealing her long willowy legs. Moving over to the bed, she sinks into it and then takes up the small pot from her bedside table and gives it a cautious sniff. Thankfully the light scent of her skin cream doesn't cause her stomach to rebel and so she will spend the next little while rubbing the smooth cream into her skin while her mind tries to practically run through the events of the day again, carefully analyzing them. At one point, Colt popped in from between and came to join her on the bed, coiling into a tight ball before falling asleep.

It’s not terribly long before Milosh returns, an hour at most, and when he does, he’s much more relaxed and calm than when he left, all of the coltish signs of bolting quite long gone. “Echo?” He questions as he enters, eyes searching for the future mother of his child, hands shoved lightly in his pockets. When he finds her, a warm, near half drunk smile covers his lips. “Hey.” He clears his throat and slumps into one of the seats at the table, hands moving from his pockets onto his thighs.

Echo is just finishing with her nightly moisturizing regimen when she lifts her head at Milosh returning. Capping the cream, she replaces it on the bedside table as her eyes watch him move towards the table, wondering at that half-drunk smile on his lips as she swings her legs around to sit up on the edge of the bed, legs hanging over the edge, as she leans forwards slightly, one auburn brow hiking up her forehead as she wonders at his strange manner. “Hey yourself. Are you feeling better now?” Her eyes narrow slightly in his direction before she swings off the bed and walks to his chair, stopping when she is standing in front of him, one hand reaches up and cups the back of his jaw as she very gently rubs at his cheek with her thumb. “I love you too.” she says softly, but with warmth.

Milosh watches Echo as she moves off the bed, that smile fixed in place as his eyes move over her body, as heatedly as ever. “Calmer. Shocked. Half drugged.” He chuckles then, despite the narrowing of Echo’s eyes. Her return of his earlier words has that smile liting a bit as he gathers Echo into his lap, facing him, face leaning into her touch. “I’ve been wanting t osay that to you for ages now…I just, could never seem to fit it in properly.” He chuckles wryly then, not that his timing had exactly been great here. “I’m sorry I ran out on you.” MIlosh lifts a hand and it hovers near nervously before he places it on her stomach. “I’m in awe of you Pet, truly, you do amazing things.” Shocked he is, yes. Blindsided, yes, just as Echo was. Terrified because of his own personal demons, definitely, but he finds, under it all, he’s nothing but elated about the idea of a baby. And perhaps the calming tea Tallel had given him was giving him some clarity. “I bolted because I panicked, I’m terrified something might happen…” And the emotion had hit him swiftly and with a near vengeance.

With a soft giggle, Echo shakes her head at his comment, “Drugged? Where did you go?” but the answer to that is quickly forgotten when he pulls her into his lap which brings a wider smile to her lips as her eyes dance. “I’ve been wanting to say it too, but I know that was never supposed to be part of the arrangement so…” When he apologizes for running she just shakes her head, “It’s understandable.” then she watches as his hand hovers over her stomach briefly before settling and the sweetly tender gesture from her dominant Sir makes her heart swell in her chest as she covers his hand with one of her own. At his talk of the awe he has for her, it’s enough to bring tears welling up in her eyes that she desperately tries to blink away. As he continues with his explanation, she just shakes her head and drops her hand from the back of his jaw to his cheek, thumb brushing his lips to quiet him. “I know love, I know. I’m scared too and with your past, I can’t even imagine how bad it is for you. You don’t have to apologize for bolting as long as you always come back to me.” Her voice rings with a new firmness as the tears start to overflow and run down her cheeks which causes her to chuckle bitterly, “And I’m crying again, great!” she scoffs.

“Hmmm? Oh, I went and saw your cousin for a calming tea.” Milosh amits straight away, his voice even and maybe just a wee bit loopy sounding. “Fuck the arrangement Echo, you’re carrying my child, there is no feasible way we could carry on that way in light of all that’s happened.” Milosh rakes a heated gaze over Echo, one that radiates with the love he’d confessed earlier. He listens to Echo’s next, nodding along to much of it. But the bit before the tears, brings a slight look of confusion to his face. Leaving her had never even crossed his mind. He lifts his hand to wipe her tears away with his thumb, a heavy sigh escaping him. “I couldn’t breathe without you Echo, I’ll never leave.” Not especially now. HIs features soften when Echo seems annoyed at herself for crying. Elena had done that too. The healers had said that being with child does that, so he understands and doesn’t comment beyond kissing her then.

