Kyara, R'xim


Liareth's latest flight plays out as well as Kyara could have hoped, though R'xim nearly overthinks things as they share in the aftermath.

Backdated; flight content (implied sex and nudity, all brief), some language


It is evening on the 15th day of the 6th month of the 13th Turn of the 12th Pass.


Ground Weyrs and Weyr Road, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 19 Mar 2018 06:00


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“Don’t let what’s in your past worry your present, Rix."


Ground Weyrs

Spacious by necessity, the slightly grimy atmosphere of these weyrs house couches made to fit dragons of various sizes and in various states of health, each with feeding and watering stations near to hand, as well as the necessary medical aids to treat any draconic illness. A small alcove offers up a different view: Healer's records stashed in meticulous order on a shelf, a cluttered desk full of hidework in process, and a polished small basin where fresh water may be poured. Above it, a small rocky shelf protrudes, holding various cleaning supplies in neatly labeled containers: redwort is most prevalent, followed by numbweed.

After nearly a full sevenday (as though she might have been deliberately trying to torture her rider and a certain bronzer), Liareth has finally risen, and Shalnth’s persistence has been rewarded. By choice, the pretty green has allowed herself to be ensnared, and Kyara, with what presence of mind she was able to cobble together during, thankfully managed to maneuver the crowd of chasing riders toward the ground weyrs. She’d wasted no time in pulling R’xim there once she’d felt her lifemate make her choice, no matter who may have growled about a bit of “premature” manhandling. She’d known even if no one else could tell, and the few seconds that passed before Shalnth actually made contact were inconsequential anyway.

Liareth’s satisfaction whips through Kyara like a sandstorm, hot and blinding as it carries her away from herself. Instinct alone guides her in seeking satiation and relief; it hasn’t been easy for either her or R’xim these past days, and she already feels some over the fact that Shalnth has indeed been the one to catch. There’s nothing to worry about afterward now. And this time, the dynamic between her and R’xim is far different. This is now something they can ride out together…and then share in the end result with one another. All of which will be acknowledged when the initial storm passes, of course.

It was the longest sevenday in R’xim’s life — or so it felt like it. Every waking moment was flooded with Shalnth’s desire to be near Liareth, to sleep next to Liareth, to follow Liareth, to admire Liareth. The pattern was brutal. Day in and day out the bronze grew more and more smitten with the pretty green and when she finally rose into the desert sky, he chased with a ferocious need. Liareth’s suitors could not outmaneuver Shalnth and he’d like to think that he won because he outlasted everyone that dared chase after her. When it came down to it, Liareth selected Shalnth to win. Which meant that R’xim got to enjoy the spoils of winning as well.

As soon as they were inside a vacant ground weyr, R’xim and Kyara were finally able to put an end to the proddy lust that smoldered between them for the past sevenday. The experience of Shalnth catching Liareth a second time was entirely different than when he caught her a few Turns ago — there was more passion, more heat between riders this time. While they were overtaken by their dragons’ desires, the primal energy slowly began to wear off the more they indulged in Liareth and Shalnth’s shared need for one another.

Finally, all was still inside the weyr. A few glows lit the corners of the living space and it seemed to take R’xim a little longer than usual to navigate the dense fog between he and Shalnth this time. The bronzerider, with his arm slung heavy over Kyara’s middle, gently tightened his embrace the closer he got to lucidity in the moment. At least they had ended up on the bed before collapsing in pure, spent, exhausted bliss.

What time is it? Where is he? It’s starting to come back to him as Shalnth helps sober R’xim with the crisp scent of sea salty air. « She is mine. » The dragon’s voice is loud in their shared mind space.

Considering Liareth rose at sunset, awareness that evening has truly set in is enough for Kyara. She doesn’t want to open her eyes to double-check. There’s nothing else that needs doing for now except, perhaps, to find a bit of food at some point. And then sleep. She and R’xim in one another’s arms, in one of their beds rather than here, dead to the world until morning. It’s the purest want she has right now, even through the desire that still lingers.

Whether it’s because Shalnth is loud or because Liareth relays his smugness with a mental eyeroll, the greenrider utters a drowsy hum and turns beneath R’xim’s arm to tuck herself against him. “Someone’s smug,” she all but mumbles against his shoulder before pressing a kiss there with a sigh. She lifts a hand and takes it to her intended destination by feel up along his arm, that destination being his hair. “She chose,” she whispers, slipping her fingers slowly through his hair. “And she’s very pleased with it all. As am I.”

