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Doji updates her jacket and K'mine with changes in the wings.



The Tea Room, Igen Weyr

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The Tea Room

This shop is easy to miss from the street. It bears the same striped awning that most shops have, this one in shades of lilac and sand, but it has no sign save for a plaque of sandstone hung beside the door, on which a teacup has been carved. When open, the heavy curtain that covers the doorway is pulled aside to allow entry. After stepping through, one will find themselves in a tiny space decorated with classic desert touches.

The walls are whitewashed to increase the sense of light within but the floor is tiled in hues of blue and green, with each tile bearing in its center a brilliant red lotus. There are only five small tables, all of them of dark, heavily carved wood set low to the ground. To sit at one requires reclining on the plethora of pillows and cushions and layered rugs provided for that purpose; each seat is provided with a carved wooden back-prop to rest the pillows against, for those who want spinal support. Tea is served from the service at the rear of the room, where a tiny smokeless hearth keeps water heated, and a row of trays are kept loaded with teapots, tiny cups, and containers for sweetener. There is a small selection of fruits, breads and cheeses also available for those looking for a snack but this is not a place for heavy meals.

As another long hot day begins to unwind in Igen, the Tea Room isn't seeing too much business. Probably the fact that tea and warmth are usually associated, but the bazaar's entrepreneurial minds DO have iced beverages for those that think to look for them and Doji is one such soul. The brownrider is currently tucked away at the smallest table in the Tea Room with a very large pitcher of tea in front of her. The glass is definitely more than half full at the moment mostly because her eyes and hands and all her attention seems to be focused on the work in front of her. Ever so carefully she's using a seam ripper and removing some badges from a small stack of flight jackets. One seat holds the jackets she isn't actively working on and there's a small pile of wing badges on the table, both old and new.

It's true the days have been long and hot, and sometimes bathing mid day seems rather fruitless but when one is covered in dirt and sweat, it becomes necessary. K'mine quietly enters the tea room, refreshed with his jacket tucked under his arm. Green eyes skim the room until they find a familiar place and he quietly moves over. Doji is working on something, and he knows better than to sneak up on her while she does. Vedziyath is already focused on something else so whether or not his message to warn the brownrider of his arrival went through is anyone's guess. After a quick glance around him, he takes a seat, reaching up to run a finger across the pitcher to dislodge glistening beads of condensation. "What are you working on?" he asks quietly. 'Are you working' is a rather pointless question to ask, his love is always busy.

Doji is a rather jumpy person, it's true. And it'd be a shame for anybody to take a seam ripper to the eye, especially Kair. The best for everybody that he doesn't actively attempt to startle her as she only jumps a little bit at the question and no eyes were harmed in the motion. "Oh, hey. I'm changing wings." No more details provided than that, although she does wave to the badges on display on the table. One is the probably very familiar Whirlwind insignia and since Igen only has a handful of wings, the other one should be equally as obvious symbol of Mirage. Somewhere in the pile of jackets is probably her fancy new knot with a fancy new cord in it, but it's remaining delightfully hidden for the moment. "Did your sweeps get done early?" Or late? What is time?

K'mine knows full well how much damage can be done with a seam ripper so he'll just refrain from the hugs and other public displays of attention that require touching until she's done and it's stowed away for safety. "O-oh, changing wings? Is everything alright?" The badges are noted and he reaches over, sliding them closer. "Mirage? Wow, I shouldn't be surprised. Isn't this what you've been working towards this whole time?" Those long hours and endless nights. Having dinner at the desk, alone in the dark with nothing but a glow lantern til daylight erupts. The greenrider glances down at the patches, his fingertips brushing over the sun-bleached threads of Whirlwind, tracing the pattern on it. Perhaps a little too long…

The last badge is freed from jacket and Doji sets both the now un-needed patch and the un-needed seamripper on the table as she gives a nod. "I thought it would be at least another couple months or so but…" She shrugs. "I'll be able to have more time to focus on infirmary shifts and more training now. Instead of sweeps." Not that she'll get out of sweeps entirely but… one trade off for another. Also… there were probably more skipped meals than meals by glow light, let's be honest. And a bit belatedly, she reaches over for the pitcher, pushing it and an extra glass towards Kair. "Do you want some tea?"

