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Nathanael is now a drug mule? Or is it just needles?


It is evening of the nineteenth day of the tenth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Jungle

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Jungle Stream

Winding through the lush rainforest is a fast moving stream, crashing over the slime-slick rocks, before disappearing around a curve into the deeper parts of the rainforest. If not careful, the chances of one slipping to 'slide' down the treacherous rocks is high. The feeling of the massive jungle presses in from all around, as the rush of the water sounds loud against the buffered weight of the densely packed trees.
The ground is dappled in the shade of the plentiful southern beech, banyan, and sandalwood trees.

It is the seventy-ninth day of Spring and 86 degrees. It is sunny and bright. White fluffy clouds drift lazily across the china blue sky.

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Sunny, bright, amazing. The weather is perfect for going outside and having fun, so that's exactly what one little seacrafter is doing. It's his favorite hill, and he's climbing the heck out of it. Slime coats his knees from where the slippery rocks have caused him to fall, but regardless, he looks like he is having the time of his life. Above him flit his tree firelizards, keeping company and playing games while Nathanaael climbs.

"What on earth?" That's Bailey's voice, a little distant. Khalyssrielth is out there somewhere, a flash of aged rose-gold seen through the canopy. The redheaded goldrider lifts an eyebrow and merely OBSERVES Nathanael's grimy slimy trek.

Nathanael lifts his gaze upwards searching for the voice that calls out. A happy wave is given and Nathanael shifts his passage to head towards the weyrwoman, rather than wherever he had been going. "A'lo ma'am!" Perhaps not the best decision, but a particularly slippery rock is chosen to be climbed over rather than walked around, and Nathanael ends up with just one more long line of green when he slides back down the other side.

"What in Faranth's name are you DOING?" Bailey calls. She boggles — her expression that specific type of morbidly fascinated. It's kind of like watching a trainwreck, but with more organic material. More algae, specifically.

"You need rigging," calls out a voice, helpful in its tones. Two goldriders for the price of one: here's Tuli, that strange foreign goldie, tromping easily through the organic amusements of the jungle. "Rock climbing is fun, until you break your fool neck." Loping ever closer, she adds, a calm aside: "Hello, Bailey."

"I," Nathanael casts a glance around, wondering what he could possibly be doing wrong this time, then looks back at the weyrwoman. "I'm walkin'?" He really doesn't mean to sound snarky, it just comes out that way. Oh, another large rock. Up Nathanael climbs, and then jerks his head around when an unfamiliar voice calls out. This sudden movement works better when you're not on slippery rocks, which sadly for Nathanael, simply isn't true right now. He falls flat on his butt on that rather large rock.

"Tuli," Bailey returns, casting a slightly amused glance askance at the transplant. "Think he'll break something before he makes it?" Her eyes are idly surveying. "Nate, if I have to tell your father that you killed yourself doing some dumb… climbing… thing…" She vaguely gestures.

"We don't have to tell his father," observes Tuli, in tones of one making an idle observation. "A lot of ways to die out here in the jungle, right. People go missing. It's a thing." She scratches at the side of her nose, head tilting back to eyeball Nathanael's progress. Helpfully, the woman adds: "A little to the left, I think. Looks like a foothold from here." Sure, take climbing advice from the woman CASUALLY DISCUSSING LETTING YOU DIE.

"Ain't gonna get hurt ma'am." He reassures cheerfully as he finally does the last bit of steps (totally following Tuli's advice even) to bring him on level with the goldriders. "Thanke! Did no' see that'un."

"No, bad idea. Lots of angst," Bailey sotto-voices to Tuli. "Poor man's been through enough." Not Nathanael. His dad. "So why are you out here again?" Bailey lifts BOTH eyebrows at Nate, sternly. Her voice — well. She still apparently remembers the 'Look At The Moons' incident.

"Drat. And here I was looking forward to causing some angst." Tuli, you have caused PLENTY of angst. You just don't care to notice it. The woman waves away Nate's thanks with an airy gesture, before caaaaasually stating, "If he's out here for no GOOD reason, I," her dark eyes glint, worryingly, "can come up with reasons." This is a good time to mention that Tuli's clothing is sensible, and prominently features a large and sturdy pack. Small garden tools poke out of one pocket. Nathanael, run for your life.

"Jus' gettin' out ma'am, 'cuz it's so nice. Ain't no one else was wantin' to go, so…" He lifts his hands in a rather broad shrug. He looks behind him at the rather obvious trail his movement has left in the jungle. Oops. Maybe he should have been more careful. "Are ye both havin' fun?" Far be it for Nathanael to ask WHY they are here. Instead he'll just smile and look between the two women as he shoves curiosity into a pocket.

"Well. I'm sure you'll have ample opportunity for that," Bailey wryly twists to Tules. "Nathanael," Bailey seriously states to the boy, "You may want to run away. I'm not sure what she's about to ask you to do, but it's probably going to be horribly menial and possibly brain-numbing." She even manages to state it with a straight face.

