R'kyr, Magdaline, Divale, Xanthee


It's dinner time in the living caverns.


It is afternoon of the twenty-fifth day of the second month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Living Cavern

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"We'll be lucky to get a fair share of it, at this rate." Yeah, that emphasis being for Mr. Hoarding the Bacon right there.


Living Cavern

Brightly lit by a regimented march of strung glow-globes, Igen's busy living caverns are cut of the same exotic limestone design that frequents the bazaar without. Tapestries line the tops of the walls, one for each of Igen's wings, past and present; beneath them, skybroom tables litter the floors in scattered profusion. Some of the wicker chairs have seen better days, but most of the worst offenders have long-ago been replaced. The seemingly random placement of furniture, however, at closer inspection yields a sort of cross-shape of negative space. The northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns are owned by the kitchen's buffet, food-laden thrice daily in regimented shifts by busy bakers from the curtained southern entrance to the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside; westerly lies the large doors leading down into the bowels of the weyr itself.

It's one of those rarest of rare days — a restday, with Thread nowhere in sight. Nor drills or sweeps. R'kyr doesn't quite shamble into the living caverns, but this is about as casual as he ever gets: he's not wearing leathers, just regular civilian-wear in soft cloth textures of dark grey and hazy, understated blues. There's still a food line for the buffet — the tail end of a late, lazy lunch period — and he joins it without a whole bunch of fuss. Yet. He hasn't ran into the mushroom subsitutions yet.

Magdaline is of course, closely monitoring the mushroom situation. And possibly all other food related situations as the assistant has claimed a table with prime view of the food line and the buffet. It might appear that she's people watching, but she's still making notes every so often on the hide in front of her. She has other hides as well, but they're not sprawled out. No, she's not a heathen. Everything that's not currently in use is neatly staked to one side as it should be and that's far out of the reach of any possible klah spillage that might happen. Work to the left, mug to the right. It's a system that's served her well so far.

No rest for the wicked! Until now, at least. Divale's just finished her rounds, likely starting in the 'Yard and then progressing to drills or PT. Cleaned up, she quietly makes her way to the caverns for the rare time she actually eats at a regular hour. So what if it's the end of one? Standing in line, the brownrider will ignore the sense of deja vu. Especially considering who is in front of her. R'kyr is given a levelled look and the usual smirk to go with it. Magdaline and her note taking has yet to register, as not long after her 'greeting' to the bronzerider, her attention goes to what may (or may not be) available on those buffet tables.

Listen. There are NO GREENS going up right now, so Divale — don't even think what you're thinking right now. R'kyr returns the brownrider's look with a level one of his own. "Divale," he drawls, insomuch as one can drawl with a Fortian accent. The line proceeds up a few steps and it puts him about level with Magdaline. He stares at the assistant headwoman without actually acknowledging her existence.

With black hair wet and clinging to her face, Xanthee enters dressed in a simple tunic over tight leather trous. A towel is draped over her shoulders indicating a midday trip to the baths. Her emerald eyes scan the Caverns as she makes her way towards the line for foot. Looking over the offerings, she peeks at what looks good, glancing around her at the others lining up for their food. Another quick glance as she waits for her turn at the buffet, spies Magdaline, narrowing her eyes at the unfamiliar face, which is odd, cause Xanthee knows everyone who works in the Caverns.


There might not be any greens going up, but there's a strange number of greens available on the buffet table considering it's winter. There's some brussel sprouts roasted with balsamic vinegar and sprinkled with bits of bacon. There's a soup that is mostly collard greens and beans with some chunks of ham floating in it. There's also some sort of kale salad with other sorts of salad things. Notably missing, any herdbeast. Although there is some roasted wherry down at the end that's being portioned out by a kitchen worker. At least there's plenty of mashed tubers and gravy to go along with it. There are also some large roasted mushrooms sitting next to those mashed tubers. Magdaline is just going to keep jotting down her notes as she seems to be eyeing more the plates that are leaving than the actual people.