The sound of the pitcher and glass across the table pulls those distracted green eyes back to reality and the greenrider sits upright, sliding elbows off the table to take the offering. His fingertips brush against hers and for a moment he contemplates holding her hand along with it but it's better to let her finish her work. He should have time, right? K'mine manages a crooked smile, murmuring thanks while he carefully pours himself a glass. "Less sweeps is always good, variety is always good." It is, isn't it? At least she's not /gone/ serving duties entirely. "Time did pass us by so quickly."

Doji isn't going to ignore her own hydration needs now that sewing is temporarily stalled. She'll take a sip of her own glass (delightfully minted iced tea) and nod. "It did… I really think the time on the sands with Trae threw me off. One day started to blur into the next or the last… and then they were hatched. And now they're grown. It doesn't seem that long ago that we were weyrlings…" And now they have grand-dragon babies or something! Or at least Raktraeth does. As he probably points out to his loud mouth bronze brother as often as he can remember.

At least those grand-dragon babies have the best loud mouthed uncle there is! Only second best to their green auntie, that is. The mint did surprise K'mine though, his brows raising a bit with a sip and he peers at the glass for a moment before taking another. "It doesn't at all," he says quietly. Though, her being gone throughout that felt like an eternity. K'mine understands the necessity of staying on the sands, tending to the clutch and Raktraeth being a dutiful father as much as a dragon intends to be. Perhaps he's been a little selfish with her time. The greenrider wants to spend more time with her but so does Igen and that's a hard battle to compete in. "When do you officially report in?" he asks, taking another sip to deal with the itchiness in his throat. Tea might not cure all worries but it's something.

Surely Vedziyath has had at least a moment or two to spare to teach those weyrlings some wicked behaviors. All the better to make her lifemate flustered! "My infirmary shifts are pretty much set for the seven, so tomorrow afternoon? I'll probably need to review some lower flight formations with Nasrin before drilling with the rest of the wing. It'll be an adjustment." Going from the tippy top flight down to the lowest! Doji shrugs it off though. "That does mean I should have the morning free… How's your yarn supply at the moment?" She may have something up her sleeve, short as they might be this late summer day.

More than a moment or two, Kair just perfected toning it out. Flights? Well, he's still doing quality control on that one but Ved is a little less savage at the very least… At least when Dhaz has her distracted. Gotta enjoy the lesser of the two evils. Just like the greenrider has to enjoy the fact that Doji isn't going to be in the direct thick of it all. Just the indirect. Though… He'll have to think of something to offer her some stress relief after falls that won't impede her work. "Yarn?" Kair chews on his lower lip for a moment, tilting his head from side to side while he counts quietly in his head. Running a tally on the stockpile he couldn't hide if his life depended on it. The man might not be a Weaver anymore but old habits die hard. "I do have quite a bit of yarn. Mostly natural blends. Nothing bright and colorful but could be remedied. What did you have in mind?"

Doji looks slightly crestfallen when he mentions the yarn stockpile (that she somehow missed going back and forth between their weyrs), but perks up again when there is something that needs to be remedied. The sleeve-secret might be useful after all. "Well, I haven't gone to visit my family in well… I don't know." Which probably means it's been way too long. "Feel like making a trip back to Keroon? I'm sure Jidia has probably been having some sort of color experiment or another…" And if that sister hasn't, there's probably another that has. And they'd be more than happy to discuss it with the former weaver. And share samples. "We'd have to make sure we don't stay too far past lunch time though." Because work calls.

To be fair, he keeps it in a trunk between his old Journeyman's booth and even in a drawer under Vedziyath's supplies. The mention for the trip back home? K'mine mouths an 'oh' at first, lifting his glass to take a drink but then pauses, turning those bright green eyes right back to Doji once it finally clicks. "Really?" he asks, fighting a wide grin on his face. He clears his throat and reaches out, placing his hands before her with palms up. "Yeah, I mean. I wouldn't mind going. I can bring the yarn if you want or we can get more, it doesn't matter. It'd just be great to spend any time with you again that doesn't involve either of us working." That, and Vedziyath has some wide open spaces she hasn't sprawled thoroughly in yet.

There's an eager nod from Doji. "I had gotten a letter from mother I'd been meaning to return…" sometime in the spring probably. A spring. Don't count on Doji to keep anybody up to date on current events. "We will probably get peppered with two hundred questions. And my brother's son must be walking by now. And talking?" She shrugs. She probably should know more about human development timelines, but she couldn't fit EVERYTHING healery into her apprenticeship before the whole Impressing upended that. And the dragons can definitely sprawl as long as the sprawling doesn't take them to snacking on one of the very, very fancy caprines. Even Raktraeth knows those would not be food.