Shalnth’s booming voice in R’xim’s head sobers him up from the languid state of mind he was only just lingering in. The bronze is very pleased with himself as he rests near Liareth somewhere in the darkness of night and he makes his presence known in shared space with his bond. Rix doesn’t open his eyes just yet. He’d much rather squeeze Kyara close to him when he feels a kiss brushed against his shoulder — reality is bittersweet since they can’t stay where they presently are.

“Mmn.” Rix considers just how smug Shalnth is right now when he allows his thoughts to reach out toward his dragon. The salty sea air mists his consciousness and the waters of Shalnth’s mindscape are pleasant. Not exactly calm, but definitely not storming like they previously were. Kyara running her fingers through his hair doesn’t exactly motivate him to move from his comfortable spot. R’xim’s arm continues to lay across her middle and mirrors Shalnth’s ‘she’s mine’ announcement in his head. Yes, the bronze is very much repeating himself over and over until Rix shoves him toward the back of his thoughts and keeps him there for the foreseeable future. Handling Shalnth is much, much easier now than it was before.

“She likes him.” A smirk curves the corners of R’xim’s mouth and he keeps his eyes closed as he’s not exactly fending off sleep. With Kyara’s body this close, he can feel curves in all of the right places and that certainly keeps him where he is. “She’ll never admit it, but she does. He’ll be smug for the rest of the night and into tomorrow.” Shalnth can’t exactly forget what R’xim can’t get out of his mind — the flight’s aftermath was intense. Emotionally and physically.

Never in all of his dragonriding Turns had he ever experienced a flight like that. They both had a lot invested in the outcome and Rix wasn’t looking forward to spending a night at Rosie’s. Had this been ten Turns ago, it would’ve been an entirely different story for him and he would’ve loved spending the night with a nameless blonde. Now things are different and he’s at a much different place in his life, one that he never dreamt for himself. The thought finally makes him open his eyes so he can see Kyara as herself without Liareth’s influence. “What’s next?”

Kyara can’t help a soft laugh at R’xim’s first assertion. Liareth has always preferred blues…yet she’s let a few bronzes close. Shalnth annoys her frequently, and still she seems to enjoy trading barbs with him, so to speak. The greenrider knows that her relationship with R’xim is a factor in how close Liareth is letting Shalnth…but their closeness doesn’t necessarily have to be mirrored in the relationship between their dragons. So there must be more to it, whether either dragon will admit it or not. “I’m sure she won’t,” Kyara murmurs, “but I’m also sure we’ll have a conversation where she does in a roundabout way and doesn’t realize it.”

This flight was a unique one for her as well in terms of how much she remembers. She wanted to remember, if Shalnth caught. Wanted to be as caught up in the intensity of the result as she could. She isn’t gentle in the throes of flight lust; R’xim will likely be discovering marks over the next few days. Perhaps she will, too. But in the midst of all that was unbridled in flight lust, she could see him with her eyes, feel him with her body - all in flickers, but unmistakable. He’d literally become her anchor as Liareth took hold. Whatever the significance of that may be…it makes her smile.

Her initial answer is a bit muffled since she doesn’t move right away. “Well, unless they’re willing to take a break and ferry us back,” which she doesn’t think likely, “maybe a walk to the Oasis Inn and grabbing a room for the night?”

Then she lifts her head and pulls herself up along him to peer into his eyes. Tousled and still a bit flushed from the flight, she almost seems to carry a bit of a glow herself. Sated and drowsy, but clearly quite comfortable and pleased to be right where she is, she is fully herself again. But something lingers in the depths of her amber gaze, a fire that began with him at the start of all this and lingers still. She feels even freer with him now than when they’d decided to be them. The hand that had been sifting at his hair comes down to his cheek. “Unless you’re meaning something else?” Maybe he’s talking about what’s next for them instead of what should literally happen next in terms of when they leave the ground weyr.