What? Her thoughts are obviously pure and innocent. Divale's gaze darts back to R'kyr for his 'drawled' greeting of her name, to which she returns in kind with utmost dryness. "R'kyr." Can this line GO ANY slower!? Seriously. The brownrider is considering bailing on grabbing any lunch… but she's already skipped one full meal already. So there will be an impatient sigh and some muttered oath under her breath. "Better be worth it." That much she'll say loud enough to be just barely overheard. Which apparently it IS, given the veggie haven ahead and actual selection.

Oh look. Food. R'kyr lifts his eyebrows at Divale. "Did you say something?" he inquires, so-politely, before the line finally hits the tables. Excuse him a minute, he's going to be the asshole scraping up all the bacon bits from the bottom of the brussel sprout pan. Is he holding up the line for this? Damn straight he's holding up the line. A MAN'S SUPPOSED TO EAT MEAT, MAGDALINE! D:<

The spread looks great to Xanthee, who has been working on her fitness lately. "Wow, this looks so good. I'm faminshed!" she exclaims as she eyes R'kyr and his purloined bacom, narrowing her eyes at the bronzerider while she makes a derisive sound in the back of her throat. But her stomach gives a loudl rumble and she blushes slightly as her mouth waters over the greens and salads being offered.

Xanthee isn't the only one with eyes narrowed on R'kyr. Magdaline sees that bacon purloining. And whatever list she's making, there's a note, sir. Someone might be on the naughty list come turn's end. The young girl's excitement is also noted as well with a hint of a smile before clearing her throat and focusing all the attention on the person holding up the line. "If you're wanting seconds on the sprouts, another dish will be out shortly, rider." Her own accent clearly Fortian as well. And also clearly implying R'kyr should move along. Like Divale being a good little rider.

Ahahaha, Divale being a good rider! That'll be the day. She'll just glare at R'kyr's back while he takes his sweet time there at the brussel sprouts, but seeing as Magdaline has it all under control, she'll relent. There's also the timing of distraction, as Xanthee's voice draws her attention and has her peering at the young girl from over her shoulder. "Does, doesn't it?" Look good that is. "We'll be lucky to get a fair share of it, at this rate." Yeah, that emphasis being for Mr. Hoarding the Bacon right there. And whether it was her turn or not (what was that about 'good'?), Divale's going to move forward but further down the table to start filling a plate — modestly.

R'kyr could tell Mags a few things that would totally make her rethink that whole 'Divale is a good rider' thing. But for now he's successfully scraped all the bacon bits possible on top of those wee four or five brussel sprouts on his plate and straightens, smiling at the assistant headwoman. His teeth are really well-kept (isn't that a common trait of serial killers?) but it's just weird for him to smile WITH TEETH at anyone. "Excellent. I'll go back through the line." #killemwithkindness, and he's not really seen Xanthee yet. He proceeds to the tubers and gravy, passing Divale, and starts a low-voiced bribery conversation with the roast wherry tender.

"It really does! Perfect food for after a run." Xanthee says with a smile at Divale, explaining her freshly-bathed look before she moves forward with her plate, reaching those dishes closest to her. Ohhh, a little bit of that kale salad is portioned out onto her dish as she snickers under her breath as Divale snarks about R'kyr taking all the food. She still hadn't forgiven him for the things he said when last they met. As he moves away from the sprouts and the line moves, she takes a couple of sprouts herself, sans bacon.

Today at least as far as Magdaline is concerned, Divale is being the perfect example of how someone should behave in her food line. Even that cutting is forgiven considering she was just bypassing the man holding everything up. "Of course. You can go back through the line as many times as you wish." She'll return his possibly serial killer smile with an equally affected smile of her own. It might be a Fort thing. And good luck with getting the wherry-tender to break the protocol with his boss sitting right there. The story is going to be the same. One serving (about the size of a man's palm) per trip through the line.