When he admits that he went to see her cousin, Echo’s eyes grow wide for a moment and she is just about to comment when he throws her for a loop and throws their arrangement out of the proverbial window and that brings so many questions to her mind but she suspects right now isn’t the time as he pulls her into another kiss. The tears keep running down her cheeks to drip off her chin, she sniffs soflty and tries to calm herself. It almost becomes impossible when he comments so sweetly about never leaving, causing a fresh torrent of tears. After several attempts to find the right words, she gives up and just presses her hips against his, plying him with a deeply affectionate kiss, as she slips her arms around his neck and pulls him close into an embrace that she will keep going until her head swims with the need for breath. And when she finally pulls back she just looks at him with dancing brown eyes, her tears finally slowing as her smile spreads over her lips. “So…We’re having a baby then.” she beams at him, finally saying it out loud causes another wave of choking emotion as she squeezes his hand resting over her stomach.

“Aye Pet, we’re having a baby.” Milosh squeezes Echo’s hand back and then wraps his arms around her, holding her close. And for the first time since Echo got home, his mind slows down to regular speeds, and he just breathes in the scent of her. Part of him is starting to fall out though, the tea taking effect on him. Tallel had said he’d sleep like a rock, and it seems the healer hadn’t been lying.

Echo cuddles into Milosh when she feels his arms wrap around him, a happy sigh escaping her lips as the moment feels like it couldn’t possibly be more perfect. As she looks up at him, she notes the decidedly drugged look he is sporting and chuckles warmly. “I can’t imagine how strong the tea Tallel gave you was, but maybe we should move over to the bed, because I won’t be able to carry you if you fall asleep in this chair.” She’ll briefly put her lips to his again for a more chaste kiss, warmly lingering before she reluctantly stands up, holding her hands out to him in case he needs help getting up.

Milosh is loath to move, he’d rather stay right her, Echo in his lap, but he knows she’s right. He hauls himself reluctantly from the chair and takes Echo’s hand before leading them both to bed, where he’ll crawl in, pulling her in after and back into his arms. He doesn’t know why, doesn’t need to, but he just wants to hold her for the moment, soak in her presence, and for once, it’s all he really needs.

Smiling to herself as she is led to the bed, Echo is pulled down after him and she takes no time at all to cuddle up next to him when his arms are once again around her, feeling protected by his presence as well as his earlier declaration of love. Their agreement is no more, she can allow herself to see this as a real relationship, romantic and loving, no more hiding her feelings or worrying that she will cross some invisible line with him. Suddenly something he said on the first night they met those many months ago comes to mind and she can’t help but laugh softly before asking, a small amount of mischief to her voice “So does this mean you’re my beau now Sir?” It is something he claimed rather vehemently he would not be to her.

Even through the fog of Tallel’s tea, Milosh gets exactly what Echo is referencing and it has him emitting a deep, booming laugh, his embrace tightening around her. “I suppose it does Pet. Don't let it go to your head.” He's teasing of course and it's backed by the light hearted chuckle that follows. There are still many things to handle, and a few things to discuss, but these are things for the morning because now is time for sleep. It's been an interesting day and Milosh is more than happy for the fog of unconsciousness to take over for awhile, and he remains fixedly wrapped around Echo the rest of the night, his frame wrapping hers and holding her close.

His teasing brings a soft chuckle from Echo’s lips and she watches as he succumbs to her cousin’s concoction. Her own mind doesn’t let sleep come for some time yet, running over and over the events of the day, the revelations on several fronts. Listening to his steady breathing beside her, feeling his strong arms holding her so tightly, the herder girl reflects on the road that brought them here, how unexpected it was for both of them. Sir, lover, beau, future father to their child, he was all these things to her, each one thrilling in it’s own right, and all together it makes Echo feel like the luckiest woman on all of Pern.

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