R’xim tries not to snort at the thought of tearing Shalnth away from Liareth any time soon. “As far as he’s concerned, I don’t exist right now.” Nothing really matters to Shalnth except for lounging near Liareth at the moment, and he’s not even going to entertain the idea of bringing Rix anywhere. The man has legs, he can walk. “The Inn isn’t far.” And since the night is clear, there shouldn’t be any danger of a sandstorm brewing on the horizon. “But, that requires getting up.” Which means he’s really not motivated to move in the wake of flight’s victory.

Alas, they need to do something and since the dragons are absolutely zero help right now, they should vacate the ground weyr sooner rather than later. The last thing they need is someone on Cremla’s staff barging in on them to clean the place. It just… requires getting up. Rix shifts his focus to Kyara when she pulls herself up and he can tell that she’s herself once again — he’s the same way. Having gathered his wits now that Shalnth has been promptly shoved to the back of his thoughts, he’s able to think clearly about the situation and what going forward truly means. Doing so has him considering her inquiry and he shrugs his response. “I’m not sure.” Now it’s his turn to sit up. “I feel like I’m coming out of a hangover.”

Kyara groans over the notion of getting up fully, but she really doesn’t want to get barged in on…and she does want a more secure bed. The need for food is growing steadily stronger, too. She figures the walk to the inn in the cool of the evening will be helpful if some things need to be talked over, not mention good for helping chase off some of what R’xim is talking about. She chuckles again, giving a little nod. “That does sum it up pretty well,” she sighs, and shifts so that she can get down from the ground weyr’s bed…but not before leaning in to exact a soft, deep kiss from him. She isn’t sure she can make her happiness with the outcome clear enough. Smiling against his lips, she slips away to find her clothes.

It’s her usual two-piece and sarong, and while she’s back to being able to wear more comfortably now, there’s nothing to be done about it at the moment. The sarong is versatile, however, and she fashions it into dress form, draping her from where it’s tied at one shoulder down to her ankles. Then she locates her sandals and slips them on, peering about for R’xim’s clothes in the process and handing him any that come into view. And once they’re all set in the realm of clothing again, they can start their wander down the road toward the inn.

The good thing about Liareth’s flight this time around was the timing. Shalnth had been attending court at the time and R’xim was on his way to the living caverns to grab a meal after having just visited the baths. Fresh and clean, he veered away from the caverns when he felt Shalnth begin to chase the very glowing green and followed the clues to where Kyara and the other riders were. Needless to say he could really go for whatever stew the Inn has in their kitchen tonight.

Again, that requires movement. Once Kyara delivers her kiss, R’xim has a fleeting thought of staying in the ground weyr for the rest of the night, but something about staying at the Oasis Inn piques his interest. It takes him a few minutes to find his clothes, get dressed, and join Kyara as they exit the weyr.

The night air feels quite refreshing as R’xim fills his lungs and exhales slowly through his nose. His long sleeved shirt, trous, and boots seem to be enough to keep the chill away and he glances at Kyara’s sarong when he considers her attire. “I bet tonight feels good after feeling like you were having a constant hot flash for the past sevenday.” His grin turns more into a smirk as he drapes an arm around the greenrider’s shoulders to keep her close.

“Aye, it does,” Kyara answers sincerely, her accent slipping forth for just a second in the midst of her emphasis. Chuckling, she slips her arm around his waist, relaxing beneath his arm as they walk. “Especially since it’s summer. That by itself is quite enough.” It’s a good thing everything she experiences under Liareth’s thrall can’t give her heatstroke. “And it must feel good for you, too. Being able to shut him out now.” As she can Liareth, though it isn’t complete. They’re both experiencing and overflow of emotions they wish to share across to one another.

Her stomach grumbles a bit and she shakes her head. “Of course she went up right around dinnertime. Not that it’s a terrible thing. I probably would’ve been hungry again anyway after all that.” The following exertions, of course. With a sigh, she tilts her head to rest on his shoulder. “What are you thinking, Rix?” she ventures softly after they pass beyond the Weyr entrance onto the quiet darkness of the road.

“It does. I always thought I had good control over him but Liareth blew that assumption right out of the water.” R’xim says with a scratch to the side of his stubbled chin. He considers his lifemate’s previous attempts at chasing greens and queens as he and Kyara continue their walk along the road to the Inn. “He never has strong intentions to chase and usually has an ‘I don’t give a fuck if I win’ attitude, even when he’s chasing a gold.” A shrug lifts his shoulders. “But I also haven’t been in a relationship in over ten Turns so he’s probably not sure what to do or how to feel.”