"You'll still want to balance your intake," Divale murmurs as a small tidbit of warning to Xanthee. There's a darted look between Magdaline and R'kyr when the two of them exchange a lay down of 'rules'; a slight roll of her eyes too when the bronzerider admits to further trips though. Could be the bribery too. "Some of us would like to eat at some point today?" Dry, dry tone and even a little 'move along' flick of one hand to him, when Divale attempts to get in on some of that wherry.

See what's about to happen is… this. Yes, this. R'kyr finishes his plate, grabs a fork, and goes around to the back of the line again. "Is that kale?" he asks Xanthee. Are there little mini oranges in it? Because mini oranges make kale salad. "Just what I needed." No, not kale. The roll basket that he missed the first time. He's going to make himself a wherry sandwich and dip that shit in his tubers and gravy while he waits to get back to the wherry station again.
finishes LOADING his plate, that is~

Oh no, now he's behind her. Xanthee clears her throat and says in an icy tone, "Yes, it is." she clips as she nods to Divale, "Oh for sure." Xanthee replies at the comment on balancing her diet. She waits patiently for Divale to finish with the wherry-tender, letting her gaze again graze over those assembled, seeing people she knows, having grown up here, she offers random waves to people she epies who she knows.

Yes. Apparently there were some mini-oranges in the kale salad. Even if there might be more vegetarian options available than meat options lately, at least they're good options. Magdaline isn't entirely heartless. That roll basket R'kyr missed the first time? It's because it just got refilled. The rolls are fresh from the oven. And there's a pat of butter out next to it for anyone so inclined. When the wherry tender isn't being harrassed by bronzeriders wanting more than their fair share of meat, he's actually very efficient at his job. Once R'kyr moves along, Divale's going to quickly get her slice added to her plate and he's moving on to slicing up for the next one. Even though it's later in the lunch hour, there still are plenty of people lurking so spare seats are limited. Magdaline still has that table all to herself and her small stack of hides though since apparently nobody has dared to approach her yet. Or Divale and Xanthee can be like R'kyr and just in in line while waiting for seconds.

Xanthee's iciness towards R'kyr is noted by an intrigued side glance, thought fleeting in nature. There's probably a little story behind that but now is not the time (or place). Divale will nod her thanks to the server and then attempt to double back to get to those fresh rolls ? too good to pass up on those! That's what it appears to be. That she may end up jostling R'kyr a bit… surely that was just an unfortunate accident? Oops. "So clumsy of me…" she murmurs in false apologetic tones. Divale? Clumsy? Pfft. Of course she's not going to linger there either; she's not a mooch. So if Magdaline wasn't expecting company? She's about it get some, as Divale helps herself to one of the empty seats and recalls her manners about a half-second after she's settled in. "… mind if I join you here?" She can eat with her plate in her lap, if the woman is worried about her hidework!

"Hey, watch the plate!" R'kyr barks at Divale, shifting his hands and shooting the brownrider a less than obscure look. He doesn't seem to notice or necessarily care about Xanthee's frigid temperature — sorry Xan, R'kyr's a heartless asshole nowtimer male through and through — but he does help himself to some of that kale salad and another round of bacon with brussel sprouts in addition to his second helping of wherry. Then he pauses, eating a bite of his makeshift wherry sandwich and narrowing his eyes in thought over the caverns. There's a chair RIGHT THERE by Divale and Mags, but he doesn't appear to be interested in taking it.

"Can I get a piece of white meat without the skin please?" Xanthee asks the server and and nods her thanks as she takes her well-balanced lunch, no rolls for her eww carbs, she will also head over to the free table where Divale and Magdaline are seated. "Mind if I join you as well?" the teen asks the two older women with a friendly smile, putting her plate down far from the hiewark as well. "You must be the new Assistant Headwoman." Xanthee says to the older woman. "I heard there was someone new." Xan hears all the gossip.

