evka, Bonifas


Reveka and Bonifas head to the lake to escape the heat and end up camping out.


It is noon of the twenty-second day of the seventh month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Crater Lake

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Crater Lake

Four centuries ago, a chunk of the very comet that drove some Oldtimers forward crashed to the desert near Igen Weyr, collapsing the original inner caverns and breaking through to a new spring that now feeds into Igen's underground aquifer. The result? Beauty from destruction - a long, crystalline lake of brilliant sapphire blue. Sharp sandstone rings the water in jagged peaks, where sparse desert shrubs cling to steep, sandy slopes and reflect darkly on the pristine, mirror-like surface. Out in the midst of the lake, a small island pierces the glassy plane, umber from azure in a near-perfect cone. A startling break in the stark desert and savannah surrounding the Weyr, the crater lake sits like a jewel in the rough - a picturesque, inviting respite from the rough, dry terrain beyond.

It is the eighty-second day of Summer and 120 degrees. It is hot. Hot, hot, hot. Rukbat bakes the desert. Temperatures soar.

Those who live out of doors find it to be hot, but bearable. The Haeyleri Zingari clan is desert born, used to the hot waves that rise from the sands of Igen's desert. One such clan member finds herself camped near Igen's Crater Lake. Reveka has long since set up a small tent with an open front where she can rest when need be, there's also a fire and the scent of a cooking meal filtering across the area. Reveka herself dances in the water, the fluid up to her waist and giving plenty of resistance, which is what she is looking for. The music she dances to plays in her head whilst the unfortunate animal that had crossed her path earlier sizzles on the spit. It's a quaint little scene, one that Reveka thinks she has to herself, and may be wrong about it.

Even though it's ridiculously hot outside, that's not an excuse to avoid exercise completely. Since Bonifas didn't particular want to melt or die of heat exhaustion, he's also made his way to the lake and has been swimming for a while now, this time he's heading back to shore. The part of shore that Reveka just happens to have set up camp on. He slows down as he gets closer. Depending on how in her own world the dancer is, the boy's splashing may or may not have given away his approach. He was exactly trying to be sneaky at the moment. In fact, he'll also let out a whistle to announce his presence. "Looks like you're planning to be here for a while?" His head jerks back towards where the fire is sizzling.

Reveka had indeed heard Bonifas coming, though she hadn't known the swimmer in the lake was him until his approach and subsequent whistle. She turns to look at her fellow Zingari with a warm smile upon her lips. "Bon! Had I known it was you out there I would have signaled to you." She glances at the fire and her cooking lunch and the tent she's erected. "Aye, planned on spending the day, maybe momre out here. No thread announced for today, so I think it's safe."

"It's a good day to do it. Caravan grounds feel like an oven today," Bonifas will shudder a bit as he heads out of the water to just plop down onto the shore with his feet still sticking in the water. "And yeah, a couple more days before we're scheduled for another. And we're close enough to the Weyr still if there is a surprise one. And you got the water." He waves a hand at the whole lake. But enough serious talk about plans. "How'd your trials go? Weren't you taking preparing for those a few sevens ago?"

Reveka couldn't agree more about the grounds being an oven, there's a reason she'd escaped to cooler climbs. Talk of her trials has Reveka smiling widely at Bonifas. "I have my debut next seven…" Despite the wide smile, she looks nervous. She'd never had an entire performance slot to herself before, let alone two, one for her dancing, one for the contortion. She goes back to practicing, moving as gracefully in the water as some of it's enhabitants. "Shouldn't you be preparing for your own trials?" She asks, running the vein of the conversation.

Bonifas will smile back as Reveka confirms that her trials did happen and went well. "I'll be looking forward to it." And for now, he'll be appreciating the view he has right now. "I'm sure you'll do fantastic. And I am…" Although not as diligently as the contortionist had been. "Probably will be doing another month or so." His juggling and tumbling ones at least. The spying is still a ways off.

Reveka laughs. 'Well, let me know if you need a practice buddy, I can help with the tumbling prt at least." She's facing Bon when the last of her offer comes out and she sends him a wink, as always, a double meaning threaded through her tone. She's ever an obnoxious flirt. Moving the shallower water, she executes a series of spins and footwork that would have been impossible in water up to her waist. This series of spins also signals the end of her practice and when she's done, she moves into deeper water to cool off. "What brings you to swim out here? Too many at the lake in S'ayde's PT class or what?" Reveks dips her head back, wetting the long lengths of chestnut colored hair that adorn her scalp. Ahhhh. So nice and cool.