Will this mean that Shalnth will chase more greens? The thought flickers through R’xim’s mind and he just might shudder a bit afterward. Granted, if Shalnth does chase more it won’t be nearly as intense as it was for Liareth — then again, it’s difficult to predict. This is all new territory for them.

Kyara mentions dinnertime and now R’xim is reminded that he was heading to the living caverns for something to eat when the green decided to launch skyward. “I’m thinking that a bowl of stew and a basket of bread sounds sharding good right about now.” Something tells him that’s not what she was looking for and another smirk crosses his features again, though it’s short lived. He casts his gaze out at the darkened road ahead of them now. “A few things. I’m glad I survived Liareth’s flight, and I’m looking forward to spending more time with you rather than her.” No offense, Lia. Shalnth will spend plenty of time with the green and will no doubt annoy her like he’s used to doing. “I just,” He wavers a bit, debating. “I wonder how long this’ll last before I do something stupid and fuck everything up.”

Shalnth’s attitude where Liareth is concerned has Kyara pondering for a long moment, but the bronze’s behavior isn’t something that she’ll be able to puzzle out, certainly. Especially if R’xim hasn’t figured it out; it’s his lifemate, after all.

His initial reply to her last suits her well enough, even if it wasn’t quite what she was going for. She laughs softly and nods, her stomach protesting in response. “I think I agree!” And so does her belly. Then he speaks on, and she grins, once again agreeing. No matter how much she may have been present, Liareth was constantly right there with her - more than usual, of course. Her arm around him squeezes tighter, loosening only marginally when he states his last. Burnished brows furrow subtly, and she peers up at him. “Don’t let what’s in your past worry your present, Rix,” she advises quietly. Not that he’s alone in his concern. “I think…it’s natural to worry about making a mess of a good thing when you have it. I’m doing the same thing, you know. Hoping I won’t…do or say something to run you off.” Her gaze drops momentarily, and then a little shake of her head comes. “But it doesn’t have to be an inevitability. Not if we choose.”

“It’s not you that I’m worried about. I don’t exactly have a great track record with relationships.” For as much as his facial expression remains calm and collected after making that statement, R’xim is internally wincing. Hardcore. The one other relationship he had at Igen ended very, very badly because of his own actions. And… he’s not proud of it. “Look, my past is terrible. Really fucking terrible.” If Kyara knew half of the things Rix did with F’dan and even on his own she might not be standing here with him right now. “If I could go back and change things, I would. I still…”

R’xim stops dead in his tracks and doesn’t want to do this now. Not now. He’s just coming down from the best flight high he’s ever experienced and yet there is a part of him that wants to have this conversation with Kyara right now. Needs to have this conversation, even. Rix removes his arm from around Kyara’s shoulders and glances back at the Weyr’s entrance, forcing himself to continue with what he’s about to say. “I’ve never hit a woman in my life. Ever.” He wants to make that perfectly clear. “Have I ever emotionally abused a woman before? Yes. Have I ever mentally abused a woman before? Yes. When I was younger and when I thought I didn’t have to answer to anyone. I didn’t give a fuck who I hurt or how I hurt them.”

He returns his gaze to Kyara with an expression that’s serious, not severe. “There are some people that might look at you differently for being with me. Whether they think you’re stupid, or desperate, or oblivious… people are going to judge you. And that’s just one of the prices you’ll have to pay for getting involved with me.” It’s not so much a warning as it is the truth, and one that doesn’t have him feeling good.

Kyara watches R’xim carefully once they’ve stopped, studying his face intently. She takes in what he’s saying with quiet consideration, letting silence fall for a beat before making her response. “Scorch what other people think. R’xim…” She steps close to make certain she has his gaze pinned. “I’ve been judged since coming to Igen. For being female and a Harper, for being female and Standing, then for Impressing. For being a greenrider specifically; people have all sorts of beliefs about greenriding women. For being on the weyrlingstaff, for the clothes I wear, for the time I come from - I’m used to it. And I couldn’t care less anymore. I stopped some Turns ago, and if anyone looks at me sideways for being with you, let them waste their own time. I won’t waste mine.”