It's okay. Nobody wanted R'kyr to sit with them anyway, although Magdaline does give first Divale and then Xanthee a smile and a nod when each asks to join her. "By all means, go ahead." One of the perks of being the assistant means that she's also got a large table that she's had all to herself for hours now. It also helps that she probably claimed it sometime around breakfast. Is she just going to watch the entire day's meal service from her chosen seat? That's a distinct possiblity. "I am. Magdaline." Even though she's pretty sure that her name was thrown around in the gossip that Xanthee's heard, she'll provide it anyways as a prompt that the girl should also provide her name. There's a lot more folks running around with merchant knots than assistant headwoman knots after all.

Divale just throws another smirk and narrowed look to R'kyr. What? He saved his plate from meeting the floor. Which is disappointment number one for her afternoon. The second? "… the skin is the best part!" A strange look given to Xanthee for her request, but the brownrider shrugs her shoulders to the offer to join them. Really? That's Magdaline's call. Since she borderline rudely invited herself. "Well met," she'll murmur in an aside to the older woman, once Xanthee's gossip proves correct. Cue a little searching look too, which anyone new is usually subject to by her. A vague half-smirk and she returns a greeting of her own. "Divale. Parhelion Wingrider, dragonhealer and brown Lukoith's."

And we thought R'kyr was the serial killer here … it's definitely Divale. The skin's the best part INDEED. The bronzerider finally ends up giving in and sitting a few seats down at Mags' massive table. He doesn't ask before he sits. So rude. But he has his plate, it's not spilled, and he has at least a kiddy-plate size amount of meat, so… there's something.

"I'm Xanthee. Former weyrbrat, now I work in the Tea Room." Xanthee says with another smile. A look at Divale over her choice of skinless wherry, and she explains, "The skin has a lot of fat. I'm in training." For what exactly she does not go into. Taking a big forkful of kale salad, spearing some of the orange pieces as well as the leafy greens and takes a big bite. Closing her eyes as she chews to really savour it, she swallows and then opens her eyes to look at Magdaline, "Wow! This is amazing. Was this new menu your idea? I approve." she says as she goes for another bite with gusto.

"Well met, Xanthee," Don't mind that Magdaline is no longer actually looking at the girl as she gives that calm, rehearsed response. She's got some important notes to write down. About maybe how to improve the efficiency of the living caverns lines (Step One: Remove all obnoxious bronzeriders. Step two…) or maybe something else. Regardless she's writing, but can still carry on a conversation. "Not all fat is bad. In moderate amounts, it can actually be good for you and has other nutrients as well." Plus flavor. All that delicious flavor. Maybe Mags and her perfectly starched shirt is also the serial killer along with Divale and R'kyr. R'kyr's arrival to the table is noted with a nod, but nothing more is said for that. He's over there and not doing any harm. Divale's mention of her dragon gets a faint smile from the older woman as well. "And well met to you also, Divale. I happen to be quite fond of brown dragons."

Oh, R'kyr… You've no idea~ "So? A little fat in one's diet won't hurt either," Divale's just going to give Xanthee a once over look. Girl's these days and their diets! A brow quirks. "Training?" Sorry, you're not off the hook that easy! And she'll lift her fork to point it at a 'told you so' manner when Magdaline backs her up on the the fatty food information. Also, the older woman gets it! R'kyr's arrival and joining them at the table is met with a silent stare but she doesn't object. Free world 'n all! Brows lift as she focuses back on the assistant headwoman, a faint note of surprise lacing her tone. "… can't say I hear that everyday. I'm also heavily biased." Damn right brown dragons are awesome! "What brings about fondness?" Curious minds want to know. As for her plate of food, Divale has taken a whole whopping half dozen bites but now? Now she just idly pokes at what remains.

R'kyr is down here eating without comment. It can't last so long. It's just too nice.

"Well met." Xanthee replies to the assistant headwoman as she shrugs her shoulders as the benefits of fat are explained to her, but she dismisses this as she replies to Divale's question, "Just general training, running, some weights, just trying to be my best self." She takes another bite, of wherry this time, chewing thoughtfully as she listens to the conversation around her. When brown dragons are mentions, she smiles as she swallows the food in her mouth, "Oh yeah, browns are the best. My mom rode brown." she says with a nostalgic smile on her lips.