"The lake is currently filled with baby dragons which aren't so little anymore," And so Bonifas didn't feel like trying to fight for some lake space with about seventy five young dragons. Plus whichever adult dragons might also decide the lake is the place to be. "And I might have to take you up on that offer sometime." He'll wink at the flirt and run a hand through his own damp hair although with the heat, it's rapidly drying out.

Reveka shudders. "Aye, I don't think I'd want to risk that either…" Something tells Reveka that being in the water with so many dragons is probably dangerous, and not the kind she likes. She smiles prettily when Bon accepts her little offer and nods towards the fire. "That should be near done, you hungry?" Reveka has brought plenty and she doesn't mind sharing, considering she probably doesn't have enough room to eat the whole of the critter roasting over the fire.

At this point, there's probably lots of vigorous wing exercises in the water to prepare the young dragons for their first flights that will be happening in the next month. Which can have a side effect of making the lake as turbulent as the ocean in a bad winter storm. The offer of food has Bonifas turning back to look at the fire. When isn't he hungry? "If you have enough. It smells delicious!" He wouldn't want to take her own food, but if she has enough to share, he's not going to pass up lunch.

Reveka pulls herself from the water, long, lithe legs coming into view as she does. She's in a simple one piece bathing suit, which she half covers with a sarong when she merges from the water, the flowy fabric flutters around her thighs as she moves about. "I have plenty. Like I said, I planned on being out here quite awhile." Reveka had been lucky enough to manage two rest days in a row, and she plans to use them fully to her own advantage. Getting away sometimes is nice.

Two rest days in a row? A miracle! Bonifas will be satisfied with just having a single one. The boy's shirtless and in swim trunks. Surely he has a towel and a shirt and boots and stuff somewhere since it'd be crazy to walk through Igen on a summer day barefoot and shirtless, but there's no sign of them right now. As Reveka leaves the water, he'll stand up as well to follow her towards the fire. "It certainly smells like your cooking is better than mine. I can manage to not burn things, but that's about it." so his food is edible, but not much more.

Reveka shrugs, "When you're a Zingari woman…" She trails off, knowing that Bonifas will catch the drift. All Zingari women are taught to cook from the time they can walk basically, one of the leftover traditions from being married off at an early age. Reveka is glad she can cook, but also glad she avoided an arranged marriage because of Willa and her progressive ways. "It's pretty plain, to tell the truth." And it is indeed simple fair. A few red fruits, some fresh veggies and the meat, along with a skin of wine she'd lifted earlier. She takes a swig from the skin and passes it off to Bonifas before beginning to make their plates. Good thing she always packs extra.

Bonifas does indeed catch the drift and shifts a little awkwardly at it. "Yeah…" And his cooking experience is mostly a part of the spyling classes of the more survivalist nature. Catch something, clean it, stick it in a fire. Or what plants won't kill you. "Plain can be good too though." He's not a picky eater so the meat, fruit and veggies are definitely looking pretty good. As is the wine skin which he'll take a sip of and pass back once Reveka's got a hand free for it. "Good wine too." Nothing fancy, but definitely drinkable unlike some of the poorer stuff that can be seen around the bazaar passing for wine.

Reveka laughs. "Aye, Timotin likes his wine, and has been known to 'lose track' of a skin or two." Not to imply the resident weaver is a drunkard or anything, but he's known for favoring wine over whiskey, which is odd for a Zingari. As to his 'losing' a skin or two, that may or may not be Reveka's doing. She passes food off to Bonifas before she takes the wine skin back and drinks from that again before she eats. "Anymore meteor showers on the horizon?" Reveka asks, an amused grin tilting her lips. It's an open question, despite it's seemingly specific query.

"I feel like that 'lose track' might be generosity," Bonifas has also noticed this habit as well and has his own theory. That perhaps there's always an older member of the caravan that leaves a few wine skins conspicuously visible to the teens and turns a blind eye if it goes missing. "Meteor showers? No… but that doesn't mean we can't take another trip through the roofs if you're so inclined."

"Perhaps, I did like it up there, or, we could do something new?" Reveka quirks a brow upward and bites into a redfruit, chewing as she waits for Bon's reply. However, Rukbat's rays are hot and so is sitting hear the fire. Standing, Reveka nods her head toward the tent and it's inviting shade. She moves there, and though it isn't much cooler in there, at least the sand wasn't at scorching temperatures. And a light breeze off the water helps a bit.

"You have anything in mind for something new?" Because Bonifas hasn't come up with his next great idea yet. But he's happily eating away at the meat and veggies for now. When Reveka moves to the tent, he'll relocate as well. Shade is good and welcome. "There's also the view from the star stones which is good."

