Kat writes a letter to her foster brother because she can.

Candidate bingo, slightly backdated.


Early autumn of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.

OOC Date 05 Jul 2018 04:00



A small note on a scrap of hide, penned in a neat, precise hand. On the flip-side, it's labeled: Talusian.

My dearest ankle bone,

I write to you from the faraway land of Candacia.

It's been many sevendays since the last time I can remember having a rank. My arm aches from the sheer amount of saluting I've had to do — oh, and the physical training! Have you seen that course on the beach? Well, it's even worse going through it than it looks.

Not that you care, but I haven't had any time to read. Can you imagine me, your sister, without a book? I couldn't, either. Now, in this cruel and unforgiving place, I must.

If I don't return, give my regards to Mother and Father and tell them I love them. Mostly, I tolerate you. I've heard that's as close to love you get with little brothers.


Deftly, Katryana rolls up the ridiculous missive and wraps it in a small piece of twine, which she also wraps around the leg of her little bronze firelizard. He eyes her dubiously and gives his leg an experimental shake, huffing his displeasure. "Oh, hush, you lump. I feed you, you bring messages. Right?" He seems to accept this for the moment. She crafts a picture in her mind of her younger foster brother, filling out features, the blonde hair so unlike her own, that boyish dimple. "Bring it to Talusian, okay? And wait for him to write back! Wait for him!" She gives the flitter a nudge and he takes to wing and, with a bit more mentally encouraging, winks between.

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