"My weyrmate was a brownrider," Magdaline's still managing a faint smile, even though having to use the past tense on that subject. "And one of my sons is a brownrider now, also at Fort." And if R'kyr does end up having some comments, Magdaline can show him where the comment box is. He can tick the proper boxes on the comment card and submit his complaint. He might even get back an official letter delivered by firelizard thanking him for his feedback (totally a form letter). Xanthee's mention of her training just gets a faint eyebrow raise and a look towards Divale. Kids these days. Although Divale's not much older than Xanthee.

Magdaline won't have to worry about further questions. Divale will catch the use of past tense and her eyes focus sharply with a fleeting shadow of understanding; deep enough too that she will look down at her plate, though a very faint smile tugs at one corner of her mouth. "I see why now." A very safe, cautious answer that. R'kyr's silence should probably warrant some suspicion on her part, but she's absorbed instead in sharing that look with the assistant Headwoman to Xanthee. "You are," Trust Divale to put it all bluntly. "A strange girl, Xanthee." It's not entirely an insult and more a bemused observation so far. Divale by far is no where near normal in her upbringing or interests but she keeps much of her personal life well buried under lock and key.

R'kyr is eavesdropping, okay? Also, from his end of the table: "…I said no," almost under his breath. Somewhere, Dhazkyth is not hitting on dolphineers and freaking out about dolphins being a thing.

Xanthee notices that Magdaline also uses the past tense for her loved-on and she will shoot the older woman a sympathetic glance. As Divale comments, Xan looks at her and shrugs, "It helps me to keep focused. I lost focus when I was at Southern to stand for their last hatching, so now I train, instead of other stuff." she says with an odd emphasis but does not elaborate. When R'kyr mumbles something under his breath, she just looks over at him for a moment, taking another thoughtful bite of salad, just staring at the bronzerider.

Magdaline at least gets a lot fewer of those sympathetic glances at Igen than at Fort where it was almost constant. A few she can deal with. Life moves on and all that jazz and Mags is doing her best to move on with it. There's a bare hint of a laugh at Divale's rather blunt observation. It's not like the assistant doesn't agree, but she is too polite to straight out state it. "Just remember you sometimes need more than one thing to focus on." Support structures are important, yo. R'kyr's mutterin is pretty much ignored. Riders talking to themselves are probably not actually talking to themself usually.

Divale's gone back to merely pushing what food remains on her plate around, but distraction could be blamed for it. R'kyr's muttering is met with a heavy frown and now there IS some suspicion there! Generally 'no' is not a good sign. Again, Magdaline comes in with the sound advice, "She's right. You can find focus in a variety of things." Is this going to be another chit-chat of hobbies? Really, the brownrider should start charging for this. Though she continues to look a touch perplexed in her curiosity to the young girl.

R'kyr turns the focus of his eyes upward and stares without expression at Xanthee. He has zero compulsions about eye contact and has the voracious inner lack of concern for eye dryness that only a cat can match. Without breaking that eye contact: "Other stuff." Deadpan. So very deadpan. (Also, Mags ignoring him is possibly the nicest thing SHE'S EVER DONE to him.) At least he's not going to engage Divale in a conversation of… hobbies. His black eye is gone, though there's a mark at the bottom of his neck that's gone all yellow in the healing process.

Turning her gaze back to the other women, Xanthee shrugs her shoulders slightly as she continues to tuck into her food, nodding dismissingly at the unsolicited advice she always seems to attract. "Thanks, I'm fine, between training and working at the Tea Room, I have quite a lot to occupy my time." she says in a curt but friendly manner then shooting a look at the bronzerider as he repeats her words back to her. "Yes. Other stuff." she says, glaring, daring him to elaborate.