Reveka thinks as she eats, eyes rolling upward as she ponders. "We could go riding, go explore the caves at Hunter's Pass, we could see if S'ayde would give us a ride on his dragon?" She cuckles and gives Bon a mischievous and playful look. "You could camp with me here for the night?" She teases mostly, but wouldn't turn down the company either. She goes back to eating until Bon mentions the Star Stones. "I don't think I've ever been up there either."

Bonifas nods along with the suggestions. "Or all of them eventually?" Who says they just have to pick one option? Although, they probably should stick to just one for now. At the mention of camping though, he'll grin and scoot just a little closer to the girl as he continues to eat his food. "I think I could be persuaded to stay here for the night." Free food, good company. What's not to like with staying here? Also avoiding the overwhelming heat of the caravan grounds. "I guess I should probably reclaim my shirt and boots at some point."

Reveka giggles. "But of course! However, we can't do them all at once." Anything else she may have said on the matter dies on her lips and swells into a smile when Bonifas alludes that he may stay for the night. "Perfect." She finishes off a piece of redfruit and looks out across the lake. "That might be a good idea." Though she'd certainly hate to see him covered, he makes for a nice view. "Where did you camp your things?" She asks a moment later while offering the wineskin back to Bon.

Bonifas finishes up the last of the meat and veggies and moves on to the red fruit. And he just said he should get the shirt and boots. Didn't mention about wearing them right away. "Oh, there on the beach a little ways away. Under a bush. With my firelizard on them. Shouldn't take long to get." But unfortunately too heavy for the little green to fetch back all on her lonesome. And since the wineskin's being offered again, he'll take another drink. "So any of those adventures you particular want to try first?" Aside from camping since that's already in progress.

Reveka smiles and hs finished her food, or what she'll eat presently. "I figure riding is probably the easier of the three, as Hunter's Pass would mean another camping trip, one longer than one night, and riding with S'ayde will have to wait until he gets back from his holiday." She'd heard the ex-spymaster had gone to visit the Armida, where his family leads. "Was there something in particular that caught your interest more than the others?" Reveka asks in return,
Bonifas chomps away at the redfruit as he thinks about it. "Riding is probably the easiest or the Star Stones. Catching S'ayde will probably be the hardest…" Dragonriders have busy schedules, especially that particular one. "But I'd like to see snow!" It may be the fact that it's currently the middle of summer in Igen that's driving that particular idea.

"Maybe riding and the stones? Next rest day we have together? We could make a day of it." Reveka grabs her pack from the corner of the tent and uses it as a head prop as she stretches out. They've hit the hottest point of the day and Reveka has no inclination to spend it i the direct sun. "Snow?" Reveka gives a fake shiver and snuggles into the warm sand. "I'm a desert girl, I'd rather not freeze. It gets cold enough here in the winter." Even though in the desert, winter isn't all that cold.

"Riding and the stones, maybe… but runners can't really get up there without risking a leg." Bonifas shrugs. But they're close enough to the bazaar that riding and star stones are both doable in a day. And now his food is finished and he's going to stretch out, leaning back on his hands, but not fully laying down. "It seems like snow would be good for like an hour or two. When you can then leave. So that you can cool off."

Reveka hadn;t meant that they should ride the runners up to the stones, and she says as much before nodding at Bon's comment on snow. "Aye, I suppose it might be nice then." She moves her head to the side so she can look at Bon. "You should pass that skin." She turns to her side and props her head up with a wicked grin on her lips. "Ever played never have I ever?"

Bonifas may have forgotten that he had the skin, but he'll pass it over promptly when asked. "Sorry about that." He laughs at the mention of the drinking game. "I think I have to take a drink?" Cause he totally has played never have I ever.

Reveka laughs lightly and takes a sip, passing it back. "That would make two of us that need to drink and your turn." Reveka smiles and pushes her hair behind her shoulders. Well, this was an interesting and happy turn to the day. A chance to get a little silly on wine with a cute friend with no adults around to spoil the fun. Yes please! Reveka decides that the position she's in is no longe rcomfortable and sits up, drawing her long legs up under her chin.

Bonifas dutifully takes his drink and hmms as he sits up, thinking about the question. "Never have I ever worn an earring?" He's going to go for an easy, less embarrassing question first.
Reveka holds her hand out for the skin as soon as the question is asked. But of course she's worn earrings. She'll dutifully take her sip from the skin before capping it and setting it between them. She looks thoughtful for a moment before with a smile, she delivers her question. "Never have I ever pick-pocketed at a gather." She knows they'll both have to drink on this one, but hey, drinking is half the point here right?

