I'dre, Zetali | Mhiruth, Odskovith


Odskovith and Mhiruth are at the lake to swim, while their riders remain on shore and talk of neutral things… it goes better than it has in the past.


It is noon of the tenth day of the twelfth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore, Igen Weyr

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

A clear winter day in Igen doesn't see a lot of activity at the lake shore, but sometimes a dragon's gotta do what a dragon's gotta do, and that means wallowing around in the water and mud of the lake after a hard morning's work. Odskovith can be seen doing exactly that in the shallows, although it's hard to tell where the tawny brown of his hide leaves off and the rich mud of the lake bed begins. His eyes are visible gleaming in the midst of it, though, and his outlook is joyful, no screening at all in his jumbled aura of bright, cheery colours and interesting textiles. It's all about the simple pleasures for a simple fellow like he. He lives for joy, and for bringing that joy to others. He's never far from his lifemate, and Zetali is visible on the shore, pacing back and forth and collecting odds and ends — a bit of seashell here, a small and interestingly-coloured pebble there. She's still wearing her flying leathers, altough she and her dragon both look clean and presentable. For now. If somewhat muddy, in Odskovith's case. Every so often the dragon bugles joyfully and sends water spouting with a lazy shift of a wing or tail or leg, and sending his lifemate patiently hiking backwards so she doesn't get wet. The shore might be brisk, but hypothermia lurks in them thar waters!

It’s true that a dragon’s gotta do what a dragon’s gotta do! In Mhiruth’s case, he’s returning from the pens after an early meal and while the blue is meticulous with his eating habits, even he cannot be utterly perfect. Yet his approach to the lake shore is quiet and subdued, as is much of his behaviour though he’s always been a gentle presence if a bit standoffish. Water is not his favourite element, but the lake is “shallow” enough by his judgement that he does not balk at the shoreline like he would the open sea. Lowering his muzzle, he blows gently over the surface of the water, admiring the ripples that are soon disrupted by the much larger ones caused by Odskovith. Rather than scold, he merely extends a cool, but friendly, mental nudge to his brown sibling. I’dre had no plans to follow his lifemate and yet found himself wandering aimlessly that way regardless. Spotting Odskovith first, it doesn’t take long for him to pinpoint Zetali either and for a fleeting second he considers turning back while he can. Instead, Mhiruth has to go an be subtly SOCIAL and give a little private push for his rider to do the same. Sighing, I’dre stuffs his hands deeper into the pockets of his thick jacket, shoulders hunched slightly against the cold as he approaches the young brownrider. He does his best not to loom, which is tough given his height but… at least he’s smiling? Very, very faintly. “Hey.”

The weather doesn't seem to bother the brownrider at all. Zetali paces the wet sand without much care for the cold or the damp, picking up a shell here or a colourful pebble there. She has gloves to shut out the worst of the cold, and her hair, still growing back from its weyrlinghood shearing, is drawn back into its customary messy braid. She looks up at the greeting, staring at I'dre for a moment with her lakeshore treasures cradled in one hand, as though considering whether this is really going to be worth her while. Her eyes slip out of focus for a moment as though she, too, were being nudged by her own dragon to Be More Sociable. She sighs — probably at her dragon's cheerful insistence — and lifts her free hand in greeting. He's tall, isn't he? She hadn't really noticed, before. "I'dre." Polite greeting. Her arched brow suggests she's waiting for a forthcoming explanation, maybe. Meanwhile, at the greeting, Odskovith's head rises from below the surface, streaming water and looking like some kind of menacing, primordial sea monster — only to burble happily and somewhat wetly, jaws parting and breath steaming profusely in the cold. He'd look pretty imposing and frightful if not for his roly-poly, happy-go-lucky personality. His return greeting is just as joyous, although probably not as exuberant as it could be, since Mhiruth isn't quite as… well… outgoing. (In fairness, that's a pretty high bar to pass, as Odskovith loves everyone.)