Her hands rise to his arms, slipping down along them until she finds his fingers to lace hers with. “Remember when you said my waiting hadn’t been wasted? I did wait for you, some Turns, and I know it wasn’t a waste. I want who you are, and I know that’s colored by who you were. I know. You could tell me all the terrorizing you and F’dan got up to Turns ago,” yes, she’s figured there was probably terrorizing, “all the sins of your past… I won’t say they don’t matter, because they’re part of what shaped you. But the man I am looking at, right here and now, who I’ve been looking at for the past two or three Turns…he’s who I’ve chosen.”

One hand leaves his, coming up to rest against his cheek. “I’m not trying to make you into something you’re not. I know you’re not always easy to get along with, that you can be rough, amongst other things. But beyond all of that, the things that draw me to you, Rix…those make it all worthwhile. You don’t scare me, you don’t repulse me, you don’t make me want to run the other way. I could’ve done that when you left without a word. I could have times before when you snapped at me or wouldn’t let me near. But here I am. I said I was yours…and I meant it.”

Well, then. There isn’t much R’xim can say in response to Kyara’s explanation, but that doesn’t necessarily make him feel any better about himself in this moment. She’s sincere, he can tell. It’s still difficult for him to accept, though, when Kyara says that she’s chosen him on her own volition. “It’s not something that I deserve.” he finally says when her hand rests against his cheek. “Those sins of my past? I’m going to answer for them. Someday, somehow.” More than likely when he leasts expects it. Something will make him pay for the pain he inflicted upon others.

There’s more that he wants to say, more that he wants to air out since they’re having this conversation in the middle of the road by choice. His choice. There needs to be an understanding between them and he’s not quite there yet to meet her half way. R’xim steps back and away from Kyara’s embrace to put some distance between them when he glances at the Weyr behind them. A hand scrubs down his face and rests at his chin for a moment as he stands there considering what it is he’s about to say next. “You say that now.” His tone is a bit dubious. There’s a pause before he continues. “What do you think about kids? Did you know that I look after F’dan’s twins?”

“That may be, but you won’t be answering them as the man you were, and you won’t be alone.” Kyara is somewhat bemused by R’xim’s need to place distance between them but allows for it without a fuss, taking a deep, quiet breath as the requisite need for patience with him asserts itself. “Now, and many nows to come,” she affirms quietly. His next catches her slightly off guard, but she smiles carefully, warmly. “I…love kids,” she replies. “I nearly had one of my own, once.” She can say it without choking on it now, but there is an obvious flicker of pain that crosses through shadowed amber eyes and then vanishes. “How old are they?”

This might be something of a norm going forward with Rix leaning more on the high strung side while Kyara is much more grounding. Now that the draconic influence is milder between them, he’s able to be himself in all of his moody and broody glory. There really is no changing this part of his personality — Kyara will just need to dig deeper for patience. He takes in what she says about how he’ll handle answering for his sins, though it doesn’t seem to pull him up out of the prickly funk he threw himself into.

“Fayze and Zefran are eleven now.” R’xim says after a brief bit of math in his head. “They’re fostered here at the Weyr but I still look in on them whenever I can.” And they’re all he has left of F’dan even though that part goes unsaid. “Th’bek and I are in the same wing now so I can keep somewhat of an eye on him, too. From a distance.” He has more of an ‘uncle’ status with the brownrider who happens to be F’dan’s eldest. “He’s a grown man and doesn’t need my help, but I’m around if he ever needs anything. It’s a lot of fucking baggage.” And that’s not even counting however many kids he has scattered all over Pern that he doesn’t officially know about, which makes him feel just a little bit worse for even bringing it up. Then it sinks in that Kyara almost had a child of her own, “I didn’t know that.”

Patience is something Kyara has plenty of! She’s gotten this far with him on it, and it doesn’t feel like too much to handle. She nods to R’xim’s answer, the smile still lingering on her lips. “I remember hearing that Th’bek was his, too,” she notes. That R’xim might have children of his own scattered about is simply something she accepted as likely. Whether or not she’ll ask about them is up in the air for the moment. She’d much rather he get around to it himself, if possible…and she can be patient for that as well. As for his list, she gives a little smirk. “That’s why I told you,” she points out. “Learning what we don’t know about one another and all. It isn’t that I can’t have any, just that…betweening has its consequences, of course. I hadn’t skipped any of the tea; it just…happened. And then didn’t. But it was some Turns ago.”

