M'noq, F'kan


Running into each other at the Treble Clef, F'kan and M'noq enjoy some conversation and amateur tunes.


It is sunset of the twenty-fifth day of the fifth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Treble Clef, Southern Weyr

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"If the candidates aren't troublemakers, that means you'll likely have a group of lively dragons,"


Treble Clef

This is a place of idyll repose, a place of music, a place of soul: no liquor finds the tables of this endeavor, nor does darts nor dragonpoker. This is a place for the Harper's soul to rest, with hearty fare served to a degree of sophistication higher than the kitchens in the weyr proper, if for a price… but the draw of it is no doubt the open platform front-and-center, where a bar would likely stand. The Treble Clef does not deal in alcohol, but it does promote the artistry of amateurs and Harpers alike in the well-outfit stage for those to entertain those who stop to sup within these gently-outfitted walls.

It's a fall evening, drizzling out. Even though the eggs are getting quite hard by now and must be near hatching, M'noq has found a way to slip out for a moment for a cup of klah and a sit in a place that isn't swelteringly hot. He's at a table near the back, reading a small book. There's a couple of Harper apprentices on the stage, playing something quiet and nondescript, unobjectionably fair. Hey, everyone has to start somewhere.
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Shaking water from his sandy blonde hair, F'kan walks through the entrance of the Treble Clef, blue eyes scanning first the stage before moving onto the tables. Spying his former Wingleader, he offers a wave before heading over with a crooked grin. "Hope I'm not interupting your peace and quiet, just thought I'd say hi," he's been so busy with his new job as Assistant Weyrlingmaster that he's hardly seen any of his old wingmates lately. "Eggs looking pretty hard now. Can't be long now," he remarks obviously as he puts his hand on the back of a chair, as if he might sit if invited to.
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"Hello there, Assistant Weyrlingmaster," M'noq greets him with a grin, waving him over and gesturing to the chair. "Join me. Sit. True enough, the eggs should be hatching any day now, I think. And you will have a number of little problems that will only get bigger." There's clear affection in M'noq's voice as he refers to the eggs and what will hatch from them. After all, he has been staring at them for sevendays now.

"Wingleader," F'kan replies with a dip of his head towards the other brownrider before he takes a seat, leaning back with an elbow propped on the back of the chair. "Nah, they aren't so bad. Although, haven't got experience with newly hatched ones, the previous clutch was months old by the time I was tapped. But I'm enjoying the challenge," and the brownrider definitely has an air of easy cheer about him as he lifts a couple fingers towards a server indicating he'll have a mug of klah like M'noq. "No real troublemakers so far, definitely not as bad as I was. We'll see with the new class though," he chuckles a bit, combing fingers through still damn hair. "How's things with Lynx?" he asks, eager to hear about his old wing.

M'noq takes a drink of his klah. By now it's barely above room temperature, but he'll drink it anyway. "If the candidates aren't troublemakers, that means you'll likely have a group of lively dragons," M'noq warns with a grin. "I'm sure I'll enjoy watching them grow up from afar, but you'll be able to watch from close up. Lynx is good. Th'res is handing things well when I can't be there. Though… I admit, I'll be glad to be back in the air with Ravaith. And I think he will be too."

"Lively sounds like a euphamism for something," F'kan says wearily with a bit of a raised brow, "Either way, Quaverilth and I are ready for them. He's doing a great job with the older weyrlings' dragons, and I'm sure he's going to just love the babies." There's no small amount of pride in F'kan's voice for his brown as he thanks the server when they put the klah in front of him, reaching out to put an obscene amount of sweetener and just a dash of cream into it. At M'noq's last, he just nods sympathetically, "I bet you are. Makes me hope that Quav sticks to only catching greens."

M'noq gives a laugh. "Well, you never know what will happen. Ravaith never used to chase much at all. But it turns out he can when something's important to him." He shrugs and grins. "Not really a euphamism… but the dragons and the weyrlings have to have a kind of balance, don't they? Ravaith hatched in a double clutch, which made everything particularly crazy. It's fascinating getting to know all the personalities as they form, though. I mean, you remember from when you were a weyrling." Both times.

"Very true," F'kan conceedes as he takes a sip from his klah after blowing on it briefly. "To be honest, I was too focused on how being a rider would help my game, well the first time at least, the second time I was just bitter," the brownrider replies with a bit of a shrug, "But! I am definitely seeing what you mean now that I'm on the other side of it all," he finishes emphatically.

M'noq gazes at F'kan appraisingly for a moment and nods. "I think you've learned a lot over the past couple of Turns. It's nice to see how far you've come. I'm proud of you." Does that sound strange? Maybe a little, but it't a heartfelt sentiment. "Also, I hope you never have to deal with a weyrling or a rider as challenging as you were," he adds with a grin.

"I think I have at that," F'kan replies with an easy smile before taking another sip to dip his head at the compliment. "Well, you were one of the people that helped me get my head out of my ass, so I should be thanking you," he counters with a lopsided smile as he sets his mug back down on the table. M'noq's last though has him chortling loudly, earning him looks from those two Harper Apprentices, "Yeah, I'm sure I will be replaced as the worst weyrling Southern's ever had soon enough, but I'll be ready for it. I've even worked on my highly disaproving look, see?" And he makes a face that looks like he's constipated and angry about it.

M'noq nods at that, though his look grows briefly serious. "Well, at least your antics never got anyone killed, unlike the rider before you who had to repeat weyrlinhood. "In any case, you'll have a lot of young lives in your hands, so I trust you'll take that as seriously as it merits." But whatever seriousness he had been attempting is broken by the terrible scowl. "Ah… you might want to keep practicing that. Maybe look in a mirror whe you do it."

F'kan notes the serious look on M'noq's face and nods emphatically, "Oh I know. I'm taking this very seriously. I love the job and I am aware of the reponsibility that comes with it," he affirms resolutely before he cracks a smile again at M'noq's critique of his newly patented AWLM look (pantent-pending). "So it still needs some work. I'm sure I'll eventually get lots of chances to practice it."

M'noq laughs again. "On second thought, don't bother practicing it. Just let it come out naturally one day, and then when it does, ask someone who's watching you to mimic it for you. Then you'll know exactly how to do it. Judging from what I've seen as a wingleader, it'll probably have some mix of shock, horror, and utter fear."

"There's an idea!" F'kan laughs along with the other brownrider easily, "I didn't know someone could feel all those things at once, but I'm sure I'll find out." Getting himself back under control with a deep sigh, he looks down at the half full mug of klah in front of him thoughtfully.

M'noq just laughs, and he looks just a bit more relaxed now than he did when F'kan first made his way over to the table. "Just wait until a weyrling does something incredibly stupid and almost breaks his neck. Or his dragon's neck. Or someone else's neck. This is worse than being a parent because there's so many more of them!" And just at that moment, M'noq gets a distracted look on his face. "All right, I need to be heading back. Ravaith saw a shadow that looks suspicious, maybe." He takes a last gulp of klah and sets the empty mug aside. "Catch up on your sleep now," he warns the other rider with a grin.
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F'kan actually shudders at that, "Knowing that it's probably eventually going to happen means I'll, at least, be somewhat ready for it right?" the younger brownrider is looking for some reassurance here, but deep down he probably knows no can be ready for something like that. When M'noq compares his job to that of a parent, he nods, "Yeah, still not ready for my own, but I can definitely see that." When he gets up to leave, F'kan offers him a casual salute, "Oh that sounds supicious, better get right on that," he jests as he nods at M'noq's final warning. F'kan sticks around for the rest of his mug of klah, and the apprentice quality entertainment.

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