Mhiruth doesn’t seem to mind Odskovith’s joyous greeting and though he doesn’t quite get as energetic, there is a hint of a mental smile. The blue just loves in different ways, one of which is quietly and his much larger, much more outgoing brother has always been a secret favourite. He steps into the shallows, settling there with his eerie gracefulness. Time to wash off any traces of lunch! He somehow makes that look far too elegant too. For a moment, I’dre’s attention is drawn to his blue and Odskovith, before he’s blinking back at Zetali and… just staring at her blankly. What? He’s been left to continue the conversation!? There’s a moment of awkwardness and then he’s exhaling (and inwardly swearing). “He’s looking in good spirits…” Nothing like hitting neutral territory, right? Good ice breaker! Which leads to him moving on to more. “What do you have in your hand?” There’s a nod of his head to her gloved hand and what bits and pieces of this or that collected there.

Tilting her head, the former harper eyes I'dre a little dubiously. She squints a little when he exhales, perhaps mistaking it for a sign of aggravation, and something in those sea-green eyes hardens just a little bit. It's easy to miss. Apparently talk of dragons is enough to defuse her, though, and she looks out to the lake, where Odskovith is sitting up in the shallows as water streams off him. "He's always in good spirits. I don't think I've ever known him to not be in good spirits unless he loses a flight. Then he mopes with all the enthusiasm of the truly hopeless. Until he forgets about it a few days later. Thank Faranth." What has she got in her hand? She glances down, as though forgetting she was even carrying them. "Oh. Just some odds and ends. I found a few nice little rocks. Thought a few friends of mine might like them. A few of the nicer ones for my sisters. A few pieces of shells." She shrugs. "Just something to do while I wait for him to finish throwing water around. He's not a fastidious eater. Or a fastidious anything." The big brown dragon does everything full-tilt. Fortunately, nobody else seems to mind, too much, as he does genuinely try to be helpful and make others feel good. His methods just need a little polish sometimes. Okay, maybe a lot of polish. He wiggles into the shallows, though he does so in a way that suggests he's trying to be mindful and not swamp his much smaller brother with water. Practically speaking, though, water might still swamp the blue. Just not enough to actually wash Mhiruth away. Hopefully.

“Small mercies in their short memories, huh?” I’dre jokes dryly, with a sidelong look to Zetali. There’s no aggression coming from him and nothing overly negative; just some tension to his posture but more of one who is socially awkward and uncertain. Little about him, save his height, could be called imposing at the moment and he’s even keeping his usual barbed, blunt commentary to a minimum! So far. “Hmm. I can think of a few things the shells would be good for. But the rocks?” he muses and there’s no teasing there either. He used to be a potter! This sort of thing is a passing curiosity to him. “I wasn’t expecting to come this way, myself. I don’t usually loiter while Mhiruth bathes. He doesn’t ask me to.” His shoulders lift in a light shrug, before he looks away again and out over the waters. Little else of note has changed in him, though he continues to wear Mirage’s badge. Mhiruth ends up more wet than he intended, thanks to Odskovith, but he weathers it in stride and merely sighs (in a good way!) after the water around him settles again. His wings flare, but only to shake off the excess water pooling along his back and sides. One wing may affectionally “bump” into the brown too.

"It's mostly something to do while I wait. I think Odskovith spends more time splashing around than actually trying to clean himself up, but… whatever makes him happy." She shrugs, tucking the odds and ends into the pocket of her wherhide jacket. "They're just souveniers for my brothers and sisters. Something for Xanthee." At the mention of unreliable dragon memories, she snorts. "Small mercies, indeed." Turning, Zetali eyes the two brother-dragons as both wind up wet. In the lake, the big brown dragon lifts his own wings, which look as stubby and crude as the rest of him, at least until he spreads them to their full width, sun shining through near-translucent wingsails. The vanes of one might affectionately pat the blue dragon on the head. Clumsily, of course. Odskovith seems clumsy with everything, at least until it comes down to Threadfighting time, like he's never quite learned how to master the enormity of his own body.