R’xim stands in the middle of the road with his hands in his trous pockets and with his gaze focused on the glow of the Weyr behind them. The night sky is clear and the temperature refreshing when he feels a slight breeze swirl some sand around his boots. He’s then reminded that Kyara is still in a sarong and that he should just simmer down for the moment and enjoy Shalnth’s victory — it’d help if he brought the bronze’s presence to the forefront of his consciousness rather than stuffing him all the way in the back.

He allows the smug glow of his lifemate to bleed into his mind and into the fibers of his being as he closes the distance between himself and Kyara. A hand is then removed from his pocket and lifted to tuck a stray wisp of auburn hair behind her ear. Her eyes are particularly clear tonight, truly a lovely sight. “Then I better just shut my mouth so I can hear what you have to say.” His tone is much softer now. At ease. “Because I want to know more.”

The breeze that stirs sand around R’xim’s feet slips easily through the thin fabric of Kyara’s sarong, reminding her of her own state as well. It isn’t chilly, but she’s wearing less than she normally would and can’t help but shiver a little. She’s grateful when he comes back to her because he’s a source of warmth, smiling softly when he tucks her hair back. Sighing, she lets her hands rise, coming to rest on his waist as she considers what to say next. “Kids,” she begins, her eyes following the collar of his shirt, then the line of his jaw as she speaks, “were always something I figured I’d have someday. Something I wanted. When I was younger, at the Hall, my friend Jerrig and I used to joke about how someday, after we both had our journeyman knots, we were going to get married and have ten kids, five boys and five girls, and they would all be Harpers who knew how to fight and sing and write, and they’d be legends all over Pern. We were…twelve? Thirteen?” She chuckles at the memory and shakes her head, lifting her eyes to R’xim’s again. “We liked our stories. They made the hard days more bearable. Then we grew up. Mostly.”

Her smile lingers as as she continues on. “Then the sky started to burn, and he stayed while I came here. I’ve still always wanted them. If it’s meant to happen, I suppose it will find a way to. But I can also survive without them.” One hand lifts to settle on his chest, over his heart. “Tomorrow isn’t promised me or anyone else, so holding to what I have now, who I have, is most important.”

Kyara’s hands on the sensitive part of his waist send a tingle over R’xim’s skin that he conceals rather well under her embrace. It’s as if a cold chill travels the skin underneath his shirt and she just might note a flicker of something that glints in his blue eyes. It’s short lived when he begins to focus on what it is she’s saying. Then something clicks in his mind — does he have a thing for Harpers? Perhaps. Deep down. Something about raising a pack of legendary Harpers has his smirk returning to his features and he pulls Kyara close when she finishes what she’s saying.

“I forget about that mantra. ‘Tomorrow isn’t promised.’” R’xim wraps his arms around the greenrider and rests his chin near the top of her head as his mind thinks about how much he stresses over… nothing. Or it feels like nothing after Kyara calms him down. There are much more important things he should focus on in life rather than the things he can’t change. The past is the past, and he’s not going that way. He’s moving forward the best way he knows how — and with the best person. A quiet lull settles between them for a moment until Rix feels the need to comment, “Ten kids.” She can probably sense a tease in the tone of his voice.

Kyara’s arms go around R’xim more tightly when he holds her, her eyes squeezing shut as she tries to will him to take that mantra to heart. If he could just stay there in the present, with her, sharing moments like this… But it’s a journey to be had, not an overnight change, and she is more than willing to be there with him on it, her arms around him with every step if need be.

His last garners a chuckle, muffled as it bubbles over to his shoulder. “It had to be an even number,” she says. “We had this thing about keeping a balance…” With a sigh, she lifts her head to kiss him gently. “Let’s keep walking,” she suggests. “We both need food…and sleep. And a little more of this.” Just being in one another’s arms for the rest of the night, peaceful…though likely with a bit of passion thrown in between the peaceful moments, now that it’s unadulterated by dragonlust.

“Couldn’t have been two. It had to be ten.” R’xim says with yet another smirk, still teasing. He loosens his grip around Kyara and then drapes an arm over her shoulders when they continue on toward the Inn. Nothing on Pern sounds better to him than having a hearty meal, followed by a restful sleep next to the greenrider — when they’re not enjoying the leftover passion from flight’s victory. Now that’s a perfect ending to a near perfect night.

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