Yep, that one definitely has Bonifas taking a drink with a small laugh. "Never have I ever…. fallen off a runner?" He's going to wait a minute to see if Reveka is going to take a drink on that one. He has to drink, but he'll do it after her. Or after a minute passes. Whichever comes first.
Reveka takes her drink for the pick-pocketing and then laughs when she has to drink again. Anyone who's ever ridden a runner has fallen off one at some point. "Never have I ever eavesdopped on a conversation." She caps the skin and sets it down to see if Bonifas drinks, she doesn't.

"Really? Never?" Bonifas seems completely perplexed by that one since eavesdropping is one of those more important spyling skills. He's definitely taking a drink. It takes another moment before he comes up with his next question. "Oh. Never have I ever given myself a black eye."

Reveka nods and smiles proudly. "Aye, never. I figure if it should be heard by me, it will be." She laughs at his next and doesn't drink either. Sprained ankles, muscles and dislocations, yes, but black eyes? No. She lifts a brow at Bonifas, wondering if he'll drink this time too. "Never have I ever been truly, truly drunk." And this time she'll drink, dropping a wink as she does so.

"For some of us, that should is you know, a grey area," Bonifas winks with that. Surely there is plenty that the talkers think he shouldn't overhear, but got to keep those ears open in case some useful information just slips by. He'll also drink at having been truly, truly drunk. "Was it whiskey? It was whiskey for me." And he was probably like thirteen the first time. "Never have I ever eaten an entire pie by myself." And he's not talking about handpies.

Reveka will tip her head in acknowledgement of grey areas. Reveka turns a little green and shakes her head. "Rum. It was rum, and I spent the night vomiting all over my brother's shoes." Never has Reveka ever eaten an entire pie by herself, so she waves off the drink wit a smile. She grows a little bolder in her questioning. "Never have I ever been nude in front of the opposite sex." And she takes her drink with an impish smile, offering the skin in case Bonifas should need to drink. There's a pleasant fuzz to her mind creeping in and she quite likes the feeling.

Bonifas winces a little in sympathy at the story. "Rum will do that." He drinks as well at being nude. Igen has the public baths after all, along with other reasons he might have been nude in front of the opposite sex. "Never have I ever been detained by the guards?" Not that he really think Reveka has either, but worth a shot.

Reveka giggles and shakes her head. "Never have I ever either." She grins, a rosy hue blooming on her cheeks. "Never have I ever broken a rule." Yeah. What a bald faced lie that is. Reveka drinks. She's got a bit of rebel in her after all.

Bonifas snickers at the broken rule considering the two of them just broke more than one rule on their rooftop-meteor shower excursion. He's definitely drinking as well. He's not far behind Reveka on the red cheeks appearing either. "Never have I ever kissed a girl?" He'll take another drink for his lie and offer the skin back towards the girl.

Reveka laughs at Bon's next, holding a finger to her lips before she takes her drink. She takes a second just for fun before looking thoughtful. "Never have I ever been in love." And she holds out the skin for Bonifas, because who knows if he will drink or not?

It turns out Bonifas won't be drinking on that one, just giving a bit of a shrug. Crushes? Sure. Love? That's a bit more serious. Also, this is about the time that he decides that sitting up is hard, so he's just going to lay down on his side, head propped up on his hand. "Never have I ever run out of questions for never have I ever." And he's totally drinking on that one as well.

Reveka also drinks on that one and is sharing the wooziness Bonifas is sure to be feeling. Reveka digs through her pack and produces a water skin, which she drinks heavily from and encourages Bonifas to do the same before laying down in the same fashion as Bonifas. "Well…I think that's got us nice and toasted." She comments with a giggle. "It might be good we stopped when we did…" She says, knowing she would have regretted it had she drank much more.

Bonifas will also drink that water when offered because dehydration in the desert is no joke, especially not when drinking. "Yeah, it's definitely nice and toasted." He's going to lay back with an arm stretched out. If she needs a pillow, well… Bon's conveniently there. "It's just a tactical pause. Or something." Never surrender!

Now there's an opening Reveka isn't going to pass up. She scootches over and takes advaantage of that open Bon-pillow space. She amuses herself by tracing patterns on his chest. "Yeah, something…." She chuckles and is content to sit there and lay out some of the drunkeness. Going out in this heat, this toasted, probably not a good idea. It is probably safe to assume that the two spend the afternoon wearing off the wine and having fun getting to know one another. It is also possible that the two end up stumbling back home in the morning with a hangover, but at least a good time was had by the pair.

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