Fortunately for K'mine, he hasn't really heard from his family any. Sovaria has a life of her own here in Igen so catching her in passing is hit and miss. That's siblings for you! "Then it's definitely time for a visit. I'll unpack all the yarn I've got. I like stocking up in the warmer months, the fresh stuff is harder to compete with the regulars to get come winter. Was there something you wanted to me to make before the visit? I have some time outside of duty, I can throw some things together. Just ask and it'll be done." Vedziyath can't confirm nor deny whether or not she'll terrorize said caprines but to be on the safe side, K'mine will make sure she's well fed prior to the visit. And freshly bathed, scrubbed, and oiled to her prettiest.

It's always best to have freshly fed dragons before visiting cotholds for any extended period of time. Led them not into temptation after all. "You don't really need to bring anything with you. I'm sure we'll end up having to decline some of what my mother will try to send back," Doji definitely knows how mothers work. Or how her mother works at least. Words are hard, but she'll at least try to show love by showering in material goods. "I should probably send a note tonight… don't let me forget!" Unfortunately with all the pockets she has, there's no notebook or spare slip of paper readily at hand for once!

"Oh? Should I outfit Vedziyath with the larger storage backs on her straps?" Mothers are mysterious unpredictable creatures! Still, he can hear his mothers voice about being rude when it comes to declining gifts. Still, the greenrider can't help but grin at the idea that the two of them can finally do something not work related. "I won't let you forget. I'll be looking forward to it. There's no telling how the work load in Mirage is going to be compared to what you have now so if we can have even a moment together, I wouldn't want to miss it." TEA. Right, there's a pitcher of tea. He picks up the pitcher, refilling both of their glasses and he takes a drink. Can't let it get warm, now.

Doji gives a snort as she sets her tea glass down. "I think between Raktraeth and Vedziyath's normal straps, we should have more than enough room!" At least, enough for her. Whether Doji's mother can defy laws of physics and come up with two dragonloads of things to take home on less than twenty four hours notice remains to be seen. She'll certainly try as it's almost mom-law. As for him being excited, she smiles as she leans back. "Good. We really should go visit them more. It's a lot easier for us to travel than them." It would take an entire caravan to get her whole clan to Igen after all and there's those pesky deserts.

"I agree, it's good to get out of here once in a while and just unwind, among other things." Other appropriate to do in public things! K'mine reaches out and touches the patches once more, now the weight of them aren't so heavy. Now they're just patches instead of the start of something much more… life consuming. "Do you think we should bring some gifts from Igen to them? Like you said, it's easier for us to go there than the other way around." What's the weather going to be like out there? Maybe he should get more yarn.

A half day might not count as a 'vacation' for most, but at least it's progress for Doji! She reaches out and picks up one of the new badges, fidgeting with the edges. "We could bring gifts but… maybe just bring some treats? If we start bringing regular presents, there's bound to be someone we forget…" Someone has probably got married or had a baby or something that the irregular correspondences have completely missed. And that would be AWKWARD. "Or there are probably some beads from the glassworkers and woodcarvers?" She raises an eyebrow as if waiting for the former weaver to weigh in on the accessory suggestion.

"You're right, treats sound like a safer bet. You and I need to find a good time to go through the bazaar and see what would be a good selection. We'll spend a day just planning and coming up with a list of what we find. Then once we map out a good variety, we'll make another trip to collect it all. That way we don't skimp on something good. Gotta make a good impression, you know." Food is always safer, that way if anyone wants any, it's there. If not, drinks will always take the place of it. "Drinks, too, now that I think of it." K'mine takes another sip of his tea and he ponders for a moment. "Beads, huh? If you want bulk, we can do a mix of both. There's a seemingly endless list of designs on those things. If you want them for something specific, that's going to be the harder part. You see, you can bore a bead to fit any type of material when it comes to stringing them on but you also need to make sure the color and material goes good together. Appearances and the like. Did you have something in mind? We can spend a day looking for those, too." Or an unclaimed hour. Same difference.

"First stop, we should probably pick up some tea!" Doji is already eyeing some of the displays on the counter that serve as a sort of menu. At least it's only a few steps away! "I was thinking mostly about bulk. I think my sisters can go through those tiny seed beads like breathing." *Note: Healers do not recommend actually inhaling said beads, tiny as they may be. "Could possibly get a whole rainbow of colors so they'll be prepared for a bit of anything?" And don't mind Doji as she not so subtly scoots her seat a little bit closer to his.