I’dre blinks again when Zetali mentions her siblings and he smirks faintly. “Right. I forgot you came from a big family.” As for a certain greenrider, he adds. “And that you’re all friends.” He makes a looping gesture with one finger to indicate a hinted social circle. Nothing bitter about it, merely a reflection of his own observations and he hardly seems upset for his own lone-wolf status. Lapsing silent, his gaze will return to their respective dragons and after watching Mhiruth brace and accept Odskovith’s “head pat” with grace, chuckles under his breath. “He’s always liked him.” I’dre comments at last, to break the silence that had been stretching onwards. “Probably hard to believe, but…” The truth is the truth, regardless if Mhiruth had scolded the brown at some point. Not like the blue would remember and I’dre honestly can’t recall every exchange he ever had with all the weyrlings! Those months mostly went by in a blur and what few memories do stick… aren’t entirely pleasant ones. I’dre’s not going to focus on that, however.

"Yep. Big." Zetali holds hr hands apart as though to indicate a lot of people. "Seven siblings, parents, extended family. The whole mess of them are just out of Keroon Hold." The comment is half-hearted, though, as though she weren't really convinced. As to whether they're all friends, she shrugs, wobbling one hand in noncommittal gesture. "Dunno about that, but we get along… mostly." Her eyes follow, to where the two brothers splash in the shallows. If there were ever any hard edges among the weyrlings, Odskovith was the one to try and smooth them. He was the omega, the peacemaker; the one who tried to encourage everybody to be their best — not to stand above any others, but so they could all reach their potential. Zetali's mouth quirks in a sort of half-smile. "He's a clumsy, bumbling fool of a dragon, and I love him for it. I think a lot of people do. He just tries so hard, and he's got such a big heart. If people rebuff his efforts… well, he won't really remember them, will he? He'll just go right on doing his thing."

“Kind of hard to imagine a huge family like that.” I’dre admits with a smirk and now there’s a tiny, tiny hint of a teasing note in his voice. A single brow quirks when Zetali corrects him on his friendship assumption, scoffing slightly under his breath but his next comment is directed more at himself. “You guys got along better than I ever did.” It’s definitely a sad note to focus on but there’s no sadness in his features and if he feels regret, it’s buried. He merely put it out as another naked truth; he knows his faults. “Yeah, I think that’s what Mhiruth must see too, in a way but he’s good at seeing a lot about things that I’d never notice. Weird how that is, huh?” Another lapse back to silence and from the way he leans and his posture changes, it feels like I’dre is about to turn and leave. Only he doesn’t and, noticeably, Mhiruth is looking directly at them for a change. It’s an unsettling tableau, to be sure, but eventually the blue’s attention focuses back to the water and I’dre is resettling his weight to one hip… and not going anywhere. “So… how’re things in Arroyo?”

"It's hard for me to imagine being alone." Zetali's counter is given with a shrug, but she doesn't sound melancholy about it. It is what it is, and it's as foreign to her as the idea of soaring among the stars. She stuffs her hands in her pockets as she listens, eyeing the bluerider sidelong while he talks. This is probably the most verbose she's ever seen him, and while she might seem a little indifferent, the details are being filed away. She looks out to the lake, breath fogging. "Sometimes he sees things that surprise me. Details I never thought he'd notice. Sometimes, Thread that should've gotten me, but he'd spotted it early on enough to get out of the way. I guess between the two of us, we perceive what we need to…" She trails off when it looks like I'dre is gearing up to leave, but instead, she's being stared at by that quiet and calm blue. It's a little odd; she shifts her weight as though unsettled. It's not too weird, though. Odskovith stares at people sometimes. He likes to watch People-Who-Aren't-His go about their business. It keeps him entertained and out of trouble. Zetali glances sidelong at the bluerider, a flicker of something suspicious crossing her expression, but she doesn't call that out. "It… goes? I guess?" It's hard not to be just a little suspicious. At least, until she assumes maybe that's what that was all about. Mhiruth must be egging him on, so to speak. "There's not much to say about it. I've been too focused on my duties to examine it too much. Threadfall waits for no dragonman. I see you're still in Mirage." She gestures to the knot. "Suit you at all, or are you wishing you'd been brought into another wing?"

