M'noq, F'kan, Amani


A convergence onto the Nighthearth results in conversation and klah sipping.


It is evening of the seventh day of the eighth month of the fourteenth turn


Nighthearth, Southern Weyr

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"But a man needs a break from it and this is supposed to be mine."



A comfortable nook, this natural extension of the living room is cozily attired with overstuffed chairs and a couple of well-worn loveseats. All have been covered in various shades of green, giving the very incongruous appeal of a miniature forest hidden away inside… a grove of man-made proportion. Fish stews and spicy white-wherry chili are often kept hot on the minor hearths east and west of the main, for those whose hours defy when meals are kept. Ornate, the largest hearth towers high, rich with carving and utilitarian in fashion: it holds court by providing the weyr with rich klah, the air thick with the scent of cinnamon wafting.

The drizzle outside seems constant, which is reason enough for most riders to find something to do indoors. M'noq has found a comfortable chair near the hearth to read, two firelizards draped over his shoulders, napping. So as not to wake them, he reaches carefully over to the table where his mug of klah is sitting: inch by inch, trying not to disturb the sleeping brown and blue, until he catches the handle of his mug. A sigh, and he brings it back slowly to his mouth for a sip.
Amani steps softly in from the Living Caverns.

Even off duty, which happens a lot rarer now that he's an AWLM, F'kan can find himself harried by weyrlings and their millions of questions. Right now he is desperately trying to shake off a young greenling, who is following him determinedly through the Living Caverns, "But what if…" she begins once more, waving her hands animatedly as the brownrider searches desperately for a polite excuse to get away. Spying a certain Lynx Wingleader, he points in M'noq's direction, "Sorry, I have to go speak to that Wingleader over there, very important stuff. Hey, P'quil's on duty, maybe you can go ask him now." he adds pointedly, but with a smile. Without waiting for a reply, he dashes in the direction of the Nighthearth and flops into a chair opposite the other brownrider. "Thanks mate, you saved me. I swear to Faranth I was never that bad as a weyrling. Questions…all…day…long…" he draw out for emphasis.

Amani finds herself getting passed by a somewhat distressed-distressed looking weyrling as she makes her way to the Nighthearth, stepping in just in time to hear F'kan's last. With two familiar faces in the room, at least she doesn't feel like she's intruding. "It doesn't feel like a lot of questions to the one asking them, I think," she notes as she crosses to the klah hearth, giving a tired but warm smile down at M'noq along the way. "Not interrupting, am I?" she asks as she snags a mug and proceeds to fill it.

M'noq heard the commotion of the young greenrider asking questions, and he looked over the top of his book to watch, conveniently hiding a smile. "It must be good. She thinks you're knowledgeable and approachable. Or she has a crush on you. Which, you know, good good luck with that, because you need to steer well clear of that sort of thing until she is graduated." When Amani enters, he gives her a warm smile of welcome. "Good point. And not at all, please join us." He sort of nods to a nearby chair, on account of his shoulders still being occupied by sleeping firelizards.

"Hey, I can't help it if impressionable young women are drawn to my rugged good looks," F'kan retorts but completely in jest, none of his old arrogance or bravado in the words, "Besides, I'm a one woman kind of guy now, and my lady wouldn't take kindly to a wandering eye. She's an excellent shot with her bow." He grins good-naturedly, "Nah, I'm pretty sure I was just the most convenient target for her questions," he replies more seriously, "And I'll grant you that," he says of Amani's wisdom, "But a man needs a break from it and this is supposed to be mine." He tries not to, but there's almost a pout on his lips as he sinks further into the comfort of the chair.

Amani's brows lift as she listens to the back and forth between M'noq and F'kan, trying to remember if she'd heard about F'kan's taken state. Presently, she decides it doesn't matter since she's hearing it now, and a little smirk tugs at the corner of her mouth. "She sounds like someone I'd get along with," the goldrider quips as she finishes preparing her klah. She walks carefully to the chair beside M'noq and sits with just as much care. "Breaks are important to enforce. Especially for yourself," she agrees, wincing subtly when she considers how often the weyrlingstaff probably wishes for breaks. She peers over at M'noq. "Is this a break for you, too?"

M'noq laughs at F'kan's retort, but quietly. "A good woman certainly is plenty of motivation to behave yourself. And a little time to yourself is an important thing to take," he says, agreeing with Amani. At her question, he nods, pointing to the book that is open on his lap. Maybe it isn't a novel, but it's something he's taking a few minutes to enjoy, at least. "I didn't want to disturb you if you were still working. If you're no longer working, though, maybe I should work on disturbing you." Dumb joke.