"I know of a few booths that sell it by weight and it's all mixed. We could do that," K'mine begins as we glances over to the tea. He's gonna have to get some of that, too, for his own personal stash. Doji definitely has him slowly getting hooked on what the Tea Room has to offer. As for the chair scooting… K'mine turns in his seat so he can close the gap a little closer. "I've missed you, you know."

"That sounds like it will work. They normally don't get beads until the main Hold has a gather day or a trader stops by. Nobody really does any glass work," At least, not since the last time Doji checked anyways. As for the purpose of the seat scootching, she's finally close enough that she can lean over to rest her head on his shoulder for about thirty seconds and then straight up again, but at least she's close enough to know she can reach over, even if the topic of emotions has her staring at the table. "I know… and I'm sorry. I just… I get distracted, you know? But… you're always welcome to come over? Anytime?" Her ledge might as well be his ledge.

Those thirty seconds felt more like five, and even though she's right there next to him, he misses the contact already. "You don't have to apologize for a thing, Doji. We both have our duties that keep us occupied. I know I should be more attentive to you, too. I want to be." K'mine reaches over, sliding his hand across her cheek and he gently turns her face back to his. "I'll be sure to bring the tea with me when I come over, and snacks. I'll make sure the snacks don't have tiny beads in them." He offers her a soft smile, just enjoying the close proximity to one another. His ledge is her ledge, too. Vedziyath claims both ledges shamelessly. He might as well do the same.

The setting sun outside might be a rival for the red on Doji's face. "I should hope any snacks you bring don't have beads in them!" Because choking hazards are definitely not something she wants in her snacks. "And you know, you could keep some stuff over there as well? Whatever's convenient?" Her weyr might not have a lot of stuff, but that means there's plenty of room on the shelves and drawers for Kair to stash his own things. It might not be a formal invitation, but it's probably as formal as she's going to get.

K'mine chuckles quietly and takes a sip, glancing around the room at her comment. "I promise whatever I bring won't have beads in them. At least, not the inedible kind." As for her invitation, now he's looking at the table top and how fascinating it is all of a sudden, but a nod in understanding is something Doji will get at least. "Same, I mean. It's just me there and I have plenty of room. My cabinets just got reorganized and cleaned out so I have plenty of filing space if you need it." Because filing important papers is a thing, especially when when your dragon likes to flap her wings vigorously, sending notes everywhere in the most inopportune of times.

But Kair… how will the oil set right if Vedziyath doesn't flap her wings to set it? Or show it off? Or you know… wing exercises. She's got plenty of reasons for flapping aside from 'annoy rider now!'. Doji coughs a little at the offer and turns attention back to her own glass of tea as she gathers thoughts. "It's not like I really have much aside from my notes. Which should probably be in one place." And she could maybe get some extra clothes so that she has some spares. Not like her current wardrobe (flight leathers not withstanding) has enough to really be split into two chunks. "So sounds like we have some plans? Treats, beads, moving stuff?" Plenty of things to do before the impromptu parent visit the next day!

Oh, Vedziyath is definitely doing it to be a pain in the ass, and to keep her rider on his toes. She's of the mind that a little bit of adrenaline first thing in the morning is going to set the mood for the rest of the day. Her rider needs to be on his toes! Though, the oil thing could be argued but she's thankfully on the same page that it needs to initially be done outside so her den isn't crusty with oil AND sand. Once the oil isn't likely to fly off, then yeah, she's gonna flap away. Especially if it's the scented stuff! "Sounds like it." This time, K'mine's the one leaning in to rest his head on her shoulder. "It's going to be a productive day but hey, productive days always feel good when you get a lot accomplished." He straightens up, reaches for his glass, and finishes the last little bit of it. "We're both going to need good rest before walking into all those questions." Family.

Questions, questions and more questions! And then some more of the same questions from other family members who didn't hear the answers the first five times they were repeated! Such joy with large families! Doji at least nods in agreement for the rest. "I think I'll finish up with these badges. Shouldn't take too long. Then the shopping…" And there'll probably be some more small chat along the way and eventually they'll get that rest.

"Sounds like a plan." For now, K'mine will just make sure her glass stays full, and the man will just quietly watch her finish her patches. If she needs help carrying anything, he'll be there for her. Always and in any way he can.

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