I’dre can talk and at length, when he’s comfortable! There’s potentially more playing behind the scenes and not just a certain blue dragon’s influence. He gives a small nod to her reflection of Odskovith. “Mhiruth is similar to me and yet… isn’t. He’s more like the living piece of whatever is missing in me that… y’know.” He stops himself abruptly, grimacing and awkwardly ending it there with no further explanation. Sensing some of that suspicion from Zetali, he does his best to look as neutral (and harmless) as possible; which may just backfire. Really, his motives aren’t bad. He’s just fumbling at trying to be social! And not mess it up. “Yeah, no kidding.” Whether he means it in general to her reply on her time in Arroyo or simply to Threadfall, he doesn’t elaborate there either. Instead he frowns a bit when she asks about his role in Mirage and for a moment his features cloud over before his gaze drops and he looks… sheepish? He’s certainly not looking at her, as if he doesn’t wish to deal with whatever he assumes her reaction will be. “The mindhealers won’t clear me for a fighting Wing. I’m still a liability, mostly to myself and Mhiruth.” And to others. “I could wish and argue all I want but it won’t do any good. Mirage is to be my Wing until I get my shit together.” Yet his tone makes it sound like that may never be a possibility. “… but I’m not just sitting idle and bitter. I’ll be a trainee soon. Dragonhealing.”

While she listens, Zetali stoops down to pick something up from the wet sand. It's another small pebble, this time featureless and unremarkable, aside from being a little flat. With a snap of her wrist she sends it skipping over the lake's surface. It leaves concentric ripples and skips a pretty decent way out before Odskovith turns and bats it down with a smack of that too-long tail — woo, a new game! — and a spray of water. Zetali ducks, sputtering in mock indignation, although the wall of mist falls just shy of her. She adjusts her jacket as she straightens. "They complete us." She gives her statement after a moment's thoughtful delay, shrugging in I'dre's direction. "I don't really know any other way to put it, but it's true. At least, it's true for me, even though I can't speak for any one else." Zetali eyes him when he ducks his head and avoids meeting her eyes, when he admits he's not actually cleared for a fighting Wing. She doesn't argue with it, mostly because she remembers the turbulence of weyrlinghood; there were plenty who were either the target of his outbursts, or on the fringes of the verbal dust-ups that ensued. It was hard not to notice. The former harper is silent in the wake of his explanation and his statement of intent, mouth quirking at the corner. "Well, it's good to have a goal. I hope you get there sooner rather than later, and with a minimum of fuss… to yourself and others." Her flippant tone takes the sting out of the remark. "I should probably go wash him off again, though. All that cold water's probably going to make him want a new coat of oil." Sighing, she gestures as though to tell her dragon 'come on, sweetie, time to go home.' "Clear skies, I'dre. And… take it easy, huh?" If anybody needed to, it seems to be him. Zetali lifts a hand as Odskovith sloshes toward them, nimbly hopping up from his extended leg to swing herself up to his neck ridges, clinging in spite of the lack of straps — it's an easy flight to Odskovith's ledge, and she trusts him not to let her fall. "Be seeing you." Odskovith manages a happy farewell bugle for Mhiruth, being the sort to love all his siblings (mostly) equally, before launching himself skyward. Whee!

I’dre might have joined Zetali in skipping stones if Odskovith hadn’t smacked that first one down. Tempting as it is regardless of the brown (or maybe because of him!), he’s not about to cause any trouble here (for today). Mhiruth senses the end unfolding and while the blue will wait for his larger sibling to leave first, eventually he too will slip from the waters and delicately shake the excess free from his bright hide. He is content to settle back on his haunches and wait, however, for his rider to finish up on his end. “Uh, yeah.” I’dre looks up as Zetali chimes in and doesn’t pry him with further questions. Her well wishes visibly surprise and confuse him, but he at least manages a slight smile. “Goals are important.” he murmurs back and is relieved he can keep the deeper details to himself. It’s probably what keeps this meeting between them on a high note, rather than the disastrous one from before. He scoffs again, amused when she asks him to take it easy and he only shrug his shoulders again and takes one hand out of his pocket to offer her a farewell wave. “Clear skies, Zetali.” He’s already moving away, while Mhiruth answers Odskovith’s bugle with a gentle warble of his own. It’s time that they, too, went their separate ways, though the blue is content to lumber (gracefully) alongside his rider until they reach one of the inner bowls.

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