"Oh I've always though you and Devana might get along Amani, she's a wildling from the Erdou. They're camped nearby right now, but they travel to the Barrier sometimes as well." F'kan smiles a private sort of smile, thoughts drifting for a moment before he focuses his attention once more on the conversation, "Oh Rocio gives us our time, and I make sure to take every candlemark given and make the most of it." Amusedly, he watches the interplay between brownrider and goldrider, a curious smirk playing at the corners of his lips, "Ummm, I could get out of here, if you two wanted to be…alone." He says with a crooked grin.

The smile that curves Amani's lips when she looks to F'kan is intrigued. "I think I've met Devana, actually. At the Barrier Hold. She struck me as rather…fiery." There's no hiding the mischief in her grin before she takes a sip of her klah. M'noq's little joke earns a private smirk, and she reaches over to gently stroke a fingertip along the neck of one of the sleeping flits on his shoulder. "I'm quite disturb-able. Now, anyway. And," she adds glancing to F'kan again, "no one comes to the Nighthearth to be alone. At least, not without knowing they're going to have some through traffic." Alone will come later. After another sip of klah, she sighs again. "I just came from the infirmary," she notes, sobering a bit. "At least some people have gotten to go home. But there are still too many in there right now." Thank Faranth Threadfall has let up for a bit.

M'noq catches that look in F'kan's eyes and gives him an amused smile. "I remember you talking about her when you first met her. I'm glad to hear things have progressed since then. It sounds like working with the weyrlings is suiting you as well… despite certain challenges." The girl with the thousand questions. A small shake of his head at F'kan's suggestion, but then Amani answers for him. "I don't mind company at the moment. I have any number of places I could go if I needed to be alone." He arches a brow at Amani as she touches one of the sleeping firelizards on his shoulder, grateful for the moment she hasn't awoken them. Indeed, alone can come later. The more serious discussion of the infirmary brings a frown. "I was there earlier as well. I still need to talk to all the Lynx riders who received injuries. I like working out with each rider what happened and how we can keep it from happening next time." His voice sounds troubled as he says this, though.

"Well, if you say so," F'kan says with an easy shrug, not moving an inch from the comfort of his chair, "Yes the same, we're getting kinda serious. But of course it's complicated. I was never one for doing things the easy way." His gaze flicks between Amani and M'noq, both of them knowing his talent for finding trouble in the past. Then he sobers when talk turns to the injured, looking slightly uncomfortable, knowing that he isn't out there risking himself amoung his old wing because of his new positon, and instead of contributing to the conversation, he finally pushes himself up to go after his own mug of klah.

Amani has a light touch when she wants to! She stops petting the firelizard, however, nodding a little at M'noq's words until the last part. "A bit hard to do when the wind is never going to cooperate with any amount of planning," she notes softly, "though I understand why it's a good idea." Glancing up, she notes F'kan's discomfort and takes a guess at the cause. "It's because of you and Rocio and the others that they'll be able to do their best when the time comes," she assures the brownrider. He might not be fighting right now, but he's helping make sure the weyrlings know how not to die in the meantime, and that's no small matter.

"Things are often complicated with wildlings," M'noq says a bit dryly. Of course, he has his own experience on that front. A small headshake to Amani. "Sometimes the wind is the problem. Sometimes it's concentration. Sometimes it's communication. Sometimes just bad luck. Rarely is the problem the dragon being too tired, though. More often it's the rider, and that's a different issue entirely." A nod of agreement with Amani. "The weyrlingmasters are essential to running a Weyr. Just wait until you're trying to keep them alive during Threadfall." He smiles faintly.

Busted! F'kan sighs as he pours himself some klah before turning to face the other two, "I'm just not used to standing down during Fall. I know soon enough they'll be up there too…" he trails off, nodding significantly in M'noq's direction at his last, "I've never envied you Wingleaders that y'know, but when the time comes, they'll be as ready as we can make them." Just as he's about to bring the mug to his lips for a sip, he gets that familiar far off look in his eyes briefly, "There's a gaggle of weyrlings headed to the Caverns, I'm just going to slip out before they arrive. Clear skies to you you both," he finishes with a respectful nod in both of their direction before making a hasty exit.

Amani doesn't say any more in the wake of what M'noq outlines, just nodding as he spells it out. She knows all of this. It's simply never easy to face, and only some of those things are actually solve-able. Fortunately, the somberness is broken a little bit by F'kan's explanation for leaving, and she gives a soft, sympathetic chuckle. "Clear skies, F'kan," she counters, and drains some more of her mug with a sigh before looking to M'noq. "What would you say to going off and finding something…happier to do for a while?"

"Of course. Good luck," M'noq calls, giving a wave to F'kan as he departs. And having forgotten the sleeping firelizard on his shoulder, M'noq is given a scolding nip to his ear for his trouble. He winces and shoos the creatures off, and gets to his feet, smiling at Amani. "That sounds like a good plan," he says to the goldrider. He takes her arm and they slip out of the caverns to find a quieter spot.

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