"Hey, now," says Tuli, deadpan. "Let's not go impugning the honor of the Farmcraft." A careful, patient beat is allowed to pass. "It'll be menial, brain-numbing, and useful. Whaddaya think Farmers are, Harpers?" A sniff of outrage is followed by a terribly terribly THOUGHTFUL look at Nate. And, just for good measure, at Bailey as well.

"Are ye needin' help ma'am?" Nathanael clearly didn't hear Bailey's warning, mostly because he was too busy bending over and brushing slime from his butt, and attempting to check to see if it is actually working (it isn't). "I ain't really got nothin' to be doin' till this evenin', so if you was needin me," and he'll look fully up at Tuli, "though, I ain't ne'er planted nothin' afore."

"I didn't impugn anything." Bailey's voice is placid, and she gives one of those icky shoulder-shrugs. Crafts? Crafts? She don't got no dumb crafts. She's got a gold dragon who has tried to boss her around since she was 13 turns old. (She'd probly take the Farmercraft.) She takes a DEEP SIGH as Nate steps right on up to the plate.

Tuli googles at Nathanael. She GOOGLES. Did he really just…. After a long, long stare at the teenager, she shoots Bailey a look, a single eyebrow raised. She has a question to ask. "Is he for real?" He's right in front of you, Tules, you could just, like, ask him. And then, to the boy in question: "I wouldn't have you planting, no…"

Nathanael takes one last swipe at his butt before giving it up as just no good. Instead he'll just look expectantly between Bailey and Tuli. He just made and offer to HELP. An extra glance at Bailey, this is alright, right?

Wait, Google on Pern. That would be scary as crap. Bailey daydreams off a moment on being able to creep on all of her MOST favorite-to-hate bronzeriders… oh wait, someone's talking to her. "He's for real." She smiles at Nate, a wry expression.

Facebook would be even better. Just IMAGINE the stalking. "Oh honey." Pity moves Tuli's heart. "When a Farmcrafter asks, do you have anything planned, you never say 'no'." Pause. "However…" With a few awkward motions, she's pulled her pack (heavy) off her back. Without a word, she holds it out for Nathanael to take. "You can be my mule, how about that."


Nathanael dies.

And that my friend is what happens to a mule when the bag breaks.


Pern would be full of pictures of firelizards instead of kittens though. Whatever Tuli means by saying no to planing flies right over Nathanael's head and he nods as if WISDOM has just been given. "I'll be keepin' that in mind ma'am." And then his dirty hands will reach out to take the sack off. Wow. Heavy. He'll just stand here for a moment and wrestle it onto his.

That is very true. Baby goo-covered firelizards… doing all the dumb things. All of them. "Okay, I'm going to leave you two to your illicit adventures," Bailey announces in a sing-song. "It's getting a little too illegal for my tastes." Talk of MULES and PLANNING and ugh.

Tuli would have totally gotten a viral video out of one of Fernface's bouts of eldritch insanity. (And Inlayraith would be a PernTube CELEBRITY.) "What?" Tuli looks blankly at Bailey. "We're getting needlebrush clippings, what's illegal about that?" Imperiously she gestures Nate to follow her, as she starts to tromp out into the jungle. (Bailey is invite-gestured along as well, though it's a bit bemused.)

"Ill-ic-it?" Nathanael pieces out the word sound by sound, blinking those blue eyes of his in mild confusion. It isn't till Tuli speaks that he finally gets it. "I ain't sure…We're gatherin' needles?" Nathanael adds oh-so-innocently as he moves forward after the goldrider. "Ye ever gathered needles afore ma'am Bailey?" Nathanael glances back, she's coming, RIGHT?

"Oh no, Tuli, I am not free labor," the other goldrider scoffs while brandishing her fingers. Her slim, pretty fingers, calloused as a dragonriders but definitely not a healer's set. "See these? No. Oh no. You guys go on and have fun." She tosses over a shoulder, "Nate, don't let her kill you and hide the body out here!" before trekking over the curve towards the EXIT. (As if the jungle had an exit.)

"COWARD. That's what you are! COWARD WITH A COWARD'S HEART." Eeesh, Bailey, why are you avoiding unpaid work in the hot Southern sun involving prickly, miserable plants? What about that doesn't sound FUN? Tuli sniffs in disdain as the other goldrider ambles off, before turning to Nathanael (her eyes just a little too bright, like a maniac). "We don't need HER. C'mon, you - what was your name, again?"

Nathanael blinks in CONFUSION. Bailey isn't a coward, is she? He flicks a glance backwards at her retreating form then shrugs. He really doesn't know much about the woman after all. Other then she's awesome. So, a shrug, and he'll shuffle off after Tuli after missing that manic look in her eye. (Whe he doesn't know can't hurt him, right?) Oh, and she's opened the flood gates. "'m Nathanael ma'am!" And then he'll just keep talking as he heaves that heavy bag after her as they go to find NEEDLES which he will probably end up muleing back for her again. Hopefully she doesn't slip anything else in there that would get him in real trouble.

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