Blame the fact that Magdaline has already raised one teenage girl on the fact that she's compelled to give life advice when she feels it's warranted. And apparently she felt like Xanthee needed a bit, but she's not going to push further. Nope. She's going to quietly keep watching the line, and making her notes. Nobody else seems to have quite the problem with the offerings that R'kyr had. Maybe it's just R'kyr that can't appreciate nice things (we all know Dhazkyth is why Igen can't have nice things).

One deadpan display has Divale's brows knitting in a deeper frown before her dark gaze settles on Xanthee all the more fixated. 'Other things' is a very broad term, but the brownrider will assume leanings to one direction given what she's seen so far of the young girl's behaviour. Which may explain her twisted smirk. "Mhm," Pardon her disbelief in the poor Xanthee's claim and trying to cover the sudden chuckled breath that threatens to become something more. Magdaline will be left to her work uninterrupted for a few more moments, while the brownrider finishes the last of food off her plate. Waste not, want not… or something. Even if she's lost her appetite somewhere along the way.

"Probably for the best." That she isn't engaging in OTHER STUFF. R'kyr's slight frown is enough to underscore that especially patronizing manner of his — again, sorry Xan, this dude's just a straight running asshole. Magdaline's running total is about to be messed up, 'cause a clutch of loud Parhelion riders come jostling in, evidently straight off a morning bender and ready to eat. There's no way these muscly dudes are going to be content with kale salad and soup. R'kyr glances briefly back at their wing compatriot at the table, then studies Magdaline without comment.

Xanthee is aware of Divale's gaze but makes a point to ignore it. As the conversation dies down as it's wont to do, Xanthee finishes the rest of her plate, cleaning it with relish. Spying the boisterous group entering, Xan gives Divale and Magdaline a smile as she gets up gathering her plate to go and put with the other dirty dishes. As she passes R'kyr, she leans in close and says to him in a mock hushed tone, "You could use some other stuff, maybe it would loosen you up a bit." she gives him a sugary sweet smile as she sashays out of the caverns with a backwards wave to those left at the table.

At this point, the cluster of muscly Parhelion riders make up like 80% of the line now so it's not really as much of an issue of having to go back through the line multiple times. It might seem silly and there is some sighing, but no overt bitching and only line cutting is between that own cluster which takes it all in good fun. The other handful of people scattered throughout the line are able to get in and get out relatively easily. PROGRESS! Magdaline just gives a serious eyeroll at Xanthee's parting shot. Again, kids these days.

"Let's hope she knows her red from green," Comes Divale's far saltier response, after giving her farewell to Xanthee and once the girl is well out of hearing range. That sass given to R'kyr almost has the brownrider in a fit of laughter but she'll stave that off and cover it with a scoffed breath. Eheheh. Sobering, there's a look of agreement to Magdaline and then in come some fellow Parhelions to overtake the line for food. Divale seems content to ignore them and they her; nothing says she has to be Bestest Buddies <3! with her Wingmates. One seems to pass on the food for a moment, upon spying the brownrider. C'den is difficult to miss at 6'5" and the bulk to go with it. "Diva! Err… Divale. Any word?" The bronzerider stops short from the murderous glance given from the young woman. There's a polite nod to the other two, distractedly, since he's essentially crashing. Excuse him. "No change in Aionedyth's recovery." Now get lost. Which C'den does without hesitation, a tad crestfallen as he goes to pass that along and help himself to that food. More notes for Magdaline!

"Why does everyone think that sex is the panacea to every ill?" R'kyr inquires of the room, one eyebrow raised in inquisitive fashion. That he doesn't protest the other half of it — that he's not getting any — is probably indicative of something, one way or the other. Could go either way depending on how a person thinks on it … and how deeply they understand the bronzerider in question. The Whirlwind rider turns his attention onto the other bronzerider that approaches, and behind the neutral cant of his features, no doubt he's calculating exactly how he'd fell that giant motherfucker if it came to a fight. In the middle of Mags' living caverns.

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